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Fear is the enemy. Hope is the shield. Together we shall smash injustice (and pants) ✊🐿️ Wakanda Forever

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I'm very good at seeing my weaknesses lately instead of my strengthsI bid y’all a g’nite. ✨💜✨ Always remember this... times have changed & we are tired. After 4 fucking L O N G years…
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Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️NEVER GIVE UP. EVER.
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️So that's why he half-assed it?
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️ @sevatividam23 I'm so happy for you. Do you feel better, energy wise?Of course he has a secret Chinese bank account. Why do you think he’s accusing Biden of being in bed with China?
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️Same to me Goose
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️ @ProfessorShakey @roxydavis99 Seriously! My shoulder hurts just watching 🤣🐽 @rubrics4life🤣🐽 bitch! Respect.
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️ @roxydavis99 Holy shitballs she is so f****** coolis that a list of the names of everyone who has died from covid19 due to your administrations utter failure to deal…
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️ @ProfessorShakey I totally understand the worry though. I've canceled my stupid interview twice. I had faith in you @Owl_Dope_Capone Yes guy who I've never met before that is absolutely true. You have me pegged. Have a pleasant day @ProfessorShakey I'm so proud of you! You're going to do amazing and this is going to be great for you @Owl_Dope_Capone *200KSince I don't want a crazy orange narcissist as president, I'm now a racist 🤷‍♀️ @Owl_Dope_Capone Lol ok dude You can pursue a progressive agenda without personal attacks and 20,000 people dying.… @ndylan1 @ProfessorShakey are celebrating this weekend! would like to take this opportunity to say PLEASE @ProfessorShakey GOT THE JOB!!!!! love this card
@snarkychicklet That would be so cool. I'd love to see I'm so sad I don't have photos. I really don't know if I'm… @snarkychicklet What kind of fabric was it? I miss hand pleating I was pretty OCD about things being period correc… @snarkychicklet Those are some of my favorite. I've always wanted to make myself. An Ever After costume. I know the… one is black cotton velvet with cartridge pleats. It needs a partlet and a bum roll. Also more Ellie lol'm so excited I found this! 😭💖 You can fit two Ellies in it, but if I wanted to I could redo the bodice. looking at me in my underclothes you filthy perverts @ProfessorShakey No it was a happy cry because I found my gown!I completely forgot about this! All of the beading on the silk took forever just cried I lost all the photos of my work on a hard drive somewhere. It's way too big for me now but I have my…'s 1:40 and I suppose I should have something more than coffee today @DilemmaOfEve @SirBedivier Lol I got you something for your birthday but I'll mail it when I finish the other thing… @DilemmaOfEve @SirBedivier mentioned Mists of Avalon and I sighed about that too because I also Marie kondo'd my bo… @DilemmaOfEve I found a pattern for a dress that would look so good on you! I'm so bummed. I Marie Kondo'd a ton o… @RoxyTall Omfg I have wanted a dress like this forever! It looks so fabulous on you 🥰espresso and tequila ?
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️"This is Tyler, he's a rescue..." 🤣🐽 @TIWaggoner! <insert one arm victory pump> The eye twitch is back!
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️ @Demeter_Designs must always account for the tail 🐿️Your mid-day sanity break. We adopted orangey fruit bats. They’re bats. Not cats.
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️ @DeMelaatse I've always wanted to make myself a pirate coat but I never got around to it. Coats are a lot of work.… last one I swear! I think I'll use this because I don't need to finish it and I can just work on the skirts Plu… @snarkychicklet I just realized that in order to accommodate my tail I don't think the cinchers will work. It's goi… were a HUGE advancement in human health. Much like a mask is today. The reduction in infections alone was en…
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️I just need to finish binding the tabs, insert the boning, actually I'm probably going to need to cut & file bones… I have a half finished Elizabethan corset that is vaguely pirate-esque? It's totally not appropriate for that c… @ohdotoh I hope you feel better. I know how that goes where you keep tolerating a lot of hits but then one just becomes the strawThis embossed leather one was actually a sample for my website and I've never worn it. I have a plain black leathe… is my favorite holiday and I don't have a lot of time or money but I have pieces I can put together and m… we allowed to just reject the date? Is that a thing? I think that should be a thing*happy dance* It even has a 🐿️ and the Campanile 😭❤️🍌 Thank you Rene!
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️I have a work deadline on the 28th & a personal costume deadline on the 31st I swear to God I thought it was like… @triXcellence @DilemmaOfEve Holy s*** those are exquisite! Tysm! I love the beading on the illusion mesh 😭💖 I name… @GwyddionZ @sevatividam23 She had such a difficult life 😔 @DouglasEmhoff @KamalaHarris Awwwww happy birthday to our next VP! 🥰 @Kalarigamerchic I'm giggling cuz I think I should dye my hair purple so I can hit all of them There's a reason th… @ThreeKobolds @joonsjinn That looks delicious but I think I would get illWalnuts warm a weary, wet squirrel.
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️Alright, which one of you did this? 🤘
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️ @SirBedivier @SpiralCow @JarBomb I find so many unicorn lairs and I see them out of the corner of my eye but they h… of my photographer & history buffs, check this out!!
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Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️ @rubrics4life That looks so cool!! The last cave I explored was in Colorado last year. @FleabagforLife That's funny cuz I call this "You're beautiful, even on your worst days." @DilemmaOfEve @ProfessorShakey @Stephaniefishm4 We're going to do a practice video interview and I need to think of… @conor64 80% of people who invoke Occam’s Razor think it means “explanation I believe the most” rather than “simple…
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️ @KarinBarnes0 Exactly! I don't want it to be something that sits in the back of the closet @emullensemperfi That's how Beebs looks at me when I dance 🤣 @rene_smoller @Trumpet1984 @LadyJmbala @tintaryan @VABVOX @GreyCrossStudio @everybodyzzmama Yayyyyyy that's awesome am honored to announce that my painting, "Narciso," a portrait of my brother-in-law, was selected for the Las Lag…
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️Florida flying squirrel trafficking operation: officials say several people charged - CNN ⁦@sewimperfect⁩ WTF???
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️ @JoslynnFord GLOMAR @EC_Carstens Surprisingly okay! My ankles really hurt but my back actually feels better How are you feeling today? @sewimperfect
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️ @BarbaraJMay2 It's the squirrel equivalent of I said what I said @JasonIsCreating I'm sorry @daywalker1962 Me of the cool. 💘🤙😁
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Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️ @roxydavis99 I love the Greek theater in Berkeley @ndylan1 @roxydavis99 That is so badassShe’s a whole mood.
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️This is by Ladypingu on deviantART. I like it because it would work for a lot of different fire situations, not jus… like the headwear but I'm not into what's going on with the hips there one's pretty dramatic and I think it might kick embers everywhere really dig this one. I wish I could find the artist @DilemmaOfEve @KarinBarnes0 @NicoletteMpls need help choosing which dress I'm going to walk through fire in @JoslynnFord SALTED butter? Lol I just started using a moisturizer occasionally at night time and I'm very proud o… me tell u about the last three and a half years my fren
Retweeted by Squirrel of the Dead 🐿️🎃🕸️🕷️ @FireBirdRises @TheRealRobato11 I think that was my favorite night on Twitter cuz it was so funny @DeMelaatse They. WEIGHED. Her @DeMelaatse I thought all of this sounded like a great adventure but now it's starting to get a little hairy