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Maureen @sfwom1 San Francisco, CA

Creative reuse champion, mother, bicycle & public transportation advocate, angry feminist. Job seeker.

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Anybody missing this?
Retweeted by Maureen @newwheel @hknightsf @peterhartlaub I just subscribed to @sfchronicle. I'm impressed with the writing and I want to support independent journalism. @BruceHallman @sfbike @LondonBreed @AaronPeskin Thank the activists of @PeopleProtected
Taiwan's vehicle registration fees are based on engine size, and increase exponentially. The lowest bracket, which…
Retweeted by Maureen @thecliffbar @SamwiseSF @shamannwalton @walksf I know a person who sprays the passenger side door handle of cars pa… @schmangee YES!! @stolenbikessfo small chop shop on 18th& Geary. Lots of parts and bikes spray painted. One man’s bike was formerly… @BikeLink_ @prinzrob Thank youA gender reveal party, but instead you announce to everyone that you’re selling your car and getting a bike.
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@bikepedx Is there a sad but laughing emoji? Stop for me, my life is not important but maybe you will get in trouble.Thank you @biketalkpfk for inviting me to speak about @PeopleProtected & My interview begi… found. Now we just need to find the driver.
Retweeted by Maureen @BART the BART screech on@my ride home reached 105! Decibels. My ears hurt. mark your calendars and share widely. All are welcome as we pedal and scoot for safe infrastructure for all…
Retweeted by MaureenAmerican friends, just for the sake of my own interest and to prove a point... If you have ever avoided going to t…
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Waiting for cargo bike ride to begin. Talking about my ebike & cargo bike survey. latest: Nancy Harrison-Noonan was walking in a crosswalk. A driver hit her, sending her to SF General in an ambu…
Retweeted by MaureenPreparing for my @biketalkpfk debut. Excited to talk about @PeopleProtected and my newest idea.… @BikeLeague Yeah I’m cheating. Cheating the car companies out of a sale!You guys! There was no water at City Hall earlier. What if Department of Elections 4pm results are late because peo…
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@djconnel @baywheels I have arthritis in my knees. Ebikes allow me to stay out of cars. @ktflghm HugCan anyone on my feed connect me to a BikeLink employee to interview? They are not on LinkedIn. I'd like to know… @lacbc Please help me spread the word about my short, anonymous survey for CA owners of ebikes & cargo bikes. Coll… I'll be a guest on @biketalkpfk to talk about @PeopleProtected and my latest project: a short, anonymous s… @FitzTheReporter Yay good news! I can't (yet) afford to replace my stolen electric bike and this will get me on the road again.
@printtemps @RebeccaForBART This was on Market near Powell. Legal loading zone spot a few feet away#badbartparking @IBIKEDublin @Shane_RossTD You inspire me! @printtemps Parents don’t have to drive their kids to school. When my son was young, in small steps I taught him to…
@tampopo2236 @AndrewKDavidson what's the JS?If you live on the NW side and are free from 5pm-7pm please join the human protected bike lane vigil at Kilbourn an…
Retweeted by Maureen Recent article that reiterates what our eyes tell us. That's why I created my short, anony… your Jamis, Motobecane or other bike stolen? (bayview)
Retweeted by Maureen @bikelaneuprise @USDOT @ChicagoDOT @ABC7Chicago @streetsblogchi @SouthSideKyle @chicagotribune @nbcchicago @AndrewKDavidson I don’t get it. :(Just completed the questionnaire for evaluation to donate my kidney to a stranger. This idea has been in my though…
@ASweetPlanner @lumoshelmet Cars Suck @stolenbikessfo large chop chop at Newcomb & Shelby‘Paint is not a path’ Cyclists holding a ‘die-in’ demonstration outside Dublin City Council Headquarters in respon…
Retweeted by MaureenThe Police Officer’s Assoc, in their attempt to purchase the next DA of SF, have spread lies & misrepresentations a…
Retweeted by Maureen @MonkeyLectric email sent. Thank you Monkey
@TayTaySF @sfbike @ACLU_NorCal @chesaboudin +1 @dannyman please take my short anonymous survey for CA electric & cargo bike owners. Collecting data to advocate f… @TheLeagueSF And I love you for it!These activists show up and are seen. Much respect to @IBIKEDublin for your inspiration. @desertflyer @sfbike I "get" it but then SFBC wonders why they are losing membership.1970: One more lane will fix it. 1980: One more lane will fix it. 1990: One more lane will fix it. 2000: One more l…
Retweeted by Maureen @sfmta you have a job and people's lives depend on you. @safebikelanes Excellent work!
