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♡ full time cat girl that really loves anime, video games, fursonas, and women | 19 | matching with @mitsurifav ♡

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Katara's Childhood
Retweeted by rinWhat did we do to deserve a design of inuyasha and kagome’s child that is as PERFECT as moroha
Retweeted by rinstrawberry dress for momojirou 🍓
Retweeted by rin비 그만 오길... 기원....
Retweeted by rin @hexpun true @MistySnuggleBug I LOVE HER I LOVE HERReference sheet for the pretty lady ✨
Retweeted by rinshe makes me so happy @tarosprout pumpkin bc they remind me of halloween and candy corn uwuKAEDE ?????? @beobeulti but where is SHIPPOMAYBE LIFE IS WORTH LIVING 😭
Retweeted by rinYashahime: Princess Half-Demon arrives October 2020! Fate is in the hands of the next generation! 🌸
Retweeted by rinvampire girls that all go to the same academy uwu’s me :)'s okay that Pokemon never breaks formula because at the end of the day it's a game/anime for children. They don'…
Retweeted by rinsorry to put this on main but my home life is getting really bad and i dont know what to do anymore (“: please sha… @MistySnuggleBug I LOVE HER I LOVE HER
@SpikeTheColdest @DerpyPearly should be the only hero with the ability to one shot someone who have a crush on mermista from she-ra
Retweeted by rin @NoFireToday i’m late but here are some of mine! i’ll come back to this l8r also bc i got an axolotl character and… @Preqame kazemaru and shuichi 🤝 @JJRoseArt WAIT THANK YOU FOR THIS OH MY GOD. i feel the exact same way and ive felt kinda weird and alienated beca…✌️미쿠✌️
Retweeted by rini’m so happy to see her every time she’s on the tl. queen shit 💗✨ @Mistysnuggybugs bare minimum $100i think a gazelle might be cool maybe a deer? a sheep? a fox? a raccoon?i cant draw, but i’ll get a true sona ... eventually i gotta decide on an animal first though aa! what animal captures my personality?i made a nami vivi fancam cause they’re gfs and i miss them
Retweeted by rinwhen will yall stop sleeping on her
Retweeted by rin※建物破壊注意
Retweeted by rinThe only Moira tutorial you ever need to watch.
Retweeted by rin @YupankiA an android girl and a human boy team up together on a job to retrieve androids that are about to expire,… i decided to finally watch plastic memories and episode 1 has me sobbing wtfremembered these old jessie/james pieces i did forever ago and still kinda like em
Retweeted by rin @Preqame SLEEP ??? MORE ???????spot the player released for calling women whores
Retweeted by rin @yuurmika nothing, carry on. ❤️ @yuurmika LEO? @demondva im late but @MistySnuggleBug she’s so perfect i wanna hug herNine tailed fox ✨
Retweeted by rinY’all see the difference
Retweeted by rinGhost-Type Gym Leader #Fantina #Pokemon
Retweeted by rindate with cynthia
Retweeted by rin“women are so emotional” bro u threw a controller at the wall after losing a video game
Retweeted by rin遠坂凛
Retweeted by rinhe hasn't changed a bit ♥️ #犬夜叉 #inuyasha
Retweeted by rin @Mistysnuggybugs IF SHE’S AN ADOPT PLS PING ME. IM LOSING MY SHIT .. she’s one of my favorite (if not my favorite) designs you’ve ever made @Mistysnuggybugs she’s so pretty im gonna cry <3 🥺💞 @Mistysnuggybugs IM IN LOVE WITH HER OMG 😭💗 i need i need🐶
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this trio >>> @catsweetz i love how men only act like this when women are promiscuous but when they decide to be or they see thei… i got my laptop to work after hours of slapping it , restarting it and wiping it clean ! i don't have my usual d…
Retweeted by rin @Preqame I LOVE THEM SO MUCH IM GONNA CRYYYthinking about how pretty kagome is’re in love with inuyasha @kacchansdeku def bakugou but you have taste w literally all of these @blackcorvo ? @FluffyIvan she’s from monster girl doctor! @CosmicGaming91 monster girl doctor!she’s so cute im gonna cry @irlkanna taste @Mistysnuggybugs I LOVE THEM OMFGI see no difference 🤔
Retweeted by rin @MistySnuggleBug real babie hours should i rewatch hxh ... it’s been awhile @EntityofJustice owari no seraph!how are all of you !! tell me about your day !!still lacking money so im bumping the fact that i have an (18+) onlyfans (“: FANCAM EVER WOOOO FUCK GUREN LIVES
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Pharah's new skin giving off strong Korra vibes 😳
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Retweeted by rinme dming lifeguard pharah
Retweeted by rin @merfumaas yes!!hello. i just woke up, immediately updated overwatch, bought all of the cosmetics for the girls, and then got off hfkshsksRWBY x POKÉMON #pixelart #bumbleby
Retweeted by rin @rabsberries i’d love to see how they’d react to the way i look and the shit i wear then KDHKSHXKSKS @gaelicbreadd all of that to justify murder ... they’re really okay with saying a lie means you deserve to die. im so sick
Retweeted by rin @GRUBGUTZ omfg these are so cute .. i would love to see more like this sometime !!// food 🍩 🍩 🍩 eclair ferret (eclairret?) adopts auction!!!! they have icing and dough bodies with filling/jam tails…
Retweeted by rinwendy is easily the strongest dragon slayer🔖
Retweeted by rini finished izetta the last witch and im crying so hard what the FUCK it was so good @themechonis UR MIND ‼️‼️‼️‼️WAIT.
Retweeted by rinwe are so fucked @flameaIchemists XY WERE SO GOOD WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE THEM @kerobiie fate unlimited blade works !! it’s so so so good omgAM I LATE... spop edition #faceyourart2020
Retweeted by rin🎂LIVE2D ART GIVEAWAY🎂 One winner will receive a half-body Live2D model of your character drawn and animated by me!…
Retweeted by rin @QuinntheDruid1 im watching on crunchyroll!and more