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U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, the Ocean State.

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There are over 267,000 Americans who have died of covid. As cases rise across the country, this disease will have m…
My ALS Disability Insurance Access Act with @SenTomCotton has been passed by the Senate! This bill will allow Ameri… Islanders cannot wait any longer for a federal relief package that meets the scale of this crisis. has had a perfectly good relief bill sitting on his desk for months that he has refused to bring up for a…, @SenMarkKelly! We are thrilled to have you in the Senate. you see how much money Brits would save moving to electric vehicles, you understand the dirty tricks of fossil… years ago today, @EPA began protecting public health and the environment by holding polluters accountable. Trump… @RBrulle studies fossil fuel’s apparatus of climate denial, patiently and determinedly probing its secret… til we find out that the money behind Mitch’s superPAC is the same money behind the @FedSoc /@judicialnetwork… Republican once told me, “If you want to get rid of dark money, you’re going to have to raise a lot more of it.”… is wrong to give special interest groups like @FedSoc a seat at the table where judicial nominees are picked.
This will have been the most warned-of crisis in history; both the physical climate and oceans damage, and the econ… thorough and important article — best I’ve seen on the coastal property problem. for having me on to discuss the dark money scheme behind right-wing court capture. When we expose the truth,… Trump's cruelty and malice never ends. He's now trying to cut the Social Security benefits of people with d…
Retweeted by Sheldon WhitehouseTo Senate Republicans: wear masks and let us pass another covid relief bill.Sorry that Rhode Island has lost Ken’s voice — he brought passion, good will, and cheerfulness into all his work. M… American people, not wealthy donors and corporations, should guide our democracy. Even though most Americans wa…
Retweeted by Sheldon WhitehouseGreat example you set with Trump’s nominees. touch downed power lines and always assume they are carrying live electricity. Downed lines should be reporte…
Retweeted by Sheldon Whitehouse
.@RepKatiePorter and I agree that dark money is one of the main reasons that we haven’t been able to get meaningful… bills in Mitch’s #LegislativeGraveyard How about we pass a covid relief bill. Now. at it: an op-ed on the Polluter Page putting out the fossil fuel stooges’ messages. At one point, this page ca… news from General Motors now that they know a Biden administration is coming. Forgive, but don't forget.
No more “scientifically illiterate” than Citizens United was ‘politically illiterate’ and Shelby County ‘socially i…, Archbishop Gregory! This is an exciting first. Many hopes ride with you.
2020 needs to do its part and step up to provide additional relief for small businesses. @SenateDems have pushe…’s more important than ever to #shopsmall this year. There are a lot of ways to safely support shops and restaura…
This case may show that the only fraud in this election was by Republican groups conning their donors with false el…
That shouldn’t stop the inquiry into DOJ’s behavior. The judge’s brief is stunning.’s much to be thankful for on this untraditional Thanksgiving. It will be difficult to sacrifice time with our… ago, a wealthy group of corporate interests and right-wing ideologues hatched a plan to influence #US court…
Retweeted by Sheldon WhitehouseFossil fuel execs said they care about climate. Then Koch said he regretted partisanship. Now this. I guess billion…
Interesting how much more spine local GOP officials have shown than most all of their party in Congress.… and I have a bill to help nursing homes protect their residents and workers from covid. It’s time to… week, Mitch McConnell jammed through some judges without passing covid relief. Same thing the week before. And the week before that.
In the wake of Ranking Member Feinstein’s announcement, I look forward to the question of succession on the Senate…“Meep-meep!” tried that. is still plenty of room for bipartisanship, but real bipartisanship, from a position of strength, not begging…“Anyone advising Biden and members of his party to turn the other cheek and reach out to Republican congressional l… Senate Republicans don’t act on a covid bill, millions of Americans will face some combination of expiring unemp…
Fmr Gov. Christie: “The conduct of the president’s legal team has been a national embarrassment”; extreme allegatio… will bring an array of important talents and knowledge to the Biden administration: a long record of le… reasons the market won’t solve climate. We must act. And we must act to remove giant market dislocations t… to go, @billmckibben! Great McKibben piece on PR firm complicity in climate damage. Mentions work to expose… can hope that there’s a little of what he learned from the fathers at LaSalle Academy in this statement.
Like clockwork.
