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Retweeted by laura⁷this is the funniest lyric ever sorry
Retweeted by laura⁷my cat has become OBSESSED with sitting in on my zoom calls and has now perfected the art of glaring straight down…
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Retweeted by laura⁷Nobody: Dababy:
Retweeted by laura⁷there truly is no job more entertaining than education
Retweeted by laura⁷homeless....with a Tesla?
Retweeted by laura⁷dog martens
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Retweeted by laura⁷it’s so simple
Retweeted by laura⁷It’s the little things. I knew a man hated me when I asked him for a shirt and he said “you didn’t bring clothes?”
Retweeted by laura⁷matcha brownies :)
Retweeted by laura⁷Sabrina Carpenter after Olivia Rodrigo called her pretty
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Retweeted by laura⁷whenever there's a right wing hashtag #ImpeachBidenNow
Retweeted by laura⁷#ImpeachBidenNow Hashtag Hijacked by K-Pop Fans
Retweeted by laura⁷im such an idiot
Retweeted by laura⁷Yup this is the one.
Retweeted by laura⁷olivia: wow i’m so sad that my boyfriend left me for this beautiful girl that i’ve always been jealous of sabrina:…
Retweeted by laura⁷“you can try to get under my skin while he’s on mine” SABRINA THIS BITCH LMFAONSISNAJABreaking: Barack Obama commits to spending 90 percent of his net worth on housing homeless Americans. This is huge.…
Retweeted by laura⁷sabrina carpenter. olivia rodrigo. the white man is NOT worth it
Retweeted by laura⁷that famous baby who has all of the outfit pics hAS A BABY SISTER!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by laura⁷ @GianlucaVolpe9 noWhen I describe East Coast vs West Coast culture to my friends I often say "The East Coast is kind but not nice, th…
Retweeted by laura⁷Today is the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century
Retweeted by laura⁷ @WellsLucasSanto still in school, but my boyfriend literally just slid in my dms and it worked out 😂No.
Retweeted by laura⁷girl r u a heroin needle bcos i rlly want u in my arms 😩
Retweeted by laura⁷why did i make this? who knows
Retweeted by laura⁷The whole TL to Chloe Bailey rn 😂
Retweeted by laura⁷Dads be like “go help your mother “ bro go help your wife
Retweeted by laura⁷Nobody defends billionaires more than hundredaires.
Retweeted by laura⁷shorty said "EYE don't have a disney contract" 😭
Retweeted by laura⁷people roasting clementine but i think it’s cute LMAO i guess ppl haven’t seen clem from the walking dead game… knew they had to kill him at that point
Retweeted by laura⁷screams in commuter
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haven't seen anyone talking abt this on twitter, don't have the spoons to go into detail myself today but please wa…
Retweeted by laura⁷asian girls that call themselves ling ling are weird af
Retweeted by laura⁷ when people at school ask about my opinions on the inauguration
Retweeted by laura⁷Had to get back on the roof. This time with my own shit on. DREAMER 2. First colorway “January 28th” available 1/28…
Retweeted by laura⁷I miss this feeling
Retweeted by laura⁷My gas tank on:
Retweeted by laura⁷ @WellsLucasSanto i LOVE the look of rooms with plants everywhere!! i’m just afraid bc any time i’ve ever bought one… not install genshin impact it will download a virus on ur device called genshin impact
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Retweeted by laura⁷i wanna start buying plants and putting them in my room 🥺"finally the adults are back in charge" says the country without universal healthcare
Retweeted by laura⁷ @HaitianBhaddie May i add
Retweeted by laura⁷men who are legitimately ENRAGED by girls who happen to be hot and happen to be into anime are the weakest
Retweeted by laura⁷Three Wednesdays in January
Retweeted by laura⁷Why are we like this???? 😭
Retweeted by laura⁷if you can afford a plane ticket to vietnam, you dont need to be negotiating with locals about their prices
Retweeted by laura⁷Obama’s throw on a nice fit and ya’ll forget the war crimes...every...time
Retweeted by laura⁷ @RajGetsBuckets so fucking proud of you raj!!! 😭 you’re gonna be doing such big things man. congratulations, you deserve every bit of it!!!“Kickback at the White House tonight BYO-“
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Retweeted by laura⁷whoa whoa whoa, you got too much dip in your chip, now!
Retweeted by laura⁷bringing this one back today
Retweeted by laura⁷I’m back from hibernation and ready for VALENTINES DAY!! I’ve been working on some new ideas but will also offer my…
Retweeted by laura⁷heaven?
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we roasting y’all cringey liberal tweets in the group chat
Retweeted by laura⁷*SERIOUS* CW: Child Abuse Claudia Conway shares videos exposing her mother former Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway…
Retweeted by laura⁷And in this essay we’ll explore the longterm effects of incarceration
Retweeted by laura⁷“This could’ve been an email”
Retweeted by laura⁷DC is not secure
Retweeted by laura⁷gonna need my oscar for this one
Retweeted by laura⁷He said some of us have a JOB
Retweeted by laura⁷Barron walking downstairs for breakfast
Retweeted by laura⁷I’m so tired of seeing white tourists make TikToks about Vietnam and promoting price negotiating. Vietnam is cheap…
Retweeted by laura⁷Anyway now that it’s Inauguration Day, let’s remember that over 400,000 people have died from COVID just in the US,…
Retweeted by laura⁷how do i get a paypig i want new shoesStudio Ghibli flowers.
Retweeted by laura⁷is that a threat?
Retweeted by laura⁷No he’s definitely white
Retweeted by laura⁷Baby I got Amazon Prime & an air fryer.. you not finna talk to me any kinda fuckin way
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Retweeted by laura⁷Damn y’all gas high
Retweeted by laura⁷can we talk about my dog and charmander taking a nap together
Retweeted by laura⁷My life turned around when I realized I deserved fun even at my lowest dollar. Read that again.
Retweeted by laura⁷girls be like "i like tall men" then proceed to simp over levi ackerman
Retweeted by laura⁷if u ever see me slouched tell me to stand up straight and don’t be afraid to yell
Retweeted by laura⁷happy aquarius season
Retweeted by laura⁷asian americans honestly dont understand systemic racism lmao
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i made one
Retweeted by laura⁷This Tik Tok is so accurate when it comes to emails at work 😂
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Retweeted by laura⁷your dad voted against making MLK Day a holiday
Retweeted by laura⁷If you’ve never cried in a walk-in or stock room you have no say in the minimum wage debate
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Retweeted by laura⁷compilation of These posts
Retweeted by laura⁷real
Retweeted by laura⁷There were more cops at a 300-person BLM March tonight than there were at the armed invasion of the Capitol
Retweeted by laura⁷BIYDGTFOOHWTB FYAYFD!
Retweeted by laura⁷The MLK quotes *they* won't use but you should know, a thread
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