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Retweeted by sept | a πŸ₯€ @Ninjasik BIGGG boy boutta be back in action 😈 @k3choo TY KHWISSY!!who's ready to see 195lb sept again soon? 😈🧐 @allanavasquez @arasellie @cleggnation @itsAluko nah let her join the gang @arasellie @allanavasquez @cleggnation @itsAluko you want this one? i gotchu @cleggnation @allanavasquez @itsAluko REAL SHIT @allanavasquez @cleggnation @itsAluko wasssup? @cleggnation @itsAluko 😈😈 @cleggnation pls? >:)#NewProfilePic @cleggnation @itsAluko am i doin this right? @BigTime7051 ty babes @cleggnation LMFOAOAOA @perolikeme ty! :D @Skylaxis_ :O @chloe_randall20 ty ty! @OdiFps no, i cant rn or ill be homeless.just applied to like 5 jobs, 2 of em id really love. 2 of the other 3 are great as well but if i dont get them its… @allisonayona texas > @reagulive all of the excuses. xD @reagulive look i was already hammered i wasn't paying attention to anything, i just got handed the bottle πŸ˜” @reagulive the bottle opening is TINY MAN @arasellie this is amazing!! :D @arasellie show when done! @cleggnation @nicoletaylor_9 @itsAluko @AceTsuu @allisonayona πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @AceTsuu LMAOAOA @_Bwandonn all good it was fun till i started dying LMAO @SinnnZx_ don't question me lol @cleggnation nooo @Dominick1528 OHHH LOKE THAT @aight1whatever hehe @cleggnation REAL @cleggnation ur hot @Dominick1528 ???the night of the blackout 🫑 who take boiling hot showers are insane. WHAT ARE Y’ALL TRYNA DO?? WASH AWAY YOUR SINS????
Retweeted by sept | a πŸ₯€ @HashiraSlim sept-bro* ;) @HashiraSlim ill be ur brother @HashiraSlim I- have no respect @Iriddium LMAO
being forward really is becoming my new and best asset🫑 @CALCvalo not pog at allback to a job i despise :))Vegas Round 2 Recap ft Cleggs Birthday! this is how you Vegas 🎑
Retweeted by sept | a πŸ₯€ @CALCvalo damn i'm sorry :( and thank god i did lol @CALCvalo hope you slept well! @ysk1ng look at the pumagoood morning! slept near 11 hours! AND I FEEL GREAT @cleggnation till next time hot stuff πŸ€ͺ @Dshah0429 mwah @itscatrinaa 😁 @AppleGawd thanks! some dude said id looked better than himself in it @WhoUBankWith gotta get you, @itsAluko and @Heysusftw out to the falls @RebelBTW i'd let you smash @vcnusfps FOR FREEEEE @itsAluko @kathy_ngyn thanks g πŸ™ @itsAluko @kathy_ngyn damn... guess imma get grilled like some goddamn bacon @thederpymexican we shall see, gotta talk to my agent @itsAluko @kathy_ngyn HELP ME @thederpymexican maybe i'll premier this weekend 😳 @kathy_ngyn @itsAluko k. im quitting life @kathy_ngyn @itsAluko WOAH I LOOKED GOOD @WhoUBankWith time for the coastal vibes next time eh πŸ‘€ @itsAluko @kathy_ngyn NOOO SHE CANT DO MY HANDSOME MAN LIKE THAT @juulfps HAPPY BIRFDAY @allisonayona @CALCvalo oh?! and im chillin playin madden @OdiFps it was good! just chillin at a homies now! @Heysusftw :o @OdiFps hi odiii! @CALCvalo wsp brotha! how you doin?hii :3 @_Bwandonn me too @BigTime7051 yeah i do! @Heysusftw sadge :( @Heysusftw BRUH @Heysusftw shiiit what time you home?
@Ninjasik BETso apex ranked anyone? :o @Dominick1528 LOL @Dominick1528 @allanavasquez @cleggnation @allisonayona @AppleGawd @WhoUBankWith @MindofSeem @xjaaybear @AceTsuu… home safe from vegas! time to shower and SLUMP! internet strangers become best friends in one week! 🀍 appreci… 100% @xjaaybear love you bb πŸ₯Ί @BigTime7051 wait good idea!the dude next to me smells like beef jerky. and i wanna punch him in the mouth @nnzoee @ysk1ng @_Od26 gotchu! @nnzoee @ysk1ng @_Od26 i'm on an airplane rn LOL @ysk1ng @nnzoee @_Od26 i hope you and edo get signed, and you have a great day! @ysk1ng @nnzoee @_Od26 k. that's fucked. @ysk1ng @nnzoee @_Od26 just unlucky bro, doesn't happen to me tho! stay safe out there!! @ysk1ng @nnzoee @_Od26 LOLMy official kpop debut πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸŽ€
Retweeted by sept | a πŸ₯€ @Ninjasik i've had it on repeat for like 3-4 hours LMAO @Dshah0429 @vcnusfps we got this πŸ€“ @Ninjasik my favorite song rn is the one in the OP. it's so good @Dshah0429 @vcnusfps you'll get it someday, just like me. just gotta exude confidence and be urself! the right one will find you 😁 @Ninjasik OOOOO WE LOVE RYAN @Dshah0429 @vcnusfps i want "her" to come take me im sorry bb @vcnusfps @Dshah0429 first i need someone to WANT to come get me, which could happen sometime 😈