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"Your ancestors knew for countless millennia to never trust promiscuous women" -@ShamanOfThe GOLDMUND KNOWS
Retweeted by GoldmundTough guys who pretend depression and melancholy can be conquered easily lack depth. To be fully aware of evil you…
The essence of life my friends
Retweeted by GoldmundThis... And learning to regulate emotion because it is not always a modulation of truth.
Retweeted by GoldmundI endorse this life plan📝
Retweeted by Goldmund @edysseus 👊Cheap motels run by old conservative white ladies are the best. Avoid ones owned by Indians--unless you want to e… family bonds, a tight circle of friends you can trust, powerful networks, beliefs based on tested wisdom, ad…
As society descended into chaos this year, there were a few—those who have been at spiritual war, battling demons s…
@beaufaria Exactly 🧙‍♂️Sigmas don't realize how much Alphas need them people really believe not wearing a mask in public is a sort of rebellious 'damn the man' act. More of a dis… you feel about your home country is mostly a reflection of your internal state man who has done most of his learning through a screen is an empty husk. Incapable of original thoughts. Let…
"…nobody finds salvation through teaching…I am going my own way–not to seek another or better doctrine, for I know…
Interesting reading list from @ShamanOfThe Another nudge for me to read Victor Frankl
Retweeted by Goldmund @DawitHabtemari1 nope, they've got all our big cities right now🤷‍♂️Read books of wisdom, beef up your social intelligence ("game"), be extremely discerning as to who/what you let inf… area I prowled the most, lived in the midst of, watched closely, and kept my fingers directly on the pulse of f… @CmdrJonty best to order direct through me for ebooks...paperbacks are on Amazon 👌 @JonathanPSzeto click, link @twopassatman click the link! @CmdrJonty click the link.
I love America, I was born here, my Father is Native. The spirits which will determine the future are more powerf… Pop-Culture 2020. men seem to confuse vulnerability with weakness. Pretending to be something you're not is about as weak as it…
Retweeted by GoldmundGetting banned from places with @ShamanOfThe is a great time. Highly recommend.
Retweeted by Goldmund @ipb_media I swear those titties came out of their own accord...despite what the jealous hoes claimed 😇 @chris_decicco Perfect👌Heading down to NYC for the first time since September... I've been banned from so many places there already, lets… @MattSmi37336269 @gianni_dipoce Time to get a bird feeder and some lil houses. @ShamanOfThe Defende nos in proelio You can feel it too.
Retweeted by Goldmund @Turk_Innocenti 👊
@stalemeats No I did not...which one?
@gianni_dipoce Baby wood stork 👌Birds are signs from the gods. Herons are from Minerva. Eagles are from Zeus. I'm not sure what the bird in the…
Retweeted by GoldmundPlumes:éminin et masculin:
If you get the feeling that the powers that be want you isolated, angry and starved for genuine human affection: Y…
Retweeted by GoldmundDeep truth, right here.
