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ohno this braindeademotinal bitch is cryingnowkarens shouldn't adopt children of color, i stand by this as an example,, the wayi've been ALIENTATEd assFuCK from everything i'thnis is the better way to say, the universe was indifferent to my pleasi did nAht consent to exist let alone this shit, they really just took me to america and then this hoe yeeted me ac… i realy can't believe a bumchn of peopl.e just casually signed my life off to be raised by this white bitch, wtf,someone: *jokes about me even slightly* my fragile unmedicated trauma ridden brain: they hate you go kys lmao,alreaddyyyyyy diddd tthaaat like an abjeCt fOol @cestbunni i've missed you! can't wait to see you tomorrow"i know i'm short but in my head i'm TALL. " - me and @cestbunnime:, trying to get the attention of women want to dress like t h i s again
fake it til you make itttttthe two red buttons meme except it's "the pain of being alone, isolated" vs "the pain of alone among other people"me: i'll be fine me, off my meds: *can't focus, ability to have a sense of passing time is drastically worse when… @MistressSnowPhD i send you cats thoughroleplay, i'm diogenes, you're a rich bastardjust tryna get a gf like this @TerranSocialist that hurted... YOU DIdN"t have to be tHIS loud is Joe Biden’s plan to Free Britney
Retweeted by anarcho-sapphicwtf
Retweeted by anarcho-sapphici know peopled see me as bottom only but i'm nOtT friends: ...r u going to b ok??? me: ...define okay @MistressSnowPhD nooooOOooooo... atleast.. they're not on instagram? @MattxMercy will try that out haha thank you, although, not with pandemic etcliving vicariously though one of my discord friends through his polyam set up tbh, @MattxMercy it's the worst because i LOVE massive cuddling but i overheat so easily oml.y e s @MattxMercy not even for me though,... my body temperature runs absurdly hot🥵. my partner calls me "his little furnace" lmaoi am the oven, polyamory meme
Retweeted by anarcho-sapphicfleeting moments of self awarenessnope nope definitely nope no sir nopeme: "perhaps i prefer men who are unavailable despite my prevalent queer attractions bc i don't want to deal with m… escalation... FIVE DAHYS AGO. FIVE. TIME ISNT" REALcan there be more polyamorous stories please. i'm begging. i don't like the underlying assumptions that monogamy is… was a while ago, i am okAy's me, your local brainless anarchist, how the fuck do i end up in these absurd situations,just realizing i dodged a huge bullet because apparently i could've had a seizure when i low key tried to *** due t… OG joe biden you're a straight cis man but not a anarchist/leftist,... why are you following me. there is nothing for you here.??also because i guess i rage quit my account for reasons i can't remember (love that), uh hi sorry i'm following all the comrades again, oops @MistressSnowPhD wait WHAT @Dai__Xiu pretty sure it was, but i know roller skating in general was big in civil rights/black cultureapologies in advance to everyone in my life for having to deal with me in this quagmire....guess who's back and going to be off their meds for too long hey how are you
me going back to k. flay's "blood in the cut", nature is healing!i will die of yearning before i am ever touched by another human being in a non fleeting way thanks
me: i am trying to form genuine connections also me: *screaming*, INTIMACY IS DANGer, RETREATme, literally reading a book that says humans are biologically wired to need other humans and cooperate and individ…, adopting colloquial phrases to be "understood" by my peers, but feeling extremely detached and falling into to… just encapsulates my entirety, (you know, the usual profound and common existential desire to be known) @cestbunni @angryqb alwaysthe daily toil between "seek shelter but feeling inauthentic in the presence of others" and "being a proud wounded… @HobocampVictory @MistressSnowPhD i'm SOBBING for different reasons now (different reasons pictured above) @HobocampVictory @MistressSnowPhD me: i am soft™ and smol™ and i desire baby animals and to be triple in gentleness…
@HobocampVictory @MistressSnowPhD also john travolta can go make a cactus his throne, fuck himvirtual date idea: we sit on FaceTime or Zoom and share excerpts from our fave theory texts
Retweeted by anarcho-sapphic @cestbunni you're whimsical on every conceivable levelsorry i unpacked all my trauma do you still want to kiss
Retweeted by anarcho-sapphicY’all, Venmo cooperates with police. Make sure when you donate to local organizers and groups, you just use emojis…
Retweeted by anarcho-sapphic @HobocampVictory @MistressSnowPhD in all seriousness i hope everyone is okay?? get some rest? take care of yourselves pls @HobocampVictory @MistressSnowPhD okay yeah poll , no context would you rather be fingered by a wayward john travo… @HobocampVictory @MistressSnowPhD quagmire is a euphemism at this point, let's be real. also, not the "would you ra… @HobocampVictory @MistressSnowPhD rip @HobocampVictory @MistressSnowPhD oh wait i misread this., oh no,. oh no wait @HobocampVictory @MistressSnowPhD i'm glad then we both aren't in actual proximity to apparent fame ,.. only gay renegade twitter academics @HobocampVictory @MistressSnowPhD ....i would prefer not to be fingered by john travolta or most men to ever exist @MistressSnowPhD me: *sweats nervously* is this what it's like to be in proximity to fameLeftists often believe that they're immune to the mainstream because they're so far detached from it. But the left…
Retweeted by anarcho-sapphicIn fact, a lot of propaganda is made to make you feel like nothing better is possible. To make you feel doom. To co…
Retweeted by anarcho-sapphic @cestbunni @angryqb @Dundkan the small portion you occupy in my existence is crucial to my well-being @ClayHartedGhoul it's the kubrick stare for meanyways, back to burying myself in my exoskeleton.i am one enormous war between being cold and being warm.i am one big achei have too much adoration for one heart and four limbs,and I have gained knowledge, excruciating and exhilarating, when I was seeking only love.
Retweeted by anarcho-sapphic @lavacakezz RT @InstSocEco some of us have real questions and we demand real answers @MistressSnowPhD ....this was a l o t , @shhhdrsnow ..and here i am thinking my dm's that i sent you previously were novels and excessive in sentiment and… @MistressSnowPhD (i should be using the cat emojis,.. i'm the pet😼) but YEaH, lmk when you and your gf want to adop… @MistressSnowPhD me, coming back to this hellsite after saying i was leaving it, just to check on you COMPERSION is my drug of choice, au revoir.
so on that note, i'm embracing being absolutely unintelligible, non-legible, ostracized, and generally unrecognizab…'m aware i owe no one an explanation. but it's time for me to abandon another construct of self. so this account i…
@SandyFrizzle IT"S CRIMINAL... but then again... I"M FOR BEING GAY AND DOING CRIME @SandyFrizzle also, KITTY🥺❤️ @SandyFrizzle This is a crime how cute you are pls desist @RadioFreeSophie okay yes, but also YOUR PROFILE PICTURE, I IDENTIFY W/ AUDREY HORNE AESTHETICALLY, MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY???? @lavacakezz i thought i responded to this , but 🥺! @secretdrsnow fskjfsejsdkf are you okay???
@klownsswerve thank you <3 :) @klownsswerve joseph joestar best jojo (thus far) @itsayeshav same though, @itsayeshav oh my god BIG MOOD THOUGH., i literally lost years of memories because the trauma was too much this yea… @rootbeerfloa i appreciate the thought, thank you