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I wish people would stop giving Barrett a “cute” nameToday years old
Retweeted by serenebabe @DJNoRequest shut UP!!!! @DWCook yikes!!! @BrutalParagon I do that, and I usually get several ad-free weeks. Then I get hit again, and have to block every si…
@FlyoverJoel She keeps me on task... @FlyoverJoel Hiiiii! :-) @realcc that’s where I live most of the time (RA) @FlyoverJoel @CMattern21 @juliaerin80 @mrbgilson @kasal_finley for horror fans (I am decidedly not, I'm a scaredy-cat!) do you k… remember, tr*mp is essentially a megaphone for the ideas & words of the administration. they are ALL culpable.
Retweeted by serenebabeSign the Petition: Don't shut out Lisa Savage from debates in Maine's ranked-choice voting US Senate race!… @briebriejoy wow you kept your patience with the other guest on the Tight Rope I'm wanting to tell him off. thank you for persisting. @blackgirlinmain fuhhhhhhh oh that questionpeople who aren't from maine!! does your state have a song that lists all the counties
Retweeted by serenebabe @barbaraot oh, I bet you’re right! @FadingSpiral I’m that way about broccoli but with different letters.there aren't locations where we can physically help in Maine, but the linked article has other ways to help (and mo… Halloween, support Amazon workers' call for paid time off to vote. Amazon workers have been keeping millions f…
Retweeted by serenebabeinteresting (it works if you use an "incognito" window) to see most of Maine is blue. like, not just Portland-ish a…'m not believing any voter polls right now. #Election2020
Retweeted by serenebabe @blackgirlinmain oh, COOL. that's just great. I'm heading to the mountains for a week by myself on Saturday. (but,… @HeatherBarmore zomg that's like the nightmare of walking into high school wearing no clothes... @Ello_joh polka dots in the colored stripes?Today is Monday. @brodeep you must’ve needed it! @castlesburning maybe? I am relatively new to dealing with it, and am only just figuring out some patterns. the oth…, yes, I very happily voted for @LisaForMaine as my first choice!just saw a sign with #RankLisaFirst and I’m reminded of how lucky we are in Maine to have #RankedChoiceVoting so we…’s revolutionary message: The America dream isn’t the only dream. There are.... Dreams deferred, dreams e…
Retweeted by serenebabe @studentactivism you prefer mashed potatoes rather than French fries, unless it’s with a much giggling.17 is in the room next to me giggling.ridiculous eyes.Interesting... like a New Deal, but Green.
Retweeted by serenebabeBlack lives matter, even when we don’t agree today's piece on the blog
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Today is Sunday.if you unfollow me, you're DEAD. you're fucking DEAD. do you hear me? fucking DEAD
Retweeted by serenebabeToday is Saturday.I don’t usually get into analyzing photos, since obviously photos can be altered. But it just wouldn’t surprise me… this really Melania? Nose, jawline, and smile aren't the same as the real one.
Retweeted by serenebabe @JnxOuaquaga that really doesn’t look like her!
@laslaslas1414 right???? :-( times a millionI hate this feeling (violated). I hope it was someone who needs it, not just teens getting into trouble.the only place I have left it unattended is in our garage (the garage door doesn’t close).just realized some cash and a credit card (only one of several?) and my driver’s license were stolen out of my car. :-(1) you can't rank racism 2) ranking racism only benefits white people 3) allowing white people to decide how racist…
Retweeted by serenebabeTom Frieden was the director of the CDC from 2009-Jan 2017.
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mysterious delivery. no one I know ordered it for me. my name is definitely on the box... so weird!I've never even heard of it?just received a box of Mr. Clean deep cleaning mist (?????) + refill that I never ordered?Watch these wildlife officials struggle to stay alive as they release the world's most badass bobcat kitten back in…
Retweeted by serenebabeAaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!I guess I should’ve paid attention, that I never received a confirmation email. But I did download the iCal appoint… miss the days when I could do hardware repairs, or simple things like replacing batteries, myself.Plus, I find out it will be 2 to 3 days to replace the battery. So I have to find some time when I can go without my computer for that long.Tweeting about this so I don’t blow a gasket.Somehow, I didn’t actually ever make the appointment.Masked helper comes over with iPad, I start to check in.Stand in long line outside Apple store.Most people are masked; far too many masks below their noses, or down at their chins.Inside the mall, remember the Apple store has moved.Arrive at the mall, find a parking spot easily.Listening to the conversation between my daughters, I miss the exit.Driving fast to make it to genius bar in time. @lizzielou oh, interesting! thanks for sharing! @RebelliousCheez oh! and I follow certain twitter accounts for news, too. a few examples: @profwolff @jjmacnab @ddale8 and @NotesFromHeL.I write these tweets as I hear 17 talking with her dad about calculus and oh my gosh... she has no classes for the…, I am so lucky. what would I do if I had to struggle to get my children to meet their teacher's expectations?what the hell would I do as a parent if my children didn't self-guide themselves through their academics?are people not supposed to insist their babies wear masks? or maybe they don't actually need to wear them? (that seems unlikely...)why did I see a playground FULL of toddlers (over on Stevens Ave) with zero masks in sight? @RebelliousCheez yeah, I forgot about al jazeera! I mean, like, I haven't listened to/read them since... a decade or so ago??? @RebelliousCheez I only listen to Democracy Now, really. Intercepted sometimes. twitter, too, I might see a news tw… @MadamoiselleBon yeah, I wasn't finding the time for a long time! it's only been in the last... several months? may… strayed away into mainstream for a while, but have been back in the real, actual news, built on solid reporting (… ex-husband (now friend and coparent) introduced me to Amy Goodman's reporting (was it called Democracy Now back… you rely on mainstream media for your news, maybe you might want to check out "Democracy Now!" once or twice instead?what a lovely feeling, knowing that I helped someone find @democracynow! @ApertureHeart huh. I'm really surprised to hear it... I think I bought some but was too skeptical to try it. now I'm gonna! thanks. :-)Healthcare should be free for all people. It shouldn't require insurance. It shouldn't be employment-based. It s…
Retweeted by serenebabe @FadingSpiral are you seeing the back of her head, too? @BoddenMarlen oh yikes sorry :-/ haaaaaaagrossss“I take full responsibility. It’s not my fault.” Actual, unedited quote.
Retweeted by serenebabewatching the debate on Democracy Now so I only see the back of the moderator's headI don't usually like to critique people's appearances, even monsters like Tr*mp but it looks to me like he's wearing a bustle.autocorrect thinks that fafsa should be "rafsanjani"
oops I texted a dog-in-a-costume tweet to my 11 year old and she called "you said you were working!"just saw an extraordinarily beautiful…Robin? just a regular bird, but it was so beautiful!does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?
Retweeted by serenebabeToday is Thursday. @navanax @debihope right! where is she? I hope she’s okay! @HeyItsHigbe oooooooo!!! @johncardillo Yes.I am extremely excited at the prospect of Donald Trump not being President. I am also extremely concerned that man…
Retweeted by serenebabewith my children both at home I’m now much more aware of the loudness and frequency of (and desperate need for) SIGHING. @brentdanley It was so much less onerous than I expected. I’ve been using denial as a coping skill for months.
@bencampo right!it’s not masturbation that’s the problem! what matters is ensuring everyone involved gives their informed and enthusiastic consent!