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unquestionably, undoubtedly, the greatest human artist of all time

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We took our trash to the dump today and went for a ride afterwards, and I have never in my life seen so many cars p… @SortaBad Everyone who joined immediately after 9/11 is 18 months from retirement @lyssmariem I got stuckDodo Code: to post my Dodo Code in a minute
@MaineMillennial The only thing that can stop them is a worldwide economic recession that collapses the price of lobster waitVinalhaven is like if the craziest redneck dude you knew in high school was pulling down six-figuresNorth Haven: “under statute §6505-A we kindly ask non-residents to refrain from visiting maybe a little, unless tha… owns so hard, it's the purest and gnarliest essence of coastal Maine living. of my shirts was in a Teepublic ad on Instagram which was exciting but didn’t really generate any sales I hate to be “that guy” wait what am I taking about lol I love being “that guy”Has anyone checked in on Tire Warehouse, I don’t think they’re doing well with all this @joeynoelle All my good fish I caught with bait. I also caught a lot of crappy fish with bait, tooThink of how much better off we’d be right now if Joe Exotic were presidentI will not be reading any more guides comments at this time, thank you.
Retweeted by Seth MacyThanks to everyone that has checked out or shopped at @IGNStore since we launched last month! We're now at 1800…
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Oops! All BailoutsWorking on my new impression, "drummer having a blast." Keep an eye out for "guitarist who's really feelin' it."
Retweeted by Seth MacyWalking out of work on Friday like, a human: $1200 seems a little thin me, a jet airliner: fwooooooooooooooooooossssssssssssshhhhhhhhhthe fact that this no aerosol can sign exists implies that 9/11 or an equivalent event happened in animal crossing
Retweeted by Seth Macyi may be stuck at home but at least i have access to technology that allows me to see the worst information on eart…
Retweeted by Seth Macy @gamespite I've had success with mounting putty.In celebration of National Joe Day, Hasbro revealed its upcoming G.I. Joe: Classified Destro figure.…
Retweeted by Seth Macy @Bondcliff2008 Oh. Yeah.I sleep in a racing car. Do you?? #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch digging up a rare fossil in your backyard and donating it to a museum??? lmao whatever nerdself-isolating: just a fad time-constrained part of the herd self-loathing: timeless individualistic never-endingFolks if you like hearing me on @IGN podcasts please write your congressperson demanding moreGuess who was on ⁦@NVCpodcast⁩ this week? It’s ya boy, Seth (that’s me) @Stulfc4life Thank you Stu my truest friend @blurrygil There's that word again... "heavy.” Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the e… Exotic is a fashion icon @DanStapleton I live by this ruleOh fuck yes this is better than I ever could have dreamed my oil barrel so much #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
huh I wrote about Bravely Default 2 for @IGN, where I work btw to hear about Future gutting its freelance budget. Folks with gaming hardware review experience, get in touch…
Retweeted by Seth MacyCompletely agree Crossing is canceled for today one feature of the Bravely series I'm interested to see on Switch are the social features. Loved loved loved go… @TheBlackNerd Nintendo sneak-attacked a Direct with a ton of news DEFAULT 2 DEMOSOOSOOSODhkjdgvfkhsgdfkjs dfsdfsdfs @magnus_surtsson Rise of Skywalker was maybe the worst Star Wars movie of all.I wrote about Letterkenny and how great it is
Just visited a random island and the person who built it is so advanced, my island is like caveman style now. He al… day I am delighted #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch, show me close-up picture of pumpkin soup
Retweeted by Seth MacyIn France he is known as "Roi Tigre" @mediavandal Buckle in because there's no getting off this rideIf you turn off all the lights and say "Rise of Skywalker sucked" three times in front of a mirror, an incel appear… you think the average person got the short end of the stimulus stick, maybe you should have thought of that befo… Things Season 4, folks how much stranger could things get???????????If you get robot arms don't get the cheap ones [starts clapping for no reason]
Retweeted by Seth MacyBlathers: Marvelous! I adore all creatures! What would you like to donate? Me: This tiny moth Blathers:
Retweeted by Seth Macy @skylar__spence My son, who is 11, requests Mannequin Challenge on his ride to school (well, when school was in session) 90% of the time.they call them sitcoms cause youre supposed to sit down and com down when you watch them. theyre relaxing. makes you nice and com
Retweeted by Seth MacyHeading out to get some groceries!! @sethmacy stay safe fam
Retweeted by Seth Macy @rabidoutdoors My joke is definitely worse than leaving a place with the highest rate of a deadly contagious diseas… Guy Nintendo @missnancypants7 @newmainenews Don't tell me how to live my lifePlans for today are painting a big red "X" on every car with New York and Connecticut plates I see in MaineBREAKING NEWS: Everyone in the video conference wants to see your dog or cat. Literally everyone, please do not apologize.
Retweeted by Seth MacyHa ha ha... The numbers beneath all the posts are so stupid, dont mean anything, full of crappe. yes, go ahead, boo me at my own ted talk ,
Retweeted by Seth MacyWhen social distancing is over, pizza party at my house. Bring a 2-liter.Custom designs: day 2 #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @Terri_Schwartz @IGN @PeerIGN @Samuel_IGN @corradimus @ErrorJustin @ZachariusD @TinaAmini My favorite thing is seei…
its yerfuhmuhwhip it swuh nah (come on) took me years to realize the biggest barrier to my success was actually ME and the complex series of traps and p… Maury I know it isnt mine bc it's a pineapple w a hat. it isnt even hu-- THE RESULTS R IN. DAVE... U R THE FATHER oh come the fuck on
Retweeted by Seth MacyIf you want to make your own I highly recommend the book FF Dot: The Pixel Art of Final Fantasy @KelsyPolnik Red Mage is the best. I went with Thief instead of Black Belt and I regret it. But I can always make more.colleague - "stay safe!" me "ok" [catches the coronavirus between my fingers like a bullet] "not today motherfucker"
Retweeted by Seth MacyChild of Light is being given away FREE until the 28th of March. Head over to the Uplay client to claim your copy!:…
Retweeted by Seth Macy @RyanGavinOnAir I don't follow the news, is something going on in New York right now?Fuck off with this Cuomo brothers bullshit, one's a cable news guy, the other's a politician, it's like cheering on…"Love in the Time of COVID-19"Great news: the plows were out at 4 am right outside my house to ensure the Goodwill parking lot is clear of the 2-… of them are coming to write their great novel about a person escaping to an island in Maine to write a great n… @neetpolice why what @TomRMarks Have you ever seen the show Confessions: Animal HoardingI am unbelievably tired, but thankfully it’s snowing and the plows are going up and down the street making soothing… redo it as floor tiles so there are no gaps to account for.I spent all night making this Final Fantasy battle scene and now I have a headache #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
About finished writing my quarantine novel, "Billy and the Clone-osaurus."Half-Life: Alyx has set a new bar for VR in interactivity, detail, and level design, showing what can happen when a…
Retweeted by Seth MacyYikes, if BIW shuts down America could lose its battleship dominance is as little as 50-100 years*dad heelys into room* there are intruders in the house, your mom's dead and we have to escape
Retweeted by Seth MacyThis is world shattering news
Retweeted by Seth Macy @Gameonysus You have to have the sound on to hear the rain.This, but forever #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch recommend is a joke. My life is dope and I do dope shit)Animal Crossing is great because I look forward to a new day now @inkydojikko @Gameonysus
Hell yes!!!! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @gianorama Good for people who visit who don’t have peaches. @KyleErf Omfg