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Poet, author, musician, and columnist for Horror DNA and Ink Heist, co-owner of Accidental podcaster. Podcast:

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Reviews are trickling in for GIRL ON FIRE and I couldn't be happier! 'Full of white hot fury' 'Brimming with fire…
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣ @RedLagoe Hell yes, you did. You kicked ass, with this one, Red! 😂 @cjtudor Yay, happy birthday, fellow Sagittarius! Love your day!$5 plus postage while they last. When I'm checking the colour and quality of my prints, I receive proofs. I've a b…
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣So, yes, I am that guy who listens to @JeremyXWagner and Broken Hope performing "The Flesh Mechanic" and then follo… makes me smile. MAIL. I am ecstatic! One of my most anticipated reads for 2021 arrived today. Children of Chicago by…
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣Updates on 2021 titles from Bizarro Pulp Press, Rooster Republic, and Strangehouse Books, including (tentative) dat…
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣Guest Post by Author Wesley Parker – Trust The Process: 5 Things I Learned While Writing a Novel
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣ @WellReadBeard @TracySharp Right on, brother. That sounds fucking fantastic.RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to WIN this Amazon exclusive the @undertaker Pop! #Giveaway
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣ @MsPippinacious 😂😂😂 @cm_blackwood @BookBlogger810 I've always got your back, my friend. @ctrlaltcassie 🖤👊 Mine too, sister. That and meeting some of the most beautiful people I've known in my life to date. @cm_blackwood @BookBlogger810 Got ya. My bad for assuming. @BookBlogger810 @cm_blackwood Really though, man, that's kind of not a cool thing for a dude to say to a woman. I k… Birthday @jamieleecurtis 🖤👻🎂🎈 #screamqueen #womeninhorror #horrorqueen
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣BLACK FRIDAY SALE! If you've been holding out on buying a print for yourself or as a gift for the horror fan in you…
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣ @ChantalHandley Always a pleasure to share your work. @ChantalHandley @RueMorgue @thehorrorchick @JerryisjustOK @Its_Pennywise_ @monstersndrinks @BRUTALPosters it. Chantal is amazing! @Sshh_ImReading @PRMcDonough Freddy Mercury, Alison Krauss, Bon Scott, Rob Halford K.D. Lang @HightowerLaurel @horrorbookshelf You know, for the thousandth time, but I'll never run out of breath to say this.… @jblack823 @driven2drink God, that sucks so bad. Fuck that. You guys stay safe and enjoy the buzz.Number 5?????? Whoa!
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣Reading this essay collection by @wordscience and holy shit, she's brilliant, brutally honest, and motherfucking HI… @HightowerLaurel @JoshMalerman Holy shit, you may be onto something, Laurel.
@BarksBooks @meringutang @ctrlaltcassie I finally took our review policy page down. All it said under my name was,… @BarksBooks @meringutang @ctrlaltcassie 😂 @BarksBooks @meringutang @ctrlaltcassie 😂😂😂 Glorious. @meringutang @falln468 😂😂😂 @RedLagoe @tracy_reads79 My wife watches them non-stop this time of year. In a room I'm not in with the door closed… @BarksBooks @meringutang @ctrlaltcassie I just said the same exact thing, LOLOLOL @meringutang @ctrlaltcassie @BarksBooks omg favorite meme ever. 😂😂 @BarksBooks @ctrlaltcassie You know me so well. 😂😂 @BarksBooks @ctrlaltcassie I ran out of fucks to give somewhere around kindergarten. @HightowerLaurel 🖤🥃🖤🥃 @Angel_Devil982 🖤 😴well, Fiona! @WesSouthard I LOVE this one. @SaraTantlinger I feel this, sister. Self-care first, my friend. The community needs you and your art. Not to menti… isn't even remotely surprising to me. Of course, it's up there. It's Laurel and Linda, where the hell else wou… @HightowerLaurel 🖤🥃🖤🥃Hey @shanedkeene, @horrorbookshelf, and @HightowerLaurel! Some new Akashics here, including Mexican Noir and Singap…
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣ @ctrlaltcassie You're amazing. I like who you are, too.Crossroads audio book is live, narrated by the talented @LindaJones_NYC !
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣EXCLUSIVE COVER REVEAL AND EXTRACT: COME WITH ME BY RONALD MALFI We are excited beyond reasoning to bring you th…
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣Hmm... Looks like it might be Crossroads, written by the amazing @HightowerLaurel and narrated by the equally amazi…'ve unlocked all tiers so whether you donate $2 a month or $100, everyone gets the goods.
