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@deadsadie love the logoThank you guys for all the love on the stream again ♥ Next stream will be on the 12th :)
Gonna go live in 30 minutes! Don't be late we're doing customs :) @Kierabridget me when people think dislikes actually do something 🤣🤣 @NoveraHD @YouTube I saw this and I couldn’t be happier @YanLeon50679569 Thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️🥺
Broke 1k viewers on the twitch stream!! Thank you guys so much for an amazing stream 🔥
Doing high explosives customs in 5 mins at @KonekoKittenYT bruhhhh that storm hit me too @notdatliam blockedThinking a Twitch stream on the days where I don't upload.. Thoughts?🤔 @MrTop5 @JeromeASF bacca 2 @GlitchKing15 Happens to the best of us 😔 @TobyTurner This app spawns some of the biggest weirdos LOLI love you guys! Thanks for supporting me ❤️
@Bajan_Canadian Sup cutiethis isn't clickbait btw there was literally a glitch that made bosses non agro towards you i wouldn't have made… all Youtubers: OUR LIVES ARE WORTH MUCH MORE THAN A REALTIME. If you are feeling down take a step back, figure yourself out. ♥️
Retweeted by ShadI Glitched Every Season 3 Boss FRIENDLY! - Fortnite Go watch on Youtube! @TheBoyDilly Stay safe! @ChucktheCG @ProHenis The algorithm changes to follow what the audiences watch so if creators change the algorithm changes in turn @iFireMonkey I love Apple but man do we miss out on some nice free atuff @AwallDigital ICYMI: videos to 10 minutes will soon become a thing of the past 🥳🤯
@Formula of going to sleep I stayed up and did a bunch of YouTube stuff I now have imsnomia 😎😎Goodnight guys 😎 @DannyYorston fortnite egg @Formula @OnePercentHQ hey cutie
@Shadical Literally me... I was gonna be a good boi stream sniper and protect the Chief...
Retweeted by Shad @Shadical So you got stream sniped...
Retweeted by ShadGoing Live With Fortnite Customs can expect videos on my channel every other day! Then transitioning to daily in the coming weeks! First vide… @Newbs @FortniteGame one of the best in the game 💥 @ADeceilio @ProdigyMasterYT its a joke guyscan't believe america is 2020 years old today
@realQuig @Deadlox you're next. @MrTop5 LETS GOOOO @Kierabridget streaming is sooo funHappy 4th of July!!💥 Proud to be an American! ❤️🇺🇸Can confidently say it's 100x harder to start something hard than it is to keep doing the hard thing Making videos…
@DooMDannyYT Keep your head up homie love uLooking for an editor for my boy @Shadical! Serious workers only, please reply if interested!
Retweeted by Shad @MarcusS41617333 the grind never stops!Just filmed 7 videos today for my main and second channel 🥳 @h3h3productions @Nicholas_DeOrio @GradeAUnderA @ThatOGTipster @Sinatra_Says @DrCringePHD @RawBeautyKristi… a good night guysCODE: SHADICAL if you wanna wish me a late happy birthday send me a present by using my code when buying it 😁
@Kiwiz worth the tax break🥳 @StonewallTabor @Nickschannelyt 3 notifs are for general casual subs with notifs on The ones who got more than 3… @Formula hmu broPlease please please never sleep on your mental health. ESPECIALLY if you’re a content creator. Rest easy @Byron. @HEADHONCHO Seen u grow with me these past few years, so proud of you bro @TheKyanPepper check discord homie @SubbyTM 44D @Logdotzip Congrats homie! Love the work ethic!! @MrTop5 so proud of you homie!Glad I've been with you on this journey bro! Keep killing it!'ll be live this evening :)
guess you guys don't want the stream.. @ChronicMaav Shadicalu guys have 1 hour.. if the above tweet isn't at 100 likes then no twitch stream!100 Likes for ANOTHER Twitch Stream!I Pretended I Got Aquaman EARLY in Fortnite 🤣 Go watch on Youtube!Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian fans 🍁 @MrTop5 liam be like @MrTop5 fortniteim live go join for customs and memes a few mins i gotta set it all up lolguess you guys don't want the stream.. 50 LIKES OR ELSE STREAM CANCELLED..LIKE if you want a Twitch stream! 50 Likes and I'll do it
@iFlashDesigns @MrTop5 @FitMC HowdySuper reliable and has great turnaround times & prices! hit him up if u need work :) @2Swifty4u I missed this but thank u bro let’s run up discord sometime🥺❤️The best thing I ever did for my career is take that few month break and fix my mental health. I was so unhappy.… @MrTop5 i can explain @iFlashDesigns hi @Kiwiz Sure man hmu! Can't wait to see what you guys have been working on :)Thanks so much for all the love on today's video! Big things coming 🔥 @SeloverWes 🤔
@Shadical Did it chief! Threw a like on the video too 👍 Love the sweet entertaining content you're making.
Retweeted by Shad @SeloverWes Thank you dude!! @Gamer_Pat_YT yes!! shoutout to @lusvee ♥He RUINED My Birthday in Fortnite..🥳 GO WATCH ON YOUTUBE! @OctanePSD @FortniteGame @FNCreate Official loading screen level! You’re incredibly talented! @7Subby Ww
Fun Fact; I share a birthday with Markipier and Elon Musk @MrTop5 Thanks bro! 1 Year since the face reveal <3Happy 21st birthday @Shadical!! 🎉 🍺
Retweeted by Shad @DeluxPlays Thanks homie!! Keep killin it ❤️❤️ I’mma join u in the 1M club soon 🥺😎 @THall1000 @Mr_Top_5_ @MrTop5 @Deadlox LA 2 be like: give me a hug @misakishi Thank you sm let's catch up sometime!!! ❤😀I turn 21 today😅 Send me a birthday gift by using Code: Shadical in the item shop & buying whatever you can ❤ #adCode: Shadical When buying it #ad
Retweeted by ShadCode: Shadical When buying it #ad
What kind of video should I do for my birthday tomorrow? @KonekoKittenYT I just got approved to rent my first ever house! I’m also seeing my gf soon :)
@bnwkr Literally the best video on the channel and your best work. As someone who obsesses over the story I truly b…