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Half Past Fashion @SGomes88 In the Lab, East Midlands UK

Silvia Gomes here! New to motherhood, and loving it! creator of the Sugah Lab! Travelling and shopping in between! 🇵🇹🇨🇻

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@RochelleRodney_ I hope not because that means she’s serious about her business and finances. If it goes on for lon…
@evietai He could be protecting his teeth. You never know. @RochelleRodney_ You better save this tweet till one way she’s running her own business and has people working for… @AlexandraPass9 Don’t be silly! Peng ting called Alex!
@izwhx Thank you darling, do you mean y want to pre order for Halloween? Sure you can they are available on the web… @Still10Jonjo I’m offering you back the MR Patties gift, get in touch and I will get that sorted for you! 😩🤣 I’m st… @Still10Jonjo I can’t this joke is giving me all sorts of emotions, well done for this and giving the money away for a good cause! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 @Still10Jonjo Fuck sake I’m taking back my MR Patties offer! 🤣🤣🤣 @Still10Jonjo Are you actually serious? I’m in Leicester I can actually gift you some MR Patties if you give me a d… @JxcinaLamina_ @SylviaKay__ Thank you darling , 4 years on I miss him being this tiny now everything needs to be bl… @JxcinaLamina_ @SylviaKay__ I swear food colouring saves lives out in these parenting streets! @Writers_Muse Thank you sweetheart. ❤️ @AlexandraPass9 Thank you babe! @izwhx Thank you darling! @kelechnekoff Now everyone together MOTHER UNIFORM MOTHER
@kelechnekoff Don’t mind me I’m just here reading what people would rather do while I poke my eye balls with a blun… @RoseDAnnor Happy birthday may you continue to be blessed, succeed in everything you do, prosper, may the zeros on… my butt off is the only way I know how to stay calm. Stillness and silence is not good for me when my heart…
@preciousdami_ @SylviaKay__ All I know is that Zara needs to run our girl her cheque. All the dresses and the £100…
I never use social media to ask for anything, but I need everyone to sees this tweet to pray for my ancestors to no… morning nerve testing, stay cool and carry on Sílvia. @MrMarcus260 I’m so so sorry for your loss.🙏🏾 I pray his souls rests easy and God brings you and your family strength and comfort. @WendyThegawd And their toxic ass mothers.
@notrowenaa Well done girl! @TweetsByBilal And cursing yourself out silently for ever wishing to grow up everytime a bill comes through the doo… @Sindi_Berry Give us parents our flowers cos these kids be running our lives like they the ones out here paying the bills! 🤣 @Sindi_Berry What people failed to tell us before parenthood is that you become a fully fledged ninja, from getting… gon and did it again! 🤣🤣🤣 brother making moves out here in these football streets. Started in Lisbon now we here! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 @TweetsByBilal Don’t be surprised when your kitten catwalks into the room like he’s paying the bills! 🤣🤣🤣 seriously… @thatnaijagyal_ @t0nit0ne Whatever it is , do it and do your research and turn it into a fruitful business! It’s be… @DopeBlackwomen @RaifaRafiq Just utterly excellence, an unique combination of a variety of qualities and features t… @ChantayyJayy @Karifoulkes Me drawing a line and protecting my energy field from all the nonsense 🤣
Retweeted by Half Past FashionMay blessings continue to pour on you @kelechnekoff happy birthday sweetheart!Happy birthday to the queen of straws, can nobody step to her on no bullshit, the 2 slaps on your chest giver, the… couldn’t even type! “Why you gon do that again and make me spit my tea” you owe me a few cuppas! 🤣 @CocaCola_GB #loveyourlocal shout out to the amazing farm @CattowsFarm farm, farm shop, tea room, pumpkin patch and… @shirleybeniang 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 the back in the days real ones know it’s, and extra brownie points for melting it out into a pot! 😫🙌🏾I swear this girl owes me a cuppas, you you gon do that again and make spot my tea? 😩 @t0nit0ne Girl I have come to testify cos I turned my hobby into a business and had the pleasure of working with am… @MittaT_1992 At this 10th month of 2020 I’m not doubting anything! 2020 needs to be photoshopped out of our lives !
@Lizardleggg I needed this tweet!
