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Serema Storm @SeremaStorm These United States

Pen name for this writer of fiction. I also RT my politics. Unabashed #Resister. NO DMs. blue 🌊 I block Trump supporters & trolls.

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@CheyenneDhraga lol right? I'm their key demographic. @CheyenneDhraga yes Giant Microbes are some of my fav things ever.Yo, I really want this so I can throw it at people and yell, "A pox upon you!" my earlier post, I'm so tempted to buy this as a stocking stuffer for the Lad. @saferprint @inspiredbylaban @SerenaHassan4 @Novel_Ness @L_Montes223 @LydiaLoeber @TkKikki @wanderingstarz1 @MontyVern 🤣 @MontyVern 🤣 @Jim_Jordan Over 50 million people didn't give a shit about election security, while we were screaming our heads of…
Retweeted by Serema StormMom: the angels proclaimed,”peace on earth to men of goodwill.” I’m pretty sure that’s not what they said. @kevin_jochens What can I say? I got bored and looked at porn and saw more than I wanted to see. I know better, yet… @WestonNuclear @kevin_jochens Thankfully not his mother. There's some weird porn out there, my friend.edward cullen is that you?
Retweeted by Serema Storm @kevin_jochens I figure. Eventually it will sink in. @WestonNuclear @WestonNuclear rofl - that's ok. I write my own material.:) @kevin_jochens Some days, I'm very discouraged by the thought that he may never be able to go out in public without… @WestonNuclear lol write it! @kevin_jochens I know. but I have to make the effort. @kevin_jochens lol - trying to discourage his inappropriate discourse. @WestonNuclear lol I'm NOT teaching him that! It's my fault for telling him that steroids shrink your balls.Lad, singing: Testicles! Testicles! Do you want new balls? Me: Guess who doesn't like songs about testicles? Lad:…
Not sure who came up with this, but it's freaking genius! files for next year and came across this gem. Hope it’s a prediction! 🤞 @MWilkie12 @Johnldeboer @JaysQuill @spiritedlinda1 @PetalsTm @Planet_Les_Dino @ParanormalJunk2 @scinerd28 @JohnlDeBoer @JaysQuill @spiritedlinda1 @PetalsTm @Planet_Les_Dino @ParanormalJunk2 @scinerd28 @HughRoberts05
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Retweeted by Serema Storm @cheesefries02 @BlackBearDiner @KKingsbeer @KelekaD @samyliam19 @EvaAlton @ALGarcix @ThalaBeratung @noregretsejf71 A GREAT FRIDAY EVERYONE WHATS YOUR FAVORITE TAG A FRIEND OR MAKE A NEW ONE #ff @BlackBearDiner @KKingsbeer
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Retweeted by Serema StormMy favorite thing so far today lovely Bel, who is kindness personified, reminds us to be kind to ourselves. :) were you late to work today? Me: it took me forever to find Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah song to show the Lad. Then… @Nekrobomb Bill Cosby creeps me out these days @Nekrobomb *Mimes @Nekrobomb 😂 I’m such a fan of mines! @ThePoetArefke Omg this is me every day! @saferprint @DrMcKinn @wanderingstarz1 @chuy_beto @WayneGr71276033 @GHSdirect @CordonRoma @Kleidergroessen day… @DrMcKinn @wanderingstarz1 @chuy_beto @WayneGr71276033 @GHSdirect @CordonRoma @SeremaStorm
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Retweeted by Serema Storm @saferprint @DrMcKinn @fivetowin @SobAlert @MORDE110 @MexicanTalking @IreneWoodbury @DebbieMcMannis☕️ encouraging and tasty Friday… @DrMcKinn @fivetowin @SobAlert @MORDE110 @MexicanTalking @IreneWoodbury
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Retweeted by Serema Storm @GoProFun I love that one!Sent to me by Bo @Aufugget Yes you do! @Daniel_Aegan @Aufugget
@kevin_jochens @HartshipJ They have other jobs after hours. It'll be over in a week or so. @rootnk @carlosfiscal248 @Joycemu28010157 @NarteyF15898134 @Jewel20341572 @padamsguitar @SavDeHoedt @Mani_Virk1 #followfriday @carlosfiscal248 @SeremaStorm @Joycemu28010157 @NarteyF15898134 @Jewel20341572 @padamsguitar
Retweeted by Serema Storm @kevin_jochens Classic! @Aufugget Those are outstanding! @Ltward2 Pockets is fancy @Nega_Ryan @Nekrobomb @TySparks8 @DerekRKing2 @crystalnapolit2 @bobby_kountz @JulieKusma @inspiredbylaban @Wrix2 @WestonNuclear @TyoMonica @Nekrobomb @Nega_Ryan @TySparks8 @DerekRKing2 @crystalnapolit2 @bobby_kountz @JulieKusma @inspiredbylaban @Wrix2 @A_Nonny_Maus @Daniel_Aegan meme or your life is at a career crossroads. His cancer-stricken brother Jeff has lost everything but his sense of humor. A quix…
Retweeted by Serema StormMy fav story today. Two decades ago, I started writing a story called “The Christmas Koala” and never finished it. @jim73194352 All of us!!! @Nekrobomb I’ve never used amnesia, though I’ve used a maguffinSpoke with a gal named Alicia. Now I can’t stop singing this: @bob36630011 Plus the fumes!!! @rootnk @rajmarket_raj @Wrix2 @Moomii_Moo @doxie53 @Peatches66 @Abrazos4u @laurelbrett11 @PukeonTrump @_RLMT I had many different religions because a lot of swears are derived from religious words, especially in Quebe… now at my job. A big part of my job is answering phones... @rajmarket_raj @Wrix2 @Moomii_Moo @rootnk @doxie53 @Peatches66 @Abrazos4u @laurelbrett11 @PukeonTrump @rootnk @saferprint @Wrix2 @Moomii_Moo @doxie53 @Peatches66 @Abrazos4u @laurelbrett11 @PukeonTrump @NinaIvAndrews @_RLMT @EatonKrone @GeorgeYuhasz @solmullersch For my sci fi book, there’s no Christmas (diff universe.) have no idea where Cthulhu Kevin is. This is our idea of festive. @bob36630011 @jasongeraci 🤣 @bob36630011 @saferprint @MissMyCaliCoast @classicalricky @PukeonTrump @lizzicochrane @SobAlert @fredbranziny @fivetowin💎 ƒoℓℓoωТιρρ 💎 @MissMyCaliCoast @classicalricky @PukeonTrump @lizzicochrane @SobAlert @fredbranziny
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