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣ @jblack823 @EdwardLorn 😢 It's horrifying. It's just a goddamn turkey that doesn't even taste that good and the only… @richrtwo @manylittlewords It's my number one favorite and is a decent price too. @richrtwo @manylittlewords Oh, I couldn't possibly name them all. I love all kinds of whiskeys, but faves right now are Bulleit and Larceny. @meringutang Damn right. 😄 @andrewcull @gjkendall Thank you, Andy. It was a huge honor to be involved with this amazing book. @meringutang You're a fucking badass. @manylittlewords I used to swim in water, now I swim in whiskey. Pandemic adaptation.Coming very soon from @andrewcull.
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣ @JimConiglio @andrewcull Goddamn great, heartwrenching tale. @PRMcDonough @JackKetchum @paolobacigalupi @WalterIsaacson Agreed on the Ketchum callout, but you know he isn't goi… @flightofsand Hey, brother. Do you write poetry with these records in the background, or just kick back and listen to them? @flightofsand I don't think I've ever heard this one in its entirety. @JohnELTenney 😂😂 Fuck. Me too. @sjgomzi @cinapelayo 🖤🥃 @sjgomzi @cinapelayo I'm glad you're digging it, Steven.👀
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣
@wnwagner Yep, or Timberwolves. Or Voodoo Donuts. Powell's. Sorry, I'll stop now, lol.if you would write verse, learn to read your own soul, your own darkness, by touch; Braille for the searching fingers of your heart
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣ @todd_keisling 🖤 Thank you. @Mitchinkb Not really. I've written some stuff but nothing I like enough to share. I think it makes me too angry an… @joelansdale @KarenJohanness2 Yeah, I think so too, but as you say, it's a start. @MonkeycatJr @andrewcull @BembiAnn @beneath_hellau @GlennParker88 @doesthedog_die @InkHeist @DSUllery Thank you! @AngelaSlatter No sprouncing, Angela. 😂 Take it easy on your sprounceless self, sister. @HaileyPiperSays @andrewcull @BembiAnn @beneath_hellau @GlennParker88 @doesthedog_die @InkHeist It's delightfully f… an author is a strange dichotomy. We're half ego yelling YOU SHOULD READ ALL THE WORDS I WRITE! and half impo…
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣ @AlanBaxter Sitting here doing the same exact shit, brother. @GlennParker88 I'm stoked you're doing this, Glenn. Great fucking book.The King is coming! Can't wait to bring this to y'all!
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣if you would write verse, learn to read your own soul, your own darkness, by touch; Braille for the searching fingers of your heart @WilsonTheWriter I am sorry to hear that, man. Here for you if you need, brother. I know pain well.2/2 what comes instead to mind is a midnight trip in a U-Haul truck with my dad and a farty red Doberman. I can’t… Memories are sparse for me and have to be coaxed, or tricked, into view, and what I’m hoping to find is rarely… @andrewcull @thebookdad @BembiAnn @beneath_hellau @GlennParker88 @doesthedog_die @InkHeist YES, me too. @andrewcull @thebookdad @BembiAnn @beneath_hellau @GlennParker88 @doesthedog_die @InkHeist That's a great idea. Bum… all, look at this gorgeous motherfucker. A brilliant wrapper for an outstanding novella from Andy Cull and Bene…, 2 more months is far too long for the orange apocalypse in our White House to remain there. By the time he l… @flightofsand We have very similar tastes in music, my friend. Eclectic. @AlanBaxter The only fucking human being in my camera roll is ME.Won't say a lot about this, but the finalized cover is amazing! @ctrlaltcassie Holy fuck, these are amazing.Another round of resin rainbow goodies is going out tomorrow! Look at all these pretty finished cuties:
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣ @nickdayonline Fulci kicks ass.THE GULP is now on @Goodreads! Please add it to your shelves if you're keen. It's out on January 12th and pre-order…
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣ @laquiglette @BluGilliand I love that book SO much.Big thanks to Gloria McNeely for this dead nice (ha!) review of The Perfectly Fine House!
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣ @nickdayonline Yes it is. I love that movie. And wine. @driven2drink 😂Allow me to draw your attention to this beauty coming June 22, 2021 from Mr. Mojo, @joelansdale. The synopsis of MO… @shanedkeene, @HightowerLaurel and I had a great time talking to @timwaggoner about WRITING IN THE DARK, teaching,…
Retweeted by ☠ Shane Douglas Keene ☣ @ImaginariumCS That would fucking kill me, LOL. @joelansdale It's an excellent practice. Also hey, congratulations on the new book, Joe. Can't wait to read it.