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grassroots movement trainer & facilitator // queer nonbinababe (she/her) // lover of speculative fiction // amateur community accountability organiser ✨🖤❤️🌈

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Germany will include Israel in EU vaccine programme, but not Palestinians. Not apartheid AT ALL.
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Retweeted by all we have is each other @KateFlood @Zenarchic I didn't know she was born in Cork! Ty @JoelBleiman I am more pessimistic than the average person is? but I think that pessimism/realism has been a lot mo… @JoelBleiman so I think if you try and go ahead, you could be in the situ many were in this year, where they were c… @JoelBleiman I hate to say it, but maybe yes? there's no rollout schedule for the vaccine. so much other aspects o… @JoelBleiman 😬😬😬 @sitainshort my worry is it reduces symptoms but not infectiousness - which could make infections spike dramaticall… @sitainshort hopefully, deaths will go down! the primary endpoint of the Pfizer trial was reduction in mild/moderat… @Dr_Ronx I have a vision of you breaking into a vaccine warehouse and throwing us down vaccines like candy (though… you want to ignore this: I'm not an infectious disease epidemiologist, just an informed bystander, so who gives… is lying about how soon this vaccine heralds an exit from where we're at. there is just SO MUCH infection in t… many people saying "now that a vaccine has been approved, I can't wait til we've gone back to normal in spring/s… @Dr_Ronx you will get it right, as NHS staff? @SomersSylken I watched it first time a few months ago, so many happy cries!!Dathiruni by @damofficialband is a banger, and @freshpunks did get me through the year, no lies here decided to stop funding Sisters Uncut 4 years ago BECAUSE we are trans inclusive. This shit runs deep
Retweeted by all we have is each otherIt was *not* an accident that Lush funded WPUK: the charity pot manager (not sure if current or not) was a key orga…
Retweeted by all we have is each other @MediocreDave Yeah they explicitly quote Tr*nsgender Tr*nd in the full ruling, it's so fucking bleakTrying to call Privilege Style about tomorrow's #Jamaica50 deportation flight, I stumbled across the phone # of ano…
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The court ruling on provision of puberty blockers by GIDS has muddied the waters but it seems in practice little, i…
Retweeted by all we have is each otherThe Netherlands has offered formal apologies and €5000 reparations to trans people who were coerced into physical c…
Retweeted by all we have is each otherHey @TheElliotPage - I hope you know how much we love and adore you. Young peeps are very lucky to have someone as…
Retweeted by all we have is each otherI've not seen trans twitter this happy since.... since.... I have never seen it this happy ever.
Retweeted by all we have is each otherjust read this in full. fucking devastating decision, based on shitty logical leaps @Shanice_OM @Aviah_Sarah_Day LooooolAfter 15 months in Israeli jail, Birzeit University student activist Mays Abu Ghosh is finally free. Mays was tor…
Retweeted by all we have is each other @Shanice_OM @Aviah_Sarah_Day Oh y I don't disagree at all! I was just wondering whether a particular shitty thing kicked this off 😊 @Aviah_Sarah_Day what did we do 😭oh wow
Fascinated to discover that Rebecca Lush, the charitable giving coordinator for Lush, has been attending WPUK meeti…
Retweeted by all we have is each other @natalyadell @RetchinBtchFace @reviewsandtings @Aviah_Sarah_Day Yeah feels like an end to end process description w… restorative justice > horny jail
Retweeted by all we have is each other @eksplaine what's funny is I'd never twigged that's weird!
@NMRLPH If you mean your jeans were uncomfortable, have you ever tried Uniqlo jeansEvery day is International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.
Retweeted by all we have is each other @hellolatke it really is!!In summary: police killed a young black man and then repeatedly lied. The Home Office refused to grant a visa to hi…
Retweeted by all we have is each othernigella lawson read whipping girl and i’m going insane
Retweeted by all we have is each otherapparently @TUIUK is getting into the deportation racket? planning to collaborate with @UKHomeOffice to deport 50 p…
Episode 2 of the R+R podcast is out now! This mini episode begins our 'Toolbox' series with the topic - 'What is…
Retweeted by all we have is each otherwinging French onion soup, winging bread to go with the soup? (found a tupperware with "onions for French onion so… are tattoo siblings now, it all worked out fine in the endif I've not messed up timelines, I think this was the year that @totallynotbex and @JerMeansWell picked me up from… was the year of outrunning life stresses IIRC, so I went to a festival in a new country, on my own, with no re… @eilisnifhear @asusarla I do similar: 16 * 24 = 2*2*2*2 * 24 = 2*2*2*2 * (25-1) = 400-16 = 384back in the UK: NHS immediately x-rayed, told me what had happened, and did what they could for my teeth and then… went round for a week with a fucked up face and huge amount of pain, not knowing what was wrong 🙃🙃🙃 (I said "fri… was in the USA, so scarily: I came to in an unknown hospital, who promptly turfed me out when they realised I… a punk festival, bought beer for me and some pals, and tripped on the way back to them with the beer drunk brai… @Ramonaspierre @without_pity <3 <3
my whole concept of history has been shattered ever since i saw someone say “Rosa Parks died in 2005, meaning she could’ve watched Shrek”
Retweeted by all we have is each otherThe French Assembly just adopted this bill.
