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We provide train service throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. For automated service updates: @SFBARTalert

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🎶 brings people together, even at Civic center @SFBART station. Come listen to these kids 🎻🎻🎻🎻
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@philklotzbach The real time departures feature that shows cancelled trains will be rolled out on the app later thi… Veterans Day today, BART will be reducing some service on the Antioch Line. Passengers on the Antioch Line duri…
Thankful on Veterans Day for BART partners who coordinate outreach to homeless veterans, as well as to all veterans… of infractions such as eating/drinking inside our paid area should not be used to prevent us from deliv… our General Manager's statement about the citing of a man for eating a sandwich on the platform. He apologizes… Veterans Day we're thankful for BART partners who coordinate outreach to homeless veterans, as well as to all… is Veterans Day, and we will be reducing some service on the Antioch Line. Passengers on the Antioch Line dur… Veterans Day, we will be reducing some service on the Antioch Line. Passengers on the Antioch Line during peak… delays of up to 25 minutes south of Hayward until end of service today, as trains are single-tracking. Crews… around 8 pm today, expect 20-30 minute delays in Downtown SF between Embarcadero and 24th St Mission as crews… Francisco riders! Expect 20-30 minute delays from now until 8 pm. All day, crews have been replacing power cabl… Veterans Day tomorrow, BART will be reducing some service on the Antioch Line. Passengers on the Antioch Line d… up: Expect 20-30 minute delays between 6:30 pm - 8 pm when crews are moving equipment after a day of replacin…
Expect delays of up to 25 minutes south of Hayward Station today, as crews conduct important track work that requir… a good look up close on what crews are doing to replace the cables in San Francisco. These cables are critical… San Francisco riders, please plan accordingly. Expect 15-20 minute delays as trains will be single-tracking bet…, for Veterans Day, we will be reducing some service on the Antioch Line. Passengers on the Antioch Line du… is single-tracking south of Hayward station today, as crews resurface the interlocking in the area to create a… upgrade the electrical traction power system in downtown San Francisco, BART is single-tracking between Embarcad… BART is single-tracking between Embarcadero and 24th Street Mission for most of the day. Crews will be replac… Veterans Day next Monday, BART will be reducing some service on the Antioch Line. Passengers on the Antioch Lin…, BART is single-tracking from Embarcadero to 24th St Mission to continue replacing its outdated cables to…
BART trains will be single-tracking south of Hayward from 10 pm Saturday until end of service Sunday. Expect delays… @Metta_World_Mat Our engineers estimate Felicia ran about 2.2 million miles during its 19 years in service @Nici0305 Maybe in the long future, but anything legacy fleet equipment which can be reused is and will be reused u… @GordonWerner @transit_tweets We have museums reaching out about these cars. Definitely something we are considering. @megabytemike None at the moment. BART is already recycling parts from decommissioned cars for its legacy fleet. Sc… shredding, Schnitzer Steel will help BART establish what these cars are worth after decommissioning — and how… lies BART train car 2528, AKA Felicia, as of this morning at Schnitzer Steel in Oakland. Schnitzer Steel was… @a_pagan_1 We plan to test some new signs next year. We want a side by side option so real time train information is always shown. @Larakate So good. @aegies We engage here because we are listening. We also act when we see content that needs to be escalated. We sen… Veterans Day next Monday, BART will be running normal weekday schedule but with reduced Antioch line service. P… @OakMorr Scott, I am very sorry you returned to this. Did you report it? We can request to pull video to see if we… @Hyper_lexic @alfred_twu No it’s about to be shredded to pieces by Schnitzer Steel. Others may have better luck in the future. @DonMiguelOrtiz a lengthy process to tie down Felicia to the truck, Felicia left BART facilities for the last time. Bye Felic… Schnitzer picked up Felicia today, all hazardous materials were removed and properly disposed. The 20-ton F… Schnitzer Steel, BART will also recycle the good parts from Felicia and the other 9 cars for remaining legacy… its HQ at Howard Terminal in Oakland, Schnitzer Steel will also help BART determine the baseline prices for ho… is being decommissioned as the new fleet grows in number and reduces storage space for both old and new fle… lived a colorful life. As a C2 car, Felicia went into full service in 1995. But Felicia was a problem chil… is BART train car 2528. Today, it became the first legacy BART car to be decommissioned to help make space for…
