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Even worse Zarif smiles and laughed with an Austrian delegation. This most favored propagandist in the West doesn’t… has mocked the coronavirus as not a danger, comparing it to US sanctions and claiming that the flu in the U… also in Iraq is that there are powerful lobbies for certain flights; there is also other activity rapidly this will grow to hundreds of cases in Iran. have UPDATED about daily live-blog about #coronavirusMiddleEast and Iran especially as well as Iraq and Gulf; th…
Retweeted by Seth Frantzman @Yossi_Mansharof The latest:'s former leader Hosni #Mubarak has passed away. It was recently revealed he was in intensive care since a mon… @Mustafa_salimb Do you have updates for @MidEast_Center , follow them and send them a link; they have a live-blog o… @MohammedAllawi Is that what is happening @NeriZilber Remember when this group just claimed it was involved in defending state land or it has… practice reading Farsi and Arabic everyday, not because I particularly like or am good at languages, but out of n… piece @OALD24 Yes;This is why people vote for @BernieSanders because most other candidate have no answer, or don’t care, why a man wh…
I hope the best for people in Iraq and Iran and countries in the region struggling at this time amid the crises. @Mustafa_salimb Symbolic @MidEast_Center @DavidShuster @BlindNewsGirl @BernieSanders @GissiSim Remember @azelin By this logic one couldn’t read Nazi propaganda or watch its propaganda films to study it? @leloveluck @Reuters Important @ignis_fatum There has been a naval siege since 2005 @elderofziyon @PunkedFakert Deacon, Nigel, Rupert, Bruce, Ahmed @44homan Kindle , actually Kindle version is the biggest seller so far. If that isn’t your thing PM meImportant by Kurdistan KRG health minister on the region’s efforts to prepare and protect; so many friends in the r… article on #coronavirusMiddleEast in #Iran @LawkGhafuri 😢 @SeanDurns InterestingI picked up a few more copies of my book #AfterISIS to sign today as I’ll be giving some more talks in the next wee… @SarwanBarzani_ Do not tell me this is to get gas in Kurdistan region. 😢 @_sHx_ @Hsnacn 😢 awful @Surfer017 The problem is that Iran affects the region. It's one thing to lie about ballistic missiles. But health… @chadgarland All that is mixed together? How long does this take @SGhasseminejad Good point.South Korean: 833 cases, 8 deaths Italy: 229 cases, 7 deaths China: 77,345, 2,593 deaths Iran: 61 cases official,… @BaxtiyarGoran Unfortunate comments from Sadr, not helpful. Considering months of protests, and so many issues to d… @LawkGhafuri Misery in these areas of Iraq never ends, after five months of protests and suppression, now having this @Cernovich @MZHemingway @peterjhasson How many people are we talking about here? 8. 12?Long lines at gas stations in Erbil as people fear fuel shortages due to border with Iran being closed cause of Corona virus.
