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@josephkrengel They should just release behind the scenes footage of working with Chase. @josephkrengel It sounds like he took it on out of boredom. He hadn’t directed in a while and the previous director left the project. @Macready1975 I’d never heard about that!
@tessierashpoo13 Probably a LOT more successful if he hadn't burned so many bridges. @MarcMcD @tessierashpoo13 The story of his Friar's Club Roast is legendary, Google it. @tessierashpoo13 No.Carpenter later said that Chevy Chase and Daryl Hannah were "the stuff of nightmares" and impossible to direct. @BrendanInJersey Yeah, no. The two leads were Chevy Chase and Daryl Hannah.... @murdock283 That and the vomiting scene, yikes. @BrendanInJersey Haven't seen it since the theatre opening weekend, but I remember it being incredibly dull and a tonal mish-mash. @mattarude I know!The "swiss cheese" invisible building was done with a combo of matte paintings and a full-size practical set (seen… OF AN INVISIBLE MAN (1992) is such an odd John Carpenter movie, but ILM's VFX work was mind-blowing to me a… @jessebutler17 Not that I could tell, unfortunately. @jessebutler17 It has none of his usual visual flair and is shot in the most uninteresting way possible. @BurningExeter The original Pete's Dragon was also live action, so I don't count it. I've heard it's good though. @icoheal There's no way you'd ever be able to tell.On this week's Patreon ep., we talk about ALADDIN (2019), the current state of Disney live action remakes and Guy R…
@Sejnow Skimbleshanks is the best!Poster from the show @aaronitallout Yeah this had burlesque dancers onstage doing songs, it was crazy @zaockle People are dressed in full cat costumes and are getting hammered, it’s going to be a rowdy showSOLD OUT! I’m not the only crazy weirdoCATS karaoke before the movie! time’s a charm!
@willie_voodoo Thanks for listening! @HouseofMourthia But there were THREE movies.... @prolefeed101 It's imperative for Disney to keep the franchise going after shelling out all that money for Lucasfilm. @SkoomaJoe I remember an interview with Spielberg during KotCS and he compared the tone to that of the old Keystone… @Craplatte Disney paid $4 billion for Lucasfilm, they'll never leave it be.I'm a fan of James Mangold, but with no Lucas and no Spielberg and Harrison Ford approaching 80, I'm doubtful this… @DeclouxJ I watched this episode when it aired. I've never been so disappointed in my life. @Hawl9000 He practically did his turn as Indy in RISE OF SKYWALKER. "Bones....I hate bones." @PeterKapow They call Indy Prime on the phone and he warns them not to drink Belloq's family booze!At this point, I'd be totally fine with them rebooting this franchise.
@DeclouxJ @PeterKapow Why is Meatloaf wearing a head wrap?
@TimeGentleman @danthat Congratulations, guys!
@NicoColaleo @mexopolis That’s awesome! I’ve seen BTS clips of Mike doing voice work for the show, it looks great.
On this week's episode, April, Justin and I talk about GOING OVERBOARD (1989), a movie even Adam Sandler is too emb… @prolefeed101 Nice! I was in the Classical Animation program. @SHyboria I did! I remember the old Hulk cartoons from the 60’s had him bouncing around like a bunny, it was hilari… @SmythExpress999 I’ve added a correction, sorry. I misread the articleCORRECTION: This technique was used in a number of other Fleischer shorts/films sometimes for only a scene or two.
@benitosierra7 Disney's Multiplane Camera used multiple layers of 2D drawings to give the ILLUSION of 3D environmen… @JimZub @bthomasa I know, it's incredible. @JRwasHere Sheet of glass in front of rotating miniature. @jrglasbrenner @JesseYules I read that in Popeye’s voice
@JesseYules I think that’s the other Popeye short that used this technique. We watched them both in school they’re so good! @jtothehd @Hiny_Rugburn Louis Letterier?! I worked on VFX for Incredible Hulk and was on set for part of the shoot… @Hiny_Rugburn They'd probably just assume it was CGI and be unimpressed. @Hiny_Rugburn That and the advent of CGI. @Rezuaq They were definitely inspired by this.Building the sets was incredibly time consuming, which probably explains why this technique was only used on a few… Studios created the Stereoptical Camera process in 1934, which allowed them to combine 2D animated charac… @gazmataz1981 I like that.
@LindsayWashburn He's really playing his dad in that movie, it's great. @PRFlanagan He sent the world back to the stone age at the end of the last movie, he's worse than the bad guys. @nidodin He's done a lot of movies and TV work, I really like him. @ChrisMcNally68 I just quit my job based on your advice. Do you have any Hollywood phone numbers I can use to get work doing Photoshops? @GabbaghoulieGat He’s been terrific in just about everything I’ve seen him in. @GabbaghoulieGat I haven't started it yet, but I've heard good things @joelcacooney Old Kurt Russell > Old Harrison FordHere's some concept art I whipped up. @brigid_madden Well I certainly wanted to escape from that movie.Instead of rebooting EFNY, why not pull a LOGAN and give us an Old Man Snake movie set in a post-EFLA apocalypse. I…
@DeclouxJ It has the most horrific opening credits I’ve ever seen
@stevenwrutter It really looks like him. @BADNRAD @mtnaz927 Kinda like actors @eoinmonkey But Harrison Ford’s stand-in would be a dog in a motion capture suit. @AyeAlasAlack Well in this case, they could have used an actual dog. @PShabadoo 100%This movie continues to baffle me.
Saw Skeletor trending and was relieved to see he’s still a fictional character. @joneal3480 Yep, I’ve had it for years @LegendaryHeroes @NoSuchThingPod They don’t even know where ‘Jumping the shark’ came from @redlettermedia DR. SLEEP: A SHINING STORY would’ve got more butts in seats
This was likely when he played for Joey Dee and the Starliters alongside Jimi Hendrix (!)Deleted scene from THE IRISHMAN. Young Joe Pesci c. 1962.
@DeclouxJ He's watching his career retrospective. @kressnik I enjoy his movies, this just looks like Wes Anderson to the nth degree.Good one, SNL, you almost had me with this...
@TravisFlippin I may need to get my priorities in check. @TravisFlippin They were definitely the most invisible, which I think played a huge part in its win. I've yet to see the movie, though.We all know what SHOULD have won for Best Visual Effects...
@ZapRowzdower Yep, check it out!
@coffeeNiK I've wiped that movie from my memory. @DIOtheDinosaur That's hilarious, I'd probably say that too.TRIVIA: The angry skinhead that Snake shoots in the alley is Robert Carradine from REVENGE OF THE NERDS. @smegandtheheads The ending is amazing.On this week's episode, we talk about John Carpenter's ESCAPE FROM L.A.! Snake Plissken surfs to Dick Dale and play… @Frankles2001 @NoSuchThingPod I was wearing a striped shirt while recording. @VR_Wunderbar Not interested in VR, but the game looks pretty cool!
@grumpynebulous Yeah this was the only one from the new slate that I had any interest in. @Sejnow Snooty French Waiter was integral to the plot of SPIDER-MAN 3. @JRwasHere @grumpynebulous I'm sure it'll still have horror elements, just not be as full-on horror as the original… @ViolentApeKing If that were the case, they would've ousted him after the first one , not kept him on to develop th… @Sejnow I’m 100% expecting a Bruce cameo. @milosdraski @icatastrophy__ @Seannyboy70 Well hopefully they’re all on the same page this time. @grumpynebulous I think he was pushing for full-on horror and Kevin Feige was hesitant.Raimi’s a great choice for this, I hope Marvel doesn’t Edgar Wright him...