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Lmaoooo"My girl"
Retweeted by A|janiA terrible injury for Fofana. Looks like a dislocation or a break. A scissor tackle by Nino. I can't watch the repl…
Retweeted by A|janiDocuments Expose How Ex-Vice President, @Atiku Used Wife To Launder $40million To US For Eight Years | Sahara Repor…
Retweeted by A|janiI’m SCREAMINGGGGG! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by A|janiTwitter was actually my most reliable way of reaching banks*cannot canning stand Tammy Abraham I am sorryLukaku please come quickZiyech again niceHate seeing top series fall off @nee_ceey Season 4 was blandHate that man
Retweeted by A|janiTammy leaving siuuu but with buy back clause abegWe simply can not afford to enter the season with Werner and Tammy as our striking options @hakeem_chi Just happy we are not entering with Tammy and Werneragain i don’t even blame pastors anymore kinggggg and overdo PR White £50m Jack Grealish £100m Romelu Lukaku £120m PSG right now:
Retweeted by A|jani @ThePabloEra Broo so randomWoww fairs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 did not drop pfa & prem on prime hazard & sanchez to be compared to Grealish .
Retweeted by A|janii can’t believe Grealish is being compared to this man #onhere
Retweeted by A|jani#BREAKING: Multiple Walt Disney Employees Among 17 Suspects Arrested in Undercover Child Predator Operation -…
Retweeted by A|janiHey there, Please help me fill my form it’s for my final year project .Thank you ❤️
Retweeted by A|janiHe is wrong for this 😂 first rubbish
Retweeted by A|jani @ThePabloEra Sancho vs grealish unoOmoo😭!^_^ if you’re in ilorin and you’d like to get a piercing or you know someone who’d like to get one pls send a d…
Retweeted by A|jani🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 home after a successful world tour.
Retweeted by A|janiOn his story uno 🤣 am absolutely FINISHED 😭😭😭
Retweeted by A|jani? @gbemi101 We just thank God tbh @gbemi101 My sister hope you slept well 🙏🏿 @gbemi101 I be her brother o because this cs hmmgirls be like “im shy” den swallow yo dick whole
Retweeted by A|janiWhoever does not give me money cannot give me headache.
Retweeted by A|janiSo the pandemic is never ending yes ? as the idiot dey do fittings you God for simple pleasures that aren’t that simple after all
Retweeted by A|janiWHAT THE HELL IS THIS
Retweeted by A|janiGoodmorningto you Nigeria
Lmfao babes tweeting Millie forgave Liam too easily. Is it because your own isn’t on ITV? 😂
Retweeted by A|jani @kay_olade The concept was cringe tbh and the execution was not great. Thought Halle berry did a huge carry job for the role to me @kay_olade Na Halle berry cause this thingCat woman was not a good movie I am sorry 😭 huge achievement when you take into account the lack of effort and funding the Nigerian government put i…
Retweeted by A|janiOhh it has gone lmaoo🤣🤣🤣 girls dropping ick lists when they craving attention
Retweeted by A|janii don go see penis for fleets fgs
Retweeted by A|jani
Retweeted by A|janiOperating costs are too high for #smesinnigeria.
Retweeted by A|janiE don finishMan he is fit wowThey finna try to marry you for 50 bands to get their American citizenship
Retweeted by A|janilike y’all got the nigerians bum rushing my page. hell naw
Retweeted by A|jani @msnoniggas I don warn you o 🙏🏿Thought it was women running this people I can’t find the thread to update oo more money coming o!! And the men are taking over! Women please!!…
Retweeted by A|janibuddy in charge of disabling the fleets this morning.
Retweeted by A|jani"Omgggg the fleet I just saw" OMO ALE WHERE!???? 😡😡😡
Retweeted by A|jani @msnoniggas is actually so funny going up @gomunoire Fair enough 😂Bless your efforts king 🙏🏿 sends Spain to the final! You are a hero for a few days enjoy it
Retweeted by A|jani @SuperSmada @AaesAaeJack viewed some fleets and told his engineering team to wait small.
Retweeted by A|janiPolice Parade Young Man Arrested While Buying Food For Sick Mum As Eastern Security Network Member | Sahara Reporte…
Retweeted by A|jani🤨🤨
Retweeted by A|janiThank you God for simple pleasures that aren’t that simple after all
Retweeted by A|janiHow come poor countries suffer significantly from inflation than rich countries? That was the question that drove G…
Retweeted by A|jani @rigjui Exactly clear them don’t give room for nonsense abegOur Co-founder, #TitoOvia was featured on @CNN (Marketplace Africa) as one of the Nigerian entrepreneurs bringing t…
Retweeted by A|janiWhy did he sign a six year deal man with no clause😂 like this a goated show man can you like somebody after 5 days of knowing them in a closed space lmaooDamn why this is funny
Ehn money nominated with bums man @rigjui Exactly if you have contributed nothing to viewers I cannot care about your stories that touch