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@NeriZilber Netanyahu can read polls, he holds most of the cards. An election now will keep Netanyahu in his endles… @rabiasquared @coffeeshopjihad Very @usembassybeirut Good morning, I have been compiling a list of flights and tonnage of aid and personnel aiding Leba… @JSchanzer Can guarantee their aid will be provided only to certain communities with the overall agenda of extendin… failure of the international community and WHO is to provide support to areas outside “government” control… @LahavHarkov The UN always “human rights” groups seem to be run by the top dictators and human rights abusers, it’s… @SohrabAhmari Internal revolution comes first. Then it will rewrite history and create its own facts... @AlbertoMiguelF5 Don’t tell all those experts who ignore Hezbollah or see it as a moderating positive influence... @Mansourtalk I’m updating, next one will have two
Lebanon was in need of $93 billion bailout before the explosion and the explosion could cost $5 billion or so...mea… US-Israel F-35 joint drills are growing; @mezzegen I'll update, I had one ton and 39 people @DraperRobert @meridithmcgraw interesting.In other news, Russia is nonplussed about US role in Syria...apparently this tweet was sparked by the oil deal news… @WithinSyriaBlog Well people didn't think Turkey will take over a third of Libya and ship Syrians there...and it did... @ahmedlin_inra16 Video shows Iraqi fuel trucks arriving. @ONC3X NATO calls this 'security' though. UN praises it. @Plagiste4you Rapid declineSee Ankara says it will do the same thing...oddly Ankara's regime hack who went to Lebanon today was busy promising… @Plagiste4you western countries don't do any reconstruction anymore, they do virtue-signaling mostly...condemnation… @GeromanAT While Ankara and UAE will talk and compete...China will supply financing, labor, expertise...and suddenl… @abdu How is the illegal occupation and ethnic-cleansing of Afrin going? Yes I am biased against the far-right regi… UAE, Turkey, Russia, Iran and maybe even China at the end will be involved in trying to push for rebuilding i… @AviWoolf Everything in the US will soon be just executive orders it seems. @abdu Turkey''s current regime, like Israel's current leadership, is a right wing nationalist supported by religiou… @ahmedlin_inra16 A flight or just aid? i list them at the bottom @2020Sqt apparently, I'm trying to learn more about why so manySymbolic, protesters in Jerusalem against Israel's Netanyahu (top) and below against the system in Beirut the difference with Macron's visit...Ankara's politician was surrounded it seems almost exclusively with men… @80bvm I have a total of 5 from Russia, are you saying that the total from Russia is more than 5?You get a sense that Aoun is next going to use the Ankara model of saying "Antifia did it...we are fighting Antifa"… @KianSharifi i'll add that @Gerjon_ @avischarf I wonder why it doesn't fly over Israel, Ukraine is a friendly state so why go over Syria, is i… @Ostrov_A @CrisisGroup Interesting, I wonder why...My list of aid flights to #Beirut since the explosion; I tried to track with the aid of many people online who do t… what this flight is @avischarf @Gerjon_ @ADSB_not_ACDC @avischarf @Gerjon_ @Intel_Sky @ItaMilRadar What I meant was Morocco clearly has sent the most, so I… @Intel_Sky @ADSB_not_ACDC @avischarf @Gerjon_ @ItaMilRadar Wasn't such an airlift like this since the blockade of Berlin @LunaSafwan @cnni @bencnn @tamaraqiblawi Excellent and important thank youUpdated my map of Beirut protests and clashes; new mentions of Riad Solh, Ring and other areas affected; also added… @GeromanAT One of them is up the road from me...Not good abuse of protesters in #Beirut #lebanonprotest #لبنان_ينتفض #لبنان @avischarf @ADSB_not_ACDC @Gerjon_ @Intel_Sky @ItaMilRadar Updated with Bahrain and full Morocco numbers; #Lebanon regime media will need to think carefully about coverage of Beirut protests, the regime allegedly killed so… @ADSB_not_ACDC @avischarf @Gerjon_ @Intel_Sky @ItaMilRadar That's a huge number, how do you explain that? @ADSB_not_ACDC @Dilmun18 @ItaMilRadar @avischarf @Gerjon_ @Intel_Sky That's a Bahrain aid flight?Lebanon protests; big question about what comes next tonight; footage; the sense that so far Turkey's regime media is not on the side of the protesters in Beirut, but on the side of… of one area of protests