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@dwcongdon Oh my god @mpkiser So do you need my delivery address orTHE GANG LOSES THE INFINITY GAUNTLET @FunWithKelsey @NoraReed It worked pretty well in 2004,,after what? @EconBeer @BrianIsBeering they must not have a centrifuge.The hand sanitizer I just used is a straight acetic bomb. I prefer a more expressive, fruity, ester-forward aroma myself. 🧐
Retweeted by Tim Coe @veryimportant everyone knows the virus takes three days of constant exposure to infect a person, so the hybrid model is foolproof @suesswassersee GAP YEAR GAP YEAR GAP YEAR GAP YEAR @violetconflict @suesswassersee Elementary for us at least was a weekly schedule of zoom meetings (usually 30-min o… Dolarhyde taking that blind lady he works with to go feel a tiger is honestly one of the best first dates ever
Retweeted by Tim Coejared leto doing a Roger Rabbit remake and getting crushed by an actual steamroller to understand the charactersomehow just now found out that fucking Joe Arpaio is back on the ballot in arizona @ewarren @JoeBiden uh huh
@OlympicTavern“I no longer love blue skies. In fact, I now prefer grey skies. The drones do not fly when the skies are grey...” —…
Retweeted by Tim Coe @ProfessorLevy "thanks I made it myself"Dinner calls for egg yolk which means if I don't make old fashioneds with the whites it's wasteful'm sure I'm not the first person to point this out but he simultaneously wants to test fewer people but also think… @TheDazzlingOne @keithpille The Lord providescmon, people
Retweeted by Tim CoeMy drafts folder is always empty Shoot your shot kidsit costs $0 to retweet these perfectly average film pics I just got developed
Retweeted by Tim Coe @thorazos @bbburgerrr I'm so excited for a Biden presidency, I've always been a huge Biden head
Remember when people were like 'we can't nominate Bernie because the GOP will call him a socialist and win' @ElemPeng Candle Cove, though,The Lincoln Project headquarters look cool
Retweeted by Tim Coe @TheDazzlingOne together, from the looks of itDanger cucumber
Retweeted by Tim Coe @collectdust love to eat boiled chicken with zero flavor @Karl_Downey how much more would it have cost to season it @collectdust Lol this is $26 worth of food at most @veryimportant But now how will you know what's happening with the government of the city we all live inme tweeting to the same three followers that interact with 90% of my posts
Retweeted by Tim Coedue to personal reasons i will be sitting on my bed in a wet towel and staring at the wall for the next 25 minutes
Retweeted by Tim Coe @NoraReed @brundlefly Trying to imagine the topographythis explains junior high @AriTruscan @collectdust ^ me running to whip your ass @AriTruscan @collectdust @TrainSongs @Mumbleduck @collectdust they all look identical @AriTruscan @collectdust youre so wrong that i retroactively disagree with every other opinion youve shared @collectdust WAIT THEY MADE MORE THAN ONE?!?! @collectdust omigod i loved chibi robo @gjcharlet @maxsparber Brecht plays you don't even need to rename: The Caucasian Chalk Circle He Said Yes / He Sai… @lefttheprairie shitlords of subnautica @lefttheprairie me comin to stink up ur replies @MintcakeTime the plaid suit kills meMy kid drew the characters from Wind in the Willows @jennypfafflin i would like to know moreyearly reminder to shoot your shot ☄️
Retweeted by Tim Coe @6thgrade4ever the coffee table is also a roomba @dagnificent the only non-100%-anglo in the list? @joetullar123456 their budget is so huge and they can only buy so many MRAPs @shazam_bangles $1099 to live the dream started yelling at strangers without masks @shazam_bangles still wanna get an horchata machine for home @joshmillard @brundlefly yeah it's Back the Blue but with a ribbon as the A in Back so even aside from it being too… @lorenacupcake omg @collectdust Gras @amandamull what is the tv-edited version even for @lorenacupcake that is a real-ass muddlera fun thing about The Muppet Movie
@a_real_octopus @ElemPeng BroThe most insane thing QAnon requires you to believe is that Donald Trump could keep anything secret for more than seven seconds
Retweeted by Tim CoePeople taught at church to believe that millions of their neighbors are Satanic baby-killers are susceptible to con…
Retweeted by Tim Coe @ElemPeng tom hanks played chewbacca @ElemPeng the same reason he directed Angels & Demons @ElemPeng spielberg, director for hire @ElemPeng can he explain the BFG to me @ElemPeng He was also smart in mixing practical and cg so as soon as you think you know what you're looking at he switches it @ElemPeng honestly except for the brachiosaurs in daylight Jurassic Park is still convincing @ElemPeng like watch this from 3:47 on and you can absolutely tell which elements are practical and which are CG @ElemPeng honestly tho i watched a clip from the first cgi Transformers movie and it looks no more convincing than… @ElemPeng @kagredon hey arthur,,.. this is real @ElemPeng @kagredon he FOUND them okay @ElemPeng start dom tweeting you, got itall fiction is erotic fiction if you're lonely enoughHe fell asleep like this @Betsy_Cazden @mtsw @maco_nix Buy groceries when it isn't sleeting
Retweeted by Tim Coe @Jen_Lee @gjcharlet seems less than ideal @suesswassersee "I remember when I was nine seeing you stunt-cast on an episode of Friends because your career was drying up" @suesswassersee What do they even talk about @like_a_toaster 47% of respondents are morally compromised @gucky "this film that failed because the story was too complex for a two-hour telling would be better in the hands… the first thing that comes up when you Google your social security number
Normalize putting the floor plan on your Zillow page. I like them!
Retweeted by Tim CoeMy preferred bike shop is five miles away which makes getting a new tube an exciting challenge @Beer_Notes Everyone should be tbh @VinegarMike @ClaudiaLamb Omg @gucky That documentary is fun but when i read people wishing jodorowsky had actually gotten to make his version I… @brundlefly It's like you forgot all about Antzscrolling through the “Leaving Criterion Channel on August 31st” list and getting sweatier by the second
Retweeted by Tim Coe @flglmn This but in a forest this day I like to imagine Yoda getting the Eraserhead baby treatment kidding like Netflix carries anything made pre-1996watching all of Lawrence of Arabia on my apple watch over the course of 23 minutes