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I'm A Video Game Boy, I'm The One Who Wins | Nerd Of All Trades | He/Him | I Am A PoG (Person Of Gaming) | @CurtmanVents Private Venting Account

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My Hero chapter this week does. not. miss.Studio Ghibli movies are peak animation, you cannot change my mind @Glockerss @growlingink0 Hello, I'm Ink!Stealing this from someone teehee 💚- You intimidate me 💜- You seem kind/friendly ❤️- I'm too shy to talk to you 💙-… @IRLGuppy shhhhhhh dont expose me @IRLGuppy 💜🤍🤎🖤
@IRLGuppy No... Thank you for being so fucking wonderful and opening up the path for me to meet some other awesome… @Volcanron You mean the channel of cultists? Yeah, that oneI was having a decent Thanksgiving, then my family started discussing how mainstream media is lying because politic… knew what they were doing with this tweet was the original Pogchamp Try to change my mind @BadOpinionsAJAX @IRS_CI I haven't done anything yetTax fraud sounds fun @GoldenGodNick @MrColllie92 I was literally about to say the same thing
@growlingink0 can you confirm? (Legend of Zelda) Artist: @ebiebieshrimp
Retweeted by some idiotHi I'm @growlingink0 @IRLGuppy If you don't have a good morning, there will be hands thrown directly towards youIve said it once, I'll say it again, and I'll for sure say it more in the future I FUCKING LOVE THIS MOVIE @IRLGuppy @IRLGuppy @exila4mi So does that make the lava the milk of the Earth?tittiesLink
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Gay brain wiring vs Homophobe brain wiring just had a shouting match with a homophobe in Walmart Hows everyone elses day going @TheSkyeBoi Doing the world a service, bless your heartTikTok is a gateway drug to Onlyfans:^)
Retweeted by some idiot @FlammableHippie @IRLGuppy Excuse me, this is a Wendy'sToday was just so tiring and all I wanna do now is shower and vibe with my friends
@IRLGuppy Its almost like my name in your Discord already answers this question ;]Can we go back to a simpler time when everybody was pouring ice on their heads? @moris1375 never played the games, but goddamn this looks fucking sick had this on their 2020 Bingo card? Who was it, I need answers. @hoodlor Ma'am, this is a Wendy'sI have to be up in 5 hours to drive and my ear decides now is the perfect time to cause immense pain that feels like its going to burst
2020 @IRLGuppy Never Seiso, only SushiIf he can do it, then SO CAN I years ago, Chip Skylark gave us this anthem 😭🤣
Retweeted by some idiotGoing to just leave this here again because of shit Ive seen on my TL tonight @GoldenGodNick My statement still standsI just got this notification for my private twitter and forgot that I changed my name to some idiot on here country music literally sounds like *my beer broke up with me* Change my mindWouldn't it be crazy if someone some way I made it to the funny number when it comes to followers? Haha, jk... unl…
@m0nolus This is why I filed for divorce @growlingink0 You made the comparison, you tell me @IRLGuppy The color is so gorgeous, and this lighting makes it shine better @growlingink0 How would you know how cute fuck is when you don't know what fuck is?Damn, dude do you shit with that brain @IRLGuppy It actually looks amazing @IRLGuppy I mean yeah, fair point
I want to be in active group chats, not just group chats used for one day and then abandoned I feel like Im missin… @IRLGuppy Cool Can I come in now, its really cold out here @ChartreuseProxy Proxy after turning in each assignment and exam: *Get out* LMAONot feeling today at all, if anyone has some wholesomeness feel free to send me some @IRLGuppy Let me know if its any good and ill try to find one myself @IRLGuppy Cotton Candy and whatever flavor Im gonna try next @IRLGuppy I have Bang, can I come in?snow ghost
Cause it's too much to bear, my darling The weight of the world And I would carry it for you But please don't ask m… get the virus under control, we need to pay people to stay home.
Retweeted by some idiot @Zetsukibou1 @IRLGuppy @plantkuroba I enjoyed it so much, thank you for being my first commission!🌙Another round of commissions done! 🌙 The Padoru Army grows! I'm going to compile them after Christmas to see how m…
Retweeted by some idiot @IRLGuppy @LemonYagami I take offense to this @CandivaleAurora
Retweeted by some idiotI really need to stop staying up this late But vibing with friends is just so calming and fun @IRLGuppy @IRLGuppy @IRLGuppy
I have been padoruified! Thanks to @Zetsukibou1 for this piece of greatness! @IRLGuppy We are on the way to getting a whole ass aquariumAYO ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS JUST HIT 1K ON TWITTER AND JUST MERE HOURS BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY CONGRATS @IRLGuppy ON 1K… @IRLGuppy
@IRLGuppy We now take you to a live action shot of a fish Vtuber who just got a sponsorship with Dr. Pepper. This w… @IRLGuppy When you drink a Bang/Dr. Pepper mixture are a couple updates that Twitter needed, and stories wasn't one of them. That tab looks atrocious @ChartreuseProxy filled panic attacks are fun :[
@DailyAnimeLove Taiga - Toradora Mine - Akame Ga Kill Rikka - Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions Jirou - MHA Trans rights Thats allI WON THE ELECTION! @IRLGuppy Rip the quality still amazing art thoDating Me Pros: Cons: I actually dont know, but is someone tryna find out to all twitch streamers. Make sure you are using a BUSINESS paypal for twitch donations. Using a personal one p…
Retweeted by some idiot @IRLGuppy They just going to simp harder @IRLGuppy Everyone after seeing this @Glockerss Me every day that I wake up in the morning
Retweeted by some idiot @IRLGuppy Ive just been in this place before @IRLGuppy Now I might be crazy But I swear I've seen this before @young_lord_gale shrug emoji @IRLGuppy Is there a problem with that to where I can't open a present?Might fuck around and try this tonight @IRLGuppy Can I open a present? I promise I've been goodCan we normalize people complimenting others without assumption that they are dating or into one another?
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#SorryToBurstYourBubbleBut Unus Annus did indeed end last night