@BernardineEvari Late is better than never, about damn time! Our lady is official y’all! 🙌🏾
@quintabrunson I’m just trying to understand what’s so wrong with Drag, she said drag right? Or am I hearing things?I know she will look back one day and feel proud of herself for being truth to herself and doing what she felt was… @kelechnekoff These horrendous individuals just need a boba tea style of straw cos these comments are pure evil. Hu… images were hard to see because they took me to that very moment i was in her shoes yet filled me with pride… a child is not a joke is not a trend is not a publicity stunt opportunity. Unfortunately people lose babies… walked out of a maternity ward with no baby after a long and painful 13 hours labor just to see my already lifele… collected her coins and sat comfortably.😩😂 @BeeBabs When my dad passed my sister had an issue with me crying out loud, which is ver much part of our culture,… @Lianne84 I rather spend time on the creative side!Obviously I’m doing what I love as my business and ultimately it needs to pay the bills, but I dislike the the invo… was black yesterday, nobody was celebrating me! But let me not be greedy one month out of the year is a honour! 😫 @thestylum Take time sis not every superwoman it’s ok to take a break and breath. ❤️❤️❤️ @Jens_way Hey babe what’s your ig again I can’t find it! @Jens_way Amen! @98Toks Nah you wish I was sent by my fellow Portuguese community to come and collect our guy! 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹 you can h… @LukeElliottS It’s the audacity for me! struggling to find the reason why @Twitter has not given @BernardineEvari her well deserved verified Badge.… how to water someone’s grass, trust me it won’t make your grass any less greener. #thinkingoutloud #foodforthought @BernardineEvari @Twitter This is crazy I just realised you don’t have a tick! 🤯 meanwhile we have some serious was… @TweetsByBilal You never know how your words are seeds in other’s lives.
2020 my heart remain hopeful, my my soul stay at peace, and may my health allow me to continue to hustle and build m… @PilarOfSociety So humbling!I have decided I’m not signing up for 2021 until I read the small print. Making sure I’m not signing up to 2020 +1… @Writers_Muse @botchedsonnet Just sad the age they getting exposed to such craziness is getting earlier. @Writers_Muse @botchedsonnet Totally agree, they only swapped the physical chains for emotional and intellectual on… @botchedsonnet @Writers_Muse It’s pretty much an introduction to what her life as a young black woman will be like… @botchedsonnet @Writers_Muse When you and @Writers_Muse raise your child right giving nothing but facts her reactio…
The Halloween collection is now available for pre sale, order now to avoid disappointment later.… Halloween collection is now available for pre sale! Order now to avoid disappointment later!… baking marathon is going better than I thought! Over 400 biscuits baked already! I can hear my over cursing me… over 4 hours before school run, let’s see if I can get my baking marathon done! @kelechnekoff Get your break girl, we won’t be going nowhere!
@RochelleRodney_ @RochelleRodney_ @Lizardleggg Rightfully so, in Portuguese there’s a saying that translates to “ an empty bag won’t… @RochelleRodney_ @Lizardleggg Girl fair enough, staying positive alone in these mad 2020 streets as a black woman i… @bonitasaph Nah nothing shop bought beats a homemade straight out of the oven crumble. 😔 but it will have to do tonight. @coolasleicester please check your inbox on Instagram you got something nice waiting for you from Sugah Lab! ☺️ @bonitasaph You’ve probably been told before Bonita mean beautiful in Portuguese and Latin. @bonitasaph I just talked myself out of it, but I might whip one tomorrow. Will keep you posted. Gona settle for so… was going to go on a baking marathon but I feel so drained so I gona sit back with a cup of herbal tea a slice of… @cathode_blue Yes and let me know how you get on, apparently they come indoors just to mate and go off back to thei… @cathode_blue Right you need this, it really works. A spray bottle half a cup of water half a cup of apple cider vi… @WendyThegawd Girl if you ever heard the songs I freestyles for him, he had a bath time freestyle and a bedtime fre… @WendyThegawd Girl that is automatic, trust me it will kick in as soon as you see their little face. ☺️ @TweetsByBilal Hence is so important we check on the ones in our lives who are always the front ones for everyone e… of last week’s orders! @t0nit0ne Say that again I don’t think they heard it outside! @tolly_t Don’t underestimate what you bring to the table, the person you are is truly loved in these streets. Happy… @coolasleicester @coolasleicester There goes the neighbourhood! Now I’m passed off, Carluccios and now ASK, what’s next Wagamama? Th… @t0nit0ne 🤣❤️☺️😩😂 @chriscraigCCC @cathode_blue But I think that golden brown would match my kitchen beautifully! 😩🤣 @bonitasaph Sis don’t tempt me! 😩 you gon make me tackle them apples sitting looking at me everytime I open the fridge.Monday without a @SYMfound episode feels like I’m not ready for this week. I know the sis @kelechnekoff needs a re… @cathode_blue @Lizardleggg Lol, that question made me giggle, cos I honestly don’t know.