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Shalev Moran @shalev_moran Copenhagen, Denmark

Games Curator at @PrintScreenFest; Student at @KADKcph; Game Designer at @PortaPlay; doing with @mushon. mostly retweets.

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@MadQuills @marijamdid @DOOM @idSoftware very fair point, but - 1. CDProjekt are self-published, and yet explicitl…
@jtoresson @Ajwnicholson good content @mandfjols sorry no tickets, financial gatekeeping would only benefit those who already have resources, and anyway…"The Long Cycle": to deincentivize the rapid release cycles of new hardware, I'd pay speaking wages to expert graph…
rockstar’s tax evasion is truly magnificent in its brashness and volume. there is something baroque about it @joonturbo what the fuck are you thinking though?
@skoopit ינואר תמיד קשוח, בטח עכשיו כשאנחנו בארצות הקור. יום הולדת שמח ירדן, הלוואי שהשאכטה תהיה בול ⁦♥️⁩Yes, the below DID KILL other industries by offering a cheaper / more convenient proposition by completely eroding…
Retweeted by Shalev Moran @Astridmrefstrup this very cool 🤙🏼 @MerGrazzini @TeddyDief @bsidelabel @Stellateart @fire_tony @Jbrekkie @ngoctmvu @hownottodraw @kittycalis @jwaaaap… @TeddyDief @bsidelabel @Stellateart @fire_tony @Jbrekkie @ngoctmvu @hownottodraw @kittycalis @jwaaaap @jukiokallio… @TeddyDief @bsidelabel @Stellateart @fire_tony @Jbrekkie @ngoctmvu @hownottodraw @kittycalis @jwaaaap @jukiokallio…
woke up to a text from my mom about how a wild elephant went into a Sri Lankan hotel and gently wandered around whi…
Retweeted by Shalev Moran @alphachar Love how he ends that post!
@apocalynds Yep yeahWish more studios did this, good post appreciate CDPR devs never leaving work so even their families can experience the authentic cyberpunk experience
Retweeted by Shalev Morana small commitment: For every month that @CDPROJEKTRED devs are crunching until release, I will not buy…
@hadasreshef 🤞🏼🤞🏼 @studioZAUM @lucyjamesgames @GameSpot next game idea: it's DE but instead of competing with Twitter you compete with TikTok @jtoresson The Absolute Shit Hurricane @jtoresson <annoyed that the second name is not properly capitalized>
Retweeted by Shalev MoranYa está disponible la versión revista del catálogo digital de Game on! El arte en juego. La pueden descargar aquí 👉…
Retweeted by Shalev Moran @eyaldatz עתידות: "משאוושה בשבילי בבקשה, ובשבילו חומוס פינוקים עם ביצה" @eyaldatz האם המעבר לדנמרק שיבש את החוש שלי לתחדישים בעברית? כי "פינוקים" נראה לי כמו יציאה גרועה מאד @eyaldatz רגע, רציני? זו המצאה עתיקה יותר מארומה עצמה, הם רק נתנו לה שם חדש ודוחה @zerstoerer all hail @tigershungry YES @A_i I trust you to put Disco Elysium on my iPad
@tallesteden Halper's in Alenbi has the best booksmell @alphachar Thanks Char and Emil! @alphachar really cool but - couldn't find a description in the depository... what do those things do?? @CJFerguson1111 @Official_GDC anyway, global or not, GDC is in SF and even with free entrance i still couldn't affo… @CJFerguson1111 @Official_GDC and that panel surely doesn't frames itself as region-specific, even if all participa… @CJFerguson1111 @Official_GDC The US has a gun violence problem, and if we look at GDC as a US-focused event it is… @CJFerguson1111 @Official_GDC i'm beginning to think that there's a national vs. international aspect to this conve… @molleindustria unsure what you meant by "Lord of the flies state"...? but very sure that this very selective lite… @CJFerguson1111 @Official_GDC i claimed they are *selective*, not inaccurate. what they chose to present and to omi… @CJFerguson1111 @Official_GDC Would be very interested to read it! @AnselmPyta aced itBest game trailer ever (it's 4 hours long)
Retweeted by Shalev Moran @maltron3D @Official_GDC At first I thought the answer to this panel should be a panel of better academics saying "… @Official_GDC in the end the question should be: who does this panel serve? it is very clear it is defending corpor… @Official_GDC they are academics. it's fine that academy is slower than other fields. i think it should be. but jus… @Official_GDC in the end, nothing they say is factually wrong, only VERY selective, and dealing mostly with the kin… @Official_GDC they disregard the fact that the current wave of criticism is coming from within gamer communities an… @Official_GDC they also are careful not to mention corporate interests, dismissing the classification of "addiction… @Official_GDC they are careful not to mention gamergate while using language like "defend games" and "moral panic"… @Official_GDC to clarify: it's has the broad title "how to talk about games today" and the multiplicity of speakers… @Astridmrefstrup @Official_GDC i should probably also clarify why i'm so opposed to this, will do it in replies to the original tweet @Astridmrefstrup @Official_GDC it would be another few years before i attend @Official_GDC but now i think i should go there and organize…
