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creative director/writer of Tangle Tower, Snipperclips, Haunt the House, Detective Grimoire. SFB Games w/@SFBTom and often @ungapants

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@AC_Revolution does Arrival count?
I've been watching old news reels and they all sound like this. Happy #December1st. Audio on.
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2020 Bloody Roar primal fury on the GameCube. I really liked this one! It’s super snappy and responsive. is the #AlisaGame Trailer again for #PitchYaGame If this is new to you, check out the demo right here:…
Retweeted by Adam Vian @CasperCroes Very excited to play this when it’s finished!!! I absolutely love horror games from this era and you’v… thank you to Noah and all the fangamer homies for working with me on this one! And thanks Sony music Japan for…
Retweeted by Adam VianAND, if you're a fan of Tangle Tower, I've got a treat for you! Adam and Tom have allowed me to share some of the a…
Retweeted by Adam VianLast few hours to get in on this (sale ends at 6PM GMT)
Retweeted by Adam Vian @NotFrankTurner Don’t need a company, just get Unity and start learning! @unpoumon @TianaCamachoVO
@kicdoc so cool!! @Alexsmith10 @goulcher hard agree. I was aggressively bored during that film
Dojo mode is great, come on
Rival Schools (hinata, tiffany, akira, shoma)
Retweeted by Adam Vian @girlfromcanada @FragFox @lostagainb it's a milkshake @lilfairytype So the picture shows what you’d see if you were standing on one of the islands, looking in one of the… @lilfairytype I can give you a tip if you like!
@CalMyName Oh, good shout, I’ll get that and the PS2 one nextThere’s a big bug guy that reminds me of Yoshimitsu from Tekken 4 (obv this came first)’s fun! I’m pretty bad at it though Bloody Roar 2 @DemonTomatoDave it was one of the PS5 reveals - I think I read that the reason the videos looked like CG was that… Tower is: 🏆 Award winning! 🖼️ About a killer painting?! 👉 30% off on Steam!
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@usuallyawake Magical @dedbutdrmng I’m only a couple of chapters in but I’m already hooked. Spend a good amount of each day looking forward to getting back to it.🌟I have just launched my shop! 🌟 With real originals and hand painted decorations and prints and lots more! Until…
Retweeted by Adam Viantwo more that didn't get finished - Batsu and Roy @ActionKazimer Thank you!
Some other fighting game characters I have drawn in the past @BlueHeatwave :)Some key art we’ve done for indie games recently! It’s always a challenge and a pleasure to work with amazing proje…
Retweeted by Adam Vian @raz_back thanks!If you’re curious: @torpordust thanks joe!!Rival Schools (hinata, tiffany, akira, shoma) @TataniaRosa These are lovely
If you are a @Newgrounds artist, they are giving away tablets to budding artists! When I was trying to meet my dea…
Retweeted by Adam Vian @Weezykid Oh I was annoyed. Spent hours on this level, only to fail because of this stuff to get all the gems on the hardest level in Crash 4, my efforts are being thwarted by some unfortunate b…
@TunderscoreC @SFBTom There is this stuff! @torpordust It’s @papagaeio I think!Love a map at the start of a book up some new books today!
Looking forward to this!! wealth of Jurassic Park ambience on YouTube really says something about people’s emotional connection to the fi…
I'm often focused on what to paint next and don't spend much time reflecting about past work. Sometimes when I get…
Retweeted by Adam Vianthe twitter zeitgeist suggests I should post some of my flat(ish) illustration
Retweeted by Adam Vian @pixelpoe Thanks! :) @PadensPixels thankyou! @nalem Thanks Mel! :) @Laure_DeMey thankyou! it's my faveshown in full effect here by the Laguna action figure all my drawings use what I would call the DBZ proportion ratio twitter zeitgeist suggests I should post some of my flat(ish) illustration @torpordust Mega Scizor Energy completely forgot about these weird Mariokart animations I made. They were fun!
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@torpordust No!! That’s cool, I like her design a lot. @torpordust I literally scaled them up and up to find the largest size before I began to feel overly embarrassedhinata (rival schools)
I kept the term video games in circulation with the Decline of Video Gaming. I felt like that particular term was g… @torpordust it's funny to me that that guys face isn't drastically different from Dante's face these days @inu009 Stand brave life liver Bleeding out your days in the river
Some say that if you look closely enough, you'll find a tiny kingdom hidden right before your very eyes...
Retweeted by Adam VianI'm so unbelievably chuffed and honoured to have been selected as a 2020 #BAFTABreakthrough! Huge congratulations t…
Retweeted by Adam VianCongratulations everyone!!!! and especially the amazing @Ungapants - endlessly well-deserved @CptBenzie It’s honestly pretty good, I wonder why nobody has played it
Cardinal Syn on PS1. Pretty good 3D arena fighter. Anyone played this one?
Retweeted by Adam Vian @gomtane Seems to be 1/1000???
@egoraptor In my fourth pack! I’ve peakedOpened some vivid voltage. Got rainbow Pikachu ❤️ @HiScoreClub Me watching the boat leave us at 8pm GMT for some shrieking and glitching! (or maybe just shrieking if the glitching has been patched o…
Retweeted by Adam Vian @realDonaldTrump Surely this is the most stupid thing anyone has ever said @boiledlemon I love it까치
Retweeted by Adam Vian @gracebruxner I don't read steam reviews anymore ;_;In the second one they have a kid, Alex, and he gets kidnapped and now their motivation is to rescue him. Standard… the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies recently and noticed something about raising stakes. In the first movie, Ri…
EXTREMELY privileged and honored to be a part of the Demon's Souls Remake!! Thanks so much to @KalElBogdanove for h…
Retweeted by Adam Vian @CharlieJamison Yeah sometimes they have to stand in a pool of honk and hold R to rechargeKiki has a delivery service @danthat Me any time I need to press any button on my PS4
@nickholl @Ungapants She really captured the energy of Poppy!!!✨💙✨ I'm Faye. I've worked years in the tech & games industry as a PM. I'm a voice actress, a former video game comp…
Retweeted by Adam VianThe Owl by British painter Valentine Cameron Prinsep (1838-1904)
Retweeted by Adam Vian @TheJWittz I bought these ones about 6 years ago, and kept them sealed - I don't think I'd be able to afford them n… @TheJWittz I remember that!! UnlistedLeaf did it in July this year - and yeah, he admits it cost over $10,000¿What’s this?¿New Steam Screenshots? Wishlist Alba: a Wildlife Adventure, launching 11th Dec 2020! 🦆…
Retweeted by Adam VianSmall actions can make a big difference in Alba: a Wildlife Adventure. Set on a Mediterranean island, protect what…
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@Giraffaloops @TamashiiHirokaHeyo #IamPOCinPlay I'm a mixed Filipina / British lesbian lady born and raised in London. I've been creating 2D a…
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It helps that the controls are the same as Tekken playing Bloody Roar last week I wanted to check out some more PS1 fighting games. First time playing Rival Sc…
@torpordust There’s a fun skip to that segment! Only watch if you want to see it, obviously: