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U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, the Ocean State.

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The phony fossil-fuel front group @HeartlandInst gets totally exposed by German investigative team. Whoops! @Forbes, no less. Oceans matter. Time is pressing. the constant negative press coverage coming out of D.C., you’d be forgiven for thinking that Republicans and…
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Another great episode. @AlFranken talks to @NormOrnstein about the degradation of norms in politics and how we got… doesn’t defeat disease; suck-ups don’t run things well. Per CDC, “prepare for the expectation that this might be bad.”Reports of coronavirus briefing, hearings, funding requests today all signal Executive Branch disarray, confusion,…“Baby step” is right. @JPMorgan is a major shareholder in climate obstructor @MarathonPetroCo and hasn't done much… this! An unlikely friendship between a #climatechange champion from the East Coast (@SenWhitehouse) + Alaska’s…
Retweeted by Sheldon WhitehouseThank you, @VICE, for calling out the phony front group “@HeartlandInst,” notorious also for comparing climate scie… @PatCrowley401 on your election as @riaflcio Secretary-Treasurer! Wishing @unionsri the very best a…
There have been 80 partisan, 5-4 Supreme Court decisions favoring big Republican donor interests since John Roberts… have no feasible plan for nuclear waste. That’s why I led two nuclear reform bills to allow innovations like thi…
And it’s not just coasts: the mighty Colorado taking a battering out in the dry West. degrees in Antarctica! That’s how flooding comes to coasts. Alarm bells ringing.The “two types of leverage... political [and] technological” are connected; a carbon price will boost innovation. T…
“When good men and women can’t speak the truth, when facts are inconvenient, when integrity and character no longer… and Maguire are about as respected as they come. If SEALs said this about Obama, Republicans would go wild.… Same with black sea bass. @SenBlumenthal and I called out this problem on the Senate floor. @NOAA has known… is all very nice but identify the fundamental problem: the Republican Party is the political wing of the fossi… economists warn of 'catastrophic' climate change while JP Morgan invests placidly in companies like…
Amazing anyone could write a full op-ed about this mess and not mention the interference by Trump or his relationsh… innovation? Lift the subsidy, with a fee for the pollution, and let ‘er rip.Two problems here: one, free-market principles say fossil fuel (or anyone) shouldn’t enjoy hundreds of billions in… the “Innovation Fairy” is Republicans’ latest “do nothing“ argument about climate change. Fossil fuel loves “do nothing.”No reason to “mince words” about this scheme. We’ve been asleep at the switch while the robbery happened. American Petroleum Institute, I fixed your ad at DCA airport. Calling fossil gas "clean" is false advertising.…
Retweeted by Sheldon WhitehouseNorm Orodenker was respected and loved in Rhode Island for his tireless work and dedication to social reform and ju…
He can’t shout the problem away. Between him at State and Barr at Justice, great departments are being compromised… tells me these things are going to take off. I have a Chevy Bolt and LOVE it. These are stunning. Sorry,… has been 17 years since the Station nightclub fire claimed the lives of 100 Rhode Islanders and injured hundreds… piece by @Dahlialithwick. State and Justice were great Departments that Pompeo and Barr are out to ruin with p…"The unpleasant truth today is that no American corporation lobbies Congress on climate with any force."…
Retweeted by Sheldon WhitehouseSimilar to my American Opportunity Carbon Fee Act, which would reduce emissions by 50% and generate over $2 trillio… like this carbon pricing; with a little flexibility on revenues it’s more likely to pass; & it would help if comp…
Remember, first thing crooked fossil fuel industry did with corrupted Trump @EPA was to take down methane leak repo… is chipping away at the independence and basic fairness of our immigration courts– just to pursue…’s hope the “serious backlash” is coming..@echasan’s article confirms many of my points. Corporate America useless or worse on climate in Congress; trade as… Billionaires Club has collectively done squat in Congress. Fix That.⃣ Stop supporting the party that opposes progress. 2⃣ Stop supporting trade & advocacy groups that oppose progre…’s a less glamorous short cut for billionaires wanting to do something on climate: help us in Congress.
Prof. Lazarus is right about the legal hurdles; plus, there’s the question of @MarathonPetroCo's role pulling strin… you bow down, it’s easier to keep bowing than to stand up. change? Odd that there is no mention in the article. Attorney General Barr’s confirmation hearing, I raised concerns about his view of executive privilege. Yet here… to see this happen to McClatchy, which held the line on the Bush US Atty scandal when other media got stampeded… story goes back to February 12, 1973—the day when the first of our POWs were freed in Vietnam. You might recog…
Time to wake up. me in. crooked advertising at DC airport designed to convince us to do nothing on climate (but burn more “clean” natu…
What do you bet it will take more than one (big) asset manager to get this industry to behave responsibly?… was first thing natural gas industry got Trump EPA to do? End reporting of leaks. This is the Great Gas Cheat. theatrical TV investor points out fossil fuel’s failure as an investment. Earth sends warnings. We should listen.
