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Reb @serinide ✨𝟮𝟮 | 𝗟𝗔 | 𝘀𝗵𝗲/𝗵𝗲𝗿✨

a bit dumb but otherwise lovely and very talented 💌 𝘽𝙐𝙎𝙄𝙉𝙀𝙎𝙎 𝙊𝙉𝙇𝙔:

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dating sim time @SkoochLoL we love you @GuyFieriI wish I had a better excuse to not be caught up on recent shows but in truth I’ve just watched six entire seasons of Guy’s Grocery Games.
Retweeted by Reb @SkoochLoL thanks for liking my tweetDrink me. @SkoochLoL skooch: look at the replies to my latest tweet. is this what it feels like to be a girl?LMAO HUH???????? keeps occasionally switching my timeline to top tweets first and i think it does it to everyone on a certai… to change your timeline to latest tweets firstStrong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to w…
Retweeted by RebFear me and do your best to satisfy me with tribute and reverence!
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back in the day i used to be super stingy with my follows and wanted to maintain a good ratio and now i’m like oh m… @clintstevensTV damn aight 😔✌️petition to let timmy and tommy see the fireworks on sundays @yuretaO busy gardening what do you want?
Retweeted by Rebguy from new england: i’m from new englandFear me and do your best to satisfy me with tribute and reverence! 50 lane highway that merges into 4 lanes doesn’t exist, it can’t hurt you 50 lane highway that merges i… @EveryDamnDay__ Pain. @100sum_ssb they just added it ):): @HeckMaister when i graduate next month i’m gonna post it (when i receive my degrees) ^^ @Susu_jpg i truly got owned 😔✌️when incels have nothing left to say after you prove them wrong with literal data @fathersalt @luvcaliber HAHAHA @luvcaliber @fathersalt i see u liking this do u remember when i gave u ciel’s blue sapphire ring i– @luvcaliber @babygloms man. @rusoneko @sairaspooks @Jonathan5008 you’re truly dense if you think this way. online sex work requires marketing o… @sairaspooks i did my thesis on this btw and 99% of women absolutely do NOT make a lot of money doing onlyfans lol… has me excitedly counting down the hours until the animal crossing fireworks festival
@portilho HAHAHA @HugS86 gonna start watermarking the middle of the image with a picture of my bare ass @portilho i keep seeing this shit on my irls instagram stories and shaking my first angrilyi am truly sick of this world. the fuck do all my low tier normie memes pop off so hard am i fucking cursed can we talk about how my skin is glowing ever since i started using snail cream @princesshyruIe self conscious middle school me really did the most learning how to flex those muscles aesthetically @ky_ky614 SAME LMAOOOur telling me u can’t control the muscles in ur nose to make it smaller? cringe @Quintesentiale ennit man @sivemorten hey dude great meme did you come up with it yourself @EveryDamnDay__ @SkoochLoL i’m wearing the same thing as two days ago because i am still hungover“why does my back hurt so bad”
Retweeted by Reb @siqueirosdavid i think i pay like $30 a year for lolllll @Halatinoussux @Knives_x it’s cool, it’s just a huge assumption based on very little information
Retweeted by Reb @Fat_Chicken_ 🥺 beepers. @Knives_x @Halatinoussux lmao i really cba with the internet man >has 4 whiteclaws during a special occasion once… @EveryDamnDay__ @SkoochLoL @LFG_House when did this twitter get made @SkoochLoL thank u for simping #NationalGirlfriendDay to the most thoughtful, loving, big butted person I know.
Retweeted by Reb @lol0ptz i think skooch’s brothers thought we were banging this morning bc i was moaning but it was only because my… Park is one of my favorite Black Photographers of the time. He was a fashion and editorial photographer.
Retweeted by Rebgetting to the age where a hangover puts me on my ass longer than i enjoy the effects of alcohol 😔 @WolfeyGlick lewd fish incoming @KQueenTsun yesss i think i’ll do that!! do you have any recommendations on where to buy patterns? i imagine a lot… @w0a0i0f this is such a loaded tweetbro ur gf is fucking noob i saw her say she uses the st ives apricot face scrub as her night time exfoliant ... mega cringe ...
Retweeted by Reb @SkoochLoL stream of us cleaning the housebuying a sewing machine for myself now that i'm not being worked to the bone everyday at school....... kinda wanna… @SkoochLoL i said simp for me. @risorins HAHAHAHAHAH @Faifur @SkoochLoL @MartinWongPhoto >:D @MartinWongPhoto @portilho @EveryDamnDay__ SHE BELONG TO THE STREETS 😔 @SkoochLoL simp for me a little bit cmonStrong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to w… yes. Me. My girlfriend. And her way over-leveled four foot tall Mareep. (📸 @MartinWongPhoto)
Retweeted by Reb @syanne77 koreaboos/weaboos make me so nervous tbh, like get a real personality trait plssss
me and skooch dressed up as pokemon trainers and we did a photoshoot with the world famous mareep!!!!! martin made… @MartinWongPhoto @SkoochLoL @Pokemon YAYYY THEY LOOK SO SO SO GOOD and this was so fun 🥳✨😭Ah Yes. Me. My Friend @SkoochLoL. His Girlfriend @serinide. And Her 500 Dollar Four Foot Tall @Pokemon Mareep. Wat…
Retweeted by RebYES YESSSS @SkoochLoL @Football_Head2 LMAOOOOOLMAOOO @Football_Head2 IS A LEGEND
Retweeted by Reb @Football_Head2 :D @MichaelArtress @SkoochLoL @Football_Head2 @EveryDamnDay__ @Justin_Anderson and dk 😎 @SkoochLoL @Football_Head2 @EveryDamnDay__ @Justin_Anderson art by @Davyonmartz 🥳✨
Retweeted by Reb @SkoochLoL @Football_Head2 @EveryDamnDay__ @Justin_Anderson art by @Davyonmartz 🥳✨ @megalonyx_ she said 🦁 @VatsOfGoop yeah i spent all day setting up and being worried the surprise would be ruined so i started drinking th… adhesive consistently saves the day my eyelashes haven’t budged at all and i’ve been puking for hours wtf @iseenudepeople @Nem_Graphics 😰 @SkoochLoL @Football_Head2 @serinide @Justin_Anderson Ily
Retweeted by RebHoly fuck my girlfriend and my brothers are the stupidest people on earth I’m having the best birthday ever thank y…
Retweeted by Reb @Rivan_2001 me toowhat the fuck happened last night up in a cold sweat and remembering nothing MONKASwow type
Let me study you, human. @skoochlol @EveryDamnDay__ how i looked watching you open your mic and camera last night @Yamazuya @lolswizzle also kinda weird input on a thread about a feel good birthday gift but i might be misreading your tone through text 🤔did you listen to the only exception by paramore while your parents argued downstairs or were you normal @Yamazuya @lolswizzle hit him with the dm because it’s a preorder for september 😌HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU CLOWN me and @mercenarykat worked on a piece together for you! I drew you and Kat drew Reb hopef…
Retweeted by Reb @VatsOfGoop @mercenarykat @SkoochLoL OMGGGGGGGGGGGG SDFJHGSJDKFGHJJKDSHG I LOVE THIS SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… my fucking god I can’t fucking believe it I’m gonna shit my pants this is the most insane gift I’ve ever receive…
Retweeted by Reb @KingECXV 5 months for me lol @apertureuk_ @MartinWongPhoto @SkoochLoL it’s about time he gets rid of his T3i hehehehe