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(18+) sober junkie, queer, chris dorner stan, idf hate account art stuff:

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@_justwinnie i can totally do it on a canvas for you! just lmk what size!! @kaidynivy not even the worst part. the worst part is that she sent me biden/obama memes unironically$40 and i’ll list you as an author so you can collect your checkgonna start a fake news company so me and all my friends can get verified and wreak havoc on this cursed hellsitemaxxie from skins uk singlehandedly awakened my sexualityI think it's really unfair I can't fly with a gun when I didn't even do 9/11
Retweeted by sgt ballsmy meat after 2 days of doing amphetamines and jerking off damn i’m depressed haha guy i don’t know who thinks he’s friendly but is just mean: have you thought about kiIIing yourself @kaidynivy this shit sucks so much. my ex used to tell me she felt threatened because i “had a much bigger pool to choose from”gonna marry this woman
Retweeted by sgt ballsDon’t get me wrong I like Bernie but his grumpy disposition during the inauguration of the first president who died…
Retweeted by sgt balls psych meds just dua lipa @djhighdr8 need thiscoffee: hot breakfast: made swag: on cock and balls: tortured @NUNdercoverLolo @TheEpicDept i’m retweeting bc i agree with both statementsWho else thinks this movie would win all the Oscars? Retweet if you agree or if you think America deserved 9/11
Retweeted by sgt balls @MILFWEEED i love you haleymetrocooming want some more @xbabykangaroox not sure yet! still working out details :)damn i really got commissioned to spray paint a canvasfor legal purposes this is not me
this is the last thing you see before you die's white women time🔥
Retweeted by sgt ballswtf bernie dont-
Retweeted by sgt balls state is holding us hostage and completely willing to let thousands more die so the rich people can get their v… @beebooboobeebop this whole show had such a profound psychological impact on me. i remember watching it when i was… are you gonna tell me that you have a hot mom and then not even have a picture with her on your instagram? y’all some fake ass friends @NILES100 idc if i go broke running this mf it’d be so funnygonna open a restaurant where everybody eats free except for police and military @AcornFrances @dark_kirb @ScottPiepho @WaitingOnBiden the math understander has logged on @bIondiewasabi this is how my timeline looks after i thirst follow like 30 peopletime to fire up some discourse. *spinning wheel* eating toast is *pulling piece of paper out of a hat* colonizer behaviorjoe biden say poggers challenge @ah_llama i’ll literally fake one @ShayesieHayes damn that’s crazy. dmwho up who have unrequited love for somebody who definitely never thinks about youanyways rough draft for my next tag @nateandmufasa yeah it’s a lot time felon with a $200/day heroin habit pussy got me acting unwisego ahead and mute me now @NILES100 love you too niles❤️❤️yeah i’m a gamer😈 down one of the funniest mfs i know please do yourself a favor and go listen to this special out to my parents as italian @dummycait gotta consult the board, i’ll be in touchall it takes for these to stop is being my gfposting will continue until morale improves @nicegirlmeg he’s so fucking precious i love himgirls who *throwing a dart at a wall* drink oat milk(?) got the best pussy @chickenstriip neverah yes patreon. the thinking man’s onlyfans
Retweeted by sgt balls(crying during covid swab) Nah nah its, my nose is sensitive cause I used ta be a boxa. im not gay or nothing. ey d…
Retweeted by sgt balls @makjako i just wish i could talk to him one last time @makjako sometimes it’s like he never even left😞good night sweet prince❤️ @ah_llama o7bored who wanna fall in love for 2 weeks and then never text each other again but feel obligated to follow each other on instagram still @ah_llama tell em we ready😈 horny tweets cover up the deep seeded emotional trauma beneath
Retweeted by sgt ballsbrief intermission to be wholesome: i hope everybody had a good day and if you’re one of my friends on here i’m ext… hopping on twitter to tell everybody you’re dumber than joe biden
i wonder what it’ll take to get people to stop dismissing conspiracy theorists as your weird uncle who gets drunk a… is the same woman who believes parkland and sandy hook were fake. this person is currently writing legislation… get it you can go back to not caring about the plight of the poor and poc communities and can pretend everything… @trampish bro i’m so sad lmao @motelcowgirl thanks💔i'm gonna cry. i just spent the last hour and a half designing this with the worst possible dimensional drawing to… @crude13itch i love my oxford! been in between different rehabs and sober livings for the last year and a half and… cool cool cool cool shit fucking sucks. why adopt something that is so hateful and try to make it your own?why do liberals think that co opting imagery from right wing movements which are racist and malicious is good or fu… @AliceAvizandum tough but fairthis website is fucking garbage. child porn isn’t against terms of service, being a nazi isn’t against terms of ser… NO
Retweeted by sgt balls @herosnvrdie69 up and this was the first thing i saw when i logged on so i’m going back to bed see y’all in a few hours about y’all but i could go for a drink rn the irs outta my life. mfs toxic @herosnvrdie69 👁👄👁 heylil motorcycle accident lmao hefner could never does he sound like doodle bob i will not “drop my tweets” i will simply do the exact same bit in the gc and get my feelings hurt if nobody laughsBERNIE NO @kielbasagarage i mean yeah he is correctmy roommate just called narcan the “heroin epi pen” lmfao 😭Break this one out before I disappear for the foreseeable future
Retweeted by sgt balls my timer until it’s acceptable to criticize biden for not doing shit
@TheNotoriousHRT it is but you’re sweet and i love youdems waiting until march to give any covid relief so hmu if you’re trying to rob a bank i already got one picked out and everythingupsetting how much hotter i am in a mask than without one that’s covid’s over who wanna spit in my mouth