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Father of the four Irishest Jewish kids on earth. Executive Editor, Washington Examiner Mag. Previous: @nypost, @Commentary. @bethanyshondark is my better half

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All right hello goodbye—Shabbos has arrived. Off the grid we go. #ShabbatShalom all!
@RicknShira @markgdunstan That’s what makes it so impressive tho—Germany is a democracy. Merkel and Bibi had to kee… @RicknShira @markgdunstan It’s gonna be kinda weird when she leaves office, she’s been there so long. Longer time in office than Bibi!A Serious Mensch @lizzieohreally @johnccollins Mazel tov he’s perfect! Snyder: “Oh you mean this gate key.”“After review, the ruling on the field stands. Antifa is charged a timeout.” Washington AndwhatdoyoudosThey should let Redskins fans vote on the new name since its changing. Give these poor sufferers some fun. @ElishaKrauss You should run against him @matasar Well booing him is part of the game that I love1. MATTEAU 2. MATTEAU 3. MATTEAU for Garcetti for saying this. Outdoor protests are almost certainly safer than, say, indoor dining but the ide… @GScottShand Every day, man. Kids know how to live every day. @markgdunstan Makes more sense! @SethAMandel Oh definitely. Kind of darkly hilarious otherwise though. FT has the quote as directly about the bigge…
Retweeted by Seth Mandelif they want the Redskins can call themselves the JetsTonight I was sitting in his room after tucking him in and I dragged my foot on the floor and it made a sound and h… @markgdunstan was she? Haha reporters' tweets gotta be more precise then!The usual process: he stands up, goes "anyway, my face will land on the pillow." Then he faceplants like this, turn… chancellor can't think of a tougher challenge Europe faced? Wanna take one more swing at it? are next hopefully
Retweeted by Seth Mandel @monkeyboy100001 yaaaaaaaaay mazel tov!!!! @edkrayewski @TyJohnsonNews @RobGeorge I mean I really had to, it was right there @edkrayewski I'm sure it is. I'm also sure giving Americans separate national anthems before each game based on the… @RobGeorge looks like whoever posted that pic forgot about Drethis is that Barry guy again right"Wait, where'd you get a bag of popcorn?" --things I say to Altima at the dinner table, which I am absolutely positive he did not leave"This case isn’t just about sleep-away camp, it’s about religious freedom and parental rights and the right to have…
Retweeted by Seth Mandel @karol @rkylesmith @GPollowitz @nypost Wow Kyle since leaving the Post you’ve really lost a step
Or maybe Maxwell is Epstein @JustineAnnSand you're thinking of Brittany @JustineAnnSand lucky kids @ZaidJilani I had always assumed he'd eventually be a senator a la Franken but this is now a real possibility. Inte… @SWGoldman Chester Bennington @SonnyBunch @neontaster Btw was thinking: you need to get verified now @edkrayewski idk I just googled it to troll youNYP finally did a story on @scottlincicome Hires Racists And Pulls Any Episodes They Laugh At via @TheBabylonBee
Retweeted by Seth Mandel @edkrayewski, prettay...... pretty good @rkylesmith that's what I heardWhat about several low levels at the same time @Btaylor74 @SirajAHashmi Getting him this so I don’t catch sharia from him talking about Seth every time the pass each other in the hall way
Retweeted by Seth Mandel @MarcusHUSA yech @gabrielmalor (he won't until it's too late and then he'll play this exact same twitter game and tweet the same thi… come on Kremlin at least be original @GovAbbott issues statewide mask mandate It applies to "public spaces in counties with 20 or more positi…
Retweeted by Seth MandelSee, @IsaacDovere knows what's up @cjane87 @NumbersMuncher correct call @Btaylor74 artistic licenseNetflix film about the pro-Israel alliance targeted by twitter's hall monitors good news is Political Judaism isn't much of a threat to Jewish continuity in other countries. The bad news is… talked about this recently in another thread, but: Political Judaism's threat to Theological Judaism and Jewish c… it also makes sense. Anyone who is Jewish and took that position was declaring their membership in Political Ju… Keep in mind how many commentators on here--not trolls but high-profile writers, intellectuals, pundits, pr… @neontaster is it? What makes it interesting? I don't see much of it on my feed.Connecticut has 1,213 deaths per 1 million population and Florida has 168. Stop with the revisionist bullshit. That…
Retweeted by Seth Mandel @YeahThatsKosher @AkivaMCohen @NicXTempore Akiva's right, I misunderstood. ApologiesRestore his followers, Twitter! Meantime everyone follow Elder @SethAMandel
Retweeted by Seth Mandel @jobellerina ?What the hell Jack @The_Taterade yeah stay away @The_Taterade Recapturing youth! Actually I think it depends whether they like taking their kids there or just goin… @MaxKennerly Biden's going to benefit from the same broken rules that hurt Hillary. How the turntables... turn @daveweigel Yep. We had a piece last year early in the primary on Hick: @NicXTempore advised him to lean into the g… @rkylesmith @cjane87 @NumbersMuncher They're tougher than they look! @GenePark @daveweigel @daveweigel Biden long ago became a 'goofy kind of badass' meme in itself. All he has to do is put on the shades an… @cjane87 @NumbersMuncher 'sphincter sunning' was the best so far, but only because the 'drink vodka with their eyeb… @SethAMandel "That's-a Spicy President!" *gets in trouble for stupid accent*
Retweeted by Seth Mandel @SethAMandel Not a fan of Biden but say what you want that guy can rock aviators like no other.
Retweeted by Seth MandelJohn Madden doing Biden campaign ads British were wrong to tax the colonies' tea the way they did. But they were absolutely right in using the singl… @matasar someone just sent me a link of Salon calling it "the worst shirt in the world" lol @iamthejayc "the worst shirt in the world" lol @matasar's the origin of the Mickey Mouse logo Thin Blue Line mashup? @YeahThatsKosher No it's not. The video of Brooklyn is day of rage. The DC one is BLM, check the reporter's TL @YeahThatsKosher latter @pinkhippos10 Ugh @philllosoraptor Can’t go to parties right now you know thatI had somehow missed that ADL came out in favor of government discrimination against religious education. But it sh… @RobProvince Get that kosher Chinese place up and running and the ZAZ is a go @DylMeisner what the hell? WeirdosDay of Rage in... Brooklyn. Such a nice time to be a Jew in America. @jbarro @SWGoldman all I'm sayin'If you told ppl they could watch Mt. Rushmore be blown up live it would have like 85% supportConspiracy theorists mark their quarry, whom they believe to be the Devil's agents on earth, with stereotypes and c…
Retweeted by Seth Mandel @bethanyshondark tonight he also did the "anyway, my face will land on the pillow <face plotz from standing position> told you." @juliaioffe Julia, good grief.“Bacon is dee-la-licious!” —Altima at dinner tonight (Don’t worry it’s turkey bacon but as a campaign slogan I th… @neontaster It’s going to be very weird calling you Noam in public! It’ll be like eating after a fast day. You know… an idea what to name it