Retweeted by all we have is each other @JoshuaVirasami @NMRLPH Hiiiiiii @IBJIYONGI @FionaSnp we'd love it and we need it!Charities like to project a squeaky-clean image, but we know the charity sector is anything but. We also know there…
Retweeted by all we have is each other @kriemhildsrache they're often so LARGEloved this chat between @NMRLPH and @JoshuaVirasami -- haven't chatted to either of them in ages, but this was a go… // mando spoilers , #TheMandalorian spoilers, Rosario Dawson Baby Yoda reacting to being called Grogu 🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by all we have is each otherNeeding to get emergency agency care this week has really reinforced what me & @theneliad know which is that it’s t…
Retweeted by all we have is each other @hellolatke 👀👀👀👀👀 @hellolatke yeeeeeeWe're now casting actors for our latest New Adventure, "The Signals War"! We're keen to hear from voice actors wi…
Retweeted by all we have is each other @GrahamLawton @hildabast (I am initially more reassured by the bazaar approach of the AZ/Oxford vaccine trial chaos… @GrahamLawton ty for this! had literally just read a few things from @hildabast ( and… @Jacqueimo oh wow jelly. way prettier than my "lots of tpbs and loose comics stack" @CassFenrir @nataliereed84 don't blame me, blame measure theorynever trust tricksy infinite things public figures urge airlines not to carry out Home Office deportation
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not if @CAPExpansion get their way!we already have the highest prison population in western Europe! and the govt want to increase it by 25%! GHOULS, the government intends to introduce new grounds for using stop and search to “prevent significant disrupti…
Retweeted by all we have is each otherread about it in a "book", but there's info at[animal death] just learned the horrifying story of Ueno Zoo during WW2: 🐘 the govt tried to poison the elephants… Home Office admitted that they have wrongly detained/deported 164 black British citizens. 11 died on the street…
Retweeted by all we have is each other @KelseyMxMo can't help it, I'm a creature of whimsyeven more fucked than I remembered it being 🙃 @KelseyMxMo Normal mouth, big tongue -- but I look forward to your verification (just don't laugh at me again lol) @RoxyLegane @geeriggle I asked if I could have my tonsils out because I heard they gave you ice cream after, but lu… he has defended the leprechaun accents by saying no one would understand us! Does he think we never leave Irel…
Retweeted by all we have is each other @Ciara87C oh wow @TheirNameIsLola difficult to swab your tonsils, or literally not possible to see them? @geeriggle <3 <3 @geeriggle lol, I did also spend a minute racking my brains to check I hadn't forgotten them being removed(yes I was taking a COVID test. I've felt a bit shit for the last week, so got a home test -- but as I've seen virt… I learned today: I cannot see my tonsils. I have too much tongue?? I tried every angle. tried with a torch. t… @multiplebears @matrivocal ... have fun? @matrivocal @multiplebears omg for ages this was my niece's preferred drinking mechanism, it took months to undoone day I want to be so iconic that I am the answer to a crossword clue
REQUEST FOR URGENT HELP: We are looking for child psychiatrists & clinical psychologists to do child assessments &…
Retweeted by all we have is each other @levvity @RivkahBrown @Emtravelodge thanks @levvity! I had missed hearing you talk, so this is lovely to have :) @geeriggle @dorkusmalorkus_ that looks so fancy!! @geeriggle 👀👀👀 @MarikaRose 🥰🥰when immigration enforcement force their way into shops on raids fishing for info, it's "coercive consent" If you… @BeecroftNaomi this is so good!!Holy good god, this is one of the best optical illusions I've ever seen.
Retweeted by all we have is each otherlove to see it :) @The__Biscuit strong @scienceshitpost energy @levvity @RivkahBrown @Emtravelodge ty lovely Lev :)