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Juwon @shady_rican New Jersey, USA

Film producer, writer and public relations professional. 🇹🇭🇵🇷 $juwonthetruth

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@frankenfemme_ just cause y’all friends don’t make us friends 😭😭😭 but one thing I don’t like is tryin to bring them around me @HOTBOYLEEL hahahahhaha🎄🎁 • DECEMBER BABY • 🎁🎄 ✨ OCT 30th ✨ The one thing on my Wishlist this year is to convey to you the way an ideal Ch…
Retweeted by Juwon @th3saddestangel now what kind of square up stance is this!???? @KingMustachio ajsjsj every time I say jersey the response I always a long pause 😭 @diettrade @KingMustachio I stand by what I said! @KingMustachio Yeah I wont youEXACTLY
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Retweeted by Juwonthis is taking me out 😭😭😭 orgs and giving time and money consistently, building up mutual aid networks in your community, creating co…
Retweeted by Juwon @vincsmith Ok that last part I must’ve spaced out cause all I saw was Ruby on the bed lol I was hoping she was in a coma and not dead @vincsmith but how did she learn it and when did she cast it? I didn’t like it cause where did any of that fit in @manisego she knows how to visually deliver her lyrics in videos sooo you gotta watch her 😭If Christina took Letti’s invulnerability then how did she survive that fall 😐 @corporate_gay I just finished episode one and wasn’t expecting that final scene in the car like I thought there was something there 😭 @frankenfemme_ lol me, deciding I don’t wanna do grad 😭 @alexjenny_ @BabyArab_ the way they nearly spilled so many times. Like the pains of training makes sense, because o… has to not the kind of show i was expecting. How you travel to Spain with this man, lay on his la… @urieIio good now engage with me 😡 @sheisresting this....aggravates me lmaoooo @urieIio was it worth it? did you get the serotonin? smh @ItsHilaryBuff thoughts 👁 @atlproxy Yeah but when Ji-Ah used her tails to bind Christina with Tic, memories of the past flooded in and we saw… @atlproxy Didn’t Christina’s memory show Ruby on the same bed as William? I think she’s just knocked tf out cause t… #LovecraftCountry about sums it up @atlproxy she became a device to move the plot along. Monstrose was the nexus behind the whole story, but he needed… @atlproxy There was absolutely no payoff for a storyline that could have had some real weight and conversation, but… do we discuss white womanhood and it’s negligence of its place in racism, touch on colorist experiences with Le… a show that intersected racism and sexism, the handling of Ruby’s storyline in #LovecraftCountry went absolutel… cried. When i first saw this. I cried. #LovecraftCountry
Retweeted by Juwonthat @th3saddestangel Natalie still clinging to BGC 😭lovecraft country wouldn’t be the same without its powerful soundtrack and VOICEOVERS so here’s a thread of all the…
Retweeted by Juwon#LovecraftCountry finale moood board when Hill House shot 17 minutes in one take?
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Retweeted by Juwonhe still gotta a fatty so imma staywe got his dumb ass opinion up outta here y’all 😤 covid cases went up due to American tourism. I think that we should be mindful of others and not travel until it is safe to do so.
Retweeted by Juwon @boricualolita I dont even need context 🥴how are you a military vet with an OnlyFans? The government not taking care of you like they said they would, huh? 😭😭😭Indya Moore lensed by Thomas Whiteside for Vogue Spain November 2020, styled by the great Ian Bradley.
Retweeted by Juwon @FRANKIETWT This is how you do it lmaooo celebs who claim to be politically conscious should take note. The replies are mad as hell @FRANKIETWT It’s ummm telling lmaooo it’s all just to seem involved/caring
@arxhiiie everyday you prove you don’t put much thought into your tweets 💜 @brownskinliam Oh same I think she’s gonna devour this @boughettobaby he really want mixed kids 😭MCU Peter Parker only dates black girls. @th3saddestangel sometimes you’re wrong and don’t know what you’re talking about and that’s ok 😍when i’m being accused as the imposter in among us
Retweeted by Juwon @sailingskylight @booo_rad @GRNTUB Imagine cracking a joke on someone you don’t know and don’t know how they’re fee… @GRNTUB now who we bullying? I’m so sorry, grant 😔💜💜💜Justin Bieber really made a song about having privilege and still being sad 😐just know emotional security is just as important as having physical security. you can express gratitude for what p…
Retweeted by Juwonall I can think about is that tweet where the guy goes “how tf you like me and we ain’t met? You like the way I text?” 😭😭😭 @kissmeriver put your coochie on the phone 🙄 @mcarlovincent brooooooo @mcarlovincent Don’t start! this one might actually be a keeper 😤 @mcarlovincent Finally’s asked me about my day three separate times.....shut up!!!! @mcarlovincent now Miguel why you reading Vincent like this 😐I think Latinx truly want to believe that we have a popular artist out there that's fighting for equality and so we…
Retweeted by JuwonI love dudes music but he's no activist lmao I feel like we want to label him that because we truly want to believe…
Retweeted by Juwon @NOCHlLLWlLL next time we’ll make sure it’s better 💜What is kundle? Special K? @th3saddestangel I’m genuinely crying. How tf lmaooo @diettrade I wanna be like you when I grow upyeah....this is hitting rn @paraisodoll It’s the way he just stops abruptly. Ihy lmaoooo @__shaniak twins 😍 @__shaniak Every time he succeeded I’d wake up 🥴😭 @boughettobaby when the seed of chucky trailer dropped...teenage me was triggered af. The way I screamed 😭ive actually been scared of chucky since I’ve been a kid. I would have dreams where he’d try to murk me 😐 @frankenfemme_ now why she self deprecating but at the same time throwing it at you ajsjsjs I’m CRYINGliving with your parents is fun cause it’s free except for the small cost of your mental wellbeing
Retweeted by Juwon @8thdemo I’m wearing it just for you @Dominicannabis_ notchuuu calling my appearance cosplay 😭😭😭 you don’t like? @boughettobaby Petra....pls ajsjsjsslouched on this bench waiting for the 4 train. Hold on.... I’m hot.....lmaooo
@gtfonick you sharing?I’m friends with Miguel again. Time to unmuteand she’s making music about Ariana coming after her first date with Marc Anthony
Retweeted by JuwonSo, lmao. China McClain made a thing.
Retweeted by Juwon @D3LUTO oomf a nominee 😭😭😭 @idcxmil watched the documentary and imagined us going to a concert 😔 blinks do it better wbkThe sun pretty much served me today
Retweeted by Juwonthis video, I cant-
Retweeted by Juwon @xyarachel where? @idcxmil yeah my friends pretty 😤💜 @_blasianbarbie it’s the fact that’s she capable of this rang and exploration of sound like I’m ready. This whole t… was that horny during quarantine, huh? y’all now realizing Ariana a grown ass woman cause she wants to make more adult music 😭🙄 Diddy has mismanaged artists & stolen their money his whole career (including Danity Kane), and now he is showing…
Retweeted by Juwon @th3saddestangel this girl should’ve never made this video cause it’s you to the tee lmaooonow what exactly did I help with 🤫 @W7FJXR63 love this for you 😤💜