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Author. “Mother truckin’ Queen of Creep.” -Bridget, Goodreads reviewer

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@HKrassenstein @SLEllis1 Frankly, I would have requested a bio break every ten minutes. I know a lot of people, wom… already wrote this. It’s called either Method 15/33, Gretchen, or In the Vines. One is about a pregnant, psychopa… @beaujohnson44 @joelansdale @thomaspluck @atticalocke @GoshDarnMyLife @Frank_Zafiro Thank you. ♥️Our day to day existence, our work-life misbalance, has now become pure theater. Playing dress-up. Play-acting and…’re talking about whether Biden wears an ear piece and not rampant tax fraud and unwanted mass hysterectomies bec… @superguppy That’s one way to look at it. 😉I don’t think I spelled or used muckity muck correctly. Who cares. Whatever. Nothing matters.Enron to Theranos to Trump to so many many examples of our broken system that continues to allow con men and women… @alex_segura Exactly.The fact Trump is even allowed to be in a debate tonight as if that’s normal, and Chris Wallace will work hard to b… it’s “homed” in on...whatever. I struggle with lie vs lay vs laid too, as well as MANY OTHER THINGS.Sorry to be Captain Obvious, but the source of these laundered funds seems like something the Mueller probe should… thread on money laundering..... @sarahw Reading.The above quote is from feminist psychiatrist Judith Herman’s book Trauma and Recovery: The aftermath of violence -…
Retweeted by Shannon KirkUnconscionable. @JenniferHillier @LauraMLippman Agree.If daddy gave me $400 mill, I would be lurking in a white silk robe in my gothic seaside mansion that I’ve turned i… @wendydheard LOL!
@EmilyDCarpenter In my 22 years, I’ve personally never seen it. That’s how bad it is. @AAPolicyForum @Drrramina Wow. That motion says quite a bit between the lines.Altering documents in litigation is not something taken lightly. Ever. @ACLU_Mass The fact that in 2020 we have to be this worried about losing reproductive freedoms is itself a indictment of the entire system. @ACLU_Mass The fact this wasn’t passed before is evidence that both sides like to use women as pawns in their Team A vs Team B binary war. @LauraSMcHugh @Gabino_Iglesias @ElsbyCharlene Agree. Great cover! @SenWarren That risk has already proven true. We are under active siege. @JRJ_Is_Probable I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on this book. The reviews are INSANE. @beaujohnson44 I love how he pronounces “We are a laughing stock.” I wish I could play that part over and over. @JOverlanRoc may be a spouse in the house, but a marriage is between a reader and their reading chair and a hot cup of tea. @msheatherwebb Gorgeous!! (Mother Nature saying, “Yeah, Bitch, I own the color orange and nobody* else.”). *you know whoHow is this not treason?’s not bravery to insist you will impose your religious beliefs upon a super majority of other women who don’t ho… Joining this. October 17. wish I could put as my Out or Office auto-response: Sorry, just a bit overwhelmed, stunned, and full of rage. @VictoriaDahl @drjoelshulkin You are my favorite psychopath. @VictoriaDahl @drjoelshulkin @drjoelshulkin Vanilla cake with chocolate BUTTERCREAM frosting because cream cheese frosting is for psychopaths. @KADorgan Exactly. No woman writer would have her leave that joint.Even VEEP scripts are tamer than the plot of this real white house. @EmilyDCarpenter @MatthewFitz_1 Ah yes. Perfect. Done. @EmilyDCarpenter @MatthewFitz_1 Dick Blade is going to be my next cat’s name.Let them eat cake. Nothing ever changes. @GoshDarnMyLife @jonnydrangus Especially your cats. @jonnydrangus I have long imposed a Mom Tax on all French fry orders I make for The Boy. This amounts to about 10-20 fries per order. Fair? @bankstirregular Yeah.They’re saying the thing out loud now..... @stephycha This. All of this.Yes, I remember., just putting it out there that Effin’ Birds — a social media cartoon that is nothing but birds and swear word…
Retweeted by Shannon KirkMy 2016 review of The Panama Papers, before they turned this story into a hahaha dark comedy. It’s not a comedy. Go…
