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@dnosVAL I- @0Ktinaa Nvm I read it wrong LOL @0Ktinaa I’m confused what’s going on @Apidaez SO PRETTY @HollywoodQQ Is it not? @nixx11_ @Alphxpm LOL @RedKohVAL BUNNY BEE IS SO FUNNY @PlayNESO Congrats to @Dumplin615 !!! please dm me your paypal 💜💜 @VerninaEllana THIS SHIT FIREEEEEEEEEE @DarkZeroGG Y’all fortold this @PureRedfish GODDAMNNN @super_sophia11 Dw because ghost buff 😎
@dawnmoer I’m sorry dawn :( I hope you feel better @Australissss Lower bracket run. You guys were looking amazing, played icebox so well @RemValorant @Nurfed Agreed but sometimes people who are actully good get buried underneath others and it makes me sad @frostyZK Funny how this goes for both icebox and breeze @FoxEyeGG @TheSommerset @carolineloII @nawtaww @Moxieboo_ @vanessuhbtw @sparkles_qt @Melebu4 @iGirlyBella @derekjoon DUBS @FatalGlytch FELTI also believe in Ariana Grande Perfume supremacy 🙏 they lost first map 11-13 against SR but I believe in the rever… @moo_fps LMAOOO NO SHOT @seshiriaa_ If this is hot dog water then my clips are 5 year old abandon septic tank that is used for a mosquito breeding ground water
Retweeted by GHOST Cece @fairyfps You’re gonna do great :) @JDawnX God no @PowerPixele @SanriosVal youre just gonna leave out dart monkeys and ariana's feet pics? @meljayy_ im just tryna be like you tbh @jxshya this is medium and yes my game looks nice @keencval I’m at work they don’t got Sony Vegas in this bithbf told me to post this valorant clip even though i think its the equivalent of hot dog water @bloodpsd YEA ME MEMEMEMEEMEMEMEME @AK_valorant I must avoid all thirst trappers @AgilityVAL @LennyTime @Spaz_FPS @Teagu3_Val God I cant wait till you’re allowed to play senti @keencval Why @iamhcu So what happened in playoffs @AK_valorant Not me anymore @mayuhri_x1 The fact that you said flash bang @CaMbCaMbTV SHEESH CANT WAIT @slothsuu @Cloud9 Personally I wouldn’t take this @Cloud9 @xJamesDC I just want Friday to get here @Add3rTV @VIRTUOSOVAL CLIP OF YOUR LIFE GONE JUST LIKE THAT @FraggVAL @RestFPS @tytitv @Social_Val @demonnfps Bring a sharpie @perfumeval This a deadly graphic @Ban_Val @LennyTime @realmocking my bf doing his best out here against the greatest igl alive @BcJFPS People make assumptions without actually talking to me and it makes me sad when they think I’m this or that @Glorinsz Glor supremacy @Subroza HAPPT BIRTHDAY @Glorinsz @unshtable wyd ? @RestFPS @FraggVAL @tytitv @Social_Val @demonnfps OMG I GET TO MEET FRAG AGAIN WOOO oh and uh you and everyone else as well I guess @super_sophia11 Omg hi ghost soph @laurathesimp STAY SAFE LOVE YOUUU @keencval Bruh your slee schedule is fucked @keencval @uhvalorie Valorie carriedfunniest stream in awhile, got to play with some beautiful ladies and got my biggest raid ever from @Jollztv !! ty… @emmolate ah man clip of your life, gone just like that @ciiiaba @kayvalorant personally i wouldnt take this @super_sophia11 DUBS @PowerPixele @TroIIman_ @NMG_gg Stop I was gonna ask this @eeeriomirg The joke was pretty good @valyngod One of the hardest battles
@sagemommy_69 I love sage mommy @Bawnval @Bobovo35 @VolcaNCS @BapeVal @iuc43 @KellyZhou @Itsburtonn If you do the classic “bape go kill” I don’t see you losing ever @JL4U__ @L21saac Issac sounding it out @Complexity @Minions @Stranger_Things @MorbiusMovie @UmbrellaAcad KEVINNNN @OkeanosQT Still fragging tho LOL @fairyfps Pretty lady 😊 @hollyfromars @fairyfps ? @trentFPS Rgx I don’t have it so whenever I pick that shit up its gas @geebroh YES IT IS @misufps THE LAST TWO WTF @TorontoSRN @DoodLive SHEEESH DUBS @roifoo @KanaOSKO @zekkenVAL @ScrewFaceVAL Yea I was being sarcastic @JonahP_ Should’ve shot him in the head @christlii_ @zeldrisval @AgilityVAL yo @RealStrongLegs Everything’s gonna go great :D @haxxacs Gl on tummy ticklers @nullCpt THIS COLD WTF @BlanKAims idk how you manage to perform in allll your games but mine 😭 @CaMbCaMbTV @morgeestreams VOUCHHHH @Justinovah @brawku @AgilityVAL can I get this? @606Ericaa It’s a surprise 😎 @BlanKAims I wonder why…………… @hollyfromars Goodluck in your future Ik you’ll do great3 more days until I get to stare at the love of my life in person again :0 @KanaOSKO @zekkenVAL @ScrewFaceVAL @zekkenVAL is that bronze? @camilleettv Nah that’s an excuse, take whatever time you need for yourself 💜 @aikyuna Some people are just so hateful and for what :( @korosuOW HAHAHAHAH @FatalGlytch Why did I have to see this… @AsfourBella @Complexity I watched this live 😳 @meljayy_ vouch vouch vouch @416naru NO WAY CONGRATS WELL DESERVED @JoshNissan I think anyone can go pro but not in a way that diminshes the efforts of current pros. I think you can… @valerencee Like even if you’re doing bad at least comm 😭 @valerencee I GOT HIM ON MY TEAM TOO BRO he’s on my personal dodge list, wasn’t toxic but barely commed and just missed every shot. @ctrrlz @edendeeznuts114 Stay away from me @papashlomo OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY @kuhiroVAL It’s 8pm @k1tkxt @cwaudiia @wavyVAL @Complexity It’s the 2% hs we talking about @cwaudiia @wavyVAL @Complexity I was trying to avoid talking about this for your own sake but this is self sabotage @Jonaaa6_VAL Is that ketchup or hot sauce