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Joined Twitter 6/16/07 @zachmortice @paulgoldberger Not at my computer right now to share but I did a whole installation project in around… of the best buildings in the world are ordinary vernacular modernism. @paulgoldberger There is so much great modern vernacular though! @coopercooperco @mcmansionhell "Just make a square with a triangle on top and columns out front, any idiot could do…
Retweeted by Fred ScharmenWow. @amandakhurley @witoldr In much the same way that "the debates" over anthropogenic climate change, creationism, or… for abstracts for a grad student symposium on architecture and the climate crisis that I will keynote, April 2…
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @oxotnic @shannonmattern True, but the protagonist hasn’t seemed to go out of his way and mention any of the other… @mcmansionhell *Chekov voice* “Guess who’s coming to dinner ...” @DanRodricks @baltimoresun Shipping containers are terrible places to live, Dan. Ask Mike for some better houses.
Chill Out @davidhuber_ @zachmortice @MattJohnsonTX @kazys @sbenkorsh @kimmelman We need all of this to be done with so that a million othe… call that undermining?
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @kazys @sbenkorsh @zachmortice @kimmelman @kazys @sbenkorsh @zachmortice @kimmelman It's just that Peter seems to be afraid of losing a game that Rem isn't even playing. @sbenkorsh @zachmortice @kimmelman That's debatable, Peter's coming from a different direction I'd say, from Decons… @sbenkorsh @zachmortice @kimmelman Post-humanist architecture was Eisenman's deal as far back as the late '80s, no? @CosmicIndex @JoseAlanML Is this scale correct? Are they really that close to one another relative to their size? @sevensixfive
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @willjennings80 😹 @NoahChasin That’s perfect. @willjennings80 Great minds! @luckycloud Niven definitely wrote a version of this, without attributing the substance of it to Pohl, in his 1990… @luckycloud Pre, I believe. The Pohl quote is hard to pin down, it’s sometimes attributed to Larry Niven instead.“A good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam.” - Frederik Pohl the wake of the Columbia disaster, NASA kept a rescue shuttle on standby to bring back an orbiting crew stranded…
Retweeted by Fred ScharmenFB says I posted this 4 years ago and I can’t remember why: "Like Heidegger's tool analysis, but for the instrument… @LapsusLima For me, I had to click the full-size image at the link and it turned into the video @sevensixfive T R U C K I N G T H E T R U C K S
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @muxwock ABNORMAL @mcmansionhell Countryside - p chill, tbh @MikeBloomberg Okay that’s pretty good. @MadelineAshby I’m just mad that he’s Colombusing the uncanny pink LED light from the optimized greenhouse spaces t… @sevensixfive He discovered folk horror, didn’t he? That’s what this is.
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @neurasthenya We joke because we love!The Irish are such hardcore Star Wars fans they turned the Jedi Library into a real place
Retweeted by Fred ScharmenWanderer Above a Sea of Grass “what do the people in the countryside do?” Anthropologists: “we can tell you” Rem: “it is a post-human myster… @allergyPhD This is Rem’s kicker from his curatorial statement!I demand legibility, how dare these people?Still laughing at “They live in the countryside and we don’t know what they do there.” @kazys Not the same thing, K.“No, not that app, this other one, with the nearly identical name. No, it does not work on your version of the AppleTV OS.” @kazys @kazys Apparently it was anti-deportation protestors. @Bmore_history @gothaggis @Zeke_Cohen @ewarren @realDonaldTrump @MayorSRB Why would anyone care who SRB endorsed? @sevensixfive
Retweeted by Fred ScharmenWhoa what was that?“I’m small and furry and I vote.” (She does not actually vote) every live television event for streaming returns like “there are several ways to watch this if you’re a c… the trucks! I truck with this. @NoahChasin cool cool coolHas anyone ever gotten ahold of one of these after they're decommissioned, just to like, park somewhere and live in? @slimedaughter Wait did you write attack helicopter? Omg. @Brian_C_Broadus Meanwhile the State runs the schools, the State runs the jails, and the State runs the cops ...Keller is so great.
Larry Hogan confirmed Tankie @charlotte_leib @LangeAlexandra This whole thing looks so 🤦‍♂️Donald has reached the structuralist conclusion that knowledge is produced and contingent, but, like a midcentury a…
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @evahagberg Wholesome content! @evahagberg "That Eva, she's a good influence." - somebody's mom, probably @evahagberg Besides you??There are influencers at the press preview send tweet
Retweeted by Fred ScharmenGet you someone who loves you as much as routing algorithms love awkward left turns. @spaceshipsporn That's beautiful and bonkers.Whoa. @ftrain @WIRED Plenty of empty seats in the Mars ship that's driven by Mr. Dad Jokes over here.
@amandakhurley @JooBilly @_p_antonio "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Countryside" @mcmansionhell We always knew Britain was losing its marbles. @JooBilly "You guys, you guys, ... have you heard about this??"The full saying goes "The disabled community the only minority that anyone can join, at any time, and the only one…
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @lowlowtide @charlotte_leib @RhwillWilliams *snaps fingers approvingly* @ZaneGTCooper Here's my travel diary if you're interested. (Can't believe that it was fifteen years ago!) @lifewinning @ZaneGTCooper @timmaughan Yep, to Iceland from Hamburg via the Baltic and the North Sea, with the Icel… @anotherglassbox Gundam Urbanism
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @anotherglassbox Gundam Urbanism @willjennings80 I really like Cargo.This gif is going around Tumblr and I think this is the most optimistic young generations have been in years
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @changeist 2020 Fred: why am I so obsessed with directed network graphs? 1989 Fred: I have an answer for that question!No Fred, spending the afternoon playing Zork is not "research" maps are my new (old) favorite aesthetic thanks to this reminder. Ant Farm's "Media Burn" in class today and I think I want to teach an entire course on explosions in cinema.
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @lordofoverstock I remember having to brute force it. We drew our own map, but I think that might have been because… @necrobranson @areajules It’s funny because South Park really is trash. @kvnrogan @rogre The Meat Grinder.Protection by Massive Attack was always my audio setup test go to. @lscapeisaverb ... and I’m still trying to figure out how to get Disney streaming without Marian noticing too. @seeoh2 @themadstone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @lscapeisaverb I will have to sneak in an Apple TV subscription in order to watch it in this house.And fourth for nostalgia’s sake @jetportal Hah, so did @Capoglou !
@DAZZLESTORM Already spoke for, I'm afraid, but come by anyway some time if you're still not done with The Expanse! @ashi_red Gratis. @elisabethnicula Yes @cexmang RT @cexmang re: Bezos' announcement: it's $10,000,000,000 to steer researchers and the conversation away f… @cexmang fighting climate change to Jeff Bezos (and anyone he pays) is obviously going to preclude any measures… @tamars This makes me wonder if anyone's ever referred to Space, Time, and Architecture as "Giedion's Bible" (probably)