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Astronomer @AdlerPlanet, co-founder @JustSpaceOrg, multimedia artist. Ethics of Mars exploration, exoplanets, social justice. Opinions mine. Pronouns: they/them

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Walkowicz 2020: What's Up, Dingdong? put the back of my business card on this website @TonyaJoRiley I misunderstood the original tweet and thought this cat was some kind of narc
In 1967, about two dozen armed Black Panthers demonstrated in Sacramento (CA) against a gun control bill. In 2020…
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowicz @davidwhogg If you haven't read it and are looking for follow-on, super suggest Black Reconstruction in America by WEB DuBois!What was said about Martin Luther King Jr. when he was alive. #MLKDay
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowiczultra-beautiful record release show poster designed by @FRANK_OKAY 💓💓 we’ll have a very limited amount of these for…
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Excellent thread on how abolitionists interact w/ the electoral system! @dansinker Dan I have a hot dog zine for you at ORD camp next week, pls apply it to the parts of your soul that hurt
"Peak Occupation: The Rising Ea of a Hawaiian National Consciousness" by Cameron Grimm A…
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowiczindentured servitude...IN SPAAAACE!
Retweeted by Lucianne WalkowiczWe hate you, #Starlink #Starlinked
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowicz @DrMRFrancis @GrumpyKelson be sure to read the comments!On this day in 1893, led by a group of wealthy American businessmen, an organized group called the “Committee of Sa…
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowicz @erinleeryan I unsubscribed a year ago and it's great not receiving it! @GrumpyKelson @DrMRFrancis the entire intro paragraph on the blog that is linked is like "finally, a logical argume… @astroMargaret yeah, I think I might have said something similar, because I also didn't really understand structura… @That_Astro_Chic ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I know your future ex husband Michael B Jordan is your favorite person, BUT I appreciate the love 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @DrMRFrancis AASWomen is public, you can go look at their blog-- it looks like today's issue may not have been post… @DrMRFrancis Bonus round: it appears on the blog of a physicist dude who seems butthurt about being criticized for… @DrMRFrancis there's a very embarrassing essay proposing an "alternative explanation" than sexism for why women le… guess the AASWomen mailing list doesn't read the things it distributes first, or..?Hi all. I’m a Science Communication researcher & I’m joining the @novapbs team as a CivicScience Fellow to study…
Retweeted by Lucianne WalkowiczI colorized this photograph of my grandfather Chief White Eagle taken in the late 19th century. He was hereditary c…
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Bonus round for my fellow white people: pre-order Layla F. Saad's #MeandWhiteSupremacy workbook! It comes out soon,… Chicago Torture Justice Center work to provide healing and community health resources to address the harms of (… you don't know: this reparations ordinance came after years of work by survivors and their families of a long-ru… everybody, it's my birthday! I have a special request for you: if you're able, would you please contribute to Th… @astrochicana @DebPratiti Why not just a crying room? 😂 why cry in the bathroom, head over to the Feelings dome @DebPratiti @astrochicana I would call it a mixed blessing if you’re used to using it for introvert relief 😅 @howelljms I’m so sorry! Sending you love 💗 @asrivkin @MarsMaven Filed right next to the dudes who express support to you one on one but don’t say shit when yo… @astrochicana @DebPratiti Lol after I’d been working at the planetarium for a week I was like, oh, I’m never going… @BookBoy1268 @RyanFMandelbaum All I’m saying is these pics are from an @AdlerPlanet event: @BookBoy1268 @RyanFMandelbaum Nah @RyanFMandelbaum @BookBoy1268 See your problem is, you’re at the wrong planetarium
In my experience, senior Canadian astronomers are not concerned about violence and will find a way to justify it it…
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowicz“A group of Hawaiian researchers announced the submission of 8 white papers to Astro2020... They want to ensure tha…
Retweeted by Lucianne WalkowiczMy conversation with HPR about Maunakea, science’s relationship with Indigenous people, and our #HawaiianScientists
Retweeted by Lucianne WalkowiczIs this California’s answer to the housing crisis? @moms4housing @LibbySchaaf @GavinNewsom
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowicz*stares*
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HT to @IBJIYONGI for this excellent suggestion: "Please read this absolutely stunning profile of fellow… out this awesome piece by @meghanbartels about your new favorite exoplanet! 😉
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@howelljms Ginger is also incredibly effective-- there have been trials showing it can be as good as medication for… in scientific articles rock. The lower right panel is 👨‍🍳 From Kastelein, R. A., et al. "The anatomy of th…
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@aibhleog @astroafro 🚨🚨🚨facts only zone 🚨🚨🚨 also, the rich family’s obvious hatred for the poor (as seen in their super cring… @catgyoung 😻😻😻
And space, too!I have matches, fire, a bridge, a typewriter, protection from the evil eye, a bike chainring, and a whole lot of pl… get work done.
