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Remember, Trump is unable to do any of this alone. Amy Coney Barrett is on the Supreme Court because of the entir…
Retweeted by Saint ShannonRepublicans do this because they don’t believe Dems have the stones to play hardball like they do. And for a long t…
Retweeted by Saint ShannonImpeach Brett Kavanaugh, impeach Amy Coney Barrett, and expand the court.
Retweeted by Saint Shannon @avaanoel 3% of African Americans make over $200,000 a year. Three. Tres. Fewer than 1 (one) percent of Americans e…
Retweeted by Saint ShannonUnder DeJoy, mail delivery in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania are among the slowest in the nation, sometimes t…
Retweeted by Saint ShannonEveryone needs to understand that the Supreme Court just ruled that whether or not a mail-in ballot is counted in W…
Retweeted by Saint Shannon @hatsumomosan Tanishas season has some funny ass moments but after that i was done.She was in the set of hunger games without a single critical thought just vibes
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@hatsumomosan It was only good like the first two seasons. Once ppl learned the game it became a messHysterical
Retweeted by Saint Shannon @MelReneeStyles Exactly @MelReneeStyles She’s has lived @MelReneeStyles Love that u are finally seeing it! @andremichael Exactly!!!One of the wildest thing in that Hillary Clinton doc was white women being like “nah...I can’t get behind her. She…
Retweeted by Saint Shannonillegitimate.
Retweeted by Saint ShannonWhat a MF TIME.
Retweeted by Saint Shannon @tim__fitzgerald And no one else. If the girl has by body is an entirely different look @tim__fitzgerald I see her too DEFINITELY. @niaws_t @LilAioli @writelikeryan Yes I think it’s so good as a stream of consciousness all done out of B-rollIf you told me that whole show was based on Kendall it would all make sense @MelReneeStyles 😂 @MelReneeStyles Yeah that was the look but in the video you can see it has some architectural appeal @_mothers_ No but it’s the design of it that Hedi gets off on. Also it being that design at retractable, catnip for him @goldenpolaroid When they weren’t dry and undone it was a look like in these photos but the girls don’t know fashion proportions @_mothers_ It seems that it was just about the architecture of that sports stadium. Not Monaco itselfDid that show need to be in Monaco??? Did it add anything? Also this Hip Hop pivot needs to be reflected in the gir… @writelikeryan @LilAioli @niaws_t Cool. Only one episode has aired so farI need @LilAioli @niaws_t @writelikeryan to all get into How To With John Wilson on HBO @earth_dave It looks amazingTrump is definitely Biff TannenI miss the days of cds and record stores
Retweeted by Saint Shannon @dj1three Maybe was a lil flash sale @dj1three Lmaooo @dj1three On the site? @niaws_t 😂 this thread is fun“What’s your creative process like?” @victoriaklover We will see what develops @victoriaklover It was goodJared Kushner is a trust fund baby, and his family has a net worth of $1,800,000,000.
Retweeted by Saint Shannoni’ll say it again ... i used to think communication was key until i realized comprehension is. You can communicate…
Retweeted by Saint Shannon28 years ago today, Sade releases her 4th studio album “Love Deluxe”.
Retweeted by Saint ShannonIf your vote didn't count Republicans wouldn't be trying so hard to prevent you from voting.
Retweeted by Saint ShannonWow @plushbullet_ @mrhfrombk I told everyone this the first time i bought it up and it started a big argument on twitter for days. Even Questlove weighed inNot even a millisecond of hesitation
Retweeted by Saint ShannonIt’s difficult to express how monumentally a Republican president must betray America to move the @UnionLeader to…
Retweeted by Saint ShannonThe Undoing is interesting so far. You can tell it’s gonna get out of control lol @MelReneeStyles Lmao. It’s not even a “i told u” A lot of things in that show just take time and experience and then the aha happens @MelReneeStyles This is a big about face Mel @cjrtheperson At all @the_petshopboy A tragedy
She playing herself. Going out bad absolutely!
Retweeted by Saint ShannonOf the 20 most populous cities in the U.S., San Francisco has the lowest death rate per capita from COVID-19. If th…
Retweeted by Saint ShannonLove that she’s holding an MC Hammer cassette tape you like left of center shows check out “How To with John Wilson” on HBO. It’s pretty funny and kinda brilliant.…
Retweeted by Saint Shannon @cheyennebeam_ We are testing the ph balance of the water as we speak @cheyennebeam_ Yes @HarlemJ11 LmaoooIf someone tries to convince you that janet damita jo jackson can’t sing & they weren’t born after 95, you don’t ne…
Retweeted by Saint Shannon @HarlemJ11 To have it is not the issue. It’s how one acts when they think they’ve got it that’s the issue @HarlemJ11 Lmao @_mothers_ AbsolutelyI been saying this. @JohnyLovely_ They need those reads @Callmembailey Is it tho?’s what’s wrong with these kids today.... they want their faves to live in legends houses... instead of having…
Retweeted by Saint Shannon @InThierry 😂 @SirStrange_ I see @JohnyLovely_ I can only imagine lol @brylafa @niaws_t I’m just confused. I had to get a few of them together last night 😂I just want to know what’s in the water in DC that makes the girls from there try it so much. They try to pretend t… @TheCourtKim That was on my heart lol that clip of Jennifer Hudson and compare it with how ppl slander her name on the TL make sure you don’t feel… SERVE.
Retweeted by Saint ShannonWhew! The truth.
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@taurusgodmother For me it’s not the no motivation it’s no knowledge or no tasteRENT FREE
Retweeted by Saint Shannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Saint ShannonI’m dead. Enough of this app for today 😂 @_mothers_ Pretty muchWhy don’t you get a job and show me what it’s like is it Bofill is still among us
Retweeted by Saint ShannonLegend Vine he’s so disappointing receiving fashion critique one must always consider the source is a slippery slope @SUNNI_MONSTER The whole episode is a disasterwe really do deserve a ‘girlfriends’ reboot.
Retweeted by Saint Shannon @tim__fitzgerald So good @HarlemJ11 Correct and the side effects of what those measures resulted in
Those shoes suck 🤷🏽‍♂️ @_mothers_ It’s nowhereAnyone, black or white, who brings up that crime bill without this context can’t be trusted to tell the truth. Judg…
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