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@BabbyGoober Ooooh yeah!!The right wing has exactly one joke. @ReaIBronson You guys fall for this shit every single time.
@ReaIBronson Yo dude, shut the fuck up.Remember when people - grown adult humans with drivers licenses and everything - were seriously saying that the Ele… @ReaIBronson @paulgoldberger You don’t, dickhead. @ReaIBronson @paulgoldberger It matters fuckall what he “likes” to do, you dipshit. @tomcoates That’s why I chose not to say that.Nobody is going to change their opinion because of this.Haven’t been to an academic conference in months, so it’s a long time since I’ve heard someone say that this or tha… @Golfergirl64Jg @IngrahamAngle Your and idiot.Every time I glimpse this Evelyn Hofer Manhattan '64 shot, I remember riding these West Side highways into 'the Fut…
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @Yascha_Mounk Carry that water, bro. @vendaval @tomcoates @ExAstrisUmbra Yeah exactlymanatees eating sweet potatoes must be Florida fall
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @trekonomics It’s all Wadi Rum all the timeThere is no excuse for this kind of set design snafu occurrence in an otherwise well put together movie. the the thing about how The Martian is the human Alien on this other world would totally work if it wasn’t Mat… @moehlert Watch (and listen to) the opening sequences of both movies again.Ridley is really one of those artists who needs other people to tell them what their work is all about.The Martian is the weirdest of Ridley Scott’s sf movies because he can’t help including all of these callbacks to A…, I’m here. @jessykate @jetportal Sara’s book looks great! Haven’t had the chance to read it yet, but am looking forward to it. @ablerism
@npseaver HBD! That pufferfish looks extremely nonplussed!Similarly, if you think “bike lanes and infrastructure improvements will cause displacement,” the implication shoul… @paulgoldberger As if Kate doesn’t know this ...This isn’t cute. Feral bots cause immense damage to native habitats, stepping on ground nesting birds and other wil…
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @museum_crime Ain’t a thing wrong with a GED though.Head nodders are the heroes of modern academia
Retweeted by Fred ScharmenI’m becoming suspicious of buildings in general at this point
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @anotherglassbox @CadwellTurnbull Highly recommended, and Le Guin was a fan of their’s! @LericDax Whoa dude. @npseaver The GOAT dragon
@kvnrogan Architect, older.
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen“Definitely Maybe”Their answer to “everything will be work out fine” is neither “yes and” or “no but,” rather “yes but” or “no and”Have just spent the entire summer reading Octavia Butler, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Boris & Arkady Strugatsky. They sh… @cullenenn So gorgeous! Gonna get their edition of We next. @jetportal Oh would love to hear what you think! @ezraklein I’m not going to call this a prediction, but it is a possibility. Hemmeroids may be a needed force in… @prosperdave I have not read anything from them yet that wasn’t terrific. But yeah, this is a perfect follow up to… bizarre and hilarious book, with, among many other things, the weirdest and most original solution to the Fermi P… humble Brick
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @_p_antonio "It can be used to build the courthouse of reason. Or it can be thrown through the window.""What do you like, brick?" @semajrabnud @GaloAndStuff @nanabozha My opinions is not un-biased, but different, that's all. @semajrabnud @GaloAndStuff @nanabozha That's ... not really a conversation starter, I have to say. @nanabozha @GaloAndStuff He reads his own reviews and gets depressed about them! @GaloAndStuff I honestly wish people would people would just leave Frank alone. @13fingerfx If those folks with the Mini Cooper figured out how to get one home ... @EricLuedtke Don't get confused, call some reporters, like @ErinatThePost? @WDavidWork "Look what they've stolen from us." "No really, they just strapped it to the top of their Mini Cooper and drove away!" @webbjamesthomas Couple hundred bucks, I'm hearing.I give it 48 hours until one of these makes it into the Tartarian architecture / lost race of giants / no trees on… @EWErickson Your and idiot. @baumard_nicolas 🧐 @LericDax “Hips don’t die” @LangeAlexandra This is amazing. @hondanhon @arabellesicardi I had not heard about this! The “baking cookies in space” thing was apparently a brand… @jessgartner Awesome.In the future (2021) we are going to be talking exclusively about book SPINE design as the lettering gets bigger an…
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @TopLeftBrick Was gonna submit this for consideration @TopLeftBrick is the Betteridge’s Law account gone? @MattWolking Your and idiot. @likethemouse03 @MattWolking @DLA0318 @realDonaldTrump What’s the mark?“6-7 km/pixel” @timmaughan I pitched a “there is no outside anymore” piece in February that was rejected.
@yeah____no @btx91 LOL!The date is 7 Tashritu, 2766 years since Nabonassar's reign began. It's an unlucky day.
Retweeted by Fred ScharmenShouting out to all the ad algos listening in that I love housewrap, vapor barrier, foam insulation, and esoteric b… @yeah____no Whoa. @nickhasthoughts @TyvekConstruct WTH??I love Tyvek and housewrap generally. Why don't they just make designer special editions printed with custom patter… @nickhasthoughts Time to go visit @TyvekConstruct's page and like a bunch of housewrap tweets again. That often has fun results. @alshipley Complete dogshit. @nickhasthoughts It's total chum. "You won't believe what this celebrity looks like today!"The ratio of "promoted" ads on the TL just doubled. Now seeing one for every 3-5 real posts, and they're all just a… @jg_bollard But can arch students and OMA interns make massing models out of it??Oof. @kvnrogan I often wish Thomas would Chatter Less Williams.Urbanist/city-building twitter joining this conversation yet or ???
Retweeted by Fred Scharmen @caseymerwin @WDavidWork That’s ... what fascism is, tho @eliot Oh but it is ...Dog-operated trebuchet of the day.
Retweeted by Fred ScharmenWas it because of the quadcopters ... ? @NateSilver538 @Red_Blaster Nate. @nickhasthoughts It’s really a shock to get out and realize how long and lucky you have to live to get from here to there ... @cmonstah @JohnPowersUS I dunno if I wanna hit the fast-forward button or not ...*making people feel likeOh god I am full on politics posting now. Might have to take a week off again.That’s more than half what’s behind all of this bluster - making feel like their votes won’t matter anyway. @ibogost Blue ink! @Noahpinion @donkyourenemies 🧐Trump: “I’m gonna do it, there’s nothing you can do about it.” Centrist Pundit Brain: “What’s the fanciest word I c… @nickhasthoughts We were going every year for a bit. It is amazing. One of my favorite places on Earth.Which to be clear makes the poetics of the served (stickbuilt) and servant (masonry) juxtaposition even more legibl… unit plans at Middleton Inn are just a joy, and occupying them is magic. Middleton Place, the ex plantation it’…