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Shane Douglas Keene @shanedkeene Solitary Confinement

Poet, dreamer, reader, dweller in darkness, ADHD+RSD/PTSD/ creative, demisexual pan 🌈. Advocate for women's rights, BLM, gay rights, #neurodivergence

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Probably my most used phrase on the podcast: I'm sorry, I lost my train of thought. That's mind blanking. Happens o… @kabauthor @el_stevie Thanks, man. I'm slowly learning that with fiction. I'm totally comfortable with my poetry pr… last night I was seduced by an insidiously deceptive, insanely powerful craft beer that came in a posh long-s…
Retweeted by Shane Douglas Keene @el_stevie And I am totally satisfied, Steph. Thank you for that. I try to remind myself to be positive about my ac… not so impressive. 400 words, 1 poem I'm too lazy to look at the word count on but I'm guessing 50. 1 c… @ElleHM Absolutely. If someone can't see why, they should ask first. @CA_Hawthorne I didn't know it was your birthday. Happy birthday, my friend. And that word count is impressive as hell. Nice work @CA_Hawthorne ☺️ @AlienRedrum I think it's more lack of knowledge than dickishness. A lot of newer publishers have started publishin… @COQuinnWrites @kimnappi @diovassallo @el_stevie @Max_Stark8 @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @ImaginariumCS've experienced these things first-hand, recently, in fact. They really do happen and it really does fucking hurt. isn't a good idea to change punctuation in a poem without the poet's permission or knowledge. You will badly pis… awfully untalented neighbor who "sings" and "plays the guitar" has now taken up the bass guitar. In related ne… @diovassallo @kimnappi @el_stevie @Max_Stark8 @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @ImaginariumCS @BarksBooks👀 From Any Star: 5 Stories About Rogue Worlds
Retweeted by Shane Douglas KeeneThanks to the amazing @nytebird45, I know know way more about feral pigs, boar, and razorbacks than I ever thought… @_espiart Love it. You'll definitely be hearing from me. @blacklionking73 Thank you for the incredible art you create.I want to thank all the people who read my work. I write for myself and all the folks who share my fascination with…
Retweeted by Shane Douglas Keene @kabauthor @RichardChizmar @johnfdtaff @MrGaunt @casorensen @HightowerLaurel @cinapelayo @HaileyPiperSays days in. Update: Guest authors confirmed: @RichardChizmar @johnfdtaff @MrGaunt @casorensen @HightowerLaurel
Retweeted by Shane Douglas KeeneWell, it's been quite a day already, but here's one last update before I'm off to bed - drum roll please... Joining…
Retweeted by Shane Douglas Keene @SadieHartmann Congratulations, Sadie!
@BarksBooks @diovassallo @COQuinnWrites @sjgomzi @falln468 @kimnappi @tracy_reads79 @Max_Stark8 @el_stevie makes me so fucking happy to see. Proud of you, Hailey. You've bled and cried and worked your ass off for this…, this is a very happy surprise. @WritesTc Western Horror novella, SALVATION SPRING, is in the house! Thanks, N!… @see_starling Congratulations, Caitlin! Looking forward to talk to you about this one.“Starling’s magic system is so spookily and fully realized, and the final twist so brilliantly turns the novel on i…
Retweeted by Shane Douglas KeeneTHE DEATH OF JANE LAWRENCE has its first 🌟starred review🌟!
Retweeted by Shane Douglas Keene @cinapelayo ☺️ LIkewise, Cina. And I love you too. And my poetry has nothing but gratitude for you. @cinapelayo I'll take that offer, sister! 🖤 @kimnappi @el_stevie @diovassallo @Max_Stark8 @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @ImaginariumCS @BarksBooks to the lovely @HaileyPiperSays on the release of this beauty! ❤🎉❤ @The7thTerrace
Retweeted by Shane Douglas Keene @AlanBaxter @manylittlewords BothCheck it out! Four books from @OffLimitsPress from four amazing authors. And you're saving 17 bucks of the cover pr… @ericarobyn @_espiart @ctrlaltcassie Ooh, these are so me! I have a new laptop in need of dressing up. @BarksBooks @diovassallo @kimnappi @Max_Stark8 @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @ImaginariumCS for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a house And four for a boy, Five for courage Six foretold, Seven for a sec…
Retweeted by Shane Douglas Keene @diovassallo @RedLagoe Some of the most beautiful country in the world. @Gabino_Iglesias So far, the hurry up and wait thing is way fucking worse for me. Rejections don't bother me, I exp… birthday, Villimey❤️🥳❤️ Just look at the gifts Villimey is bestowing on us! 👇 @VillimeyS
Retweeted by Shane Douglas Keene @COQuinnWrites @diovassallo @sjgomzi @falln468 @kimnappi @tracy_reads79 @Max_Stark8 @el_stevie @ImaginariumCS @RedLagoe @diovassallo I too, LOVE the mountains. I've spent a great deal of my time in life in the Oregon and WA Cascades.#FF hugs and thanks @Waylonvox1 @belladonnabook @dawncolclasure @GabyTriana @Dead_Headspace @HorrifiedMag
Retweeted by Shane Douglas Keene @Cat_Cavendish @Waylonvox1 @belladonnabook @dawncolclasure @GabyTriana @Dead_Headspace @HorrifiedMag @bgbibliophile @RedLagoe Talk to your doc about it yet? I think there are things that will at least ease it if it does happen. Whe… I watch @Night_Worms Unpackaging videos on YouTube and feel my warm, fuzzy feelings. 😍 Follow Violet. She…
