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“Mother truckin’ Queen of Creep.” -Bridget, Goodreads reviewer

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@EricaFerencik 😘Great op-ed by @DavidOBowles. One thing the American Dirt controversy has done is to expose the powerful marketing…
Retweeted by Shannon Kirk @jonnydrangus Ill give it a try. Thanks. @msheatherwebb And, up the street? @msheatherwebb Oh wow. Yeah, I’m getting concerned. 😬 @jesslourey The LEGO 👍🏼
What is, how many days in a row can I work from home, Alex? mayonnaise continues to infect every damn conference room sandwich, as if everybody just loves mayonnaise, as i… @victoriabwrites This is why I love stormy nights and living in an old house on the east coast. Wind drowns out the buzzzzzzzzzz😂😂😂 Hyundai's Super Bowl commercial stars Chris Evans, John Krasinski, David Ortiz, Rachel Dratch |… @GoshDarnMyLife revenge fantasy, right? @GoshDarnMyLife Wow @skstephenswrite As youuuuu wissssshhhhh.... @EmilyDCarpenter 😂😂😂 @jonnydrangus I might have to do a story about your cult someday. Do you allow researchers on site?I’m sorrynotsorry for putting the villainess of this novel in the most amazing, couture clothes. And she’s the only…
Immediately got tears on hearing this update. A mother’s worst nightmare. Respect and blessings for her and her family.Just no. No.My son just yelled to me about this. #sadhouse @KADorgan Thankfully we have you out there with them! @KADorgan Definitely great teachers out there. It’s just the system is too inconsistent and underfunded. And in 20… education is broken. @paigebyerly Dying. 😂😂😂I’m not saying I’m in favor of a full-scale erotica fan-flic starring Kylo Ren. But I’m not not saying that eithe… @mredwards ♥️💥💥💥Trump just signed on for a new game show called The Ambassador. Follows same premise as The Apprentice. But instead… @skstephenswrite @JenniferHillier 😂 @JenniferHillier Same!!
@laurenspieller What currency do you accept? @Gabino_Iglesias I actually started it. It’s great so far. @Gabino_Iglesias This review clinched it for me. @Gabino_Iglesias Ordering for me and boy now.Yeah, you’re cool and all. But get yourself in a time machine, go back to 1982, and tell people a rando just slipped into your DMs. @silviamg I preordered Mexican Gothic, but I want it RIGHT NOW SO BAD.I have now applied Marie Kondo’s suggestions to every drawer and closet and cabinet in this house. And I will never… @dmalmon @alex_segura @EAAymar 😉 @dmalmon @alex_segura @EAAymar Happy Birthday! I hope Ed takes you out! (But not the murdery way).My first draft MS: Oh you thought you were done with me for now? Me: Um... First draft MS: You thought you could… @dmalmon @EAAymar @alex_segura Ut-oh 😳 @EmilyDCarpenter Oh, got it. Thanks. Makes so much sense now. we’re all still just pretending that Trump didn’t tell a private citizen to snuff out an ambassador? Is that tod… @pattonoswalt @jk_rowling ♥️
So in the future when we really really mean it, like more than the last time, that we want someone fired, do we say… @jonnydrangus Oh, That’s what he meant!Me to everyone on trains and planes and public spaces. @joeclifford23 Nobody should be surprised by what happens to the fictional president in the short story I wrote for… @joeclifford23 He seriously really could shoot someone on 5th ave and get away with it to the tune of rabid deplorables cheering him on.“He clearly issued a kill order, but he clearly didn’t mean that.” -Mass mediaMeanwhile, every crime author knows the power of the phrase, along with a raised voice, “take her out.” And it doesn’t mean to fire someone. @GoshDarnMyLife I can’t even begin to imagine someone telling me not to go sightsee. @JayEdwa40282316 Exactly. Exactly this. @JayEdwa40282316 These real life factoids are riveting to me. @viet_t_nguyen @AnnaIvey ♥️♥️♥️🛑💥💥 YESSSS @viet_t_nguyen @SparksAnthony And this motivates me too. Thanks. @EmilyDCarpenter Right up there with that other factoid I’ve been discussing with you of late involving consumption of water at night. 😉 @EmilyDCarpenter Emily, was going to send to you to file away for future reference. It’s a potluck of gothic inspiration. @thomaspluck It’s just so amazing.One of the job requirements here, “correctly quantify how much fish to prepare for five people..” And another, “likes river swimming”I’ve chosen to focus much of my gothic horror writing on the lives of the insanely wealthy. Toward that end, I am a… @jasonpinter Second to last bullet. 👍🏼 @andrewpyper @simonschuster @Skybound @GalleryBooks @SimonSchusterCA I need this right now. @MarcusCVance If we don’t have some of these but *want* some of them, does that count as a point? I want to be sure…’ve added this touch panel floor lamp to my reading chair situation and it has different light levels. So now my l… @EmilyDCarpenter @VictoriaDahl Love that movie. And I’m OBSESSED with the secret servant passageways.
