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Juwon @shady_rican New Jersey, USA

Film producer, writer and public relations professional. 25 🇵🇷 🇨🇷 $juwonthetruth

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I have to constantly remind myself to run my own race. What is for me will be there when it is the RIGHT time and y…
Retweeted by Juwon @HOTBOYLEEL you gonna fight me when I come over?ate like five meals today 😐why are they always fighting in ATL. Tf y’all even mad about???she beat her body ody ody ody ody tf up 😭 of you don’t actually care how much minimum wage should be you just prefer it stay significantly less than…
Retweeted by Juwon @8thdemo claim it 🔏 @lvteef and I love -if y’all don’t release a deluxe album.... how we say “man” whenever we’re disappointed
Retweeted by Juwon @GenieGene_PS well wtf did you eat that day lmaooo sjsjsjsj 😭😭😭 @theejayy I dRoVeeeE thruuUUU the suBuRbsssSssshealth insurance: it just works
Retweeted by Juwonhow’d I get an estimation bill for my dental surgery and this motherfucker charging me $30 for “prior dental work.”… minimum wage debate in America
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I’m guilty 😔 @reizzla come get some 🥱I’m every woman. It’s all in me.
Retweeted by Juwon @mcarlovincent if I speak.....Venus in Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer Available in postcard sizes as well so u can gift as cards ❣️…
Retweeted by JuwonAt least with Pedro Pascal, much of his characters are explicitly latinoOscar Isaac strictly playing white men in much of his roles isn’t the Latino rep I think he thinks it is 😅I recently hit 4k, so it's time for a MIRROR SELFIE GIVEAWAY enter to win a mirror selfie commission! (3 spots)…
Retweeted by Juwon @NOCHlLLWlLL whole time I been listening to baby bop?? oh nahhhh lmaoo @theejayy Literally like that’s all I askwe have
Retweeted by JuwonWhy is my timeline filled with underpaid men upset that the minimum wage is going up? It’s almost as if they don’t…
Retweeted by Juwon @CupcakKe_rapper help me out por favor $juwonthetruthNew year . New giveaway RT then reply with yo PayPal or cashapp
Retweeted by Juwon“soooo many businesses would go under if the minimum wage is raised” so you agree? that companies rely on the expl…
Retweeted by Juwon @gothjafar @coolado_ the bitch in question? 🙈🙋🏻‍♂️ @sylphmon @8thdemo 😩 I hate it"I don't want $15 minimum wage because it'll be too close to what I make" "I don't want $600 a week unemployment f…
Retweeted by JuwonI don’t understand clients who come in for a haircut and don’t want their hair cleaned prior???? 🤢 @Abalisah @diettrade all I do is offer him loyalty and love and this is the thanks I GET @diettrade come back to me 🥺 @diettrade next time you post something I’m taking my contacts out 😭😭😭 @adanylaluna let’s see how long it stays up 😬🤣 @NOCHlLLWlLL I’m listening..... @triplevirghoe @janmichaelxx that was him hahahahahaha let me block myself @triplevirghoe I’m talking about that white thigh ajsjsjshs pls 😭🤣can someone remind me to take new mirror pics this week? 😩 @triplevirghoe @adanylaluna @janmichaelxx the white man’s whore 🥰 @_blasianbarbie I’ll only keep it up for a few minutes then go about my day like ain’t nothing happen 😬🤣I want a gym partner 😔 but I’ve got like no friends in jersey. All my girls wanna live MILES away @santoswaldorf I saw red! lmaooo she was my favholly j CARRIED when the OG’s left. It’s not her fault her back hurt from juggling plot lines😅
Retweeted by JuwonBezos makes $150,000/minute and pays you $16/hr but you’re mad at *checks notes* McDonald’s fry cooks?
Retweeted by Juwon @triplevirghoe want attention cause I’m bored.....maybe I’ll post some -
Retweeted by Juwon @brownskinliam post a video like that again....and you’re DONE! @brownskinliam I’m breaking mutuals 💜 @skypexwilliams pls.....this makes sense 😭 @pearlemoji *our wife
Retweeted by Juwon @ParishJames6 I don’t want this ending in a team up. I want him to beat the boots off herAgain
Retweeted by Juwonthe entire music video just hits all the right notesI remember Katy Perry dropping Chained to the Rhythm and thinking I was gonna get an era of meaningful pop music 😅like imagine being angry that you’re potentially being paid less then a food industry worker when you should be ang… will never progress as a society, because the working class is so insistent on fighting one another over scraps… @clay_mcch How do people always think about this and come to the conclusion that minimum wage should be lower and n…
Retweeted by Juwon @JamieIs4PF Imagine being mad at your fellow workers for wanting a living wage and not the rich underpaying you
Retweeted by Juwonahead of his time tbh can be the total package and be at the WRONG ADDRESS.
Retweeted by JuwonWe all deserve oscars for our stunning performances as high functioning humans in a crumbling society.
Retweeted by JuwonYall know how long it took me to make this shit?
Retweeted by Juwon @mcarlovincent jersey’s got talent @adanylaluna I’m gonna lose it lmaooo
Went into 5 below and saw some shit that cost $7. Wtf is going on????
Retweeted by Juwonsometimes I be kicking to people on accident 🥴🙈 @_LanceCarter she’s warped reality....and an unknown agency is investigating 🤨Congress owes us like $16,000 for the 8 months they didn't help us, why are we arguing about $1400 vs $2000?
Retweeted by Juwon @NazhierSmith like what’s not clicking? Throw asshe go crazy when he see me and his girl go crazy too. My fav line tbhsince tina snow trending a elite meg freestyle
Retweeted by Juwon @stargaasm ratio’d oomf 😕 time I see my step cousin at the gym I feel the urge to fight 🤬 @mcarlovincent your prideintentions.
Retweeted by Juwon @stargaasm just say you got a loose hole. It’s a food industry worker I was expected to be a cashier, janitor, clean up crew, salesman, cook and customer servi… @touchnick I’m still in awe of the scene where she sees the beekeeper and says “yeah no of that” and hits rewind @touchnick I enjoyed it so much 😭this is for sure how it’s done but labels don’t even push the remix singles with a roll out anymore. They slap the… @CashApp $juwonthetruth’m sorry but Megan’s verse was cute. I think more time experimenting with pop features will help her grow even more as a talentDolly Parton is the person people think mother theresa was
Retweeted by JuwonBiden didn’t say you’d get a Toyota he said you’d get a toy Yoda.
Retweeted by JuwonIncredible thread, from Nov. 2020: Before y'all go running with the narrative that John Sullivan belongs to the Le…
Retweeted by JuwonMortal Kombat movie looking like a flopIf there’s one thing Maluma gonna do it’s show his feet 👁 oat milk with my protein waffles and strawberries before the gym @Finesseinisreal @NahNahBad it’s actually cheekily comedic with mystery building. I wish all six episodes had dropped at oncethe way Wanda went AHHHT!!! AHHHT!! when the beekeeper showed up. She’s really about to body everyone when this is… after the talent show I just-
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