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Head of Publishing @WiredP, Co-Founder of PressEngine: Discovery for games, Consultant at Heaven Media, Trustee @safeinourworld. Dad, husband, Liverpool fan.

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@MatthewPunter @Thrungus @amazon @AmazonHelp I have no idea what Sam said, but yes son! @Cryptik84 Yes he isTomas is on fire! @tweeting_keith @DevRelCallum You lot looking for credibility in social media profiles. I don't need that. *Furiou…
Retweeted by Gareth WilliamsThis tickled me quite a lot, and as a parent, I've strongly considered doing this @KatieRLaurence @FarCrygame Congrats! @robsaunders1 This is my lifeGovernment lies, shocker'm watching Taylor Swift's Folklore: The Longn Pond Studio Sessions, and I've just realised I'm a massive Taylor S…
Wowzers! top five games requested on #PressEngine in the last week. @WormsTeam17 Rumble. Monster Sanctuary from… actually launched last week, but we're busy building more stuffHey #PressEngine - Press, content creators, Steam curators - you can all now return keys, request alternative forma… know that job I left 12 years being an indie for that has been the best move I ever made, given me access to le…
Retweeted by Gareth Williams @charlottekennny Now, as you see your glasses nestling in a bowl of despair, is exactly the right time to truly app… that was unexpected. What a lovely finish :DAjax are the softest team I've seen play in Europe in a while. It's almost as if they aren't being fouled @APZonerunner There are no amount of polygons that are impressive, anymore @DeanoSauruz @HollieB I know, right! @HollieB i shat one seeing this. Brilliant @DominicShaw94 @uk_ie Congratulations! @monkey_sponge In the works... @monkey_sponge Born in Belfast to a Welsh Dad and an English Mum. Couldn't get any worse when it comes to Rugby!Ref raised his whistle straight away for a handball, then changed his mind... @monkey_sponge I was born in Belfast, but it really isn't helping me now @monkey_sponge Coh-en? @newjorg @tweeting_keith I've just worked out you can change the colour of those backgrounds. My name is Gareth and I am 41 years old.Oh, #30Gamesin30days starts again today - Charlie is really looking forward to it!It's #WormsRumble's launch day!!! #Incoming
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@monkey_sponge Surely this is the sole reason twitter to do the unlike button?Wanna work on all the games we've not announced with lovely people and an amazing community? I know, right? Hit th… he was Egyptian ...
Retweeted by Gareth Williams @tweeting_keith I wore eyeliner during the late 90s. Granted, i'd look a bit different now I'm old and fatIt's 2020. It can't get any worse, so why not? held a persons hand as they died alone, without their family or loved ones by their side. Glad you enjoyed you…
Retweeted by Gareth WilliamsSo this 3rd update for #theFalconeer turned from a minor fix patch into quite a QoL focused patch, with a new (non…
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It really doesnt matter what angle you take shots from, @FalconeerDev jist made something really unique and beautif… @Chris_Dring I bought a fair bit of stuff on Black Friday. None of it was games, although i have spent about £200 o… see it having 20m players via @XboxGamePass @Chris_Dring I bought Just Dance last year. Still a big earner for UBI, whatever the world is going through @Chris_Dring And what percentage of those Switch games were published by Nintendo?If you own BT Phobos and you wished @SpitfireAudio would make it NKS compatible, then today is your lucky day, beca… hope Jimininez is ok. Sickening to see and hear. Luiz was also unconscious, so why they're even thinking of lett… many penalties will United be given today?
Joyce needs to get away from Warren ASAP!!!
Retweeted by Gareth WilliamsThat's what an accurate jab does. Took few shots (and very well), and just peppered Dubois left eye all nightThis is a 50/50 fight, but my heart wants Joyce to winI remember the days when PCs all had a turbo button seems to be quite a large operation, can't quite tell what they're up to yet. Can you? #thefalconeer
Retweeted by Gareth WilliamsTwo goals disallowed, one which should have stood. Two penalties given to Brighton, when only one should have been.… be another five minutes now, but watch the whistle get blown at 96 on the dotThe Premier League ia going to have to get refs to start being consistent, or the fans will walk. Or get better re… every chance to award a penalty I seeWow, ref. Please explain using the rules, how rhat was a foul? @monkey_sponge Game on Tuesday, but nobody cares about players wellbeing, except coachesSurprised VAR didn't try and give a penalty despite the offsideLinesman just changed his mind because he realised he couldn't just give Brighton the decisionStill better than GAME that the best camera? JesusSo much betterLiverpool far too slow in passing through lines, allowing Brighton to regain shape in transition. No pressureOkay. So tactical fouls aren't bookable offenses anymore? Since when?
Retweeted by Gareth Williams @cianmaher0 You're not missing anyone of any noteCome. On. Liverpool. @robsaunders1 @Michael_French Were you watching my TV?Bumping this! Just one week left to apply, so get your application in while you can
Retweeted by Gareth Williams @sel2702 It's "You're* the racist". ^Ian
Retweeted by Gareth WilliamsFootloose
If you think The Mandalorian is great, you should check out Star Trek Discovery. Season Three isn't just the best… @IanDunt Congratulations! Your writing is exemplary, and so very funny. @MckKirk FuuuuuuuuuuuuuckI was blown away by this. Welcome, SEGA!'d like to point out this i not the view of everyone at @WiredP @charlottekennny Yep. I hate this @bt_uk I'd like to get my minimum broadband speed as per the promise, rather than half that, if I'm honest @bt_uk Thanks Robbie, but it's a residential account ;)
The lovely @bt_uk have a minimum speed promise. I haven't gotten that speed since I had to start a new contract, be… @_oO_Ghost_Oo_ @WiredP PressEngine isn't Wired :) It doesn't pick up Twitch or YouTube yet, but you can manually… actually think I could make that happen
@pompeygina Welll deserved, Gina! @LeeAriGold I always forget Mad Dog McCree. Fantastic gameA great thread @LeeAriGold Operation Wolf. Hang On. Outrun. Pac-Man. Area 51. Pit Figher. So many great gamesThe newspaper headline has to be "land of God" @mollie_taylor95 @pcgamer Congrats! @UncleJaysus @frontendben @PMurphy1978 I was once offered a job for £12k a year while on a press trip, when I was o… @frontendben @PMurphy1978 I think they're getting much better - but I'm not inside the company, so only have an outsiders perspective @PMurphy1978 Not enough in my opinion @AGameOfJoes @gameifyouare All the editors in charge now had to make guides at some point. I spent two days once,… @LiamBullGB @Tuffcub Your analogy made my Wednesday! @gameifyouare @robsaunders1 Store reviews are more important, but word of mouth trumps everything. Whoever gets the… @Tuffcub This.It seems someone at Future outside of the brilliant editorial teams is begining to understand the internet. £594m… @Tuffcub The biggest prevailing issue in the next five-ten years will be how to engage with an emerging teen audien… @Tuffcub Oh I'm with you on all that. Mobile gamers are like the new quiet person in the room. People try to spark… @The_Reviewist I don't do marketing :)
Just like the last trailer, and as @NeilDavidB pointed out, every thing from that trailer was in-game. #MarthaIsDead