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@PunishedTyke HYPE! @bfftsukki @YorozuyaBoss 1. Oikawa 2. Kuroo 3. Tsukishima 4. Kageyama 5. HinataWE DOING THIS LIVE! @MozillaFennekin and @FateSteelTaylor are playing #ApexLegends on our #Twitch channel, join us!…
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This weekend we will be at @animenyc booth #432 , but want to give away a FREE HxH shirt to 3 lucky people! All y…
Retweeted by Beast⭐️ShasLOOK AT MY BOY! He's so grown up! @SaroArsten But does anyone else's opinion on your favorites matter more than your own? @Aleczandxr It's a tough call to make. I've been more liberal with my 10s even though some are higher up than other… @SaroArsten What's wrong with that if you genuinely enjoy them?Death Parade is one of the best psychological emotional underrated anime👌✨
Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shas @SaroArsten That and reddit comments I forget I madeNew AniTube Cypher, yes I was challenged twice this year haha
Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shas @ColdCriti Possibly his best voice acting role to date @crixist SAME! She's one of the best female characters out there and one of my all time favorites.WE STAN THE QUEEN SAID THAT WE WOULD GO no I said that KITE FLYING!! Kite was dying
Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shas @WtWAnime I finally saw it yesterday after seeing Hotel Hazbin finally and you were 100% on the mark. Great video,…
Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shas @MozillaFennekin You always deserve support ❤️Matsuoka Yoshitsugu is such a talented VA. How do you even make half the noises he does for Inosuke?? It's insane this original episode got copystriked and taken down (very cool) so we removed the edited material and reuploade…
Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shas @Malaysian_Idiot Yep! It's so perfect I'm so hyped! @a_standed Had to include the QUEEN @maity0man AND THEIR SEASON 2 OP WHICH IS STILL THE BEST OP (even though their S3 OP is amazing too) @a_standed Couldn't agree more! @FateSteelTaylor PERFECT DUO IM SO HYPEDLITERALLY PERFECT OMG I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER OMG ❤️❤️❤️ to see SPY x FAMILY thriving! Keep it up! @MrLA1234 THANKS! Nana is great, hope you check it out some day! @thechuunicorner THANKS BANJO! I'm glad you approve!! @NisioIsinFanboy I LOVE K-ON! Yui is the GOAT @Ougi_Oshin0 Who's the third one? @diosaurus13 Nana Komatsu from Nana @SubtitledAnime THEY ARE!! Nooo I want to so much but I don't have a Switch :( Santa pls help @Jacklekins Thanks!! I love them so much!! @Ougi_Oshin0 WHOOPSIEI’m very sad ...because I found my comics uploaded without permission.. Colored without permission... And she shows…
Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shas @SubtitledAnime She's already my favorite based on character design alone but this makes her even better I have 5...
@Aleczandxr AHHHH I'M SO HAPPY YOU CAUGHT UP! @EmperorTiime 🔥yOuR mC cOuLd NeVeR Bioshock - By Arash Hadavi
Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shasand i stood up and said, "you know WHAT? I am NOT playing Pokemon Sword and Shield. They can't MAKE me play it.…
Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shas @_Kagenshii_ NICE! It's really great right from the get go! @CaribouCoon Louis-senpai fanart if ur older than youtube
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Retweeted by Beast⭐️ShasNYC - egg bacon and cheese at every bodega - nothing closes ever - trash is filled with rat orgies LA - no one has…
Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shas @UchihaShadow123 Part 2 of the best breakdown in anime.Since @ShaKing807 already posted the good old 116 breakdown, I'll go with the 130 breakdown
Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shas @JawBurst @livingkami THEY EVEN USED BEST OP! @SubtitledAnime He's so great! I'm overdue for a rewatch with the dub so I'm excited to check him out in full @SubtitledAnime S;G0 8 was SO AMAZING too! I did sub for both but I've heard parts of the dub and John Michael Tatum killed it! @SubtitledAnime It's my favorite anime episode period so I agree wholeheartedly! @SubtitledAnime Be the change you want to see in the world @FateSteelTaylor And I'll do so in a clickbait youtube video ofc @FateSteelTaylor One of these days I will get over my laziness to get to my old phone and find them. One of these days. But not today. @Theodor76415219 OOF just thinking about that line is like a punch to the heart. @FateSteelTaylor I LITERALLY have the receipts. @FateSteelTaylor I'll tweet it with THE RECEIPTS! Drown in your accidental good taste! @FateSteelTaylor I WILL expose you with your tweet calling HxH a 10/10 and episode 116 a masterpeice Also -"Is something wrong with you?! You want...You want me to trust this thing?! I can't do that!"… @WtWAnime bruh you IN this @MozillaFennekin These queens is the average mercenary who represents the "everyday man" you'd hate to be but know you relate to on some l… hearts
Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shas @FateSteelTaylor @JackUTS I'm only moderately versed in college football but I just wanted to chime in because I lo… @crixist Definitely a fair takeLeaving the group chat so I can focus on my responsibilities as a Shark Tank subbreddit moderator .
Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shas @crixist I think his relationship with his sister adds a lot more to his character and contextualizes his complicat… daily dose of bokuto saying akaashi
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Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shas @a_standed Maquia was definitely better for me but it's very melodramatic in the Mari Okada style which is hit or m… @a_standed I haven't seen the two sequel films you listed for 2018 but Maquia and Pancreas were not good for me eve… @a_standed hahahaha thank you but no worries you can call me man too idc either way @a_standed I've only seen HF 2 and Promare from 2019 and while I ADORE Promare, I don't think the the other movies… @a_standed 2016 by a landslide @CanipaShow 20s are the new 30s apparently... @hypland Top 10 Anime BetrayalsMe: Yeah, it is unfortunate a lot of characters in the KnY manga aren't safe :( IRL Coworker who has no idea I run…
Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shas @amai_zo It's some good stuff!Give us some chapters Togashi FFS look what you're doing to the people it he riding the turtle today
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I’m almost never upset with the actual crew who put in the work to finish a film, game, or whatever, and almost alw…
Retweeted by Beast⭐️ShasIt’s full moon. Obligatory full moon post.
Retweeted by Beast⭐️Shas @Ougi_Oshin0 @SolidPatureau Me and Pat will form the freak duo and take you down! @UltralightReme FANTASY TEAMS ARE SOMETHING YOU MAKE BLOOMI've gone from like 6th to 2nd in my fantasy league and if I get to 1st I'm 100% changing my name to Sha from the Concrete @a_standed Yeah I honestly could not care less. There's so much more to discuss with speculation and theories, like… @a_standed I hate power scaling talks cause it really feels like people just try to ignore any and all logic to arg… @Sugartooth98 Your takes were so spicy your profile was looking like this for 10 mins @link7934 @SubtitledAnime I want my life to be a crossover fanficWhat’s up, fam?! Our boy, @ATonOfBacon, is hosting the Anime Offensive Show featuring @notverybased from the…
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