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Illustrator ✦ Cartoonist ✦ Fanfic Enthusiast ✦ she/they ✦ Represented by Hannah Mann 📚 Instagram: @shannondrewthis Website: Icon: @dandywara

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@cjcjcjjjjcjcjc @magical_grill @kyle_deleted I am ready to get this hook 4 unqualified dead by daylight survivors struggle to meet the bare minimum of not dying tomorrow night with m…
Retweeted by 🎃 Shan Fright 🎃HAPPENING TOMORROW NIGHT! Tune in to watch me and my friends yell in terror as Michael Myers, the Plague, the Huntr…
2020 @danichuatico I should have done that but frfr, exercising was the last thing on my mind. I was too busy having anx… friend also sent me a link to a relatively inexpensive one that has good reviews so that’s a win!Ordering an exercise bike finally since I don’t see myself going back to the gym anytime soon due to my asthma, and… @oheysteenz I love these earrings, holy shit @TimeHitchhiker Pip is actually my daughter and I got her here as a gift! virtually, @MassMICE is still one of my favorite events. Thank you MICE for another great year of laughs, conv… @vilacron FRANKLIN! GahhhAlso love Zach capturing my beautiful face in that second pic 😂😂😂 @toastasaurus @clementeworks Pip is the true starENHANCE 🐻“what’s your spirit animal” ❌ “what’s your sleep paralysis demon” ✅
Retweeted by 🎃 Shan Fright 🎃 @jamfish728 I love Momma Carter so much. She was speaking to my annoyed and tired soul. @jamfish728 👀👀👀 @toastasaurus Now I have to rearrange my whole day to collect all the green legends @JohnBoyega Yesss! That Jill Scott love ❤️THERE ARE MORE GREEN LEGENDS, OKAY!!! DON’T DRAG ME LIKE THIS 😂😭 @remoteryan ENOUGH!!!! @toastasaurus @hirosemaryhello STOOOOOOOP!!!! Folks be disrespecting the homie Mike, even his own franchise 😂😂😂 @hirosemaryhello You’re right, because he’d be too busy reading me to FILTH. OF COURSE KERMIT! I DIDN’T HAVE ROOM 😩😩😩 @hirosemaryhello I ONLY HAVE 4 SPACES!!!!My friend sent me a sketch of Shrek this morning and was like “I realized my favorite hero’s are green: Oscar, The… to the green legends that be holding entertainment down! 💚 at 2PM EDT: "Creating Graphic Novels for Middle-Grade Readers" featuring @shannondrewthis @varianjohnson
Retweeted by 🎃 Shan Fright 🎃 @letsgoayo It would be a challenge and a learning experience, but I also want this for me.I would like to be the show runner of a short animated series. Then after it’s done, me and my cool team eat food and take naps. @Nadia_Shammas_ @SageCoffey My friend reminded me of Beverly and I was like “Holy shit, that WAS this season!” So m… @Nadia_Shammas_ @SageCoffey I will give season 3 a try. I’m already here @abellehayford That was incredible and Im just sitting here, collecting myself @MrDQJ I am not ready. Not in the slightest @Kadooodles @magical_grill Do NOT get me started on my queen. This woman is too powerful @magical_grill @Kadooodles I will watch the rest! 😤😤😠 @thenoirguy Season 3 will be this weekend’s taskThis gone be me in the shower tonight, just contemplating in the corner. @MrDQJ Wow. WOW @Kadooodles Okay so I should continue and watch the rest, correct? I’m just like “what is topping that????” @thenoirguy Where do I go from here???? @magical_grill Now I really wish you could have been here to witness my reactionI have no words and yet...all the words...but cannot utter a single one... @Kadooodles I have no words @magical_grill I am sitting in silence in my family room, just laughing because wow...that was spectacular @Kadooodles I forreal yelled out “ALANA!!!!” @ColouredBraids Omg, you gotta finish it. Let it wreck you @SageCoffey SAGE! ME LITERALLY TEXTING MY FRIEND AFTERWARDS THE SAME THING have been pulled in all directions. Rug pulled from under me. I must lie down now and ponder. to my neighbors for my loud screaming but my goodness!!!Well I just finished season 2 of Hannibal and what in the WORLD?!?! @hirosemaryhello Halloween is like the one time I go all out and transform @magical_grill HOT @cjcjcjjjjcjcjc I did her back in like 2016 haha @MoshPitNoel @WorldOfEuni Gajdhsjshaja nah, it’s meeeeeee 😂 @frenchpressplz Haha thank you!