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Writer on My Dad the Bounty Hunter @Netflix. Written for Netflix’s Battle Kitty, CN’s Craig of the Creek and Ben 10, Disney, and more. Opinions are my own.

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@oh_dam_itsadam @nsumida Sadly, I don’t!! 😭
@henriiscrap Samurai Champloo, Nana, Case Closed, Samurai X. @Shnikkles Take your ass to bed, Nicole...
@forosha Same, fam.'m just a girl, standing in front of a mountain of work, asking for fewer world events to happen so I can get some of it done.
Retweeted by Shakira Pressley @GoodDeedsKZ Omg I just recently watched this. What a good time. Lol
@genegoldstein No worries. It isn’t every bodies cup of tea. Lol it’s all good!RSVP at:
Retweeted by Shakira PressleyI’ll be talking about the relationship between a storyboard artists and writer with none other that THE Jake Goldma…
Retweeted by Shakira Pressley @genegoldstein Nope. Especially if you mean work group. Sometimes I get so many notifications from there that it drives ME crazy. Lol
@eduardocafo Thank you!!
@cartoonfuntime That’s my motto!! Best tomato’s! 😎🎊👏🏽 @oh_dam_itsadam Oh, you knows it!! @TheAwesombroso Thank you!! I’m proud of them! @HaplessLarry Yes they are! Looking forward to doing that exactly!! @Chuudles Thank you!! Ha, I’m honestly shocked I got this many! @LestradeMorgan Nope. Hate them. 😭 @KaitSnod I’m excited to try making sauces with it or something. I’ve never grown anything before! @FreddyUlateArt Brains and brave. Idk why she tolerates me. Lol @LaserSinger Thank you. 😭 I’m so proud.My gf helped me harvest the first few ripe tomato’s on my plant! It’s my first time so I’m super excited! (Also, I… @abellehayford Congratulations, Abelle!! You’ve earned this! I know you’re going to kill it!
@Fumi_chun That it is.
There’s a lot of comments so I’ll just add to the thread. I picked a handful of people, but if the room isn’t too p… @StudioCATCH Yeah! There’s always next time! I’d be super intrigued about more of your stories!!
Whoa. Didn’t expect this many people. I’ll prob close this thread for now and go through the ppl who messaged me early on! Thanks everyone! @ChunksTheMighty DM if interested!Hey friends! I’ve had a writers group going for the last two years and I’m looking to recruit some new members! Lo… @Bahamutgaming @Bahamutgaming Me literally right now trying to get up. @Shnikkles @Shnikkles Go take a nap. I know where you live, Nicole. @38___sr Teach me how to dress. @AkiraTeku Tell them I say hi. None of them know me, but I want it to be known that I’m excited. Lol
@AshWrites Donuts and coffee isn’t a complete and balanced meal?! Blasphemy. @jerthewriter Let’s do it!! @38___sr @ayejayisnothere Same!! Let’s make this money and build those goals, homie!!I haven’t been on social media lately (cause it tires me to respond to anyone lately), but trust that I’m working o… @DoreeSeay @KirkWrites79 Ha, probably not. This is probably for breaking in talents. Thanks for the toss in though! @pramsey342 Truly. @Shnikkles DO IT!!!!!!! @britneythoreson Sooooo goooood!!!!!
@GreaserDracula This is my one true problem. My desk. @EmmiKatJohnson Ooooo good idea! I’ll try that out! @Levi3o4 Or can it?! 😈 @GreaserDracula I like it. I’m always nervous it’d be too close to my desk, but I’ll try it! @LestradeMorgan I actually have no clue? I just hang stuff and prepare to fix it before moving. Lol @GreaserDracula The cat is a win, but also thanks for making the bed for me. Lol dang okay. Good idea. I might move… @LestradeMorgan I have huge windows in my room but would’ve been cool otherwise! @GreaserDracula Pics or it didn’t happen. Not true. But I want pics. Lol you’re better at decor than me. @Morgane1RMB I’m going industrial and modern but with a splash of natural pieces so it doesn’t feel sterile. Lol @jakestrick This is for sure my first option! It seems easiest and then I can use furniture to make it nicer. @GreaserDracula Ah are those rental friendly? I’m debating just building a board and Batton or painting one wall. @FreddyUlateArt Haha, I wish. Nah. I hate fake brick with carpet and I can’t rip mine up since I’m renting. 😭💔Since I’ll never leave my apartment again I’ve decided to redo my entire bedroom so I hate it a little less here.… @danimichaeli1 So good!
