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what do professors gain from making syllabus quizzes confusingthis is gonna be me this semester
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼trump is punching the air rn and cant even live tweet his angerMr Biden sir congratulations on becoming the guy who owes me $2000
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼The group chat said: JEWEL TONES. 1/20.
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼Bernie dressed like the inauguration is on his to do list today but ain’t his whole day.
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼
you all live in a society i live in janet’s void
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼ok i’ll bite as much as i HATE walking to class i actually miss in person classesi just organized every. single. assignment for all of my classes in a big excel sheet i swear to God this better be 4.0 sznhappy birthday mac miller. i wish you were here
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼This took me out 💀
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼how have i not even finished season 1 of how to get away with murder yet somehow i feel like ive seen 4 seasons already
teachers requiring lockdown browser and/or webcam rn have a first class ticket to hell @arbyslover99 omg i see my room from here (‘:
can we normalize no more captions in 2021 im tired hope my plant at school is ok🥺 @anyawithaya likeeee i have 0 lawyer type skills but i want it so bad now???not me watching the first episode of how to get away with murder and now wanting to drop my major and go to law school for fun
every time i listen to drivers license i find a new part of the song to get chills in
if adults can still be employed after storming the capitol building i can probably get a job with a nose ring
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼2021 vibez
One thing about them tables.... they turn baby!
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼 @yazziej_ be yourself and they’ll love you!! you got this🥰
wandering around trader joes no list just vibez
if i bring food to your table and you’re doing this i’m deadass kicking you out of the restaurant @stori_stromboli idk if you care lol but this is psychologically proven to increase the likelihood of actually going (:trump rn locked out of twitter for life
very important discussions happening in the hot girl gc today
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼if ur in blacksburg show me the mf snow rn Trump “the worst President ever” implies at some point he did something that qualified him as President. N…
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼
how tf yall getting the ps5? im getting angryhe truly has a tweet for every occasion PSA🤢
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼its funny how in june people who protested for losing black lives were called terrorists but literal actual terrori… Taylor was an EMT from Louisville murdered in her sleep
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼where do men carry their audacity bc they sure do have a lot of itand you didn’t do this 5 years ago why? @hayeelen and don’t have your goggles out where they can see @HoesChiMinh brandon.
lmfao all the bitchass people from my highschool commenting on this literal terrorism saying “God will get us throu…“2021 gonna be a movie” yea bro olympus has fallen
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼THE GIRLS ARE FIGHTINGGGG
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼a twisted tea would solve this problem
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼What you mean speechless son go suit up
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼Loefller buying stock in body bags in January when she was warned about the approaching pandemic.....nothing qualif…
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼filed for unemployment who want me😔 @hayeelen chunky from the waist down🥴this comment on the article from when my bf committed to vt is fucking SENDING ME😭😭😭 rangoons are Gods greatest creations
@andrewkentt couldnt agree more<3 i love our religious trauma bonding @andrewkentt so they’re not really passing judgment if they just ignore the problem lol @andrewkentt yeah in reality i don’t think ive ever seen a christian actually follow that so i 100% see your point.… @andrewkentt coming from a christian school lol i would say no bc of things ive seen but i feel like you should be… @stori_stromboli tell me this isnt who i think it isthe thing i miss most pre-pandemic is how blissfully unaware i was of how many selfish and stupid people plague our country lmaoi always have so many new shows i want to start watching then BOOM rewatch new girl again
@tylersmith haha thanks me too :/fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck🥲🥲🥲🥲i’m sorry... what🤠
idk who needs to hear this but stop putting off your fafsa and do it already @Caleigh_ayeG ive heard vvvv good things about charmarie down by the cinebowlEveryday is New Year's Eve when your government has been dropping the ball for months
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i be like God show me a sign and then be like this right after
@yazziej_ drinking wine and crying to missed calls by mac miller @kaylakoenig_ i would love tohas anyone taken the GRE and have study suggestions or can tell me how easy or hard it is plz<3i just wish i could see 10 years into the future to see if it’s all worth it yaknow @renata22pena its... traumatizing like where did my life go lmao
i just realized on friday i can say “i will graduate college next year” what the fuckThe vaccine is only 52% effective starting two weeks after the first dose. When you get the second dose, the vaccin…
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼“you spent an average of 824 hours shitposting this year”
everyone got cool maps and mine is over here just like 🧍🏼‍♀️ boring as hell got the baddest bitch on the show cuz he knew when to shut the fuck up
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼not me being nostalgic about this time last year despite it being the truly darkest and worst time of my life lolz i was gonna look through pictures of this year but i ended up crying before i left january pictures so fml
what games should i get for my switch? i got one for christmas and all i have is animal crossing🥺 @chipnanimus this was the last time i was brown haired hahah @chipnanimus ive been doing blonde for almost 2 years now bc it’s so hard to wash any color out of your hair if you… cant i ever just want a consistent hair color my hair is so tiredif you haven't cried in a walk-in cooler i don't really care what you have to say about food service workers
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼that new movie soul just crushed my life
enjoy my face for a second day in a row
still beyond me that Americans sometimes will act shocked that Middle Easterners can be Christians...bro it was Jes…
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼merry christmas friends <3
@lunalahari i wish i could leave the countrydivorcee kids gang which house u at now?when i use 👍🏽 i make this face
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i miss non-seasonal depression time lolz @AKCromwell he bought it literally 2 days ago and finished the game lol he’s doing all the side missions n stuff nowahh yes facetiming my bf feels just like we’re back home together lmao
using my $600 to mail nancy pelosi 60,000 spiders
Retweeted by festive serena🥰🎄🤶🏼 @not___connor pft i hope so he’s so smart but has no work ethic i think rn he wants to be a mechanic tho @not___connor in 8th grade i-????i was just helping my brother (who is in 8th grade) with his literal engineering homework???? wtf do they teach in school now
mitch mcconnell is the ugliest mf i’ve ever seen in my life
just a friendly remind that holidays can be extremely difficult for a lot of people so make sure to reach out to people u loveif apple doesnt stop reading my mf messages for me i will throw hands