This one time in college I had absolutely no money and no food. I dug in our shared couch (roommates) and found eno… @rachelgears Good luck!! ♥️Things that cost more than trump pd in pre-2016 taxes: 1. One tampon in the public restroom that jams the machine…, trump paid less in taxes than your morning Dunkin Donuts reg-a-lah (small). paid less in 2016 taxes than your deductible for a single ER visit.Just Posted: The NYT has obtained the president’s tax return information for thousands of personal and corporate re…
Retweeted by Shannon Kirk @cinapelayo Love your book of poems. It’s very important. ♥️ @gtconway3d Hey, George. This is as reliable as Mitch’s, Lindsey’s, Amy’s (and many others’) prior assurances to no… he’ll appoint the Nxium guy as Surgeon General and we’ll all be full-on cult and branded. @roremlegalstaff Oh damn. Thank you!! I’ll use it on all zoom calls with you. @roremlegalstaff I need this. @jonnydrangus @Apolloplan Then screw it. I’ll just run away instead. @jonnydrangus @Apolloplan I’m interested in running one. Seems a lot of brains out there are suspectible to them, s… @SenWarren Please do not stand down. Please do everything. Every single thing to stall, delay, every single thing.… @katharine_weber It would be amusing if it wasn’t so downright horrific for the rest of us. They really do treat th… was raised Catholic. Catholic high school and college. Married a Catholic in a Catholic Church. Baptized our son.… @ElieNYC The Noah Feldman look-at-me, look-at-me, mansplainy, contrarian hot take today put me over the edge. @marcorubio You really truly believe your devout followers are this dumb to fall for such a transparent bit of prop…
@dougom @VictoriaDahl @SenSchumer Thank you, thank you. @dougom @VictoriaDahl @SenSchumer I cannot tell you how much rage and fear and how awful it feels as a woman to wat… @dougom @VictoriaDahl @SenSchumer Thank you. @drjoelshulkin Yep. I need to fight twitter.Currently reading a draft romance manuscript by an excellent friend writer, and it’s so good it’s cutting through m… tells me that if a woman president nominated a judge who advocated for the castration of all men, we woul… know who else adopted a bunch of kids? Woody Allen. Doesn’t mean he should be a Supreme Court Judge. @joeclifford23 I got you, Joe. No worries. I’ve got plenty of extra ability to never feel bad for him no matter what.The man accused of multiple rapes, who openly bragged about grabbing pussies, appointing a religious extremist to r… roe will not end abortion in America. It will end *safe* abortion. This is violence against women, simple as that.
Retweeted by Shannon KirkIn which I read from Method 15/33, @cinapelayo’s Into the Forest and all the Way Through, wear my RBG pins proudly,… @jonnydrangus So what. I tell you all the same thing all the time.Good night to this cat and nobody else.
Less than one hour until I read from Method 15/33 and a poem from @cinapelayo latest Into the Forest and All The Wa… is currently under attack by religious extremists. @joeclifford23 I’m sure I’ll have comments on this on my live interview tonight. I am out of fucks to give. @joeclifford23 I am physically ill that the worst possible person would even think she could fill RBG’s shoes. Gross. @KADorgan This is so me. I have cried when they take down trees around my home.As for tonight...I even put curlers in and did my makeup for y’all. So show up, because it’s been a rough week and… @JoshilynJackson MOTHER MAY I MOTHER MAY I HAVE THIS BOOK IN MY LIFE ASAP @KADorgan @heardkj1 @heardkj1 @KADorgan Thank you! ♥️😘 @JRJ_Is_Probable @Night_Worms I preordered from all the buzz. Sounds awesome. Congrats!I’m just so done with everything. what delicious treat is only $2.99 today. THE EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY OF VIVIENNE MARSHALL by @ShannonCKirk
Retweeted by Shannon Kirk @KADorgan Many many thanks. Means a lot, as this is my favorite thing to have written. @KADorgan ♥️♥️♥️ @EmilyDCarpenter WHAT!! YES!!!! @VoteMarsha There’s nothing wrong with being an atheist.