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i’m so traumatized by white males as one would say colonizers... @MazzKhaos He’s bugging me out cause I remember he said this but why is he saying it like now? and not the beginnin… ableism is harmful and unnecessary y’all. Learn how to discredit and insult people without playing into systems…
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋 @MindofSnaps 👁👄👁 no one wearing masks, wut2020 just said, you wanna see us get really wild? I don’t think you’re ready for this one. 👁👄👁 @kanyewest @ctrlaltquin @DrLupo my emotions can’t handle anymore weird rollercoasters, say what, I’m tired of narcissists.
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋grown behavior: this is one of my close friends & i’m crying rn i need a hug i just need to cry this out, people ar… they acknowledge and validate your feelings 👁💧👄💧👁 *me thinking who sent them*
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋 @TiawiaGames I will definitely be reaching out to you 😭 I appreciate you being here for me. It has been so much bag… @TiawiaGames I wish I could hug you too 😭 I know it’s not my fault but he made me feel that way. He made me feel li… @TiawiaGames You’re making me cry & feel so understood. I wish I could of left faster but it’s scary, I just didn’t… @TiawiaGames He would hit me, body shame me, tell me I wasn’t pretty enough to stream, be racist, and just so much… @TiawiaGames Thank you 😭 I am trying to heal and move on. I want everything to work out. It’s hard when you have th… hate asking but life is hard right now. I need all the help I can get. I have been selling everything to get the…’m in a difficult situation. I was in a toxic abusive relationship for over 5 years my mental health has suffered… don’t know why I’m surprised people are more worried about the mental health of an abuser than victims, who’ve ha…
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋No, I don’t want to kill myself anymore. I just wanted to end the abuse I was tolerating from him. It was so bad th…’s crazy is that I tried to leave the toxic relationship many times & he wouldn’t let me leave! He would force… hope all racists die from covid 19 this year uwu 💞🥰😘🖕🏽😍 @Oreocide Now that’s a banger tweet.My friends have also made me aware that he has been posting on his personal facebook account about me and hasn’t sa… like I told you he was stalking me even after the fact. He made an instagram to specially watch my every move.… is a criminal deseves to be charged like one. He hurt me so many times and I just sat there through it all. I wa… fucking can’t stand this. I could of been dead from all the times he hit me. Sometimes I would stream and you guy… is why I have been silent for so long. There’s been many times in the past where I was the only black person a… still am scared for my life because his family has ties with white supremacy people that are connected to KKK. Th… want justice. I want to feel finally happy. I want y’all to know that his control on me was not love. It was some… would tell me I wasn’t allowed to do certain things unless he approved it. He was controlling everything I would… received so much hate at home from him. I was dying from the abuse. He was killing me for everything I was & want… also states his parents were racist to me but covers it with now, “I want to help them see the world through a d… one of the last text messages he sent me before I started ignoring him. Clearly he states, “You can focus on y… you read his tweets you know damn well how immature he is when he sends texts to your mom about relationship i… can someone be married to someone for over 5 years and say some shit like this? This was never love. This was s… bc all countries matter
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋“I won’t talk negatively about you in public” yeah because I didn’t do anything wrong but just exist and that’s eno… Samuel Robinson. Find him on Facebook. Do what you will. His mom is Laurie Robinson and his father is Clifford… @tomcruisesteeth that: @/bernietheblunt is Samuel J Robinson who has been charged with domestic violence and abuse here in… don’t like hate but I am willing to be toxic if the person is a flaming racist that only uses black women for sex… would be fun to just let everything out in the open because he would beat me and abuse me verbally all the time.… karma karma 💜💜💜Wouldn’t it be fun if y’all can see how small Sam’s penis really is? I mean I have pics that I would be willing to…’s funny that Sam acts so tough online but I know how much of baby he really is. Fucking man ate my ass. And woul… know your parents are controlling when they pick your college, buy the car, tell you that you can only date if…’s kinda sad that a man’s way of showing that he doesn’t have feelings anymore is to treat the women like shit un…’m hypothetically thinking about making that only fans
verbal abuse is still abuse, if you are spreading hate online abusing people thinking it’s comedy then you should b… @ButtJuiceSoup We should do something about the hate Etika received from him which ended up killing him. That’s wha…
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋All we want is for the cops and the karens to leave us alone.
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋this is mental torture fuck trump and his supporters. fuck all you racists pendejos.i just can’t take a break right now. you guys need to be the change. we need more people to stand up & fight by our…’s days like this where we feel like our life is an inconvenience and it takes time to re-wire it to believe otherwise. you’re not someone who struggles with mental health i’ll be taking some time off of social media to get myself together aga… can’t tell if someone is flirting with me at all my emotions are too fucked up rni stupidly fell in love with a colonizer, can’t wait to divorce and be done with it no more pain 😭I wanna be in a healthy ass relationship where I won’t ever have to question shit.
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i just want to scream in a pillow for five hourswhy so much trauma i can’t stand itplease because we sometimes do not know it at all and today’s one of those days for me i’m trying to look on the br… from personal experience (which does not apply to everyone), when I have been at my lowest, hotline number…
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋my chest hurts, how can someone be so evil and not apologize for the pain they caused someone because they stood up…’all heard it here first
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋i’ve been practicing, what do you think? rate me 🤍 #twitchtv miss gaming on my pc :(((((i still have yet to buy my graphics card for the pc i’m so behind on things, hopefully when i get a good job in ma… @Gary_Bernstein @reckful i am so sorry for your lost, my condolences got out to you 🤍we’re allowed to express our emotions, if you think that someone is only going to be positive all the time you’re l…
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋enjoy it’s 4:20 💚i will forever change my pfp constantly lol 😝gosh singing is so soothing🎵 They will see us waving from such great heights, Come down now, they'll say, But everything looks perfect from fa… @LaUnicaDebi son brutos de verdad
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋 @BeccaTILTS @trihex omg i’m so sorry, i’m sending you so much love 😔 @LaUnicaDebi LMFAOOOOOthank you guys for setting me free i was in a mental prison and i didn’t deserve that, you guys complete me @yellowspoongirl love ya so much bella 💜wear a fucking mask fuck you
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋sunrises and sunsets in a virtual world are even more precious i’m just—when people ask me why I play @Minecraft it’s for these reasons 🥺 @GG_Engage is* @GG_Engage People that say that don’t know what a mental illness. They are so fucking annoying.yo someone called me lonely af lmfao yo fuck you i know i’m lonely 😅 but i keep myself great company so stfu bitch 😭🖕🏽🥺This is beautiful.
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋Ok, @Twitch. What are your plans to make the platform better? We are going through months of racism being pushed…
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋Let me make something very clear: STREAMERS ARE NOT THERAPISTS.
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋If you have friends in this space who you’re aware struggle with suicidal thoughts do not expect them to call a hot…
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋it breaks my heart losing people to mental health, i always wish there was more we could do to stop spreading the h… @ChillboBagginzz Take your time 💞Reach out to friends, loved ones, and if you ever see someone in pain try to bring light to their life. Rest in pe…
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋if being an entertainer has taught you anything, no amount of wealth, friends, or anything will fill the hole in yo… talking about mental health Normalize going to therapy Normalize getting treatment
Retweeted by Be on the right side of history 🦋 @ashnichrist This is beyond important. If you can’t handle a crisis situation, please be aware of what you say to p… hate needs to stop spreadingProvide your followers with resources and information y'all if you are talking about this. National Suicide Preven…
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