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Posting News & #Updates in #PokemonGo , 💯IV Pokemon coordinates via user Report ,#RaidLeader, #QuestList. Not affiliated with Niantic or Pokemon Company

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Pikachu Nest List✨ #NestMigration #ShinyCheck✨ Pikachu Budapest🇭🇺 (20-25) 47.5126,19.0828 Pikachu Tatebayashi🇯🇵… Nest List✨ #NestMigration #ShinyCheck✨ Skitty MN 🇺🇸(20-25) 44.8612,-93.6175 Skitty Woodside , CA🇺🇸 (20-25…
#Update Shiny skitty & Rayquaza Hat pikachu is live with the start of Throwback Challenge Hoenn (15th May 1 PM Loc…
#Update Seedot Community day for May 2020 #PokemonGO Upcoming Raid hours #PokemonGO COOLDOWN IS BACK It is assumed to be the same as before, if there are any changes to the cooldown period…
#Update Shiny Voltorb is released globally for everyone ~ #PokemonGO
#Update Shiny Voltorb ✨ is live for Safari Zone Philadelphia 🇺🇸 Ticket holders , there will be another update when… Challenge Johto event is now live in New Zealand 🇳🇿 ( 1PM Local Time ) ~ -41.283004,174.767097…
#Update 3 new codes to Redeem for free items: DYEZ7HBXCRUZ6EP H7APT5ZTLM45GZV P2XEAW56TSLUXH3 iOS users can re…
#Update Cooldown is off. There is no cooldown currently in place, which means you can snipe and do anything in-ga… 🎀 Nest List✨✨ #NestMigration #ShinyCheck✨ Pikachu Cileungsi🇮🇩(20-25) -6.4149,106.9894 Pikachu Kaatsheuve…
@dennis160713 That's how Niantic has made the Charizard hat bro#Update Pikachu wearing Charizard Hat is live as part of the kanto throwback Challenge .. (May 1st 1pm Local Time)…
@TWBeastModeG3R Posted 🙂 @ShinyLover4 Posted 🙂Boosted Darkrai Raid #EXRAIDGYM Hatching in 15 min Join on Hatch 🙂 Good luck 🤗✨ 39.466378,75.999402 raid 16 min left 2 passes stuck Please join at 10 gym timer @StardustPokmnGO @Shankha_Deep17 50.852670, -0.193540
Retweeted by 💯IV Coord$ & Updates PokémonGOBack to back full lobbies so yea people are still raiding 🙂 Darkrai Raid #EXEAIDGYM Join on 28 and 25 gym time 37.11153,79.92073 Just wanted to see if anyone is st…
Throwback Challenge Event June 3rd to June 8th.. #PokemonGO Throwback Challenge Event May 2020 #PokemonGO
#Update Remote Raid pass Celebration Event , make sure to grab that 3 remote Raid pass bundle for 1 pokecoin 😉…
💯Abra CP1246 L35 ♂ Ujlipotvaros, Budapest 🇭🇺 Local time: 16:47 #ShinyCheck✨ 47.5239,19.0537💯Abra CP1246 L35 ♂ HXS/WXS Saiwai Ward, Kawasaki 🇯🇵 Local time: 13:37 #ShinyCheck✨ 35.5611,139.6696💯Abra CP1169 L31 ♂ Nan Qing Shan 6, Minato 🇯🇵 Local time: 13:15 #ShinyCheck✨ 35.6601,139.7022💯Abra CP1150 L30 ♀ WXL Huwei, Yunlin County 🇹🇼 Local time: 11:37 #ShinyCheck✨ 23.7585,120.4995💯Abra CP1150 L30 ♀ Selegie, Singapore 🇸🇬 Local time: 11:24 #ShinyCheck✨ 1.3080,103.8560💯Abra CP1246 L35 ♂ - Saiwai Ward, Kawasaki 🇯🇵 Local time: 11:41 #ShinyCheck✨ 35.5526,139.6785Community day has started in New Zealand🇳🇿, if anyone wants a boosted place to farm Abra there you go -41.282492,17…
@frdysl48 Rooted Android yes since the beginning @frdysl48 Android#Update Just incase you are curious yes , Wobbuffet can still be Shiny✨ in the wild.. #PokemonGO !!! DM me if anyone need GPX file !!! @StardustPokmnGO @Shankha_Deep17 @IceColdMystic @jenghom
Retweeted by 💯IV Coord$ & Updates PokémonGOGotcha!!💯Woobat CP944 L35 ♂ (DSP in 13m) Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey🇺🇸 40.0975,-74.0353
@Samuelq03 Congrats 😊👌✨ @Shankha_Deep17 Thank u