@pjvernonbooks @Drrramina @sabaatahir This is my YEAR OF NO#fact @GoshDarnMyLife IS THAT REY IN A SLICK BLACK UNIFORM I AM DYING @NJGov Good grief. The world is on fire. @ZileElliven @KADorgan @EmilyDCarpenter @alechiawrites @deapoirierbooks @harmanygroves @heardkj1 @megelison @skstephenswrite So the same. @steveweddle I love this song. @EmilyDCarpenter @HankPRyan @ForgeReads I LOVE HANK @EmilyDCarpenter @GoshDarnMyLife I’m serious. @GoshDarnMyLife Ummm, so this whole story needs to be written, Angel. @GoshDarnMyLife 😂 (irrelevant sidenote, I did a solo dance to this song in a NH 4H talent show and jumped off the s… @EmilyDCarpenter @KADorgan ♥️♥️♥️♥️ @KADorgan @EmilyDCarpenter @alechiawrites @deapoirierbooks @harmanygroves @heardkj1 @megelison @skstephenswrite @ZileElliven Totally @ambernoelle THE BARBAPAPAS @EmilyDCarpenter @KADorgan Out of 100 positive, I will focus on one line in one negative and nothing else. So, AGREE, not good for my mojo. @EmilyDCarpenter @KADorgan @alechiawrites @deapoirierbooks @harmanygroves @heardkj1 @megelison @skstephenswrite @KADorgan @alechiawrites @deapoirierbooks @harmanygroves @EmilyDCarpenter @heardkj1 @megelison @skstephenswrite @msheatherwebb Oh!! Have a blast! @msheatherwebb Mount Washington? @jonnydrangus Nope
@_KateVillette_ @kellyekell I have a border case. The policy is different, not the tenor. FFS“Mom, I like it more when people make the huge M&M cookies. Not those small things.” As....youuuuu....wish...., m… @KimberlySBelle @lesbrains Yeah, I’m with you on congratulating authors who deserve and get big advances. That’s al… @VictoriaDahl @VictoriaDahl YESSSSSSSSSSSS SO DESERVED!Hat tip. @Michrichter1 Lady, your crew is on fire and I’m loving every minute of it. Congrats!A million dollars. A million dollars to ONE PERSON who is not even latinx. And they put barbed wire around centerpi… @alex_segura I’m so aggrieved at the barbaric state of our world. Of the decisions made by people in power, in publ… @Drrramina I just can’t not speak out against this. Working with some of the border clients, this is just sick. Ne… really can’t even. This is just such awful, poor taste. Depraved. @GoshDarnMyLife Sad ghost story, you say? Sold.⁦@sarahw⁩ is murdering my bedtimes. So good.
I swear and bleed my political opinions into my writing all the time and I really don’t care about your rules. Neve… @LiamWBZ @alyssalimp @PaulaEbben It’s so dead-on Boston Mom. Every time. The best.She nails it every time.