Retweeted by Shane Douglas Keene @SadieHartmann Me too, Sades. He's too precious. @MsPippinacious @daronk77 @EdwardLorn No, I was merely continuing the series you started, 😂 "By the time she darke… @constantvoice @serialsemantic Oh, I will take it with open arms. @constantvoice @CA_Hawthorne ☺️ @constantvoice @CA_Hawthorne Yes, agreed. ❤️that point. It's one you can't design for yourself, but when you get there, you can revel in it @constantvoice @KDBWrites @grthomas2014 @EverydayScribe I didn't think I got enough words, but happy to be here again. ☺️ @el_stevie @diovassallo @sjgomzi @falln468 @kimnappi @tracy_reads79 @Max_Stark8 @ImaginariumCS @BarksBooks @MsPippinacious Totally innocuous, Coop. ☺️ Have you ever know me to be less than puritanical? 😉I keep hearing about this book from some awesome and really reliable motherfuckers. (also fucking amazing, re: this… @MsPippinacious I will be later, finishing some poetry for a couple calls, and starting my collaborative work on Th… @el_stevie @Max_Stark8 @kimnappi @diovassallo @BarksBooks @pinheadspawn @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 the lamp affix its beam. The only emperor is the emperor of ice cream. "The Emperor of Ice Cream" ~ Wallace Stevens @pepperraccoon I am jealous, but enjoy yourself. Here's one of my vacation photos. 😂 Truly, have a fantastic time,… @VillimeyS Good for you. Spoil yourself. 🥰 @Monocotyledon Whoa. That's gorgeous, Margaret. I'd treasure that for certain.Hey, folks, it Villimey Mist's birthday. The best way to say happy birthday is go buy one of her ridiculously cheap… @serialsemantic @constantvoice I do hope so. Those haunted places are wonderful to me. @SadieHartmann 🖤🤘 @SadieHartmann 😢 Sadie, I so hope Mr. Jones is okay. I hate that he's struggling, and I love that he's so damn cute.Today's numbers: 250 words of poetry, two hours of editing and sending things off to critique partners Way more tim… I edited a short for an up and coming call, then spent far too long cursing at a printer that refused to work...😳
Retweeted by Shane Douglas Keene @serialsemantic Thank you, Cath. I would absolutely love that. I have a folder dedicated to this very type of photo… @constantvoice ☺️ @serialsemantic Oh, I want to go to these places too! Enjoy, Cath! @CA_Hawthorne I almost never rhyme, but I agree. Sometimes a poem will demand it. And sometimes I slip involuntary… @CA_Hawthorne I don't normally attract to rhyming poetry, but this is a damn good poem, Christina. I dig it. @Angel_Devil982 😂😂😂 @Max_Stark8 @kimnappi @diovassallo @BarksBooks @pinheadspawn @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @Angel_Devil982 Did you change your hair? I can't quite place what's different from this photo. @Max_Stark8 @kimnappi @diovassallo @BarksBooks @pinheadspawn @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @BarksBooks @Max_Stark8 @kimnappi @diovassallo @pinheadspawn @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @EdwardLorn Fucking love the RE games. @Max_Stark8 @kimnappi @diovassallo @BarksBooks @pinheadspawn @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @BarksBooks @Max_Stark8 @diovassallo @kimnappi @pinheadspawn @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @COQuinnWrites @DothTheDoth CINDY! I love this, my friend. @Max_Stark8 @BarksBooks @diovassallo @kimnappi @pinheadspawn @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @COQuinnWrites @Max_Stark8 @diovassallo @kimnappi @BarksBooks @pinheadspawn @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @BarksBooks @Max_Stark8 @diovassallo @kimnappi @pinheadspawn @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @Max_Stark8 @diovassallo @kimnappi @BarksBooks @pinheadspawn @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @COQuinnWrites @diovassallo @kimnappi @BarksBooks @pinheadspawn @Max_Stark8 @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @diovassallo @kimnappi @BarksBooks @pinheadspawn @Max_Stark8 @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @ImaginariumCS @BarksBooks @HorrorDNA @Shudder @RainbowReelClub That's an excellent one. Even the follow up isn't t… @BarksBooks @ImaginariumCS @HorrorDNA @Shudder 🤣🤣 @ImaginariumCS @BarksBooks @HorrorDNA @Shudder Well, now I have to look it up. Damn you both. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @kimnappi @diovassallo @BarksBooks @pinheadspawn @Max_Stark8 @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @BarksBooks @HorrorDNA @Shudder Me too. 🤣 I'm a huge Maximum Overdrive fan. @BarksBooks @kimnappi @pinheadspawn @diovassallo @Max_Stark8 @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @BarksBooks @HorrorDNA @Shudder You fucking rock, Laurie. Thank you. And I hope you dig this one. Mixed reviews. Pe… @AlienRedrum It's going to be a damn good one. @diovassallo @kimnappi @pinheadspawn @Max_Stark8 @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @ImaginariumCS @BarksBooks @kimnappi @pinheadspawn @diovassallo @Max_Stark8 @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @kimnappi @pinheadspawn @diovassallo @Max_Stark8 @sjgomzi @falln468 @tracy_reads79 @el_stevie @ImaginariumCS