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WOW that was good! goodnight @Lioness_R6 that's how you find the right guys tbh
@naandawg_ i guess??? lol @_Bwandonn LOLOL @_Bwandonn he will still have a decent pick rate. although based off nerfs he's a lot less desirable imo @ncavii FR @_Bwandonn chamber just gotta stay around to punish the flank now or get timings even better, instead of being a duelist now @_Bwandonn balance, now his trip is like the other trips @ncavii they made him actually balanced like they should've in the last 4 updates! finally!good morningggg 🫶 @DegenWeebTeehee @luvxpoison anytime man! glad to have been able to help! hope life's treatin you good now! @h2nnyu hes got the better gamer chair bro @MarcoTheRomo bangers @OxiWun @luvxpoison AYEEE THE OXI VOUCH :D @sparksonly solid estimate :o
@GranzTV bro it looks so goofy 😂wtf... @Kash3i this a moood @Cllickss always look forward to these xD @cleggnation oh nooo @OdiFps id be in the NBA bro. @OdiFps @luvxpoison odi .. @HiILikeTurtless thanks! @luvxpoison Oh hi! @ncavii bruh... @HiILikeTurtless bro you live with me and know im not that tall relax xD @SinnnZx_ actually close :O @ncavii i hope you stub your little toe. @DovahFranky LMAOAO im jk you gotta be like 6'I made my height my personality at one point. but yall can guess for fun @DovahFranky 5'5 :) @8jello i have no idea and bro i feel like mines low dw @JennaK1201 similar imo but probably a bit more, but idk cuz i listen to music almost all day @graeIyn best genre what can i say 🤷🏼‍♂️ @refraxt been listening since like 16' he's so good! @reagulive that's the spiritonly 120k mins..i need more @ayoeclipse nooooo not the ex having the emoji i use. ggs i'm done for. 😭 @ayoeclipse solid line @luvxpoison wanna find out together than? @luvxpoison what is winning
@keltaFPS @Jumkeji yeah we can jump together! @keltaFPS @Jumkeji brb going to jump off a bridge! @keltaFPS @Jumkeji i wish i did 😭 @keltaFPS @Jumkeji imma go cry myself to sleep @Jumkeji that was fucked up. im never playing siege with you again 😕 @DominickCo__ you're an idiot. @ysk1ng @GoodyGxtchu @iSchully @iSchully talk to this moron thanks! @ysk1ng @GoodyGxtchu @iSchully bro fuckin send it, you're an insane fragger. just listen to schully and it's easy dubs @_routers as they should @_routers dont ya love the idiots? @BigTime7051 gotchu ;) @Jumkeji have you tried not dying? @MarcoTheRomo REALgood morning cuties! @terry_valo @CodaVAL_ @_routers my bad! @CodaVAL_ @_routers yeah you know me! meat riding! keep telling yourself that. it's ranked game that he played bad… @CodaVAL_ @_routers oh no! not a bad game and little to no comms! it happens, deal w it by not blasting on twitter 😂 @AeroValorant re bump deezi want her to spit in my face
Retweeted by a 🥀 @AceTsuu hottie :O
@Amicheyy ooo saint jhn :o @cloaser send it here @dehnnii DENNI !! ❤️ @dehnnii no you @Da_Olaf_ real shitOH MY MOTHER OF YES with tattoos can ruin my life 🤷🏼‍♂️ @MarcoTheRomo ayyy let's goooo get that bag king @MarcoTheRomo nooo :( @MarcoTheRomo all three lineups are crazy! don't miss out @reagulive solid @Amicheyy bazzi is top tier @BigTime7051 i'll see you there!this lineup kinda GAS🤷🏼‍♂️
@ImKrizixx bro they are GAS hot cool ranch doritos >goood morning idiots :D @reagulive 8 alarms?!
@Flommy23 mannnn :(WOOO MICHIGAN 😈SHEEEESH CORNELIUS JOHNSON!!goood morning! this is so cute! @vcnusfps people have rizz? i wonder what that's like @luvxpoison so talented @DominickCo__ bros prayin on my downfall.. aight @HiILikeTurtless shut up @BigBlehman @BritBratTV7 barley beat the dogs hit colts and lost to the commanders. can confirm they are indeed overrated and mid :) @BritBratTV7 lmao all good! i knew what you meant. and i work sunday so i just hope i can keep an eye on the games @BritBratTV7 nah ive got faith, eagles are lowkey kinda mid @GranzTV sounds like megimme gimme gimme Little Liar // VALORANT Clip Dump 🦋🖤 #VALORANT
Retweeted by a 🥀florida state has a 6'7 wide out. that's just cheating 🤣 @_Od26 11 hours is light work, safe travels
@qaleiaa new hair :oSuch a professional
Retweeted by a 🥀 @LtTrix HAPPY BDAY TRICKY <3
@Ninjasik that's true i am a goofball