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@YerixKimLip CUTIEEEYERI and I the iconic glasses duo uhm I think yes 🤓 #reveluvselcaday
Retweeted by liliCOME ON NOW “woo!” that Wendy hits at the end of Kingdom Come is so soulful @yrkae @RVsmtown purrrr🍂 it’s getting to that time of year 🍂#reveluvselcaday #rvsd @RVsmtown
Retweeted by lilimargaret thatcher the 3rd side of a right angled triangle - hypotenuse squared = side squared + side squared @itgirIyerim It’s coming!🙏🏾 @NBAnamjoon exactly how I feel @NBAnamjoon the deflection😭chemical energy? Idk’t change the fact that they did blackface dawg @redvelvyt that girl rides a beat like her rent is due @redvelvyt JENNIE. @acerubies thanks xORIGINAL👏🏾KEY👏🏾 did this LIVE. no mic, all wendy. other girlies can sit down.
Retweeted by lili @velvetbeys I’ve been deceived 😔helloo?! where is this from @velvetbeys are you serious I liked that 😭when Jennie is given the chance to write shes eating everyone up mark my words @beyarivelvet COME ON BROWS! @H0BIFIED respectfully disagree but i love momo too @hyungosolo that title belongs to monster !😁 @H0BIFIED top 2 @beyarivelvet ... @hyungosolo @beyarivelvet im correct !! @zimzaIqbim exactly sm is holding her back so much to the point where she is recognized for her vocals (which is st… @beyarivelvet the only interesting part of the song exactlyone day ill write an essay on how yeri has the potential to be an excellent rapperno one is seeing hobi idc blaming rv’s mostly boring choreo for this 💔quotes stop sleeping on seulgi 🤨🤨 putting Wendy in those vocal comparisons it’s not fair 😭wendy it’s not even a competition this question is being opened up to nonblacks im not enjoying just look at his brand rep stats @knjoonzcrab its delicious @niggavelvet I don’t know any others please 😭😭😭 @revevante oh thank you 😭never mind I do not like the stealer ! is this wrong🙈 natural x8 @joonsIuvrs agreed! @vajjoyna im seeing on the tl and im DISGUSTEDPeople like marmite??? @icechiIIin oh yay then @icechiIIin i just don’t want to see her get dragged as always... @icechiIIin ofc notshe’s experiencing being a black person so how is she using her life for clout ? @iIyioi nice fancam! @vajjoyna NOT YOU UNLIKING DNBVZG"everyone is allowed to dislike things" WRONG I'll eat your kneecaps if you dislike black swan orchestral ver
Retweeted by liliHwasa is also an it girl whether you like it or not... @redvelvyt hushhh😭😭😭 @wenseule exactly!!! @niggavelvet likeee @lioncheckmate oh really! I liked the stealer so thank youa black woman never doing that again🙏🏾 @tsndrene please man he’s phapharing but we don’t know him @niggavelvet @RVsmtown THANKS BESTIE @redvelvyt @RVsmtown 😁😁😁 @tsndrene @RVsmtown thank youuu❤️ @revegeneration @RVsmtown thank you 🥺 @niggavelvet @RVsmtown EXACTLY 😍look how me and irene ate 🌷#reveluvselcaday @RVsmtown
Retweeted by liliyeri said glossy lips it’s our thing. #reveluvselcaday
Retweeted by lili @redvelvyt I KNOW THATS RIGHT🤩Hey luvies 🙈🙏 #rvsd #reveluvselcaday
Retweeted by lili @ksgyonce *the nails and the lashes🤩🤩 WRONG EMOJI OH MY LORD @tsndrene TSI😭 @ksgyonce COME ON BEAUTY @tsndrene @velvetbeys not on payday lmaooo @yrkae im so sorry 😭 @yrkae 😭 @velvetbeys LIKE😭 @jichuspersona thank you so much!!!Is it reveluv selca day? @taebaerene this is me😭 but here’s a reply @jichuspersona no like what do you do @swseul OHHH thank youhow does among us work oml im so confused @seungwann mee @YONCEARCTIC 3inner child's bridge isn't talked about enough
Retweeted by lili @smaIIyeri YES VINNIE!!hip hop would not survive a me too moment
Retweeted by liliHonestly, Beyoncé snapped on "Mood 4 Eva" visuals, just look at it
Retweeted by lili @ksgyonce personally I missed this chapter of negro101 because I’m still confused 😳 @Infatuashon I don’t even know 🙆🏾‍♀️😭stream stream stream #YerihanBangOuting @Infatuashon im in shock honestlytrendy ratchet... streaming party aka Virtual Outing has now started!! Please use #YerihanBangOuting now‼️ And stream this vide…
Retweeted by lili @YONCEARCTIC 😭