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowicz @IBJIYONGI this is the realest @astroafro Oh WHAT Are there two versions of the movie bc I saw them as really hateful 👀 @rborden16 @michael_w_busch In NM green chilis exist as a fine mist in the air, so ordering regular cheese fries an… to dabble in the field of exoplanets this week with my latest Astrobite on @EmDwarf’s amazing work on the new T…
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowicz @tweetsoutloud JFC Bobak what am I, @MarsCuriosity?!“Down with men!” I growled, gnashing a burrito between my teeth as I wrote code and thought deeply about astrophysi…
@papics @whereisyvette I saw it via @k_nearest_karl this morning— they couldn’t have illustrated our point better:… @papics @whereisyvette ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️HELLO I AM CHAOS @AstroTraviesa feel better! I find applying cats to my body very healing @astrojthe3 don't get me wrong, I love a woody station wagon! but i love a woody station wagon enough not to sully…"If moving forward will be damaging to such a community, astronomers should pause efforts until consensus can be re…"When “contested land” is central to the execution of a project and there is a conflict within an indigenous commun…"Astronomers must recognize past attempts to weaponize differences of opinion in the Indigenous community and commi… @IBJIYONGI I’ve been enjoying learning abt this in our reading!
Retweeted by Lucianne WalkowiczFor your consideration: this car covered in vinyl siding @modernistwitch That set never happened, but I still want it to! Also welcome back 😊🥶 @modernistwitch Does this mean you’re back in Chicago? (We’ve never met, but I think we were supposed to potentiall… @MsKellyMHayes @ejeris @ChiFreeSchool Me I live here! I would like to book club! @karaokecomputer @Kue_Kawena 🙌🔺🙌Hey #aas235 need a snack, want to hear about all the cool projects going on at #hackAAS ? Come by 323C!
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowicz @CapricePhillips Ugh I’m so sorry! It sounds like you had a panic attack— I used to have them (still do sometimes!)… now is @alexteachey’s dissertation talk on exomoons. He’s on the job market and is doing awesome work! #AAS235
Retweeted by Lucianne WalkowiczLooking for a climate expert to chat about carbon neutrality and offsets. RT pls
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Want to dazzle people at CES this year? Walk around with a Romanesco Cauliflower. Tell people that it’s the World’…
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowicz???¿?¿?¿¿¿?
Retweeted by Lucianne WalkowiczRecruiting astro-people to be interviewed (1.5 h) for the AAS Oral History Project. We are back in Honolulu after 4…
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowicz @easternblot @_Astro_Nerd_ seconding this! also, literally just start writing. many of my drafts begin with variati… who campaigned to put Giuliani in charge of literally anything is disqualified, from everything, forever, b… @juramaga @DanielKGiles thank you!This excellent paper by @DanielKGiles and @shaka_lulu beautifully demonstrates an effective method to find anomalie…
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowicz @soniagupta504 0/10, would not recommend a bar to the chin @soniagupta504 there's probably a lesson in the fact that the only time I've totally clocked myself with the bar du… @juramaga @reneehlozek @katestoreyfish @DanielKGiles Glad to hear that :)
So many #HawaiianScientists participated in the #Maunakea narratives over summer of 2019. Thx @Twitter
Retweeted by Lucianne WalkowiczHey astronomers, I'm proposing a new acronym for JWST so it's no longer named after a huge homophobe. Maybe JQST ca…
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowicz🚨🚨🚨 are the compiled links for the #HawaiianScientists & #HawaiianAcademics work on Maunakea: The livestream host…
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowicz @howelljms Ooooo your lizard friend is cute!Using sci-fi to talk about today and tomorrow is really trendy. I think it can be useful. But I also think that a l…
Retweeted by Lucianne WalkowiczI learned hand commands from @Astro_Eustice on our 1st #SENSORIA2020 EVA. Comm issues happen during…
Retweeted by Lucianne Walkowicz @IanPaulFreeley @IBJIYONGI Susan Hutchison used to work for him, she was his rep/proxy at a couple LSST events"The Problem With Naming Observatories For Bigots" by @DrMRFrancis: reflecting on how my/one's understanding of things changes with career stage, over long term projects; e.…"The telescope itself is now named after Charles Simonyi, who public records show donated $50,000 in 2016 to the Tr… @kteabam @IBJIYONGI @MiaDoesAstro @astrocanuck it has been an honor and a joy to connect and work together ❤️ @cosmobiologist