🎶Jump in the Line🎶 @Alakotila It was so fun! I just waved around the party and creepily stood outside and stared into windows @biancaxunise Not just yet! Idk if imma be dressing up this year, even just to stay inside. I haven’t planned anything @catblossoms Well, the Sister Act costume won me first price last year at this bar and $75 in chips sooooo 😅
@HannahTempler I love Halloween 😂I don’t think I’m ever gonna top these 3 😂😂😂
Retweeted by 🎃 Shan Fright 🎃 @nearsh0t @thenicoleham Nicole the mf GOAT! 🐐🐐🐐“This kills the Shan” “This pleases the Shan” And my pronouns are she/they. That’s about it for now~Just because, y’all can call me Shannon or Shan! I’m personally cool with either~ I think Shan has taken over main… Cal Koreans - the sweet old lady at Seoul Hanbok in Garden Grove is thinking about closing her store due to COVI…
Retweeted by 🎃 Shan Fright 🎃 @thisismollym Molly, YOU’RE the greatest! @elevenafter I’m insulted this is dropping on my bday too 😐 @42jwallen @varianjohnson Thank you John! @Claribel_Ortega Thank yah Claribel! @mrwolfcomics Aron, thank you so much! @rattusRose Thank you Caitlin!!! @AvivaMaiArtzy Omg, thank you! I hope you enjoy it! 🥰🥰🥰 @Claribel_Ortega Gotta strike a POSE @toastasaurus @ruemxu Thank you Ru! @franlangleyart Maureen is such a relatable character and I’m so glad so many people are like “yeah, this was me in middle school” @robochai @hannahvardit We did it!!! you can’t tell, idk how to act with the news of our 5th starred review for TWINS. @boycameron Gskdhsmshsjhs 😂😂😂, the way I’ve been collecting reaction images and gifs for moments like this JUST in case.Love to get good news while washing the dishes I let pile up because of stress and my anxiety haha 😅5 STARS!!!!!! LET’S GOOOO!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ @MrSchuReads @varianjohnson Hahaha John, thanks for getting us news first!Ayyyyye, happening tomorrow 😎’ve been throwing on Among Us streams in the background like they’re podcasts. @Akitron He’s too good! My biggest supporterIt’s so surreal to see my cousins more grown up because I still remember the day they came home from the hospital a… little cousin tells all his friends and classmates I’m famous so that’s enough for me. AND he sent me a selfie o… Mario Kart Live Home Circuit looks tempting and the builder in me is like “imagine all the courses I can make 👀👀👀” @bogboogie Can’t wait for you to grow EVEN stronger 😈😈😈 @bogboogie Congrats Son!!!
@vilacron @desusmerocontxt Noooooooo 😂😂😂 @cjcjcjjjjcjcjc PLS! I saw a disco jumpsuit post on IG I meant to send you and I wanted them all. Imma send it to you @cjcjcjjjjcjcjc I can’t wait until I can come over and we do makeup looks. I wanna dress up!I DID IT YALL 🥳🥳🥳 The FIRST YARN VENDING Machine EVER!!!! And guess who did it ?? A black girl from Philly 📍🐐 You…
Retweeted by 🎃 Shan Fright 🎃 @ColouredBraids I love your mom. She said “let me POSE for em!”Co-owner @emilyrmurtagh's daughter read TWINS by @varianjohnson & @shannondrewthis SIX times in one weekend--wouldn…
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