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Cleveland sports, MMA fan, movie and TV critic, recovering artist.

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@R1stCLE Plus we would get hats with a cool spider logo instead of the boring “block C”!! @SirYacht I mean, they already did away with the best logo in sports - should have just changed the name then.🤷‍♂️… @nycfemm @StupidSxyCorbin Sharai/Banks should be at least a 4.5 - it was great! This guy must have AEW up his sphincter.😳 @R1stCLE I love spiders. The color scheme would be perfect (same colors as Spider-Man!), plus it’s a nod to our his…’s Labrynth The Revenant Life of Pi ...I haven’t seen 1917 yet but heard it was really good... The number of times Donald Trump has tweeted in defense of the Confederacy. 0: The number of times Donald Tru…
Retweeted by Lynchgrfx @nikoexxtra @wwrlive AEW has won so many weeks, it kinda blows my mind they get so upset when they lose... like jus… @dubyacbub I only watched NXT so far, but I’d have those matches like this: Women’s fatal four way - 4 Lorcan vs Th… @MarkAGunnels Bernie Kosar and Jerry Rice @Mike_Pence @realDonaldTrump He only cut taxes for the rich, rolling back regulations is idiotic, he’s fucked up ou… Me With Your Best Shot 😎
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@IAmJericho @AEWrestling nails it: “A president who started his term by writing hateful travel bans is responsible for getting th…
Retweeted by Lynchgrfx @Grandpa_Rufus Velcro.😑 @KJG_NBA @grant_puskar Not really. Fuck LA... @Redpainter1 Lol The “knowing when you are in waaaaaaay over your head” statue.🙃The popular video game #Fallout is officially being adapted as TV series on Amazon. #Westworld creators Lisa Joy a…
Retweeted by Lynchgrfx @StupidSxyCorbin Io/Sasha was awesome with a great ending! Loved it. @sunshineskies7 My grandpa made me this birdhouse I have on my back porch - some wren moved in and have babies in t… @jake_burns18 I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with him - there was just too much BS going on last year… @wwrlive If WWE fired 10 women tomorrow and they signed with AEW they would be the ten best in the roster. I’d mak… @PapaKelch Absolutely! When the virus broke out, you didn’t see the people in South Korea bitching about masks - th… @Rene07781631 @Archangel_06_ @HollyMaxwell77 @realDonaldTrump @fullchubb69 Sits there crying... in probably a 300k dollar house.🙃 @EricTrump And? He doesn’t need to - November is already locked up... just like your dad will be soon.🖕😂😂😂 @yolie_manuel @Archangel_06_ @HollyMaxwell77 @realDonaldTrump 😉 @real_jewels2020 @Bertha_S_V @vbislands @HollyMaxwell77 @realDonaldTrump @vbislands @Bertha_S_V @HollyMaxwell77 @realDonaldTrump I already do - it’s America. Smh75,000 Strong 💪🏻🏈 #GoBrowns
Retweeted by Lynchgrfx @breannimator @titMcGrit2 I love all of his work, but I actually have to go with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Gre… bought a chainsaw today and didn’t even get to use it. @WWENXT Sharai/Banks was FANTASTIC with a great, well done ending!!Maga: “I’m Pro-Life. Except when it comes to school shootings, the death penalty, clean drinking water, wearing mas…
Retweeted by Lynchgrfx @InvestInDXB @HollyMaxwell77 @realDonaldTrump 2/3? Lmao More like maybe 20%. Most people are tired of his bullshit… @Archangel_06_ @HollyMaxwell77 @realDonaldTrump Haha haha people are afraid to show it because it exposes thier racism and stupidity. Truth. @LisaLis91078356 @Bertha_S_V @vbislands @HollyMaxwell77 @realDonaldTrump *bilking @LisaLis91078356 @Bertha_S_V @vbislands @HollyMaxwell77 @realDonaldTrump My god how can you believe that????? He’s… @Bertha_S_V @vbislands @HollyMaxwell77 @realDonaldTrump Then you should take him in one of those countries - we all… @AugustaMOwens @HollyMaxwell77 @realDonaldTrump Why? I don’t understand at all how any minority could vote for an o… @HollyMaxwell77 @realDonaldTrump His followers are maybe half as many and twice as dumb. At this point, you have to… @StupidSxyCorbin GAB is pretty damn good so far.🤷‍♂️Seriously. WTF.😑 @irritated_1 @_iamthemessiah @wwrlive I completely agree. Imo Gallows and Anderson are better... at least they are entertaining. @MissMandy126 Good choice. It doesn’t take much to get people worked up these days... @irritated_1 I am supposed to NOT be Catholic because some dumb redneck doesn’t like it? Also - when they say “pen… @216fanin412 I’m so confused - they are chanting “4 more years” BUT wearing masks.🙃 who are these goons??🤔 @nikoexxtra Wtf happened to him? Looks like he’s aged 20 yrs.😳 @erjmanlasvegas Nope - just idiots in Florida.🤷‍♂️ @MarkMheston @cle_ItIsGone @hangonsloopy93
@sunshineskies7 If you think Donald Trump is an “Alpha male” you have some serious issues with what a man is supposed to be.🙃 @nikoexxtra Well... they are NOT the best tag team, so they have no reason to even be upset.🤷‍♂️ @nowthisnews His hands are tied by a fucking idiot trying to save face in an election year. We desperately need real leadership... @_MichMoon @CordeiroRick Are you serious? LmaoGoooooooaaaaaaal! The celebration. This deer is the 🐐 ...
