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Posting News & #Updates in #PokemonGo , 💯IV Pokemon coordinates via user Report ,#RaidLeader, #QuestList. Not affiliated with Niantic or Pokemon Company

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@punproduction Sorry no idea about iOS apps hopefully someone can help you out if they are seeing this 😊#Update Heard some ispoofer users getting red warning/30 day bans on latest version v3.5.4 or v3.5.5 , can't confi…
#Update 2 Sinnoh Stone gurantee for Rhyhorn Community day from Go Battle League per set of (Premium or Regular Tr…💯Minccino CP810 L35 ♀ Sossenheim, Frankfurt🇩🇪 #ShinyCheck✨ 50.1301,8.5608On no ...💯Basculin CP1941 L35 ♀ Vauxhall, Liverpool 🇬🇧 #Regional 53.4087,-2.9992 @PokemonGoApp Looks like one of the many teases for the previously datamined shadow / rocket eggs @TonyKord Well there is community manager just like other games have but I actually didn't see that person communic… @Sporty_meteor Absolutely i will use free infinite incubators until they bring a change ~ @TripMcnister Let's think positive 😁 but yea I kind of agree with you ...Looks like all those Rants about Egg gambling events from the community has been heard by Niantic and the said this… @AtemPB Well DPS is all that matters to me , iam not here soloing raid boss,can have a full raid lobby anytime than… @AtemPB Rampardos is still the king#Update Rock Wrecker stats has been added in the games code , here is DPS/TDO with Rock Wrecker Rhyperior ⏬…
@n1nja_n1njag0 That's what Iam saying just don't go crazy buying incubators ~ in my opinion as long as people are b… @j0nVanVilet You can't get ✨babies and egg exclusive in wild which is what most people end up hatching eggs for... @fernandoalan9 Special treatment according to Niantic ~Just realised Audino gives 2100 stardust straight from catching 😋 Special just like chimecho ~💯Audino CP1538 L34 ♀ Miradores, Panuco🇲🇽 22.2170,-97.8515 @Acoin_x Neither iam forcing you to " not spend your money on incubators" like I said if people keep spending money… @ppk1806 Started using free infinite incubator only since valentine's day event and I have no regrets and will keep… to see even legit players getting really pissed with these egg gambling events,I suggest you guys to do the sa… @DapShiny Congrats buddy 🎉 wish me some luck 😊 @Bertt777 Raid/egg exclusive community day seems unreal but maybe someday hopefully ~Hundo Timburr please 😔 ...💯Skarmory CP1958 L35 Vieux-Longueuil, Longueuil 🇨🇦 #Rare #ShinyCheck✨ 45.5598,-73.5538💯Lickitung CP1088 L27 ♂ Saint-Genis-Laval, Lyon🇫🇷 #ShinyCheck✨ 45.7016,4.8073 @VjKansara Hard choise, choose the one you like.. @GaganGulati333 you still need this ?💯Tirtouga CP1318 L32 ♂ Saikai, Kyushu Region🇯🇵 #Rare 33.1665,129.7139💯Karrablast CP1097 L35 ♀ Georgieville, Georgetown County🇺🇸 #Rare 33.5215,-79.0904💯Lickitung CP725 L18 ♀ (DSP in 18m) Kenneth City, Pinellas County🇺🇸 #ShinyCheck✨ 27.8065,-82.6352 @MarioCOBHC On no thats sad 😔Gotcha , Mundo 🙌💯Audino CP1562 L35 ♀ Guadalupe, Matamoros🇲🇽 #Run 25.8780,-97.5077#Info 51.1% and 69 is now an inappropriate name.. #PokemonGO @laliyorayado If only this was an event , this egg Shakeup has a starting time but no ending time which kind of worries me .. @Thomas53189249 Increase spawns in general and it should have ended by now @opekillz Exactly, I know many people will still fall for this gambling ~#Update 7km Egg Pool Update Incase you didn't know riolu and happiny along with all the babies will not hatch fro… actually did the math ...must read guys.. #PokemonGO