@sal_castaneda @ToneOliver @SFBARTalert We asked police why he was handcuffed and was told the individual was refus… @ToneOliver @sal_castaneda @SFBARTalert We have confirmed w/ the Deputy Chief he was not arrested. He was cited for… @sal_castaneda @SFBARTalert This happened on 11/4 and we've been told he was issued a citation. We've brought thi… @ToneOliver @OGpenn @JaniceForBART @rachelswan This happened on 11/4 and we've been told he was issued a citation.… @JedYork @JerryRice Thanks Jed! John has been in communication with the Niners. We would love to see John on the fi… @vandys Thanks for the heads up. We'll let your clean up team know.It's the end of the first week on the job for our new elevator attendants for Montgomery & Embarcadero stations. Th… also have it online in real time departures and on our Trip Planner. It’s important we be transparent about can… @MissShambling @shawnnicolekim @kairuirui We have street teams that give them out as a surprise. They are at different stations each week. @drmarkppd A train was taken out of service further up the line due to an equipment problem. This left a hole in s… @cjsweatt You are the second rider to tweet about this operator today! We will find him and share the praise. @jchristie13 We will. Have a great Friday. @ABC7Shack @JerryRice Thank you for arranging this special moment. @norcal630 @BevanDufty In North America, no major public transit rail systems has installed these doors onto existi… @seanharris007 There will be a train leaving the transfer platform in 5 minutes. @seanharris007 A train was taken out of service and it has created a hole in the schedule on your line. We are very sorry.Watch this video and wait for the call from John’s wife. #FridayFeeling this happened last night 👇🏈❤️ life, public service, and football. John and Rayshawn reunited tonight. @RickPaulas @NewYorkFBI @StephMcMahon @SeinfeldTV @FriendsTV @TajMahalMumbai @GregProops @WeedMubarak @MosesMaynez Until the end of the week!That's one early morning commute. you to @Raiders for its planned honoring of our Transportation Supervisor and hero John O’Connor
@QmarsK @nikkilynn019 We are in the process of retiring the old fleet. We will retire the poorest performing cars… @tarekisfree That is odd. We should have plenty of straps for the new trains. We will pass this along. @QmarsK @nikkilynn019 We take surveys from riders and use the results to prioritize budget funds on improvements th… @kortniscott Will do. A reprint is necessary. @shankarpranam Interesting. We reached out to our developers. Hope to have an answer soon. Have you tried the Offic… @sfbart for the opportunity!
Retweeted by SFBART @DJH_SFPS We understand miniature horses can provide the same services to persons with disabilities as service dogs with training. @shankarpranam Hi Pranam. We tried to replicate this across three mobile photos we have, and we couldn't. The Trip… @LeftistSoldier We also hope he gets some rest for his continuous hard work, but we understand he's getting honored… @Riptide360 @sfmta_muni We need the elevators for persons with disabilities and those with luggage and strollers. A…
@markcoflaherty @sfmta_muni With elevator attendants, to zero virtually. @charlieisaacs We understand federal regulations on trained service animals to help persons with disabilities inclu… @AimeeAims222 We learned that the owner of the horse presented the station agent with paperwork. Agent never asked for it. @alilynnet Just wanted to follow up to make sure you know our agent did not ask for paperwork. The person arrived t… @mahyarm8 We are working on a side by side option so train times are always shown. @BabinJosh @sfmta_muni YesWe’re partnering with @SFBART to expand the Elevator Attendant Program to Montgomery & Embarcadero stations 👏🏽Data…
Retweeted by SFBARTIf you use Montgomery or Embarcadero station, there are now friendly attendants in each elevator to provide a watch… @t_jh2009 @AndriaKPIX The pony came with paper work stating it was a service animal (not emotional support). @abs6c @rideact Here are the details about 12th street. There is a second street level elevator available at the st… mini horse is a service animal, and the owner provided paperwork to a station agent stating so. After consulta… @runcourtrun21 That's not one of our signs...What is your train car number? @ChrisOrtega9 Sorry about the extremely long wait. We have an Antioch bound train at 19th st in a minute. @kekebrown1 With the residual delays, we are running as many trains through the Tube as frequently as possible to r… @ShaunOsburn @transit_tweets Trains have been cleared to run to the East Bay from SF about 7 mins ago. Expect resid… out-of-service train is now back at Embarcadero. Trains are moving through to the East Bay. Currently under m… 4:39 pm: Trains are moving through to the East Bay after incident train has been swept out of service. Expec… incident train with the mechanical issue is being swept out of service and is returning back to Embarcadero to… @JoshuaKingdom77 There is currently a mechanical issue on a East Bay-bound train. We are waiting for further updates and resolution.There is a train experiencing a mechanical issue heading into East Bay. Stand by for updates. @TonyBadilla Tony, this is BART. John O’Connor told us just now to tell you how grateful he is of your tweet. Witho… @madstaaa Yes, the train was experiencing a mechanical issue and the train operator reset the train. The train is m… @kellyr The train experienced a mechanical issue and was reset. The train should be moving now. We're sorry for the delay and inconvenience.