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@SpikeUracil YES !! good team. froslass is one of my faves 🥺 @demondva dva, tanjirou, pharah @SUNJlROU YOU ARE ETHEREAL @aureuscorazon IM LLOSING MY MIND WHAT THE FUCK😺✏ — omg YES! thank you for this ... i really wanna do it @ilbeons ur so good i love upwease talk to me and ask me things im bored uwu @aureuscorazon WHAT @aureuscorazon i’m about 90% sure yeslike this tweet if i can dm you to talk more 🥺💗 uwu @SacredAlmighty deadass !! it’d be so much fun & we can go for lunch or smthn !! @qqAthen website called picrew!hey, look! it’s me (: some cute cat girlfriends just because i can @literelie chrome no connection dinosaur gamethinking about kirariOh @JacobTobia 😭😭😭
Retweeted by erica7 is the best table and if you choose otherwise you’re wrong @bethannie_rose sakura being number one ... the CULTURE you haveChristmas King's Row is the most beautiful map in Overwatch change my mind (you can't)
Retweeted by erica @cisionOwO she’s just an oc, like any other character in a show or book hahahathis is connie! tell her you love her or perish is the best demon slayer character (: of these days we're going to have to address how misogynistic anime stans, especially female ones, unnecessaril…
Retweeted by erica @SacredAlmighty go to pax so i can drop by and say hello !!悪妖精ズ
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Retweeted by erica @miragesucks chai latte, toasted white hot chocolate, vanilla creme
no one: me, about anything: hang on im gonna make a google doc im making a google doc of the sexiest weapons hold on @angeIcakee IDK HOW I FORGOT BC OWARI NO SERAPH IS ONE OF MY FAVE ANIME AND SHE ...... !!!! ... @yuucio DOG ...ROBIN JUST REMINDED ME THAT SCYTHES EXIST SO TAKE SOMETHING AWAYDKEHSJJS FUCK @robiinya OMG I FORGOT ABOUT SCYTHES ... FUCKi hope you all are having a lovely day today! i’m sending lots of love and hugs LANCES AND PISTOLS ARE GOOD TOO ...- sword - bow and arrow - battle axe - brass knuckles - knives/daggers @bakufuckr from this year @qqAthen hammond goodthe only good legendary @gudmorndemon yup @Apex_SSBU yep! just droppedhammond sippy is good too igthe good things about this event are the reaper and mercy skins and the winston emote @emiyorii the /event/, the /cosmetics/ @emiyorii i-i’m not upset with the game lmfaoi am very underwhelmed and upset with overwatch’s christmas event this year @plzdobruh thank you! i didnt know this!society suxx babiecomphet is stupid and i wish it was something tangible so i could physically k*ll it forevermy perfect man is dean winchester (fictional character) and every woman is perfect so😺✏ — woman hands down’s one of those things where i only really ever find myself attracted to fictional men and ive experienced comphe… im straight i just really value lgbt rights 2012: what? no, im not gay ... 2013: closeted bisexual 2014: bise……
Retweeted by ericaif yall ever feel bad about yourselves just know i set alarms so i wake up in time for when overwatch events drop @gojoswhore 🅱️ @SUNJlROU they delayed it i think. the original acc that tweeted the article revised it ):DRAGONBORN SORCERER ... HELL YEAH @SUNJlROU OMG .. THANK U .. MY BRAND @SUNJlROU THANK YOU FOR MY LIFE MY FAVORITE BABIE BOYhere is a furry... use him wisely #inuyasha
Retweeted by erica😺✏ — my favorite rival is barry and my favorite professor is rowan or sycamore! talk to me n ask me stuff uwu's the holiday season and that means gifts for you all! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ We are giving 🎁 1 Round trip fligh…
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pwease gimme xmas dva skinWhat an awesome idea!!
Retweeted by erica @YolandaMap this is really helpful, because i find myself saying those things a lot. thank you for the reminder! ma… @bakufuckr THOSE ARE FIGHTING WORDS, BOY @dantespeak 🅱️lease i need more aaravos contentgoodnight 💗 i love you all so much being pretty like them
Retweeted by ericadelphine is such a cute name. i want an adorable wolfsona named delphine. i love this color palette too @mavislucifer1 thank you 💗🥺 @Gahreki NO U @LRDavid3 i’m galarian lopunnyMiss Universe Puerto Rico’s national costume is just wow 😱
Retweeted by erica @poicyss omg yes please !! tag me or dm me when you do uwu know? fairちびなぎさにゃん。🧀🐱
Retweeted by erica @aureuscorazon NO THEY ARENT SKSHJS @aureuscorazon yeah the entire show is :// i only watched it bc it had jessica capshaw who’s one of my fave actresses from grey’s anatomyThe girl who travels alone with her magic ghost sword probably has an interesting life story
Retweeted by ericathe only thing wrong with this image is the fact that you took a photo of what is probably 3 underaged girls withou… 🥺 @trans_lion :D ty for the chance 💗💞 this is connie uwu’m doing a bday raffle for myself!! There will be TWO winners! All you have to do is -follow -retweet -and post…
Retweeted by erica @LegendMirage i make twitter headers owo accept tips for my brilliant magic trick via cashapp with the tag $veilstones 😔🤙🏼i told yall愛されビートくん
Retweeted by erica @SacredAlmighty that first pic ... im sobbingwhy did the dog DO THAT LMAOOOOOO
Retweeted by ericanow we wait for the essay/hw botsi really don’t want to write my essay and i wish someone would do my homework and write it for me wanna see me do a magic trick? watch