the week between christmas and new years is NOT a time to RELAX its a time to TRY TO relax while actually SUFFOCATI…
Retweeted by Shakira Pressley @tobytobyjones @killapede @cartoonfuntime @_carolinequach It was an absolute pleasure!! I hope we can keep the grea…
@FreddyUlateArt Why would you do this to me? @38___sr Same. Maybe I need donuts too. Hope your day gets better! @oliviapecini Truly. weather really felt my mood and really said, “I got you.”
@jerthewriter I’m so sorry to hear this. My condolences to you and your family.
Happy Kwanzaa!! @GoodDeedsKZ I will! I’ll def need it!!
@LaserSinger Take breaks!
@FreddyUlateArt I tried lettuce first. Died after like three months. Lol these were def easier.P.S. my dumb ass didn’t realize that tomato’s blossom from flowers. Legit give me notes on how to not fuck this up. LolThanks for the suggestions on taking care of my tomato plant! It’s already helping! Gotta get rid of a few more iss… @pramsey342 @Peteor7 Welcome back!!!! @genegoldstein Not hoping! It will happen! You’re far too talented for it not to happen! 99 rejections will eventua… @MintRaine HAHA!! That’s a mess. Dang you ladybugs! Nah mines if sadly inside. I’ll try some of the non poisonous o… @MintRaine Omg! Thank you! Yeah, I might have to take you up if this doesn’t work. It’s the tomatoes I’ve been grow… @forosha @forosha Damn. You’re right. Uhhhh got any blueberry ones? Lmao! @nannaisdrawing Thank you!! @TanekaStotts @A_Whangdoodle Thank you!!
@forosha 👀💦 Idk. I kinda think I need to try one...maybe for poison? @LaserSinger Join the writers room. 😈 @forosha Trying to steal my job?!Hey plant lovers/growers! How do you guys go about getting rid of aphids? I tried garlic spray with some dish soa…
@arythusa I’ve had one going for two years now! You’re always welcome to join!
@Morgane1RMB I can’t do podcast when I’m writing sadly. It’s too distracting. 😭 @jerthewriter Thank you!! I appreciate it. I’ll let you know (depending on how far I get.) lolI should mention that I listen to Lowfi or rain, etc all day. I’m looking for something other than music and sounds… @jerthewriter I had this plan but I ran into a problem and have to get my thing done by Friday if I want to enjoy w… @jeandrawsstuff Smart. I’ve been getting a lot of headaches so this is best. @jeandrawsstuff Ah yes. I’ve been at my computer all day. I’ll try this!I can’t focus on this project and I know exactly why, but there’s not much I can do about it. How do y’all force yourselves to focus?! @thetzechun Congratulations!!
@vicehii Stop reading me... @yayforzig The post I needed today.I just saw this meme and I felt attacked
Retweeted by Shakira Pressley
@ayejayisnothere Lmao!! I love the idea of being banned from an entire county. 😂 @ayejayisnothere Heck yeah!! I can’t wait to finally be able to chat in person. You know we’ll have a great time ei… @ayejayisnothere Yay!! I know I’ve already said it but HAPPY BORTHDAY MA DUDE!!!! @AshWrites Preach.I love musicals, but I hate this musical... There’s an assault on both my eyes and my ears.
Been awake and staring at the ceiling for the last hour. Wondering if I should just accept that I’m not getting any…