today in Beirut and buildings targeted during the developing #breakingnews from… can see it looks like it has gotten more intense and worse as day developed; protest today in Beirut days after explosion, many angry at government inaction, protesters targeted foreign… we go again, UPDATED list of aid flights to #Beirut in wake of #LebanonExplosion; new details on personnel, ai… @MauriSeptem @Intel_Sky @avischarf @Gerjon_ You're saying 8 total flights? @ADSB_not_ACDC @avischarf @Gerjon_ @Intel_Sky Noted, new list coming soonFifty aid flights, hundreds of specialists: Who is helping Beirut? Iran’s regime pleased with US envoy Hook’s departure or worried? plane coming in to land now panorama of part of the city of Modi’in in Israel, a lot of new construction'd think, given the ostensibly close relations with Hezbollah and the statements that Iran's regime would care,…, by August 8, around fifty flights arrived carrying hundreds of tons of aid for #Beirut following the…
Retweeted by Seth FrantzmanI wrote this up as a blog post with sources for the flights; still I'm sure it is both an incomplete list and has s… tried to quantify the ai flights that have arrived in Beirut after the explosion, some countries said they would… @avischarf Part of the Momentum plan was supposed to improve networked communications, digitization, etc...clearly… details on Middle East today; 1. Al-Ain says Iraqi PM Kadhimi may go to DC to meet Trump 2. Iran complains to… doth protest too much;
Beirut, Lebanon Explosion Shows Risk of Hezbollah Influence | ⁦@sfrantzman⁩
Retweeted by Seth Frantzman @omriceren @karendeyoung1 Why can't this person just go on the record? What the "former official" is saying is not… @GeromanAT maybe @FleurHassanN @Immort4l_Legacy Great work @GeromanAT Why was he so defensive. Too much @ghoshworld "Opportunities"... Iranian aid flights using cover of support to bring in precision guided munitions, for instance...ummm...Nasrallah seems to protest too one said there were bullets there...this whole "we know nothing abo… Calls for investigation and accountability - Praises France - Slams regional Arab media for spreading conspiracie… points from Hezbollah's Nasrallah speech today: - Calls for solidarity - Says US put Lebanon under siege - Den… @gnuseibeh @Beltrew Because the last investigation took 15 years after Hariri was murderedNew drone news this week, including details from Israel, Syria, Libya and elsewhere; @FridaGhitis An outside investigation into the murder of Hariri has taken 15 can’t imagine it would be any better this time @laokoon2 And a fedora...The end of an era @JRCookson I’ll send you one of them...For instance article like many others describes jet engine noises during a fire and explosion; think what is called a “fire… for those saying they heard the sound of a plane over Beirut during the explosion... let me provide a possible e… do you think, can I get away with wearing these... @WithinSyriaBlog The conspiracy theory logic would posit that the warplane was used to cover up the IED to distract… @hxhassan The art of winning is not running the race @AAhronheim @NeriZilber Yeah I’m surprised that professional anti-Israel activists have made this their story...its… @LizSly Here @LizSly check this out, for instance other explosions with a large fire compared to sound of jet engin… @LizSly Right. So for those who think it’s a plane linked to the explosion it doesn’t explain what caused the first… @NeriZilber Oddly no one has asserted Israel launched a missile that caused the smaller explosion, the bizarre cons… @LizSly The noise you heard was after the smoke and smaller explosions were taking place right? Or was it prior to… as with the murder of Rafic Hariri, now the obfuscation and lack of accountability begins in Beirut...cover up… trip to the desert near Maale Adumin piece I look at: Help Lebanon: Remove Hezbollah’s Stranglehold — and Its Dangerous Missile Stockpiles will Hezbollah react to this week’s massive blast in Beirut? @Ostrov_A @Israel @PorazDan @yiftahc @IsraelinBelgium @YakiLopez @IsraelinAustria @fredman_a @Starrlord89 @IdoDaniel @SussexFriends MalkaTurkey’s latest moves in the Eastern Mediterranean could mean a tempest is brewing, with implications for Israel.
Retweeted by Seth Frantzman @AlizaMarcus Remember now armed drone attacks were controversial at the UN and other places when the US did them in… @EylonALevy And cuisine