@nynt9 @tallesteden Denmark is very flat even in its coastline and has a history of romantic painters looking to gl… may have a feel-good factor, but undoing games industry's complicity in climate change requires…
Retweeted by Shalev Moran @tallesteden The album name is in Danish but those fjords can only be in Norway, guess the "folk" of her "folk song… @ZepCap @KADKcph @WhatisOww during the period of my work i was the only designer. they had a lot of the basics befo… @joonturbo Sweet tip, will use! 💋7. speaking at @NordicGameJam and at @LudoWorkspace participating in the @gameartsnetwork summit studying at @KADKcph my work on regarding @PrintScreenFest my work with @PortaPlay my work with @WhatisOww's a short summary of my 2019. it's inspired by @joonturbo's annual summaries, it's on twitter because this is…
@patrickashe What's the title? @increpare (perhaps a bit far from humans but a personal fav of mine) @increpare is blowing my mind right now.
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the 2019 games summary that is actually interesting @OskSta @SirSlaw_ yep, the game i'm about to make for my thesis project needs *exactly this*, couldn't have dreamed it better
Never attribute to corporate goodwill that which can be adequately explained by regulation
Retweeted by Shalev MoranIT'S HAPPENING. Concrete steps towards the unionisation of the North American game industry are now kicking off ✊🏿✊…
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@ZepCap @tha_rami I should! Copenhagen is such a future-oriented city and I live here so it only makes sense. Just… @tha_rami I'm making Speculative Tourism, a series of audio tours through different cities around the world that te…
@jmaaloe tl;dr - It's Clash of Clans @jmaaloe You mean a tl;dr?Does a great job leading you through the choices that would maybe matter to gamers and game designers but in fact d… @joonturbo Oh my, no! Was reading it on my phone so didn't have a mouse cursor to hover with! But love it 😍 Isle…
@joonturbo Really good summary buddy, appreciated ♥️Into thisאחרי שסיימו להתעמר בהם ולנסות להזיז אותם מהמקום בו שהו אחד הפקחים של עיריית תל אביב דופק אגרוף לפניו של ההומלס הזה.…
Retweeted by Shalev Moran @BHojlund Thank you so much ❤️😊 @jukiokallio Thank you! ✨
@AndreasBusk Thanks buddy! @netgal_emi Thank you! My mandate was to talk about game culture, but I definitely was thinking more broadly in man… enjoyed this article by @shalev_moran ! This part is specifically about how we unfortunately tend to default…
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I may be slightly biased as I helped out w/ the content a wee bit, but I srsly suggest to give this a read / a list…
Retweeted by Shalev MoranBeautiful piece. "By selecting 'the best', we are subjecting artworks to the logic of competition, and usually behi…
Retweeted by Shalev MoranThere is so much good in this piece by @shalev_moran: to truly explore and act as culture, videogames events need t…
Retweeted by Shalev Moran @mandfjols same, sat down this morning to write my internship report, then i was like "hmmm why don't i edit this t… @mandfjols damn you're fast! also thank you <3big thanks to @nomediakings and @LuOulton for inviting me and approving this somewhat-unpleasant talk, to… game festivals? well allow me to ruin them for you 😅 linked is "Frag the DJ", the talk I delivered at GAIA su…
📢 hold space to move selections already started retweet to save millions of lives
Retweeted by Shalev Moran @Johannes_Knop @LorenzoPilia Art.
Retweeted by Shalev MoranIs Jezz Bezos dead?😮
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In support of the resistance against the proposed pension reform in France @stjv_fr is calling for a ten day strike…
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@v21 it is Jan 1st and already we found the best tweet 2020