Taking the gospel of “corporate America is AWOL on climate” into the corporate think tank world. an architect of the Paris Climate Agreement and CEO of the European Climate Foundation, @LaurenceTubiana is an i… story: hard to innovate your way around a $650 billion subsidy, the U.S. subsidy for fossil fuel in 2015 per I… again, corrupt Trump EPA trots out “Innovation Fairy” as response to climate crisis. It’s imaginary, but they… Mueller report/auto antitrust “investigation”/lawsuits against blue states/Giuliani “intake”/OLC theor… aside Trump tweets and something still smells rotten at DOJ. recognition for my friend @JimLangevin, who has been a great champion for science & technology resear… says @BP_plc plans ”to push governments to enact stricter climate policies, such as a tax on the carbon dioxide…
On the revenue side, advocates should leave flexibility needed to pass a bill. States will need help from a carbon… carbon fee bill, twice rolled out at American Enterprise Institute, is a close match. #ValentinesDay, I’m showing how much estuaries mean to RI by renewing my call to double funding for our Nation…’s job being…. to toady for Trump without Trump being so brash as to out him?’m thinking of those who lost loved ones in the Parkland shooting two years ago. We need to pass meaningful gun le… to @URI_BEC @ricomposites @ACMAcomposites for their work improving and expanding #RI’s robust composites i… Trump administration is waging a war on the independence of immigration judges. They shouldn’t be used as a too…’ve raised the problem of the right-wing corporate and partisan lobbying campaign of the Court, and how they do it… care to comment?
2 trillion! How much of that was spent on buying climate denial in Congress? @uscensusbureau is looking for Rhode Islanders to help with the #RICensus2020. An accurate census count means f… the bipartisan chorus urging @USTreasury Sec. Steven Mnuchin & @IRSnews to get the 45Q tax credit for carbon… @Jewish_Alliance is a pillar of our vibrant Jewish community in #RI. Thanks for stopping by., Now We Find Out: from Barr's old boss at DOJ: "With Bill Barr, on an amazing number of occasions... you can be… change poses real threats to our national security, and puts our military bases and infrastructure at risk.… don’t often agree with these guys but I’ll spot them this one!“Whitehouse is a sharp and outspoken @FedSoc detractor. He has accused the group of sitting at the nexus of an indu…
Mitch McConnell and his obedient Senate Republicans own all this petty vengeance. Bow down before Trump, and he m… meeting with President David Dooley and the folks from @universityofri. #URI is leading the way on research i… piece on latest ‘Climate Denial Lite’: “The core GOP climate message… [is] there to protect fossil fuels from… you, @provcomlib and @RIBHS_events for your efforts to highlight the history and achievements of the African… of Progress? Conservative Washington Examiner quoting comms director for @ACC_National on climate: “If Republ… wrong on what it will take to reduce carbon emissions. Pretty much every serious look at this agrees a ma… reason the fossil fuel industry lies like champions is that they’ve been at it so long. Practice, practice, pra… you’re wondering whether the rat is in the granary, or maybe there’s some legitimate explanation, the resignatio…
This is pretty far in the weeds. But we work in the weeds to make these kind of results more likely by expanding th… proud to support @SORhodeIsland – an organization that brings hope and joy to so many. a prosecutor, I’m always concerned when the political rat gets into the prosecutorial independence granary, and… should not stop investigation of how it happened in first place, possible corrupt role of @MarathonPetroCo. S… after the impeachment trial, Senator McConnell raced to put anti-voting rights judicial nominee Andrew Bras…
Retweeted by Sheldon Whitehouse"The values reflected in this budget proposal show Trump prioritizes polluters over people every time. Cutting the…
Retweeted by Sheldon WhitehouseThe budget is a statement of values. Once again, the #TrumpBudget makes it painfully clear how little the President…
Retweeted by Sheldon WhitehouseInteresting comparison to Trump’s conduct revealed in impeachment: Trump was worse; yet servile Republicans covered…
.@Exxonmobil predicted zero worldwide by 2040, in a climate report they faked for @BlackRock. again, Gates fails to mention government action, making him a key support for do-nothing Republicans saying th… to @moranshipping’s Jason Kelly for cohosting a great discussion about the future of the blue economy with W… President Trump tries to take a big victory lap, remember what Republican Senators called his conduct: but strong, and with lots of truth behind it. It’s our world to protect or ruin.