Retweeted by Seth Frantzman21:22 @DocPakistan I just deal in confirmed or official information.Times of rocket launches from Gaza toward Israel Feb 23-24, 80 rockets fired, Feb 23 17:54 17:39 17:41 17:44 19:54… is when the #coronavirus appears to have spread to several new countries in the Middle East; including Bahrai… I'm covering today: -The aftermath of the terror attack in Germany, 2-Iran border cl… @HenMazzig Yes. I will be speaking about my book, Kurdish issues and defense issuesExactly @ghoshworld @HSajwanization Just the beginningAjouri is the new Mohammed Deif...when it comes to surviving... @benshapiro Why couldn’t they have high literacy rates and also democracy? Does literacy require dictatorship and n… @RashaAlAqeedi #coronavirusMiddleEast @AlirezaNader #coronavirusMiddleEast @joedyke @just_whatever Well that was 24 hours @JasonMBrodsky Well that was a quick change from them dismissing it a day ago; #coronavirusMiddleEast @yashar It shows that there is not impunity @peacenowisrael @PeaceNowUS The 1990s called, they want their tweet back @JasonMBrodsky Wait so they might give us answers on the extent of itMalaysia’s antisemitic prime minister offers resignation to king - by @sfrantzman via @Jerusalem_Post
Retweeted by Seth Frantzman @laraseligman Excellent and important @AlArabiya_Eng Iran regime’s tactics: obfuscate, blame foreigners, cover up. Classic. Tragic consequences. @StoicViper it’s what they have always done and what they are. When a community is openly racist and no one protest… @MessageFromLen @rich_goldberg It is very serious and looks to get worse closely developments in #Kurdistan region #twitterKurds @Jake_Hanrahan #mustmiss @IDIisrael @AvigdorLiberman Yeah sure...preserving quiet harms Israel....only conflict makes Israel safe...up is do… @manniefabian 😢Imagine if they cared about their people they will be visiting and caring for the people affected, not laughing wit… total appeasement of the regime abroad also contributes to the impunity by which the regime doesn’t have to ans… pilgrimages and flights to Iraq, Lebanon and other places, some clandestine travel etc, because of the nature o…’s regime may come close to imploding or massive crises because of failure to handle coronavirus, long before U… @agitpapa Yep, as I tweeted back on January 23 numbers were similar in China to Iran....days later the number of ca… @GissiSim It was a talking point put out yesterday. The day before it was “Putin supports Bernie”...tomorrow it wil… @TomtheBasedCat #coronavirusMiddleEast @AliBakeer Hezbollah needs its flights.You need to know, on January 23 "At least 25 people are dead in China and more than 800 infected"; by January 27, 2… @FarsNews_Agency #coronavirusMiddleEast @FarsNews_Agency So what are the statistics?A photo from Iran appeared to show some kind of disinfectant being sprayed at a religious site while people pray. T… suspected 750 cases of #coronavirus in Iran on Friday. It shows that Iran's officials knew about this for da… @AAKAY11 It will continue to grow. 12 deaths would indicate that the numbers are more than 1,000 cases.All the updates about spread of #coronavirus in Middle East and especially Iran, country reactions; has the second highest number of dead after China due to the virus, with at least 8 now said to have died, eve… all of Iran's neighbors have closed borders, sought to evacuate citizens, even cancelled flights and are tak… @yuppieabroad I’m not a Sanders fan but it strikes me as fascinating the coordinated attempt. @HeshmatAlavi Awful #coronavirusMiddleEast @redsteeze There should be a separate primary just for media commentators. It could be Fourth E… mean Sanders is a known quantity, he hasn’t changed for decades. So what’s this “oh you know in 1974 or 1982...”.… I don’t get it, did everyone get a talking point about Bernie and “Castro” and communism and opposing the CIA an… @JRubinBlogger @AmandiOnAir @SykesCharlie @BernieSanders @realDonaldTrump Isn’t he polling quite well in middle Ame… @avischarf And they were PIJ? Or Iranians or _____ @ArabicNrt #coronavirusMiddleEastTurkey prepares its third drill ship energy armada... @KoltovskoyYakov Don’t they know the US doesn’t want to increase bases and do more state building @SethAMandel Everyone leaves office. Even Merkel, Erdogan, Putin and Madurai will eventually leave. @bariweiss @amnesty @hrw How come they couldn’t have a literacy program in Cuba and also have democracy? Everyone w… @Jerusalem_Post @Donna_Rachel_ So that’s worse than the flu which doesn’t survive on surfaces rightSo wait, what reason will Oxford, Cambridge and Columbia have now to incite antisemitic world leaders under the gui… @ProfDBernstein @SeanDurns He doesn’t seem to pick winners very well @AnshelPfeffer Not when Super Tuesday is same week and you want make it seem like there is a reason to avoiding an… @irinatsukerman Time for another Opeds in the NYT then @DavidAFrench There could be a third party then, if the conclusion is that both parties have failed to produce a ma… @KasraAarabi Unhelpful #coronavirusMiddleEast @Yair_Rosenberg Is there evidence that many are furious at him. Is there, for instance, polling or surveys to suggest that?