Retweeted by LynchgrfxAh yes the radical idea of *checks notes* not murdering black people
Retweeted by Lynchgrfx @michaelharriot ...maybe the south... but it’s disingenuous to say that about the entire country. @mitchellvii Puss. @CNNPolitics At what point does this become treason? Because this looks like treason. @espnmma @arielhelwani @PlatinumPerry I’d bet good money Nate is laughing his ass off about this... and not giving… @brianleebrown11 @espnmma @arielhelwani @PlatinumPerry @Cheeto377 I agree 100% Batman Begins is the best Nolan Batman. I thought the Dark Knight was vastly overrated and…
@StupidSxyCorbin I mean, they have been able to track/ping cell phones SINCE THIER INCEPTION. 🤦Jonathan was born in 1832 in the Seychelles. He has been living in Saint Hélèna since 1882 and just celebrated his…
Retweeted by Lynchgrfx @216fanin412 Those fucking idiots never heard of “coaching” I guess.🤷‍♂️ @vpnicholls @BiggerBruv @harvellnt @BuckSexton Probably because Obamagate is total bullshit, and trump is a fucking goof. Smh @yashar Idiot. @TomiLahren The narrative never changed - you dumbasses haven’t followed any of the orders from the start, making i… did this..👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Retweeted by LynchgrfxLarry David's #CurbYourEnthusiasm has officially been renewed for Season 11 by HBO.
Retweeted by Lynchgrfx @Jeff_LJ_Lloyd This dude was a MONSTER. @wwrlive Now that Rollins is in this gimmick, it’s really not even close tbh. @MichaelSteele Just like trump - whatever she says, the opposite is true. I’m so tired of this embarrassing bullshit.😑 @POTUS you blame everyone but Putin and have spent more time tweeting and blustering bullsh*t while American armed…
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Retweeted by LynchgrfxWho did this 😂🤣😂🤣
Retweeted by Lynchgrfx @IAmSalsaVerde 1997 @wwrlive I mean, WWE makes the most sense - countless matchups for her there... I don’t even know what she would do… @ProjectLincoln @MeidasTouch @TheRickWilson @DNC @DNCWarRoom @JoeBiden @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @SenSchumer
Retweeted by Lynchgrfx @kellie_spangler Going to find more masks like: @BurdsIVue @JoJoFromJerz It just kills me they took so long to get on board and help talk the no-maskers off the ledge... how… you...are a Bowel Movement
Retweeted by Lynchgrfx @CraigPWMusings Omega<Dolph Ziggler ...and a lot of others are better too. I had heard a lot about him like he wa… he was going to be president.😌 @WWE @fightbobby Lashley is terrible. Just a waste of TV time. @InfamousFACEguy Why? It’s not like they are jeans shorts are anything...If you've never heard a fox laugh, you’re welcome!
Retweeted by Lynchgrfx @realTuckFrumper So they are all cowards? Every single one of them should get kicked out of government for putting…
OMG, I think I peed a little
Retweeted by LynchgrfxFox News has done to our parents what they thought gangsta rap would do to us
Retweeted by Lynchgrfx @Acyn How can she say that with a straight face? That’s f’d up. @elikasadeghi I’m half Sicilian, and I’ve been told more than once to “go get my green card” and “go back to Mexico…’d hate to run into these two in a dark ally... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @CSprite3 @amoots @trollishdelver Revenge of the Sith is the 3rd best Star Wars movie ever made after Empire and the original... @EverythingCLE_ @bakermayfield @RealTannenbaum I think that’s asinine. If he’s throwing 4 a game? Of course he’d ge…