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#1 Shadow of the Colossus fan. Hunter x Hunter, Gintama, Haikyuu, Beastars, and S;G always. Waifu War Officiator. /r/anime mod and @tokyopodfathers host.

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@hikikomorisp LETS GOOOOOO!my colour wheel/spiral mosaic has started the wheels in motion of my ultimate plan. by the end of pride month the e…
Retweeted by Tifa is QUEEN @Aleczandxr Picked up on my subtle drop NICE! @eff_fume @Pogiman666 @hikikomorisp Same after mine but I love you for this. True healing power of aesthetics! @eff_fume @hikikomorisp The spiral is peak aesthetic! @eff_fume ITS GORGEOUS! Absolutely love it!!Told y'all I will make it. 7x7 of my favorite anime sorted in a spiral formation with a color-wheel progression. (…
Retweeted by Tifa is QUEEN10. Cowboy Bebop Mawaru Penguindrum Promare Monster Gintama Ping Pong: The Animation Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood Haikyuu Hunter x Hunter Steins;Gate @Carter___G THIS IS SO PERFECT! Saved! @adinplore @Carter___G @Talketsu THATS MY GOATTweeting out a thread with the anime screenshots I used, and almost used, for my 7x7 in case anyone wants to use th… @Talketsu @SliceOfYata They COULD but they could also be lower @SliceOfYata @Talketsu Pretty much which is why it's 26 😎List order in case anyone was curious: @SliceOfYata @Talketsu 26 is high when you consider how much of a cliffhanger ending we got @Talketsu Thank you, I really appreciate it! The order at the end isn't as clear cut but it's essentially this: @snowhytetan @Talketsu @karevangelion THANKS! It was super fun to make, I'm just glad to see so many people wanting to make their own whic… @Talketsu YOU ARE WAY TOO KIND 😭😭😭 @karevangelion That would be absolutely crazy just from a 7x7 but I'd be honored either way! @Talketsu Hmmm I gotta peep but I'm not 100% sure tbh @Talketsu No I think it's always been 1-5 as long as the surveys have been upI worry that the killing of #BreonaTaylor is getting lost in the noise. We cannot forget how she was “accidentally…
Retweeted by Tifa is QUEENIllustrations drawn by Miura that have not yet been published: A small thread
Retweeted by Tifa is QUEEN @Talketsu Nah its 1-5 @TheRadioheadBoy I'm thinking Zuko but that works @FateSteelTaylor NOOOO THE STORM STOPPED THOUGH! Ganbatte! @Talketsu They're out of 5 so that's pretty high @paperpandabears Really depends on the series. I tried to go based on which series has the fewest strong color shot… @FateSteelTaylor I MISSED AND RUINED IT ALL! @Carter___G DO IT! Tons of fun! @paperpandabears Please do!!>Boku no pico jokes in 2020 c e a s e .
Retweeted by Tifa is QUEENIs it??
Retweeted by Tifa is QUEENAight here's a thread of my favorite anime openings and endings
Retweeted by Tifa is QUEEN @FateSteelTaylor This is what happens when you don't grow up watching Gossip Girl and Sex in the City. @ArthurSalari It's less cool/badass but it was always in character for her @ArthurSalari Honestly, not really. Emma has always been about saving her family first but she never felt vengeful… @ArthurSalari I still think Goldy Pond and beyond was great but this latest arc is when it really went downhill @Evanit0 @UchihaShadow123 @LadyofDoriath Facts. Gintama's hottest guys body Fate's hottest guys. @vicmitro It's a really interesting case of morality which most people can mostly accept as wrong but I think a lot…
Retweeted by Tifa is QUEEN @RealisticSK Nice, have fun! I use which lets you do a 6x6 but you can add boxes by draggi… @Pogiman666 I've gone from thinking "most of the criticisms at the time are overstated" (still true regarding what… @CaribouCoon DO IT!! @KisaraHijikata THANK YOU! Oh nice which ones haven't you seen? @vicmitro It's too early for this shit, I'm going back to bed @DirtyDarkBird Ohhh I feel ya! Thank you! @SSJFutureKid Episode 3 since episode 1 and 2 are filler eps @DirtyDarkBird Oh I thought you meant a color version. This looks great either way! @tsunoyoroi Thank you!! @RealisticSK Not really a rule but I had each box planned out by color and then looked for which shots would fit that color best @sond__ No u @RenXLucy LETS GOOO! Thank you, I'm honored! @weebsara It drove me crazy but was worth it for sure! @notverybased I just finished it super recently so it's the latest one but it was indeed very kino @DirtyDarkBird You could still do it with a 4x4 for sure! @FuhrerZakk Thanks!! @Sunr1se7777 Gracias! @Ryan_Melvin15 YESS! Great taste! SZS OPs are amazing @hikikomorisp Yours was great too! I think that KLK shot was my first red pick and I knew it had to stay @0bvilion This is the highest form of praise thank you aesthetic Asuka @Aleczandxr Thank you! You definitely do! It's tons of work but definitely worth it! @ChainUzr Thank you!! There are a few really great Beastars shots that I had in mind but that one was too powerful @Ryan_Melvin15 No do it! Never too late to post the favorites @FuhrerZakk LETS GOOOO @FuhrerZakk @Wallexx092 @Mladen769 @MarkadoGoat Hisoka is such an important character in the series too. His post-a… @GoldenBalmung I legit don't get the biased thing. Like yes I am it's called an opinion? We all have them. @FuhrerZakk Honestly might do a smaller one of these with just OPs or just do color specific ones. We'll see. @Wallexx092 @FuhrerZakk @Mladen769 @MarkadoGoat I think what it comes down to is I respect Pouf's character writing… @FuhrerZakk Yeah but I like going for shots from scenes directly in the show that correspond to powerful scenes a bit more. @NoExpectation1 Time to rewatch! @Mladen769 @Wallexx092 @FuhrerZakk @MarkadoGoat Closer to Top 10. I remade my list recently and I have weird picks… @hikikomorisp Oh awesome! Glad to hear it!! Yeah I had to cop your CCS shot since it was one of my favs from your… @FuhrerZakk AH NICE! THANKS! These would definitely would (2 is kind of iffy with red and blue competing) but the o… @Wallexx092 @FuhrerZakk @Mladen769 @MarkadoGoat Pouf not Top 15. Chrollo makes it though. @IndigoDango BEST NEN ABILITY @FuhrerZakk Can you post them? I didn't really find many that had overt color schemes that really had colors that popped. @MrLA1234 Yep! @Ototo4lifu AHHH that's awesome!! Perfecting timing for sure! @Pogiman666 I said it was going downhill a bit ago so this isn't completely new @hikikomorisp Thank you!! Sorry for so many pings for this but I had to give you credit for inspiring this and show off yours as well! 😊 @juno7J2 Thank you!! That means a lot!! @FuhrerZakk Honestly FMAB has very few shots that have a predominate color as the main focus cause it has a pretty… @Malaysian_Idiot @wisalallen I WILL FOR SURE! @vicmitro @Chitori_Bocchi Def a bit. They've retweeted some posts IMMEDIATELY after they've been posted and it's way too quick to be a human칸무르
Retweeted by Tifa is QUEENListening to /r/Anime Podcast episodes I missed during quarantine has somehow really improved by productivity at wo…
Retweeted by Tifa is QUEEN @wisalallen You are a legend!! Amazing work to you and everyone who donated!!