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English Teacher of the 'yoof' of today innit, or preparing my minions for world domination. Mentor to trainees. KS3 coordinator. Co-founder of @Team_English1

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@miss_mcinerney @missdcox Scenario... School A has sig. high prior att. and historically high KS4 att. But cohort…
Retweeted by Becky Wood @HilesSophie @ASTsupportAAli To be fair, it is true that I don’t know who I am...and while we are at it, who are you? 😜 @ASTsupportAAli I have lost all my usefulness. I don’t even know who I am anymore! @ASTsupportAAli 😂😂😂 @teach_smith 😂😂 @debrakidd @dailydenouement @bandonthewall I will. I will have so many new places on my doorstep 😊 @dailydenouement @bandonthewall I will!! Exciting! 😊There’s something soothing in the fact that amongst the chaos, Liam and Noel still hate each other.’s #soundtrackofourlives is an odd one. When I went through a period of being quite low and anxious my daughte… @Penny_Ten @AAnt26 Ha! Have a look on the Nike website, they often have some funky bits that you just can’t find an… @Penny_Ten @AAnt26 😂😂 I got them direct from Nike, they are Air Jordan’s but aren’t available anymore though. They… @AAnt26 They are mine. That’s my photo 😂 @Penny_Ten @AAnt26 They are my shoes...that’s my photo 😉 @TeacherBusy Exactly! We need to drop in things that we might be able to look forward to. And keep the economy going a bit 😊 @DanSeanClayton Ahahahaha! Not quite...Tim Burgess.I bought some gig tickets for October today. Because you have got to have faith. @yesmrspaul I felt really anxious all the way round, but it is done and I am no longer anxious about the fact that… @KarenSmedley7 Oh, bless you. I don’t like that we are only allowed to go in on our own too. Less chatter xx @Miss_G_English It is really scary. Although some people are clearly going all the time! @stowdawn It’s really not nice, because it doesn’t feel normal. But I guess it is a new normal and we will get used to it lovely xx @teach_smith I had a ‘flu’ about 10 days before this all hit and have had a tight chest and felt exhausted ever sin… @MissBorwick The staff in Waitrose were amazing and I had a chat with an ex-student who works there, so that was nice. Just surreal. @Jascol88 I think there might be a lot of this for several months. Just surreal. @NickyThomas1 Thank you 😘😘 @Mr_Strak It’s really strange, but such is life. Good luck to you too! @hanfosrod Oh bless you lovely. I hope that there are exciting times ahead for you 😊 @kezzerrg 😘😘😘 @stevied_preston Oh bless you, I think we are allowed to grieve these moments even in the grand scheme of things. @jagdcruz Oh, that’s tough. I guess I am lucky that I have more memories to make. @DominiqueRED Aww, thank you. I will definitely come back and see them! @AnnaCooper10 Thank you, that’s kind. I have years of memeories with some awesome children over the years and that… @RCCS_MrSCanavan Some of the people I work with are my closest friends, so I really will stay in touch, just be on… @MissJH2 Awww, lovely. That’s tough. We will be ok in the grand scheme of things. Take care too xx @PsychologyMrs Oh, bless you. That’s tough. I hope that after all this we can value the things we want and need in our lives a bit more. @piedwarbler1 Ha! That is very true! @JoSoulby Aww, bless you. That is tough. Thank you! xx @KMguineafowl I’m moving from Cambridgeshire to the North too! @SmallSchool_KS2 Oh that is really sad 😔 @wendydock Oh that’s really sad. I feel for you. Hopefully they can arrange something later? @MsHeathEnglish It just feels a bit numb and sad. @marklay11 Oh that’s tough. It all just feels like it has been pulled from under us. @piedwarbler1 Awww, that is really tough. I know I am lucky that I still have memories to make xxMarcus Rashford has paid for 400 thousand people to be fed in Manchester , that’s more than all Matt hancocks hedge…
Retweeted by Becky WoodI hadn’t been to a shop for nearly 2 weeks and not been out the house at all for a week. The world has changed sign… @MrsSpalding @ofqual Me eitherTeachers told their estimates will be ‘the core element of the certification process’.
Retweeted by Becky Wood @MissLisa1809 We do that but we also rank them, but that isn’t necessarily their final grade until the exam boards… work from @FCDWhittaker. All you need to know on grades announcement: - schools to award grades AND rank pu…
Retweeted by Becky WoodOk. Time to get our heads round this.
