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reading The Loop is like you went to the waterpark for the day and climbed the ladder for the big slide only somebo… @lokipeg1 Thanks @Jonathan_Winn Wow, thanks @Tweetsforaction Thank youA good listen: @GrantLongstaff @SSTPublications That blood really pops, yeah! @debraj112 Thank youOh, wow: folded out is amazing. Thanks, Martin — and Martin’s girlfriend: next workshop... we're gonna talk the ins, outs, techniques and pitfalls of writing regional dialect. I ant…
Retweeted by Stephen Graham JonesThe HWA is pleased to announce the Preliminary Ballot for the 2020 Bram Stoker Awards®! (See link for full list)…
Retweeted by Stephen Graham Jones @kaleidotrope @GwendolynKiste @silviamg Thank you @HaileyPiperSays Thank you @bibliocarfax @tradelosreyes Thank you @McGillKnowsAll Thank you @OGoingback That’s what I go by, yep @YourOldPalKile They’re starting it @EllenDatlow Bread knives are killer.It happens, yep (and, don’t think Logan’s talking eating popcorn, but ceiling popcorn) @EllenDatlow (still: bought it)Went to another knife store after. As you do. @TheRLDerman Nice. You definitely earned a Rambo bandana that day @maemurrayx @alsoknownasLJ
@TheRLDerman If we were tough like Rambo, we’d cauterize them with gunpowderWonder who just spent half an hour at the knife counter again cool. Thanks for the shoot, Craig. And, the art inside, right? @Elysium1313 Thank youWow, thank you, @Elysium1313: a great list to be on with @riley_sager @blacklionking73 @LauraMLippman @meganeabbott @HarlanCoben @SGJ72
Retweeted by Stephen Graham Jones @NightSpringsFM I should have said it like (this), that way, whispering, not so many people would have seen it . . .hey, there's a #MyHeartisaChainsaw ARC giveaway percolating: @cspeterson @Jjingo_Gaijin .@alsoknownasLJ had a link/portal somewhere, for maybe getting in on ARCs.whoah, the first of these I'm seeing. beautiful. thanks, Wayne: delight: @Kiera1Mackenzie & I were interviewed by @mckat30 for @coachellareview—full circle as it’s our alma ma…
Retweeted by Stephen Graham JonesHorror's not just for Halloween. Check out some of our favorite horror books of 2020, with titles by @J_Leonard23,…
Retweeted by Stephen Graham JonesWho else is excited for the new @SGJ72 novel?!
Retweeted by Stephen Graham Jones @TVAyyyy hilarious.
I’m far too adult to make any of the jokes, here @Emilferrisdraws not disappointed, just further excited for whenever it gets here.Stephen Graham Jones is the author of 25 or so novels & collections and we're thrilled to have him as a featured au…
Retweeted by Stephen Graham Jones @SadieHartmann @deathsheadpress @OGoingback @shanehawkk I did just teach a grad seminar on the western, so my head… excited: just got a delivery update for @Emilferrisdraws's v.2 of My Favorite Thing is Monsters! Sep17, 2021. It… @LeiaOrganza @kierstenwhite oh, man, two Kierstens here. very cool. thanks, both of you.What are you reading to expand your literary horizons this year? If you're thinking about dipping into #horror,…
Retweeted by Stephen Graham Jones @kierstenwhite Yeah, moose are huge, and scaryWow, thanks, Kiersten:, Logan: @thebrianasman Yep, that ending outcrazies them all, pretty much. Too, this is Eli Roth’s favorite slasher, I think… recommend: impossibly cool: @thebrianasman Wasn’t that dude only in it because the producer or director were working with him on a concurrent p… @PLamhat thanks @hughesouimet @almakatsu @timpratt @RichardChizmar yep, have fun, man @BryanDull_Books hey, cool. hope it's a good enough time. @Rossfordio through @SSTPublications. but . . . they might all be gone? not sure.The Lesser Dead by @Buehlmeister is so, so good
@theeliryder Yep @brockway_llc Think so, yeah @ChanceHoener man, thank youand one day, I'll get to sign it. sign all of them. oh, but also? it's already signed. but I can sign beside my fir… even find myself dodging the lowercase verb version of his name, as I don't like those five letters having to cou… @davidtromblay yeah, could be sidewise-quoting myself, I suppose . . .The accretion disc is spinning on #DARKSTARS. Stories by @JoshMalerman @CarolineKepnes @gemmafiles @ChesyaBurkePhD
Retweeted by Stephen Graham JonesReading that Wes Craven Interviews book. Have got pretty much every line highlit. Because most of them are like thi… @cybrninjamifune Not “tiles,” RULES. but maybe tiles too. @omoroti Nice @cybrninjamifune Could be, I guess. The past isn’t the past, gotta know the tiles to break them ... @AAHedgeCoke Thanks @matthewzapruder James Wright? Not completely sure these “Wrights” are super distinct in my head @dongillette Thanks @ddbprof Nice, thanks @matthewzapruder I’d lose slower at ping pong without that bothersome net, anyway. I think. But I’d still lose. @JasonHGTruitt That tracks @cszadis I like it. Thanks. @Momma_T_54 thanks @nottheolympian ha. door. not all that unusual for me, really.Listen in as author Stephen Graham Jones (@SGJ72) and Audible Editor Nicole Ransome gush about their shared love of…
Retweeted by Stephen Graham Jones @JessicaPeter1 oh, well: thank you anyway (couldn't tell if it was a post- or pre-read)(and: hope it's good enough, whenever it is).man, I've been citing this wrong for years, I think — saying it's Charles Wright. but now I'm not so sure, can't fi… you, Jessica. This is the first review, I think? @OsageWriter yep. works great.
@cspeterson @Jjingo_Gaijin 1) yeah, still work on a laptop sometimes, can still do good on a normal keyboard. keys… @chimericalgirl1 in a crowded marketplace, you've got to go that one step more . . . @AElleRogers1 oh, hey, this is good news: I don't have those symptoms! vision's great. no blood in the sclera. or, not much, anyway.thank you, John: @AlanBaxter feels like. keeps sending weird unhappy tendrils back through the rest of my head. but, luckily maybe,… @DeborahLinne hey, up there you have the Gorehound's Playground, yes? always dig swinging by that place.thank you, Deborah: @Kiera1Mackenzie probably should have glued it, yeah. it was like a little mouth above my eye. we shut it up fast,… @ChristophGolden I just finished, um, someones ELSE's early-early one, and I feel completely spoiled now. @GiveMeYourTeeth yeah, I wonder that sometimes too. related: about to go out on my bike, in the ice and snow. we'll see. @marleyandkyle didn't know this was going on. thanks. will try to find, send out. @AlanBaxter a door, and darkness, and me moving much faster through that darkness than really makes good sense. sho… @Jjingo_Gaijin had to dedicate about two hours every day to typing exercises on-line. a lot of work, but man, so mu… @Richard_Kadrey I've only watched the pilot, but really dug it. Bewitched and I Love Lucy, sort of MCU-adjacent. @GiveMeYourTeeth that whole little era was solid. or, maybe I was just reading them (Doctorow & Bass & Wolff & DeMa… @coxric thanks @GiveMeYourTeeth it's a good one. maybe my favorite of his (that I've read), really. though, of course and always: White Noise. @AAHedgeCoke young me healed Wolverine-fast. nearly 49-year-old me . . . not so fast anymore. but, yeah, generic Ne… @Jjingo_Gaijin stock photo / image search. took about two months, but now typing is more like telepathy: my words j… @AAHedgeCoke my daughter's. but she wasn't home and there was blood and blood and blood everywhere, so, once again,…