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excited for Valentine’s Day cuz chocolate goes on sale n shitI want him I like him a lot @aPongoPygmaeus @refresh1k I’ve said very clearly “ yeah my boyfriend and I are hanging out this weekend, sorry I c… @refresh1k but what if that’s mean @Kasim_Fps Ok I need to find out his twitter firstThere’s this dude who keeps flirting with me at my school ( senior too ) and I keep mentioning stuff abt my bf so h… @Z2theria yessss?I hope everyone is well ^^
@zmaxiie this dude is the definition of mental illness @yongduuuu 😡 @zmaxiie apparently cool, funny, and nice ARENT good qualitiesI wanna start writing essays for people again, I used to have so much fun doing that @Cookii923 LFSD ( Looking For ) ( Sugar Daddy ) I am F/A ( Free Agent ) and Peak P1 ( Plat One ) in the Video Game Valorant #paypigsSorry to all the homies I used to be close with. Life got busy. We disconnected. And things won’t ever be the same.…
Retweeted by womensexer69 ✨ @serval6k Sugar baby needed asap
Retweeted by womensexer69 ✨ @honest_legit thanks honest legit daddyonly hot hot sugar daddies buy women Pokémon Legendsanyway look at this owl @lylacVAL @bvbymoo Insane playaseeing pedophilia on my tl is actually making me sick, what is wrong w men in their twenties
@_primr0se yeah yeah I’m not on my period I was just testin him @GodKingRat All g ! @_morpph NO DUDEasked my irl guy friends too they have no idea huh any of u guys have Sadie’s Dance at ur HS too? if so lemme ask u out ( women ) @vaIkyuu ily2 <3 @stellariwnl @SakraValorant ain’t no way @vaIkyuu nah u @stellariwnl @SakraValorant same different who needs the r anyway @stellariwnl @SakraValorant she said it first 🙄 @SakraValorant @stellariwnl wait Stella is a dude ? @jonfarriss hey ! @vaIkyuu u r so prettyI’m also apart of the Tattoo community and post about that frequently. I’m working on a short video on how to prope… is still mainly a Valorant / gaming account. I’m not able to record clips rn cuz my PC is bugged ( I’ve downl…’ve said this before and I’ll say it again The only NSFW tweets I post are tweets about selling feet pics, and t… @m2sty banger#HarryPotter Hogwarts
Retweeted by womensexer69 ✨wait has the new pokemon game released yet @kickrocksrocks DO IT DO IT DO IT I’ll hype u up so much @wtfazu @riotgames LMAOO @kickrocksrocks thank you !! I go broke cuz of these things but I love my body for it :3 I love bbbb too @censorablee Top 100000% @snowsval awe tysm !! I love microtattoosI feel beautiful and happy in my skin:) @diizzyfps OH OKIE I MISUNDERSTOOD ! Yeah a few people unfollowed but I couldn’t care less. My body my choice <3 @diizzyfps JK Rowling isnt Harry Potter tho — all the actors hate her yet still showed up to the HP reunion cuz she… @diizzyfps why would I get hate
@ChromedZephr Thank you Zephr — btw, I met one of ur irl friends in ranked yesterday. @ggkojii IKR :D @Zapiii_og awe tysm !! @flankana you can like an artist’s work without liking the artist… no need to shame my tattoo dawg @wowevelix U LIKE IT? :3lil Harry Potter tattoo done :) @wowevelix Fine only if we raise it together @wowevelix cheap ones arent long and dangly and cute @wowevelix It’s gone. Kaput. When we get an apartment together this upcoming school year can we take care of one together? :3I’m sad I spent 70 bucks on a plant and it died :( I tried to take care of it but I genuinely suck at taking care of plants @itsTAK3AW4Y WHAT @lylacVAL right? They are like fetuses @mackenziielol LETS GOOOO we should go to the strip and ride the high roller ( or whatever the huge wheel is called ) @mackenziielol We need to meet up next time ure in Vegas so I can give u a big ol smooch @mangosmxxthie ur just jealous ur feet don’t sell 💅manifesting an e-wife @mangosmxxthie u don’t know me but hi @GodKingRat @ChaseOwO @mincemeater42 @DarthNakuu :( @GodKingRat @ChaseOwO @mincemeater42 @DarthNakuu Julien I’m crying shut up @mincemeater42 I watched security breach run through so I know she’s hunting a child and also dresses up like a bunny so that’s fun @FroppyGG The French have it worse it’s okay @fishszns like u can see :)I’ve gotten DMs about the actual fnaf lore and imma be honest yall I have no idea who 90% of these people are, I ju… @MrIceBite who is Aftongm ✨I had a really good day today, thank u to everyone who was very kind to me <3and shout out to the guy in my Val games that bought feet pics too, u supporting the fundshout out to the jett that just dropped 47 kills u a real oneThe tattoo artist is also a lash lady so I told him I’m getting a “lash consultation” I’m just scared how he is gonna reactI have a tattoo appointment tomorrow and I’m nervous cuz my dad is driving me ( since my anxiety is too bad to driv… will not lie these are my favorite pics of myselfnice interaction very pog @Rosavatar1 LETS GOOO !!
@ChaseOwO @mincemeater42 @DarthNakuu shut up minor @Cookii923 switches cuz 70% of the people who use :3 had a webkinz phase and webkinz bitches are bad bitches @mincemeater42 @ChaseOwO @DarthNakuu I’ve heard about the bite of… uh ,/;:; ‘03? @DarthNakuu @ChaseOwO @mincemeater42 No idea what ure talking abt also why do u use pure black twitter instead of regular darkmode @refresh1k certified top wholesome energyah yes tell me more about FNAF lore @5eils BottomS @ChaseOwO silence bottomif u use :D you’re a bottom btwsheeesh she a raze main @1EDEN_ My bf gets bitches and that makes me angy @wowevelix 👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👩🏼 @wowevelix no it’s a hot vanilla @wowevelix Eating ur head @GremoryDrago LMAOisn’t it crazy we don’t have hair behind our ears @Deliriouscyx tbf I love coffee but I only drink it at night now @Deliriouscyx No sir