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Shan McGinley @ShanMcGinley Sligo Town inna London

dj. music: @monacosoyouknow born: sligo town. sync: gravitate music. art director: @nike + other.

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@Al_Bankole Yeah man. Hit me on WhatsApp I’m not in U.K. for a few weeks @Al_Bankole True points bro @Al_Bankole Yeah it’s just everytime he touches pitch he does damage. I know long term we’re getting ready to let P… Donny free, let’s him play Olè 🙏Van De Beek?
Retweeted by Shan McGinleyKhabib wrapped around him like a cobra just because he felt like going home early.✅ Gaethje ✅ Poirier ✅ McGregor ✅ Iaquinta ✅ Barboza ✅ Johnson ✅ Horcher ✅ dos Anjos ✅ 21 others 👊 @TeamKhabib anno…
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"It's going to be my last fight." Khabib retires after a promise to his late father. 🙏
Retweeted by Shan McGinleyKhabib is the 🐐Borat 😲 @Skrillex Incredible 👌Hat-trick Bamford, is it? #lufc
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Boy Of All Talents
Retweeted by Shan McGinleyAre you one of those pubs forced to shut in Greater Manchester, because you don't serve substantial food? We have…
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Retweeted by Shan McGinley @Coyneface Can’t beat a bita Walsh @Coyneface knows!
Retweeted by Shan McGinleyFirst Westlife album is back to back belters! 1999 what a year for the undercut!Redbridge 🙌🏻 in a winner against PSG and ending the hunger of young children in need of meals because the U.K. governmen… on @MarcusRashford's Twitter he's collating all the restaurants/cafes that are offering free meals for childre…
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today in 2012, kendrick lamar dropped his classic album ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’ with features from jay rock, drake…
Retweeted by Shan McGinley @onlythedetails 🔊👌HERITAGE: Skepta and Stormzy go back to back in this epic @djlogansama set via @boilerroomtv, 2015…
Retweeted by Shan McGinley @onlythedetails This photo is sickIt takes time to make sense of some things. I always look back at a piece of advice I was given years ago that made… @AsimC86 🤣🤣🤣Exactly! ❤️
💥 Studio Reactions 🇫🇷 @MarcusRashford loves Paris! Tried to keep it a little cool after our last time in Paris!!!!…
Retweeted by Shan McGinley @JayMallia close attention to the Commons today and to those who are willing to turn a blind eye to the needs of our mo…
Retweeted by Shan McGinley @devoted_to_god_ @clementfalchier 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Leaving a club shattered because you just DJ’d your heart out but still wanting to party into the next day is an em…
Retweeted by Shan McGinleyPray for NIGERIA🇳🇬✊🏿
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@holmesprice Thiago behind him would be nuts @holmesprice He’s contracted until 2022 with most likely and add on so the Pool need to front the big cash I would say @DjnPerry AWB was incredible!!!Mbappe needs a gufundme to get him outta PSG and into a top sideLooking forward to seeing Cavani in the middle with Rash & Tony either side @clementfalchier Don’t play that card 🤣Confident win! The depth in the midfield is gorgeous. Fred, AWB, Rash and Tuanzebe were 👌He does it again! @MarcusRashford 👑Tell DVB to stop walking past the camera, breaks my heart he’s not on the pitchAWB isn’t afraid to tackle in the box, take this tweet how you will. 🤣Martial is French, that looked on purposePut some respeck on Tuanzebe name! looks proper.Captain Bruno! 🙌🏻What an absolute shambles! @Printworks_LDN @Egg_Club_London @studio338 @OvalSpace and @PickleFactoryE2 have all b…
Retweeted by Shan McGinley @MichaelTimbs 🤣🤣🤣Football attempting to create their own Soho House lol
Retweeted by Shan McGinleyMadness, the music we produced for @LEVIS new #MyLevisMyVibe campaign is on 2.7 billion views on TikTok.…
@priceless_wav @KDNQ_ 🔊🔊🔊Bruno Fernandes' reaction to being named captain against PSG is the best thing you'll see today 🤣
Retweeted by Shan McGinleySomeone said: “There’s something about consistency that success is attracted to” and I felt that.
Retweeted by Shan McGinleyStacking tunes for my next @Radiomaxximum show at the weekend, finding some beauties! 🇫🇷
Retweeted by Shan McGinley @ferg_lynch 🤣I hope VVD comes back stronger! What a player! @VirgilvDijk
Weird at first but I fully rate this! Gonna be tough to order golden milk again!!! 🔨I find myself at the weekend wondering if Jimmy Dunne can get a head on a few corners and keep a clean sheet for Bu… @DavidVujanic 🤕 @daisyjarrett @daisyjarrett You’re gonna enjoy your season. I can’t remember what that was like since Sir Alex left 🤣 @daisyjarrett Proven recipe! @holmesprice Top playerJosè and a board who fully backs him means trophies @LarryLokane @murdamamitianni Loooool @SGLewis_ This is something I’ve always thought about and I’m happy you’re outspoken about it🤩 Roberto Firmino would be proud of this no look corner! 😂 Wait for the end... 🎥: @11cino
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Retweeted by Shan McGinleyLopez vs Loma fight was proper 🥊
Bruno Fernandes has been directly involved in 20 Premier League goals in 18 appearances in the competition. 11 goa…
Retweeted by Shan McGinley @holmesprice He should be United captain in fairnessAWB, yes lad.DVB needs to play!What a goal!!!! BrunoooooBring on Pogba, after that pass to Mbappe he’ll be in the mood @holmesprice @BenPearceDJ Yeah he could really be the business with the right manager. Not sure Brucey is that man but hey haIf Saint Maximin works on his decision making, he could be insane!Go on Harry sonFinally I get a few points off WernerHow has man got congestion charge in my kitchen. London is a mad ting.
Retweeted by Shan McGinleyHey, I have a new one out.
Retweeted by Shan McGinley#1 🤯 Enormous thanks to everyone supporting Looking For Me 💚
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This new one, it might be my favourite tune of yours! @bbbostonbunQuality 👑 Playing Boston Bun - Whenever You're Ready #bostonbun
Retweeted by Shan McGinley @poetscorneruk LOOOOOOL, the tweet is better than the videoVery stellar EP from @FUKCband. @devoted_to_god_ you’re a good man! @ClashRobin Great work man 🙌🏻
@Conor_1908 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Next week when lockdown is called!!
Retweeted by Shan McGinleyWhat a great watch!
Look at Le Pog pass!!
Retweeted by Shan McGinley @darren_conway @RTEplayer 🤣🤣🤣🤣