@truelynarendra @xdadevelopers Just rename TWRP folder 😁Lol No specific spotlight Pokemon for Spotlight hour event , just an increase in spawns . Happening at (6-7) P… @brad21397 Same 😁 like I said the spawn rate is too low @Arianator19Mora Yes 🙌☺ @zedge05 Ty buddy ☺🙌 @IceColdMystic Ty bro ☺Finally ... After missing almost all hundo Audino for the event 🙌 also the best level one ~💯Audino CP1538 L34 ♀ Harlem, New York City🇺🇸 #OMG 40.7717,-73.9418 @aftaab1996 I feel the same but they just made the event worst by decreasing the spawn rate than the previous spoink spotlight hour ~ @Gilapoke1 Nothing special happening there to post coordinatesLooks like spawns for spotlight hour is decreased , can't even figure out what the featured Pokemon is ... Will wai…
@IceColdMystic 😔 thanks for tagging @zedge05 Thanks for tagging unfortunately missed again 😔 @Shankha_Deep17 27.844078,-82.787671 L22 Audino f
Retweeted by 💯IV Coord$ & Updates PokémonGO @ANGAND8789 @JBengivenni I always talk about 💯IVs yes @AtemPB Collection but very rare even with event there has only been a handful of those 💯 spawns @JBengivenni Seen that 🇨🇦but too low level , need atleast 25+Tag me if you see 💯Audino >25 level , for some reason I keep missing those ... Need one more ..Although I got that level 31 🙈 @fc_eevee Woo congrats 🎉
@Mukesh4Mystic Congrats bro 🙂🎉-14.277767,-170.687732, 8 -14.276702,-170.682092, 9 -14.284652,-170.676985, 10 -14.315254,-170.723615, 11 -14.… Speed Raid ✨✨ #LastTimezone 1 hour 30 min left (Join one after another) -14.248489,-170.661949, 1 -14.…
Lickitung Raid Day starting in EU🇪🇺 in 30 min , full lobby most of the time here good luck ✨✨ 41.661254,-0.892912 @jmcpute Probably wait for EU🇪🇺 waveGot my 💯hundo Lickitung 😋 with Body slam on main 🙌 although I don't do PVP still a good trophy .. #PokemonGO @CamilacabeYo00 This was an information sent to by one of my follower , I hate doing quest and probably won't even bother ...Shiny Lickitung✨✨ from Quest (Hatch 3 Eggs) #PokemonGO @ozzie_ozzie_ Partly Cloudy so yeaIf you have just Tuned in , Lickitung Raid day starting in Busan 🇰🇷 in 20 min from this tweet , full lobby most of… @amachado Auckland 🇳🇿 just joing public lobby which are mostly full -36.849664,174.7655582/2 Shiny lickitung ✨✨ on Main 🙌 that's a good start of the day for me ~ #PokemonGO
💯Audino CP1466 L31 ♀ Yamashina Ward, Kyoto 🇯🇵 #NewGen5 #Rare 34.9911,135.8201 @Pokebuddie45 Yea changing for event only ~ @osielcasst Sure you can but iam not doing ~📢 #Reminder 📢 Lickitung Raid Day Starting in New Zealand 🇳🇿 in 8 hours from this tweet Coords -36.849664,174.765… @jjw3409 I have everything except Riolu and happiny which I would like to hatch by myself sorry bro 😔. @Sn3ak3r_Fr3ak3r I know this is not what you are looking for but glad it's a shiny rather than a normal Pokemon ☺ ✨First shiny Hatch 🐣of this Event , Shiny igglypuff ✨✨ not the greatest looking shiny but haven't hatched this in a…💯Chansey CP1111 L32 ♀ Altenbochum, Bochum 🇩🇪 #ShinyCheck✨ 51.4932,7.2478Pink for me 😢💯Chansey CP1165 L35 ♀ Selegie, Singapore🇸🇬 #ShinyCheck✨ Still there ? 1.3019,103.8385💯Chansey CP17 L1 ♀ Ershui, Changhua County 🇹🇼 #Level1Collectors😋 #ShinyCheck✨ 23.8120,120.6152 @OG_Aleksib Not sure about it but don't think so it can be shiny , will update if I see ~Incase you are wondering why iam saying Niantic Forgot taxes have to be included in base price in the UK... 😋💯Alomomola CP1983 L34 ♀ Da'An District, Taipei 🇹🇼 #NewGen5 25.0340,121.5434Gotcha !!💯Minccino CP810 L35 ♀ WXL South Loop, Chicago 🇺🇸 #ShinyCheck✨ 41.8516,-87.6174 @FreyaVII Sure I will if I see , btw the last 30+ 💯Miltank was on December 1st 2019 at 5:49 IST ~ @SwaqqaSoFrezzh PokemonGO is a collection Game ~Seems like the new released Pokemon are pretty rare,💯IVs I mean.. there has been 8 💯Alomomola and 0 💯Audino reporte… Data miners have found assets of new Team Go Rocket egg or shadow egg in the games code which looks red i…
#Infograph Valentine's Day Event ~ #PokemonGO @Shinytracker Go check some chansey 😁 @1barnharb Wellington Zoo maybe ~ @Mandiebbylove Yes .. @sandranyb Clearly shows wild encounter ~