Retweeted by GoldmundCorporations, politicians, activist leaders--all exploiting the hell out of a confused generation starved of love +…
Why is this dickhead on my TL
Retweeted by GoldmundBreaking footage from the capital of America right now:
@FernandSavage 👊 @taylorburrowes @DeanAbbott @BillyRedHorse Yo sista...who you callin ‘guru’? I am but a humble child of the Earth🤪Stories of fat people losing weight are completely overrated. You were a total dumbass before, living against the… Pius X has a quote similar to this... I agree 👊
Retweeted by Goldmund @ShamanOfThe has possibly one the most dynamic blogs I've ever read, if you haven't read his content. You really sh…
Retweeted by GoldmundShout out to all the bachelors out there. You aren't required to raise a family in order to become a complete man…
The same professor who required racism also wrote a NYT bestselling book filled with SJW nonsense…he came to visit… getting my teaching certification, our cohort was REQUIRED to visit the Roosevelt statue and analyze it throu… sons are dealt an extra hand of energy, drive for independence, willpower, and desire to make their mark… @KarynLisignoli It is well documented on my blog: message to all
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All the problems
Retweeted by Goldmund @AngryLamma @ShamanOfThe I would add intuitive, gut instinct to this. One needs to be able to sit in silence to abs…
Retweeted by Goldmund @surfmicostarica Oof. Rough oneMen afraid of being called "patriarchal" 🥴
Retweeted by Goldmund @Toadsage14Nature Cure
Retweeted by GoldmundBrutally handsome EQ off the charts, IQ up there Master of language Self-made Ivy League educated Divinely gi… spitting 🔥. Must be supercharged from swamp energy
Retweeted by Goldmund100% true
Retweeted by GoldmundYou can always spot a brainwashed feminist by her poor choice of wording, regurgitated ideas, idiotic logic, and pa… ancestors knew for countless millennia to never trust promiscuous women. Nothing has changed except the whore… entire #MeToo movement has been a disgrace from the start--spurred on by undesirable shrews desperate for atten… @flaarpy Ha, typical overeducated pretentious idiots. Boring.Big Bro lookin’ Fierce 💪🏼
Retweeted by GoldmundSo much truth.
Retweeted by Goldmund @ShamanOfThe Extremely true, and I’m glad that Twitter actually has accounts like yours which have a holistic idea…
Retweeted by Goldmund @ShamanOfThe Masculinity needs to be tempered with intelligence and empathy. Too many stereotypical masculine men are close minded idiots.
Retweeted by GoldmundThis 100%
Retweeted by GoldmundI want him ❤️
Retweeted by GoldmundI bet the 'protesters' who violently rip down statues, try to penetrate society with dogma, and force their beliefs…
@NielsKnk I did that with a baby bird once and it worked just as well as you think 👌🏿 @Pat_Stedman No...I was way out in the woods. Too many of them around here as isToads have showed themselves... Your body produces DMT DNA is condensed wisdom Where your attention goes is wher…, much needed.
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Retweeted by Goldmund @SherlockTowers @misfitpursuit @HynesDm @HerThroneOfGold The Native in me approves 👹What often goes unsaid about this reality is that it trains men in these jobs to walk on eggshells. This is a very…
Retweeted by GoldmundBig brother came by to provide support and they wandered off together. Stay strong, Coons! remember what your mot… did God make baby mammals so CUTE? Every instinct wanted to take care of the little bastard. raccoon lost in the forest...body language tells a sad story😔 @no_url How many times did they try to hook up with your friends...HOW MANY?My Swedish girlfriends began celebrating midsommer today and are sending photos/vids of themselves in beautiful dre… @FIVESTARWAGERS ✊🏿Drink hot Sencha tea outside in the summer sun. Sounds counterintuitive, but I promise it works much better than… @taylorburrowes And a lady-killer by the looks of it 👌STATE OF THE WORLD The solution: less pussylicking, more facefucking!
Retweeted by GoldmundI love women--the feminine have taught me so much about what it means to expand heart, mind, and soul... But there… many problems have been created because men are afraid to tell women its time to shut the fuck up?Some of the most beautiful women in the world come from Guadalajara. I don't know what they did over there, but d… best Mexican food comes from Oaxaca. Most Mexican is a sloppy mashup of beans/rice/corn/cheese...but Oaxaca c… it takes is offending one ugly feminist, flitty homosexual, or supplicating dweeb to get you fired from most jo… many people getting cancelled or fired these days--are they forming support groups or something? New niche opening.Masculine men are the only ones who can save humanity from a self-destructive path.Avoiding political talk with a new acquaintance seems inevitable this year... Its not--stick to your psychological… who grow up with healthy, wild, talented, horny brothers are much more likely to understand + appreciate masc…
I read The Glass Bead Game for the first time when I was 18 and entered Castilia... Pursuit of aesthetics, truth,…