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Baseball has brought us some all-time fan moments 😂
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most people spend their entire lives being intellectually coddled and then they come to these public forums in sear…
Retweeted by @Eyekawn Best gif ever
Retweeted by maybe i should check out this zoo
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Retweeted by Glizzy Glizzy, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada I wanna eat some hotdogs but my mama said there’s nada @bino_apex13 Glizzy gladiators @bino_apex13 Not if you put it on wieners
Retweeted by nvm life is worth living again thank u
Retweeted by Chocolate Bavarian cream cake for dinner 👌
just vibing
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I’m not joking, Barney is not allowed in our park. He keeps ruining the vibe and is generally annoying as fuck.
Retweeted by not all heroes wear capes.
Retweeted by This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen @zachTNT Serious question here: if we already have soccer, hockey, and baseball back to playing, what’s the issue w… @zachTNT Oh wow, one whole person compared to a bunch of other lists and analysts that don’t even have them listed at all!I haven’t seen one curated list nor analyst say that UT has the best o-line in the conference. Not once. Now Kentuc… ask. I am 62 this weekend, so will probably die soon, or get alzheimers or be rendered insane. I would love my…
Retweeted by @dontcallmejordy Thank you!! @maggiespiegel07 My gf already agreed to be my assistant 😂 @a_robson1 I did my hamstring as well. Don’t worry, I fully plan on doing everything they tell me lol. I don’t wanna mess this upAlright here’s the thing - Considering a Hawaiian pizza is in fact a NORMAL menu item at most pizza places, I’m th…
Retweeted by @maggiespiegel07 Thank you!! 2020 has been rough to say the least, but I’m pushing through 👊 @maggiespiegel07 I tore my ACL back in February, we didn’t find out about it until June tho. I got in a wreck on Mo… @a_robson1 Thanks bro! What was your progress like? @a_robson1 I should be off crutches by the time we move, my gf’s lease here is up at the end of the month so she do… @maggiespiegel07 Happy birthday!! @bukudatdude All I hear is QUA QUA QUA @Eyekawn Luckily they weren’t the ones taking care of me, otherwise I would’ve refused since I heard that before I was operated on
Needless to say, I will be leaving a terrible review for them because there should be no place for nurses and docto…, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize a GLOBAL PANDEMIC was just trying to ruin one country, you’re just all upset becaus… I was in pre-op (for four hours) I overheard a nurse talking to a surgeon about COVID and how football might n…’m alive inner workings of #TripleDFriday are an enigma 😂
Retweeted by July is wild. ACL reconstruction, totaled my car, trying to move to Denver by the end of the month. I am STRESSEDWhen you spend $100 on a toy to keep ypur cat occupied.
Retweeted by @Dammit_Matt @615Alayna Oops sorry Alayna @Dammit_Matt @615Alayna @_avk__ @mistermitchell_ Thanks man! Love and miss you 👊Send some positive energy my way, I’m about to go under the knife @awkwardree Coconut???AOTY Divisive - CODEX GIGAS @DivisiveTn Tracks used in order: Legion 0 Phobos Full video:…
Retweeted by 5 people (3 adults and 2 minors) have been arrested in connection to Pop Smoke’s death. Justice for Pop Smoke.
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Retweeted by More like Lady Appropriation amirite love it here
Retweeted by I am screaming
Retweeted by People are upset at stores with signs that day “Mask Only” Now, imagine how it felt when it said “Whites Only”
Retweeted by @bukudatdude Skyline coneys in Cincinnati *chef kiss* @Eyekawn Always a mood
Retweeted by Japan has less than 1,000 covid deaths. They never went in to full economic shut down. They have an unemployment ra…
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Retweeted by 🗣 can we uhhhh get a separation between church and state? 🗣
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yalls president been real quiet about a U.S BORN CITIZEN — a HISPANIC WOMAN WHO SERVED OUR COUNTRY AND DIED ON MILI…
Retweeted by Look at the Fox News agenda.
Retweeted by lmao y’all remember the popeyes chicken sandwich
Retweeted by @bamthechamp @upinthe_airic All this skyline slander smh
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@SirBaggiePants @upinthe_airic Blocked @SirBaggiePants @upinthe_airic Sam from Gold Star was a treasure, but I’m a skyline purist @SirBaggiePants @upinthe_airic How DARE you
Retweeted by @upinthe_airic Lmaooo I only lived there as a kid so I don’t know any higher end restaurants @upinthe_airic Or the hotdog stand in sharonville @upinthe_airic Hit that skyline lmao @kyIetaylor @kipkiphoorayy This is the one @kipkiphoorayy Neon bagBocce ball KING you sir
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Retweeted by Funny how people are eager to celebrate July 4th, which solely exists because of a revolution against the status qu…
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boom boom pow at the highest volume and wipe out the entire fucking planet
Retweeted by Idk about you guys but this is the only thing that i will be commemorating today
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Retweeted by Steve McNair Day and that’s it
Retweeted by Cancel football, but give them their own show.
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Retweeted by A lot of people I know are starting to catch the virus lmao welcome to the party you’re three months late @jkylemann Same my guyMy friend, Jace Tyson has been missing since June 29, 2020. Can everyone please do me a favor and RT this to get hi…
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This is amazing
Retweeted by a shitty guitarist gets kicked out of his band and starts substitute teaching instead
Retweeted by Yikes, Atlanta Braves the Washington NFL team is looking for name inspiration, a number of NCAA D1 teams have gone through a similar p…
Retweeted by There is no higher form of art than the Spongebob closeup paintings
Retweeted by you ever think back over your life and remember all the dumb stuff you’ve done and just marvel at the fact that you’re still alive
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Retweeted by ...........why haven't I worn this yet?
Retweeted by this was the last time i felt happiness