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only dm me if you look like @meowijuanaz 🌈

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@ErikaBreigh Dry Soap crushing @JoelGotJuice #TIME @dyingoctopus SMALL WORLD ALL HER FRIENDS KNOW ME @uwujulss I MIGHT @KiIITrey How many people have u blocked @dozyhrs WYMMM WHAT I DO @saskenarto69 AYOOO?!)?)? @saskenarto69 Dude @hieirebirth @barrysdyingwill Oh no wtf is this @EliteSalter Gn salty walty @helloemama OK ON SAY LESS ILL DO IT IN THE MORNING @mrpotatohaed No all the guys are tho @gurlthatsmax @ragedasianmatt Yes of course just dm me or something @dayruins BADDIE @ragedasianmatt At the end of the night lets vc to see who’s more fucked up @ragedasianmatt HOWD U KNOWWW πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ @ragedasianmatt @EliteSalter @Ryan_Recon Hahah that’s just dms lol @EliteSalter I don’t even have anything bad anymore πŸ˜” I lost everything @EliteSalter I @EliteSalter ????? Wtf did u do @gurlthatsmax Yeah that’s cute very much approved @EliteSalter @EliteSalter Me and u both sister @gurlthatsmax wait what would u do @Zerokirrua HINATAAA πŸ₯Ί @gurlthatsmax No u gotta ask cmon now @WhiffPunisher WOOOOOO @Tenshi_senpai LMAOO @riyugen U have to help me @ragedasianmatt YAHHHHHH UR IN @icyhotnigga I’ll probably make it tomorrow so yeah! @mydickteeny Mayhaps πŸ‘€ @may_wedda WHATTTT!! I look NOTHING like her @may_wedda Not going to ask @ijdawg998 UR PLAYING FOOTBALL?? Get off twitter put ur phone away the hell @ijdawg998 What the f is loan @globymyself Say less .. @nosstalgicbrat Lets ?!?!? @EliteSalter Sis πŸ¦ŽπŸ™„πŸ‘‰πŸ‘Œ @may_wedda DOEDNT MATTER @awnuhaha If I do I got u b @ijdawg998 . Yes I do @DylanRazh STOPP OK IM GETTINY USED TO IT @GlorryNHK Which one @may_wedda Other than that @may_wedda ??? I’m just saying @renntendo I probably will idk idk @SelfishKun πŸ‘€ @playboijohni If I do I will !!! @may_wedda WHY DOES HE LOOK LIKE U @JhbTeam @may_wedda Ofc jhb !! @Zerokirrua 2nd best girl @may_wedda Literally go away @zuunio Eh? @DellzRising If I do I will @fvctuaI Hello @renntendo What we thinkin πŸ‘€ @LilBabyEmily If I do I will !! @WhosBreezyUK LMAOOOO @DylanRazh Fr @Youngins_ LMFAOOOO DELETE @TlMMY_ Yeah but I get ignored πŸ’” @crystalmeowthz YES @akitoxl Sounds kinda πŸ‘€ @ijdawg998 Oh @TlMMY_ LMFAOAOOAAO BRO I GET NERVOUSMaybe it’s #time to make my own gc .. @EliteSalter ME RN @ISuckAtTekken @YungChoclateBar LMK πŸ”₯ @YungChoclateBar @ISuckAtTekken Lmk πŸ”₯ @ISuckAtTekken @YungChoclateBar Think I might’ve done somethin @YungChoclateBar @ISuckAtTekken Antics? More like ARCtics @ISuckAtTekken What the fu @riyugen Love uplayed more volleyball, trynna be the best libero there is 🏐
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@SelfishKun OFC @gurlthatsmax YESSSIIRIR @a1arime HELLOOO @brilyssa NO ITS SO GOOD @brilyssa It’s .. good πŸ₯Ί @gurlthatsmax I have no hoes I win this thank u @xvslader @jeangaultierr @gurlthatsmax That was bait I was bored WHY AM I EVEN ARGUING ABT THIS LMFAOO @xvslader @jeangaultierr Dude . Stop trying to change me . Need someoen to love me for me . F u @gurlthatsmax That’s not fair wtf.. @gurlthatsmax my ratio means NOTHING @haiseissad 🀝 @gurlthatsmax Yeah no @Boy1drr K - @jackiereyz Hey Jackie πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί @fvctuaI YOO @micro_weiner SOLOO GOOD @y0rri I love u more @tinyxwaifu SAME SAMEEE my friends always think it’s weird like I’m saving the best for last πŸ€šπŸ™„ @guxieoven Recreate it @guxieoven