Remote learning materials for KS4 English Language and Literature - Lang Paper 2 and Unseen Poetry. All made from s…
Retweeted by Becky Wood @Charlotte82 Thanks lovely. I will xx @SusanSEnglish Thanks love. It will be ok, just the way it is and I am excited about the future xxx @Letterland123 I am soooooooking forward to it!! 🥰🥰 @jennife03879567 Oh I will, some of them are my closest friends now! @TstephanieH @MissLisa1809 It is indeed memorable! @Letterland123 I think I will tbh 😔 @familyfirst50 They have indeed! @LTeacher123 Thank you. That’s kind xx @agwilliams9 It is a big thing really, but I’m resigned to it now and I know I have an exciting time ahead. And I w… @soph_the_loaf It does. I’m sure there are many of us who feel the same. @julietheskoolie It is very odd. I’m not really sure how to process it all yet. Just a bit of resignation to it all really. @morgs_31 @nick2010critch @KathyKelliott I’m looking forward to it! @HalilMrT1 @TeachingMrsP I keep all the random stuff children give me! 😂 @HalilMrT1 @TeachingMrsP See I thought that and then this happened on my office desk at work and now I just don’t k… spiders, now is really not the time to start invading my home. @MissLisa1809 I am! Very close so I can hop on a train and see my daughter and all my Leeds buddies!....when we can… @MissLisa1809 I’m moving from Peterborough to Manchester! I’m working in Rochdale. @MrsRLowman It’s very strange isn’t it? Just feels odd. @pdcornish76 Thank you xx @craigdyoung @Sheena2907 It is just so odd. I don’t know how it will work either. I will need to actually go and cl… @MrsMPrimaryYr4 Aww, bless you. I’m not moving until half term, but we won’t be back before then. I am so exited ab… @pdcornish76 It is very odd, but just one of those things really. Don’t get me wrong I am horrendously excited abou… @Sheena2907 @craigdyoung Ha! I will still be coming back occasionally to see my parents, so will occasionally be about! @nick2010critch @KathyKelliott I feel so positive about it. My heart tells me that this is absolutely the right thi… @KathyKelliott I am moving to find a new home if that makes sense? I’ve never felt settled and want to be somewhere… @Sheena2907 @craigdyoung Yeah, Craig and I will have to have a virtual leaving party 😂 @KathyKelliott I needed something new and now my own children can look after themselves I decided to do something I… @teach_the_geek @McrLitFest Don’t get me wrong I am proper excited about my move (whenever it may happen) and my ne… a massive thing in all of this, but I have worked at my school for 17 years and am now unlikely to work with… @booklovershona Awww, my little ones are big ones (21 and 23) now, but I hope they are. My son always says he has b… @Letterland123 She is an awesome woman. I will always be grateful that she was one of the women that made me feel like I could do it. @WHSRSL It was a great album! @MsFordTeaches It just explains things in a much more realistic and none sensational way. We need more of this. @booklovershonaToday’s #soundtrackofourlives is this, because when I was pregnant as a single mum working and commuting to finish… @MrEFinch When are we starting Neverwhere? Is it Saturday? 😊 @sixoclockhughes @NTLive @YouTube It’s brilliant 😊 I go and see all of these at the cinema so it will be nice to see them again. @NTLive @YouTube Thank you!! 😊 @NTLive @YouTube Hi, thank you for doing this. Having seen it is just what people need right now. Can it be paused… @a_nother_tchr @e1elinfa I’m sort of the opposite. I haven’t been out at all, for anything since last Friday and am… @e1elinfa It is all very anxiety inducing but this I found to be much more informative and realistic. I needed that grounding today. @HappySadCross @amymayforrester @Read_Learn_Lead Love them!!! Yes please!!And please, please if you are one of those people who wants to comment, ‘it’s rubbish, we are all going to die’, pl… found this really pragmatic and therefore it ramped down anxiety a notch...if you need it.
@Eng_Lysh Don’t think so! @amymayforrester @Read_Learn_Lead There’s plenty of colouring apps and it feels very similar 😊 @H_Sellwood It’s a gift that keeps on giving 😂 @Read_Learn_Lead @amymayforrester I have been colouring with it this very evening @geographygem It’s all very strange @MRSP_notanumber 😂😂😂