Matches my bill pretty well: border-adjustable; WTO compliant; rebatable; wellhead-based. Also PROGRESSIVE economic… our lifetimes, extreme sea level rise will eat away at the Savannah, Georgia area, leaving thousands without… day that goes by without the Trump administration acknowledging the will of an overwhelming majority of the A…
This is great news. But how much does faith matter to politicians who worship at the Church of Fossil Fuel Money?’m thrilled to see a grant from my National Coastal Resilience Fund go to RI, where @universityofRI and Friends of… we’d set out to warm the oceans by detonating a Hiroshima bomb per second in the sea it’d be less warming than f… opportunity to self-identify for Worst Companies in the World contention. Step right up.
Wearing purple on World Pancreatic Cancer Day in solidarity with patients & families. I'm proud of my resolution su…, do the right thing. on Giuliani’s gonzo courtroom behavior. (Hint: Talk show standards don’t apply.) Barr needs to stop his plan to make state and local governments, including those that are currently suing Purdue…
Retweeted by Sheldon WhitehouseFor people along Georgia's coast, climate change is no Chinese hoax; it is a clear and present danger. That’s pro… is a promising step, reflecting huge turn by Farm Bureau. Long way to go, but steps like these are necessary… win-win for the growth of good union jobs and clean energy., this was awkward.
McConnell wasted time on a fringe oddball for the Fed yesterday, and always more judges, instead of my covid nursin… are thrilled that RI has been selected as one of four states to pilot @pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. RI has a robus…
Retweeted by Sheldon WhitehouseEqual parts ‘Gong Show’ and ‘Death of Stalin.’ If it weren’t real it would be hysterical dark humor. Maybe Rule 11… Department still hasn’t answered those questions, even as this bankruptcy deal charges forward over objections… colleagues and I raised a number of serious questions about this deal, including whether the Justice Department… fuel out; electric in. Change happens. quarter million lives is another dark milestone in the battle against COVID-19. We remember those lost and grieve… say we rehire the guy in January. While we’re at it, Capt. Crozier for Secretary of the Navy and Col. Vindman for… more data point on how America’s corporations — even so-called climate “good guys” — are MIA, AWOL (and WTF, BT… legislation introduced by @SenJohnBarrasso @SenWhitehouse @MikeCrapo @SenBooker would provides support f…
Retweeted by Sheldon WhitehouseWe applaud @SenJohnBarrasso, @senwhitehouse, @MikeCrapo and @SenBooker for their work on S. 4897. Innovation in nuc…
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“Big carbon...has dominated global politics...largely through their funding of political parties, particularly...US… this year, I asked Judy Shelton about the rules to keep big banks safe and protect taxpayers from another b…
Retweeted by Sheldon WhitehouseI’m glad the Senate just passed my bipartisan Rodchenkov Anti-Doping Act. This bill will create consequences for Ru… insurance can be confusing. Luckily, Health Source RI is hosting a virtual Open Enrollment Info Session tomo… reporting, brutal for the nitwit Trumpsters. This legal gong show is what’s keeping #SpinesofFoam Republicans…
In the great symphony of brown-nosery that the Republican Party has become, it’s a small note, but remember when Re… fossil fuel CEOs who say decent-sounding crap to clean up their act for PR and cocktail party circuit while do… news, better late than never. The financial world is screaming warnings of climate chaos’s “systemic risk” to… hope this is true and the public pressure helped; Republican “severability” argument had more political force tha… notable as Trump’s sick behavior are the #SpinesofFoam of elected Republicans who go along with this grim charad…
Note that all four exist in de jure or de facto undemocratic governments w/r/t climate—China and Saudi by autocracy… “freedom of speech” twisted by right-wing Justices to protect right-wing dark money. Fossil fuel groups already assert this “right.”5-4 political meddling includes Citizens United on money, Shelby County on voter suppression, Rucho on bulk gerryma… on the Court have no problem meddling in politics from behind robes, but how twitchy they get when yo…
“Big Oil’s Big Fail”: among “the world’s biggest polluters” who “aren’t serious about climate change” are Chevron a… last grasp of the corrupt and corrupting fossil fuel industry. is well ahead of its fossil fuel peers and this is a good step. Others talking about achieving net zero…
2020 total BS. Just like fossil fuel, feigning one thing while dark-money machine chugs on as ever. Really unbeliev… was a stump speech to the party faithful by America's leading unelected politician. The Republican party donor… step: the Court That Dark Money Built will create constitutional protection for dark money. Watch for it.… outs himself as full-on partisan crusader. At Federalist Society, no less. #CapturedCourts
Net zero is pathway to economic success, say experts. Don’t let self-dealing fossil fuel industry confound you — to… birthday @SenJackReed! I’m proud to serve alongside you and I hope you have a wonderful day.