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Shamir @ShamirBailey Philadelphia, PA

25, musician, actor, comedian, singer, rapper, producer, chef, writer, filmmaker, skinny fat ass. LOVE

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Happy final bandcamp day 🦋 2018 @ShamirBailey classic is still so slept on catch-up luvs // + one of my fav videos
Retweeted by Shamir @AngelHaze I can't help it. @darkfleurgeist No the stories are sad and hope everyone and the families find solice, but i hate the mini document… @bofalebill to be clear, im fully aware I fall under this classification and understand thats where my appeal liesI am with this
Retweeted by Shamir @jackgaga Very much sook... but why is this such a Scorpio mood
Retweeted by Shamir @Fool_4_Music Thats LITERALLY where I lost interest, first 4 eps was greatThe new unsolved mysteries is ASSI don't like when conventionally attractive people hit on me... there's no fun in that! I love the back and forth o…
@camillard I'm finna block you!i love teaching guitar please lmk if you’d like a lesson (sliding scale / any level) : 🎸💕
Retweeted by ShamirTomorrow!!
Retweeted by ShamirShout out to @AppleMusic for giving their Alt Pop playlist the butterfly treatment 🦋 is tomorrow! Don't miss out! I'm playing a song from each of my records (leave requests below)! Get tickets he… @Michete @frankenfemme_ Couldn't be me, was almost for a split second, but if you like anime we can't date cuz im n… really got my heart broken by a fuckin weeb that’s such an L 😞
Retweeted by Shamir @CosmoFaenyx I never want to offend, comedy has just always been one of the many ways I cope but my slight edgelord… @CosmoFaenyx And tbh I should've CW, and for that I'm sorry, I know what it feels like to be triggered and I will t… @CosmoFaenyx I understand, but I didnt mention DID in my post? @CosmoFaenyx Hi, im bipolar as well, I assumed this perspective was egregious enough to be seen as an obvious joke,… @bpnrmn Do you have like a vagina photoshop app!?!?!! @bpnrmn This is my regular reminder that I hate you 💜the Alex g of hangin out and vibing
Retweeted by Shamir culture is singularly referring to yourself as "we".a songwriter's songwriter
Retweeted by Shamir @Jensen_McRae I felt that deep in my bone marrowThe cups are being shipped out 😭 @frankenfemme_ This will forever be one of my favorite videoshe likes it
Retweeted by ShamirExtremely sorry I can’t be her.
Retweeted by ShamirWoke up a 4 AM, trying to talk myself out of buying those yeezy prison slides.
Retweeted by ShamirNow if this isn't just perfect? @RottedVeggies melanin for you! way @SafyHallanFarah bloodline is trying to CLAIM ME when all I do is mind my business, eat my food, and worship punk icons. @jennpelly @SafyHallanFarah Omg indeed.... @SafyHallanFarah Its truly insaneIncase yall didn't know, I have polys entire face tatted on me and I had NO idea she was Somali until… what I woke up to, good morning! @SafyHallanFarah @ZOLAJESUS @SafyHallanFarah Cuz hes a white man.... next question. @frankenfemme_ @SafyHallanFarah @dumoarles 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀Some of y'all be posting tweets
Retweeted by ShamirCome with your dick sucked already cause I sure asl ain’t doing it 🏌🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by Shamiris that a threat?
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Omg 🥺 the Dr. Father/Daughter reusable water bottle! This 32 oz Nalgene celebrates ten years of F/D on one bo…
Retweeted by ShamirTODAY! It's an interview with the one and only Rebecca Black on @twitch at 9PM EST:
Retweeted by Shamir @grantrindner GRANT 💀We talk to the iconic @ShamirBailey about "On My Own," the fashion in his video, and the challenges he's faced as a…
Retweeted by Shamir @tatianatenreyro IS IT NATIONAL GAS SHAMIR UP AND MAKE HIM CRY DAY 😭 @Bartees_Strange @sad13 Yall!!!! 😭😭😭😭Y’all, @ShamirBailey is truly amazing. I cannot get over this single. I know it’s been out a couple weeks. But yo - it’s amazing.
Retweeted by Shamir @ShamirBailey has song of the summer #onmyown 🌤
Retweeted by ShamirWith new songs by @theestallion, @dominicfike, @burnaboy, @ShamirBailey and more 🔥
Retweeted by Shamir🌈 june music roundup dropped yesterday: + @SheaCoulee + @itsjustgess + @MykkiBlanco + @sosobrat + @HONEYDIJON
Retweeted by ShamirHave you listened to his new record? Watched his Stay Away Show? I hope you did because @ShamirBailey is hot topic…
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@VincePDX 💜🦋💜🦋Haven’t been able to stop listening to “On My Own” by @ShamirBailey. It’s so good
Retweeted by ShamirHad a wonderful chat with @ShamirBailey about his new music, why the industry is still failing black queer artists,…
Retweeted by ShamirQUIT SLEEPING ON SHAMIR 😤✨
Retweeted by ShamirHave you read @Palehound's interview with @ShamirBailey in Jr Hi the Mag issue 002?
Retweeted by ShamirSpent earlier recording a Pride panel for @GRAMMYMuseum with the voices of @ShamirBailey, @ZebraKatz, @DonnaMissal,…
Retweeted by ShamirThis was SO amazing and powerful! Can't wait for yall 2 see!!! @father_daughter 😭😭😭💜🦋🥺 luv youuuOF ALL TIMEEEEE
Retweeted by Shamir*artist of the year @ShamirBailey
Retweeted by Shamir.@billboardpride's June Artist Of The Month is @ShamirBailey!
Retweeted by ShamirTerry Crews is a tap dancing shoe shining ass coon. @VINCINT_ Love u 🦋💜🦋💜🦋When your mentally ill friend sends you a message out of nowhere that simply says "ok lemme preface what i'm about to say"We stan a legend. @Bartees_Strange Sounds like self care to me @bpnrmn Truly 💀They used to make fun of my skin color, now it’s my biggest flex☺️
Retweeted by Shamir @bofalebill @vonnemusic’s the case with no phone in it for me
Retweeted by Shamir @GarthGreenwell 🥺💜🦋 luv uIs watching @ShamirBailey's AloneTogether set on MTV's Instagram the only thing getting me through this quarantine…
Retweeted by Shamir @feldou and das on PERIODT @bofalebill listen, im bout to start swinging on EVERYBODYCan my nigga Arabella catch a fucking break!?!? like!?!?!?i think we should have this conversation
Retweeted by Shamir @hernameisjuan WHAT 💀The best thing about being poor and famous is you can actually use/appreciate the free things you get 🙃 @itsmatay This is gonna be my answer when people ask me what it was like growing up in Las Vegas 🙃I knew she was lying when she said her black friends pick her up from the airport too have 4 to 5 black friendsWe did a cover version of a fav (secret) song for @stereogum's '00s Covers Comp, which also features @frankiecosmos
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Retweeted by Shamir @lanacosta_ Yass we stan in this house!