@sparklypine @TayTaySF for your chef friend. @sparklypine Wow.Friends, for the past five months I've been building what I believe is the fastest, safest & most accurate way to r…
Retweeted by Maureen @sparklypine Hell yes I’m going
@TayTaySF @PeopleProtected ?? @TayTaySF are you organizing a PPBL tomorrow? Details please!Is that you @jwalshie ? YORKERS! Trump will be at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night for a UFC event, with Don Jr. and Eric. As expe…
Retweeted by Maureen @boyonabike62 OK, I'm going to make this easier as I've had a number of complaints about this part of the survey.… @clubantietam please take my short anonymous survey for CA ebike and cargo bike owners. Will use data to advocate f… private automobiles on valuable public space has never been "free." The issue is whether owners should pay…
Retweeted by MaureenData drives change. Take my short anonymous survey for CA ebike & cargo bike owners. Collecting data to advocate fo… @bikeshopgirlcom I’ve offered to ride with people on a quiet Sunday to make them comfortable with their commute.
@shawnbot Thank you for your question. Are you saying the answer wouldn’t accept your zipcodes? Even though zipcodes are numbered? @CERObikes can we work together to spread the word about my survey for CA electric & cargo bike owners? Short & an… @FitzTheReporter @jef_poskanzer Well already I can report that 85 people have taken my survey and 52.9% of them have 2 children
@JohnBauters @HillaryRonen how to get your attention about dangerous cars on Cortland Ave? @JUMPbyUber just ONE of your bikes this side of Bernal Hill in Bernal Heights. Why? @sfmta_muni Glen Park BART #23 towards Bayshore is a no-show. A person standing with me gives up and calls Lyft. Yo… @girl_on_bike ...and now I’m going !Hey SF friends that bike with their kids (on your bike or on their own) - Join us this Saturday Nov 2nd for Kidica…
Retweeted by Maureen @lizonthebus @rideact Congratulations @JUMPbyUber againnot one bike near Glen Park BART. WHY?"We can't use cargo bikes for delivery of goods in our city. We have winter and it snows here." 👇
Retweeted by Maureen @FitzTheReporter @brezina I look forward to presenting the results of my electric bike & cargo bike survey when com…
@LAPDCTD24 @bikinginla @SilverLakeNC @KCBSKCALDesk @NBCLA @KTLAnewsdesk @ABC7 @FOXLA @KNX1070 @TELEMUNDO52 the veh involved in the Hit&Run w/in @silverlakenc, but we need the community’s assistance in ID’g the driver…
Retweeted by Maureen @newwheel Dear fellow New Wheel customers. Please take my short anonymous survey for CA ebike/cargo bikes owners.… @ASweetPlanner Not October. This Saturday, November 2nd.Join @PeopleProtected for our 1st Kidical Mass ride this Saturday! Riding in unity with our kids, fur babies, and f…
Retweeted by Maureen @brezina @mikeradenbaugh Met a 70+ yo man on an e-bike the other day who told me “Sold my car, don’t need it!” ✨
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@beau Not yet. Survey launched less than a month. Contact me in 6 months @ChrisByBike CA has $$ to incentivize buying electric cars yet ebikes & cargo bikes can and do replace car trips.… @rabonour @boyonabike62 A child was killed in Koreatown just a few weeks ago during the #CalBikeSummit @skatzhyman 🤗🤗 @BikeLeague How long do I have to submit a proposal?
@HillaryRonen Cortland Street is PACKED with people on Halloween, frequently spilling into the street. Parents and… @safebikelanes write soon about the Day of Blocked Lanes. I'm on the edge of my fingers. @MonkeyLectric Estimate 6 months. My goal is to have at least 1,000 people responding. Do you send out a newslett… @MonkeyLectric can we work together to promote my CA ebike/cargo bike survey? Short, anonymous survey collecting d… @OutspoknCyclist would you be interested in interviewing me? I am co-creator of @PeopleProtected and running a sur… @danielledai please spread the word of my short anonymous survey for CA ebike and cargo bike owners. Will use data… @alecb please spread the word of my short anonymous survey for CA ebike and cargo bike owners. Will use data to adv… @neil21 please spread the word of my short anonymous survey for CA ebike and cargo bike owners. Will use data to ad… @martynschmoll please spread the word of my short anonymous survey for CA ebike and cargo bike owners. Will use dat… @jooltman please spread the word of my short anonymous survey for CA ebike and cargo bike owners. Will use data to…