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Cece @seshiriaa_ Canada | She/Her

Content Creator and Streamer for @devourggs_ • code CECE off 5% @respawnproducts

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@bonerbob_ Go @Nueg_ nueg retweeted me 😱 @gwinchie @nCaustic_ How are you this ATTRACTIVE @Miehki For me it was just the more I play solo the easier it was. I started playing on an alt account at first, I… @JimmyJamTV @eRaEternity Big vouches for jimmy @JimmyJamTV @eRaEternity LETS GO JIMMMMYY @bagelsq_ @xSTZIN SEE I WASNT GOING CRAZY, IT WAS ACTUALLY GREEN @sh0pguy Eden deez nuts @bonerbob_ Isnt val 5 error code a hardware ban?daily reminder to use code CECE for 5% off :) @kxtieoh OT cause sometimes the enemy team is just better @RESPAWNProducts hey thats me!
@ShadyLamp2k It’s too easy for youI like seeing my video’s views race against each other @TonyEcN @xSTZIN You’re just a haterUpdate I stuck with 0.4 800 change is scary @camilleettv Or i invited randoms into my discord call LOL @snipoor4 @xSTZIN Yeah what about it @wokezval @xSTZIN raw talent @shoukrrrr @xSTZIN LMAOYeah these are his key binds @xSTZIN You’re my superhero you’re supposed to do the impossible
@Saulsrevenge @TwitchSupport @Twitch I’m angy for you @FrostyValorant Leave me alone this was me my second game on 😭 @sh0pguy If I add up all my accounts I very might as well have that manyI’m actually gonna go into the new act with 0.3 1600 from 0.4 800 @Saulsrevenge @sh0pguy I’ll never forget this @Saulsrevenge @sh0pguy MAN I WANNA JOIN @1kotaaa Exactly… @love2dgirls @aeroyt 😩😩 @KostaDzn @FaZeSway The fact that you did this in like 30 mins 😭 @cycotic Yeah. But it’s only in low elo, which is the where the average player base is 😭 @aftersworld I KNOW I USED TO GET THEN SO MUCH WHEN I WAS GOLD/PLAT hey I’m diamond/immortal wanna play @ShadyLamp2k Hacker @mohadzns SO HANDSOME WOOOCurrently F/A looking for a new org to join as a Content Creator: Tiktok: 28.8K (5.2M views+ 200k profile views/mo…
Retweeted by Cece @1kotaaa You’re just mad you can’t get a high rank
@wokezval At least you’re still immortal @weirdoliv Ik an L for us @Dark3stVal Pls don’t wish that upon me 😭 @sh0pguy ????even I knew this, but I don’t do it cause val > cs @bbylapras Even with a bf my career looks like that @yutsusuka Different account but I put a pause on that series till next act cause rn ranked games are BADThe light at the end of the tunnel? does it feel like everyone on my team is always having a bad gameThank you for 5k, I’m glad you guys enjoy watching me lose rr 💜 @FrostyValorant @ethoz HOW ARE YOU 16 @ciaolyx YOURE SO HOT @FrostyValorant Proud to say I was on the team @Vypron1 Sushi @JohnnyFIores Yes GO FELIX @_novaVAL You’re blindEnded stream early so I could fine dine on this dish @BabyStepsHome Ty @Saulsrevenge @emmyuh We twins
@s9uls HES SO HOT @MadySmacks @dapr LMAO my red carpet never ends 😭Y’all talk about vinnie hacker but have you guys seen brentman rock???? @BigBootyCorgi I ask myself this everyday @glittereggo Yeah I’m upsetJust watched a tiktok on a girl almost getting raped with the caption “girls aren’t objects” and all the comments w… @C7RSE I can hear the cicadas @1Rv1nFN @mohadzns i really dont feel like learning fortnite lol @mohadzns @1Rv1nFN I’m so bad at fortnite LOL I tried to verse devour members… went very bad @camilleettv HOW WOULD YOU EVEN TAKE THIS? COMPLIMENT? CREEPY? BOTH? @ShadyLamp2k YesBringing this back @FrostyValorant Pls boost me to immortal @ShadyLamp2k @FrostyValorant I am confusion at this tweet shady @Notchubbie I’ll remember this chubbie… @prodbyjstn I’m deceased @prodbyjstn NO JUSTIN IM ON MY MAIN ACCOUNT SO EVERYTHJNGS MORE PAINFUL @skiimps Down bad @mohadzns No. @prodbyjstn I started the night at 61 rr I’m d2 now. This game physically pains me @prodbyjstn 11-13 we threw 6 rounds in a row, I wasn’t fragging but I watched firsthand my teammates throwMy mental so bad that I cried over a valorant match
@devourggs_ @RESPAWNProducts DUBS DUBS DUBS @zander_fps Slide a good word for me @shotoftodoroki @zander_fps Ily @Saulsrevenge Valorant episode 3Alright so how are these content creators getting early access cause I want in pls 💳💳💥💳💳💳💥💳💳💥 @cch0_val Ty QueenEveryone please take the time to admire the link in my bio… I am very happy with it 🥺 @sh0pguy Why was that second part necessary @sh0pguy you were there too? @bonerbob_ @_novaVAL @Vinniehacker Eh sure… but he’s really just like all the other pretty white boys. My bf is the prettiest @yaszuki Yes @Saulsrevenge 💜💜 @ameiaval You’re so pretty @bonerbob_ @Vinniehacker Being good looking @Dark3stVal YESSIR @xSTZIN Thanks babe @sh0pguy INV WHEN YOU DO PLS @sh0pguy ARE YOU PLAYING OW @Vora_val When I saw the aim in the first two seconds I knew it was gonna be goodAnother milestone achieved, thank you guys for all the continuous support 💜