Retweeted by 💯IV Coord$ & Updates PokémonGO💯Wobbuffet CP381 L13 ♀ Ang Mo Kio, Singapore 🇸🇬 #ShinyCheck✨ 1.3810,103.8430💯Chansey CP1165 L35 ♀ (DSP in 8m) Columbus, Ohio 🇺🇸 #ShinyCheck✨ 40.1475,-82.9913 @Stephanie_babe Doesn't matter what you think it's available worldwide.. those sites are late in posting maybe ...Ok Shiny✨ Wobbuffet is indeed available for Spotlight hour (6-7 pm local Time ) #PokemonGO't able to see any screenshot of wild shiny wobbuffuet which is strange , send me a journal pic of your wild shi…📢#Reminder 📢 Spotlight hour (6-7 PM local Time) will start exactly in 2 hours from this tweet in kiritamati 🇰🇮 1.… @Stephanie_babe Me#Update Shiny Chinchou is released globally.. without ticket.. #PokemonGO
Liverpool *#Update Upcoming Events for April 2020 in a nutshell.. #PokemonGO Shiny ✨ Chinchou is released for Safari Zone St. Louis Ticket holders.. will let you know when it's releas…
💯Exeggcute CP1091 L35 ♀ (DSP in 16m) Covina (City Of), California🇺🇸 #ShinyCheck✨ 34.0872,-117.8943
💯Pikachu 🌸CP871 L35 ♂ (DSP in 10m) National Park, Gloucester County🇺🇸 #ShinyCheck✨ 39.9034,-75.1920💯Pikachu CP871 L35 ♀ Brooklyn, New York City🇺🇸 #ShinyCheck✨ 40.64279,-73.98791
@PokemonGoApp That pic looks better than the advice ...💯Pikachu 🌸CP871 L35 ♂ (DSP in 10m) West University Place, Texas🇺🇸 #ShinyCheck✨ 29.74241,-95.40134💯Chansey CP1165 L35 ♀ Santee, California🇺🇸 #ShinyCheck✨ 32.85114,-116.97747
💯Buneary 🌸 CP1168 L35 ♂ (DSP in 17m) Virginia, Brisbane🇦🇺 #ShinyCheck✨ -27.39030,153.07358 @Yusuf_Pokelogic Iam burning incubators that I already had , haven't spent $ on this game in months 😁 @AminulMamud Get eggs from pokestops bro @guizo_xv Ty. Wishing you good luck ✨😊 @Angel25045 Some people have said me already but I will let you know if I get more .. @WelissonNascim7 Congrats 😊 @GaganGulati333 Oh ok . @Hrish8290 Try osaka nice place @GaganGulati333 😆 when was the last time you opened my gift , btw reserved for someone I will let you know if I get more @007_India_007 41.661254,-0.892912 @Angel25045 Ty 😊 already reserved for someone sorry 😥 @LyraNelson 0 , rooted Android 💪 @carlospablosan3 Iam seeing a lot of people hatching quality stuff I mean shiny this time not sure if the rate is h… Shiny Riolu #7 😱😱🙌😍 missed the hatching animation though , this event is turning out to be great 🙌 #PokemonGO @Maria89942131 41.661254,-0.892912Woo and another one Shiny Happiny #3 🙌😍 ✨✨ haven't had this great shiny luck in ages for sure 😊 #PokemonGO @owl3brothers 41.661254,-0.892912 @CoordsPokemon Thank you 😊Hatched another Shiny✨Happiny 😍🙌 #PokemonGO
@Hrish8290 41.662995,-0.898768 @a1jockey Trying to burn my previous stocked incubators 😁 didn't buy any new incubators this year @akashbansal421 Not sure bro seems like a decent amount @tonhitotorres Woo awesome Congrats 😊🙌 @AtemPB Thank you bro @Aarzival Congrats😊 @JordanRimington Congrats bro 😊Woo hatched Shiny Timburr 😱😱 , this was super unexpected but I will take it anyday 😊🙌🍀 #PokemonGO @AntonioJuradoV2 Still there 27.27260,-80.29036Corrected Coords 27.27260,-80.29036💯Eevee 🌸 CP994 L35 ♂ (DSP in 17m) Walton, St. Lucie County🇺🇸 #ShinyCheck✨ 27.2688,-80.2847 @ppk1806 Congrats bro that's awesome 🙌😊 @007_India_007 Yep ty 😊 @Lucario88357817 Hopefully you get one soon 🙏🙏✨😊 @vipulmahajan710 This was from an gift egg but iam normally playing here 41.661254,-0.892912Woo Hatched another Shiny Flower 🌸 Togepi 😱😱😍🙌✨✨ #PokemonGO💯Buneary 🌸 CP1150 L34 ♀ (DSP in 17m) Hyde Park, Tampa🇺🇸 #ShinyCheck✨ 27.9679,-82.4887💯Buneary 🌸 CP1168 L35 MAXX #ShinyCheck✨ 27.8177,-82.6787 @faedhly Thank you 😊 @kakarot_d Yep 😁 thank you 😊 @SuyogChavan13 Thank you bro 😊 @Navjot37 Thank you bro 😊 @guizo_xv Thank you 😊 @babai1994 Some people cares and I love to motivate others and have been doing for a while .. you are welcome to do your thing..Hatched a Shiny ✨ Happiny 😍🙌😊 #PokemonGO