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Rogelio Martinez’s play shows how imagination is an act of compassion, how asking, “What must it have been like for… with other Italian operas of the period, “Macbeth” is a welter of secondary and ancillary characters (Shak… best way to find Keanu in real time? Social media is your friend, especially Twitter. @RachelBublitz’s “Ripped” won the 2020 Will Glickman Award for the best new play to premiere in the Bay Area…".@BillyCrystal tones it down and adopts a light touch in a role that could have been phenomenally maudlin,"… @noisepop @MusicSF Here are the five concerts you should not miss at this year's fest. idea behind the new event series is to provide a glimpse into the lives of local performers — a look “behind th…" I hated this film. I hated every minute of it, and at times it even made me angry," @MickLaSalle reviews…
#SNL veteran @OrvilleIV was not looking for a project after #LastManOnEarth. The universe had other plans for him. @erstheater @LilyJaniak Check out @LilyJaniak's review of the almost nine-hour long "Gatz.""You can feel [Salonen's] hand on the small of @SFSymphony’s back, gently but firmly guiding it into the 21st centu… to @noisepop 2020? Check out @MusicSF's guide on how to get the most bang out of the festival. known to history buffs and cinephiles in the city’s Asian community, "Films of Remembrance" offers documentari… “Spoek 1” is expected to be parked at the front of @FortMasoninSF, accessorized by photographs of its creation… being wowed by @erstheater's "Gatz," @LilyJaniak reflects on the majesty of marathon plays. his scathing #BirdsofPrey review, @MickLaSalle reveals his "all-time worst" movie experiences. 🍿👀 “The Last Ship” coming to the @broadwaysf starting this week, @OfficialSting is taking on one of the leading ro… the inaugural event in June, festival organizers hope to expand Day to Night Festival to multiple days an…“I’m so thankful that everyone has been patient because I’ve had a s— year,” @OzzyOsbourne said in a statement on M… this week's column, I argue that folks who have the very reasonable "8 HOURS?!?" reaction to marathon theater sh…
Retweeted by SFChronicle DatebookICYMI: @primus will perform the Rush’s 1977 album “A Farewell to Kings” in its entirety every night, in addition to… isn’t just poised to break out. She’s ready to blast off. 🎤🤩 to run June 9-21, the @SFJazz festival program includes 43 concerts over 13 days. will open its 54th season with @LehmanTrilogy, a three-part, one-evening epic about the rise and… John Malkovich will make a live appearance in Berkeley together with five chamber musicians on April 30 in “… year, @noisepop brings more than 150 independent-minded artists to the Bay Area, where music fans can catch s… added a second tour stop in Oakland. 🎸🎶 Martinez’s play shows how imagination is an act of compassion, how asking, “What must it have been like for…"No man loves a woman the way Jamie does. But, oh, how we wish they did," Debra Ryll writes of #Outlander's male pr… @RachelBublitz’s “Ripped” won the 2020 Will Glickman Award for the best new play to premiere in the Bay A… call Day to Night Festival “a boutique concert and community experience.”"Behind the Curtain" will feature conversations with LGBTQ artists from around the Bay Area. @bacheloronstage in San Jose today, Datebook's resident newlywed @SFMarMendoza writes about finding love. @susanthesquark Don't forget to check out our review of "Whistleblower: My Journey to Silicon Valley and Fight for… “Whistleblower,” @susanthesquark attributes her courage and strategic nerve in making herself an unlikely thorn…
As @bacheloronstage makes its way to the Bay Area, @rachelahoward shares her story about love lost, watching… Ziman’s “Spoek 1” is the centerpiece for the San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show at @FortMasoninSF, whic…"There’s a healthy delight, after all, to be taken in grandiose, vulgar showmanship," @JoshuaKosman writes of the… second installment of @WestBayOpera’s three-part all-Verdi season was an all-round splendid affair.'s "The Great Gatsby" trusts that we can accept and adjust to the realities of an unconventional dramat… promised that more details and ticket information for the rescheduled benefit concert would be revealed…"When I saw his new installation, I was both drawn to and disturbed by his vision," @TonyBravoSF writes of Bret Woo… for @primus' A Tribute to Kings tour go on sale to the general public on Friday, Feb. 21. comes as Bay Area theater has already weathered significant losses in media coverage. to run June 9-21, the @SFJazz festival program includes 43 concerts over 13 days."Nobody gets to choose who is and is not a gentrifier," @ConorDougherty told The Chronicle in a recent interview. his scathing #BirdsofPrey review, @MickLaSalle reveals his "all-time worst" movie experiences. 🍿👀 January, @OzzyOsbourne revealed he has Parkinson’s disease. He plans to go to Europe for treatment. will offer a 2020-21 season built around two mini-festivals devoted to themes of Greek mythology and t… postponing the North American dates of his 2020 #NoMoreTours2 several times due to a variety of health issues…
