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15 y/o val - @team_parallel @TealSeam Business Inquiries: or DM

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@Licafish how did I miss thisIm convinced @sevvn is going pro off of watching vtubers im gonna follow his footsteps.
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@arxceli ... @TeddyTran_ ns teddy @LarryBanks05 my bad larry @zander_fps bring pheonix down and breach up and this is a good list @YellowFI5H its 2nd @b0ssyCS but i'm the one who lostplaying ranked made me realize the best change to valorant was removing 5 stacking, please never bring it back thank you
@bearkun dude i haven't seen a single tweet, is my twitter bugged or something @Toastedtw this is why ur still mutedeveryone is always asking me "how's kay/o" its never "are you o/kay" 😭🤦‍♂️ @bbylapras @t1ffsny à @florscnt @MC_Lelicious @Bonesllb im just built diff yknow @florscnt why do you always type your tweets in all caps @realmocking LOL @232rosa_ the triple stackthrowback to when I was cheating @LarryBanks05 this is my teammate @neT_valorant yeah built like a 30 year old 💀💀🤣🤣 @neT_valorant no 18 year old unironically uses gifs to express themselves over twitter @neT_valorant for a guy that is 30 years old you sure like the skin meant to appeal to 5 year olds @andrewwXll walla will do that @neT_valorant @LarryBanks05 @CadeWarren_ @Ban_Val @1flyuh i'll fly him out pocket change for a guy like me @zoee_val see u there @lucr8tive @aa72777 *but IRL* @Agility26 live pretty like 20 min awaywho am i gonna dap up @Agility26 what about OUT of the game, like, when you aren't needing to give ELITE comms to your team @Agility26 u never like... alt tabbed out? and realized that you are on windowed fullscreen?
why is the sky raining in may? full vid on youtube:
Retweeted by seven X @zekkenVAL you should listen to hertwo perspectives.
Retweeted by seven X @Hori_VAL gg... @bbylapras go to bed @uakuya SO good @bbylapras u got a problem? @cykeological at 4:30?? ur wild lol4:30 AM gaming unrated jamming to the Vivy OST @neT_valorant @LarryBanks05 @Ban_Val someone has to do it LOL @NotReduxx head up man wierdos are everywhere you were bound to come in contact with them at one point, only thing… @fluctraa but it's not the same as receiving a million dollars for doing absolutely nothing @fluctraa nope i dont want a million dollars that feels like I'm cheating life @FrostyValorant supremacy* @fluctraa not a single person @lennydlin good luck mr lenn ❤️
@bbylapras Goodluck finding them. @bbylapras yeah ur right that guy is probably way out of your league to begin with @bbylapras and you can't find a person to match with? 🤣🤣💀 @bbylapras that's a personal opinion ofcourse, you are not objectively correct @bbylapras that's a pretty tough request you're asking for there @bbylapras you might be down bad but your impressions on twitter are up good @xiimohh HBD @kayvalorant @PlayVALORANT :/
@scammoXX LETS GOO @scammoXX HBDDty for everyone who came in the stream yesterday, here's some lowlights from the stream <3
Retweeted by seven X @regan_travis @neT_valorant NOT THE DR PEPPR NOOOOO~ @Toastedtw prob not @AlvinBach slow down there just who do you think I am being able to edit a video at 4 am @lyn12354 yeah i agree @cykeological hoping in bed just 4 u @Toastedtw Lol................I think its abt time.? @YukinoVAL indeed it was @bbylapras you need to stop with these tweetsty for everyone who came in the stream yesterday, here's some lowlights from the stream <3 @florscnt gl bro you'll do fine @JimmyJamTV @res86 so thats why you won that game against me huh @aeroyt @luhvstar @Toastedtw i got a clue as to why but they didnt need to have this in my replies @hollowFPS yo
@realoac nah dont tell me u have access to thisAll Good. @txntu u getting ready for a flight or smtn @txntu like 1-2all I do is sleep for 12 hrs just to wake up tired @NotReduxx 🙏 @Shora_val LOL BRO I CANT HAHAif you use the judge as a crutch to get kills you other wise can't get using a real weapon you might need to consid…
@fogqq yes I want to play those couple of maps @fogqq so the way they would do it is by allowing us to select which maps to playif valorant doesn't get a map selector within the next 6 months I'm never going to touch it again @slckys then yeah its worth if u were going from 240 to 280 that would be troll @slckys are you going from 144 to 280? @mehzyVAL dont care + ratiosaw a clip of someone playing it and decided to play it for myself since I watched jericho’s playthrough a couple o… all of SUPERLIMINAL in one sitting in the past 3 hrs, reminder that its a 10/10 game and suggest everyone ge…
cant wait to run with my knife out and make it sound like im dragging a huge hunk of metal behind me for team raze/phoenix/reyna sova/skye
Retweeted by seven X @Kushay1224 i love this video somcuh thank you @t1ffsny . @Glorinsz seven stock rising @nickVAL_ ty bromy spike stats are looking super fucking nice right now Can play Sentinel and Smokes at a very high level. It just didn't work out with Teal Se…
Retweeted by seven X @neT_valorant vouch very good at shooting people in the back
@ceitsu happy birthday old guy👴