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DV Cece @seshiriaa_ She/Her | 🇨🇦

Stream Lead for @OfficiaIDevour | @Twitch Partner | code "CECE" @GlytchEnergy⚡️ @RespawnProducts🪑

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@1EDEN_ @annettaaval twins fr! @annettaaval me too girlie @unst6ble sign him!!!!!!!!!!!!sweetballcake223#kiyun
Retweeted by DV Cece @unst6ble @bunnyhuhval @bmpwrr id like to mention i was 2-9 at half or smth @_novaVAL @veltqt pls... i didnt realize how bad it sounded before i tweeted it @veltqt get tips from @DarkZeroGG @ScrewFaceVAL THATS MY IDOL @jupiberi DEMON FR @jalonaz YOURE SO CUTE OMG @katriggered MOMMY ??? @drickyval HAPPY BIRTHDAY 💜 @1dianazzz DIANA WTF THIS IS INSANE OMGyup
Retweeted by DV Cece @zander_fps @version1gg That’s a hard one to hit @WasteManOP Low key forgot what I said @ScrewFaceVAL @Ange_AMIL Bro ange def mvp holy fuck
@bumpaah did it work @kxtieoh @KnightsGG ill kiss oyu @FloatsPC LESSGOO @CrazymojoVAL @Vanityxz POGU @hk4ri I just woke up I gotta get out of bed @jellyfish_val @bigottimerush He did it’s cause hed take his time to enjoy me @florscnt i will always brag that I was on a team with FlorLFT :d Looking at all my options Pref duelist / controller (but can also play initiator very comfortably) ~Vouches and RT's appreciated 🤍~
Retweeted by DV Cece @ItsTumbelina LETS GOOO @Asunaa Asuna training arc 👹 @Noutong0 Literally. I give someone my Astra and they do the dumbest shit @kar_ie These are worse than mine 😭 @papashlomo @elgato You good shlomo? @ashIyne You’re so pretty ong @bumpaah Nt @gabeolivero This makes me wanna get an notOfficially pushing P for @TSM
Retweeted by DV Cece @RossyUA @TSM FCKING FINALLT LESSGOOOO ROSSYYYTTTTT @TSM LES FUCKINGN GO ROSSYYYYY @KingFPS__ Omg king we’re the same rank! @Unholykid3 @AgilityVAL @Boy1drr Literally, I asked my random to play his best agent and he picks Astra to not put starsnice clutch lol @ANDROIDX23
Retweeted by DV Cece @Nurfed POGU @Boy1drr you cant be asking that much, its too hard @brothernoak @ItsMileplays i thought it was just me?? lol @trentFPS @ThirdImpactGG this is very poggersif you're on defence as Astra please default at least one star on both sites. Im getting hard pushed and my Astra i…
@Bawnval @AgilityVAL small actually @Teague_VaI @AgilityVAL date a riot dev @AgilityVAL maybe now you wont leave me for tft @Unholykid3 weirdo @jalccna So cute @JoshMysto POGGERS @foreignerjpg Every time my raze died he blamed it on my util ☺️ @KingFPS__ Props to @bmpwrr @L21saac @tupperwareplays Boobies @cryptXVAL I’ll take a sage on split if I have to @saevalorant @sfX_x1 Omg can we duo watch party @andbox_official @Jonaaa6_VAL YESSIR @Jonaaa6_VAL @andbox_official LESSSGOOOOO @andbox_official @Lear_VAL HYPE HYPE @Lear_VAL @andbox_official BIG DUBS OMG @jxshya THIS IS SICK @0Ktinaa HAPPY BIRTHDAY AHHHH @Wrath_Val @root7K @_novaVAL im about to cry novamy phone died and so my alarm didn't wake me up for my 8:30 am quiz 😃 @foreignerjpg WTF IS 41k?? @ARIANARCHIST @Sora_fps1 sora_fps1 buff for 4 games LOL @mangosmxxthie @Sora_fps1 Not you he’s talking about Noah no.73294 @rinuze @Viperous @lunehrii @bbylapras @MoonKiller_VAL I’ll kiss you @ARIANARCHIST @Sora_fps1 buff @Viperous @pipluptiny @jellyfish_val @srrirachha @Yuzuju_ @bbylapras @chefhomiekwon YOUR MOM IS SO CUTE @XorainGG The other one? @zander_fps You made it Zander !Billions needs to be stopped LMFAOOO
Retweeted by DV Cece @Sora_fps1 he told me he was on Twitter 😭Gas me to 1K? 😘
Retweeted by DV Cece @minaweeb i hope he never wins a tft game ever again @ahad i got styled on @westjett1 literally bozo's @FaNbF41 a lot of people actually experience this, its weird having people watching you LOLdid his homework for him and then got ignored for TFT😃 @FaNbF41 just gotta stream more, you'll get used to it @ZeenigamiTV I made this earlier this year so now I have almost 70k tiktok followers and 15k twitch followers !! @ctrrlz DAMN HE GOT DELETED @_novaVAL You okay nova 😭 @Saulsrevenge POG @bumpaah BUMPAH ???? @nixx11_ @FaNbF41 Freelo @FLOWSHIZZLETV LETS GOO @bumpaah You look breedable @_novaVAL @florscnt @VoltaicHQ @team_parallel You didn’t say that to me @florscnt @VoltaicHQ @team_parallel SO GOOD AT THE GAME AGHHHHHHHHHH
@Yuzuju_ SO PRETTY @Toastedtw Please this has to be satire @Virtyyyy Ascent is my best map LOL @Asunaa So kind of them @SkuLLyJai I’m so horny for this @gabeolivero One handed?? @zoestol Me