Retweeted by SFChronicle DatebookGoing to a concert? Better to be safe than sorry. 😷 Malkovich is coming to Berkeley! 🎭👏“We Are the Dream: The Kids of the Oakland MLK Oratorical Fest” premieres tonight on @HBO. Bay Area has been a big source of talent for the #TheBachelor franchise. But did the contestants find love?"Every time my husband pushed 'play,' I thought, 'Dear God, let our marriage make it,'" @rachelahoward writes of…“Dawoud Bey: An American Project,” a retrospective of the artist’s career, continues through May 25 at @SFMOMA. documents how #AB5 is already changing which art gets made (and doesn't get made). @SFC_Datebook
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"As a ballet, @SFBallet's 'The Big Hunger' is conceptually sound and theatrically brilliant — but choreographically… almost 9-hour production of "The Great Gatsby"? @LilyJaniak says @erstheater's production at @BerkeleyRep breath… Matrix 4 is filming in the Bay Area right now. Here's what we know: 😎 celebrate #Outlander's return tonight, Debra Ryll shares the story of how the show changed her life. unstylish trend has been popping up throughout the Bay Area at malls, grocery stores and now at concerts as con… @bacheloronstage comes to Santa Rosa today, @rachelahoward shares her story about love lost, watching…
Bay Area native @ConorDougherty will discuss his new book,“Golden Gates: The Fight for Housing and Democracy in Ame… @LilyJaniak shines a spotlight on @shurwitt "as an example of how AB5 is threatening the careers of some of…“Extra Ordinary” screens Sunday, Feb. 16, as part of the Irish Spotlight at San Francisco’s Mostly British Film Fes… Bay Area has all kinds of fun activities and events for the public to enjoy during this three-day weekend.’s play, directed by Margarett Perry, shows how imagination is an act of compassion, how asking, “What must…
Retweeted by SFChronicle DatebookOur resident newlywed said by the time she went down the aisle she learned "love is not a game we play ... and — he…"Though #ThePhotograph provides a handful of characters and makes us care about them — no small feat — it doesn’t m… to the weekend! @sfchronicle @thepressCA 🥂🍾🍷
Retweeted by SFChronicle Datebook".@Downhill_Movie has moments of humor, but of the more uncomfortable variety, not the kind that provoke laughter,…
Finding Neo? #Matrix4 #KeanuReeves"It appears we all owe a big apology to the @SonicMovie," @PeterHartlaub writes in his review. was nominated for a foreign film Oscar, and it’s currently nominated for Cesar Awards in nine cate…"Despite what all the sappy songs and rom-coms tell you, love is not a game we play," says @SFMarMendoza plans for the long weekend? We have suggestions. spoke with The Chronicle about the complex realities of housing, the primary obstacles we face and… @Metallica's postpones benefit concert in San Francisco until September., @TheCrownNetflix, and more are in our list of Valentine's Day streaming suggestions.😍 TV show's "wackadoodle spirit finds delightful new life onstage," @LilyJaniak writes of @SpongeBobBway in San F… Bay Area has all kinds of fun activities and events for the public to enjoy during this three-day weekend. best love stories on the screen? @MickLaSalle reveals his top picks for Valentine's Day."As a ballet, @SFBallet's 'The Big Hunger' is conceptually sound and theatrically brilliant — but choreographically…"This low-key video game movie is built on a foundation of solid writing and likable characters, and a mellow escap…“The Bachelor Live on Stage” is love in real time. Except that’s not how it happens.
I spoke to @Stray_Kids for my latest @SFC_Datebook #kpop piece. Good lads, looking forward to seeing them live at…
Retweeted by SFChronicle Datebook"I can only pray that season five will bring back what we once had, because I need Jamie more than ever," Debra Ryl… Garver’s engaging new documentary "What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael” is a must for any film fan. @Stray_Kids' show on Thursday, Feb. 13, a few people in line were sporting face masks, while others had them tu… so-called gig work bill, which went into effect Jan. 1, limits how much businesses can use independent contract…"Fantasy Island" feels like less of a fully formed story than a series of “Saw”-lite horror cliches acted out by ch… the love? You can also celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day with these events. and lissome as it often was, a certain New York energy percolated through @SFBallet “Sandpaper” on Tuesday, Fe… are plenty of opportunities to socialize and enjoy with other singles on Valentine's Day. LOVED THIS SHOW. I loved it loved it loved it. On Elevator Repair Service's "Gatz," now playing at @berkeleyrep!…
Retweeted by SFChronicle Datebook.@Barbara_Eden was honored by @SFConservMusic Friday as a distinguished alumna. tragedies get frozen in time, packaged into little more than murals, pins and posters seen around town as tim…
Retweeted by SFChronicle Datebook"'Come As You Are' takes viewers on not just a scenic tour from Colorado to Montreal, but also a journey through ou…'s Day is here and you still don't have plans? We have suggestions.