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TSM seven @sevvn he/they

17 y/o - VALORANT @TSM @YukiAim 🇯🇵

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Retweeted by TSM seven @Alexlihing HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX !!!! ^____^
@Nighty10k @fishszns @wunjii @cocoimao bunch of broke people in my mentions rn @pohluhr @JTayy_ @iurnsFPS wake up and break up @JTayy_ @pohluhr @iurnsFPS no just go the full length and do it. @iurnsFPS @pohluhr @JTayy_ ur onto something @pohluhr @iurnsFPS @JTayy_ he said it not me @cocoimao THEY R GOOD HOPEFULLY U LIKE THEM @pitou_cyl THE WHAT @notrxchel if i do shoot me @hwallbit first the piercings then the tats then it’s over @domojnr THANK U @kenzdxddy why wouldn’t i want to look like our beloved queen @glare_ow my parents would kill me @zekeiVAL eboy ArcIN THE CAR WITH BAD LIGHTING + NOT THE EARRINGS I WANT BUT I’LL SWAP THEM OUT IN LIKE A MONTH MY EARS PIERCED WOOOO
this is an old clip from a radiant ranked game and I'm tweeting this so I never lose it
Retweeted by TSM seven @papashlomo had to sneak it in somehow @_routers frozen cake i don’t know what it’s called but this the real dessert right here @Saulsrevenge ⛹️‍♀️ @florscnt it is Okay me too… @florscnt the rizzard of oz @TsuBaketsu @itsAkx de verda no estaba escuchando a la conversación 😭😭 @imchennie NAH MY PARENTS ASK ME IF IM INTO GUYS CAUSE IVE NEVER BROUGHT A WOMAN HOME @zentyvx “como están las chicas in texas” like bro i don’t leave my house 😭😭😭 @itsAkx got to see gigi (bumped score up from a 8/10) family thanksgiving statline food rating: 8/10 dessert rating: 7/10 plates eaten: 2 times i said no to “ti… @ThyHighway @h2nnyu @sash4s @1EDEN_ i miss u @1nxsh @krystaluluu she was just nervous and didn’t know what to do king @1nxsh @krystaluluu noti @aiddns YESS BROI CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT WHAT I’D LOOK LIKE FROM THE CAR REAR VIEW CAMERA. LIKE IVE NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT BUT… @krystaluluu how do you have a decade old cpu and gpu @222GenTle don’t worry i have not left it yet @222GenTle woke up an hour ago 💯HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY !!!!!
@GeorgeCGed @DotEsports welcome to tsm @florscnt @Nighty10k @natasukashii @kuroromi__ @senctie @Kylephom @ethangaming10k @MartiniFPS @atsupocky @kumieho @LeeRfps @kenzdxddy that’s the bipolar queen i know @k07413 @keencfps @Yumifps69 fair point @Yumifps69 god is good @Saulsrevenge @weirdoliv bro acts like he invented this tweet @Vanityxz @weirdoliv If my girlfriend cheated on me I wouldn’t fight the guy, I would take him out for a drink and LEARN from… @_routers SAVE ONE FOR ME @presidentdove medream physique @cocoimao i love them so much they’re so nice @rmicIu socal !!! @celeeeeeo i get them all from different stores i go to whenevr i go out, i don’t hav a specific place @phamilys On my way!
@kenzclub you’re invited. @huddy_val till sunday ! @starriebun TWIN @huddy_val LA @kenzclub wdym gatekeep… @t9ler COME@BACK @JTayy_ THANK U SIR @ZCZCZCZC16 C9ing @CrystallVal it’s a wip 🫡 @fIuffyzx familythis being said just ate my first meal in over 12 hours and i’m about to board o7 @imboopie felt like it @CrystallVal literally my first song on my rock playlist im making it’s so good @CrystallVal i have just been blasting rock so anything pierce the veil atm @yeonijlm SOCAL !!! @ssav1or thank u sir @lumwtf till sunday @ThyHighway cold as fuckgoing to cali today :3 @BasiilLeaf WHAT /!?!? HELLO!?!? ? @spookyaddison 😵‍💫 @Guiiimond @sevvn
Retweeted by TSM seven @TSM_Daeda @Guiiimond daeda i’m at the gym rn and there is absolutely no trace of ant anywhere @Guiiimond @sevvn
Retweeted by TSM seveni gotta go harder.. move smarter.. think wiser.. stack more.. talk less …. @kenzdxddy @sarah_frags LMFODHXJSJSHZV @sarah_frags @kenzdxddy @1nxsh @maple_edits @krystaluluu @EXA__VAL @yoonchiiu krystal fumbling rn @Nighty10k bro looks marvelous @aeroXCl i’ve known since the womb @sevvn
Retweeted by TSM seven @snirot can u please get off twitter @nemuirs npc @juuzounv figured this out like a month ago lMASDIOASHDJ @902Creed MY EYES ARE OPEN NOW @nemuirs never really listened to music until like a year ago @ethangaming10k dude they do not have ONE bad song it is actually insanewhy did it take me 17 years to figure out that pierce the veil is SO good...
@RipMiyara VOUCH !!!i am always looking for offers to compete in valorant at a high level. i spend almost every day of my life grinding…
Retweeted by TSM seven @hwallbit i would know as i am the one in the picture duh…