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Playing Firewatch and yeah...I’m good. I consume enough nature. I’m actually an indoor cat and that’s cool.
@kyle_deleted Goodbye fries, hello eyes @heyshanmurphy I’ll take this over literally everything else @fka_sade Ahhh, thank you! I’m just slooooowly anticipating its release everyday @franlangleyart She’s very much a cry baby @misspentdays @MrSchuReads Yay!!!Who is gonna tell these writers and producers that surrounding your white girl MC with people of color sidekicks an…
Retweeted by ✨ Shan ✨ @Nadia_Shammas_ Haha gahh, everyday is like spinning a wheel and seeing what it lands on. Today could be optimistic… @Nadia_Shammas_ Haha I mainly wanna rewatch it to feel something creatively 😅If you haven’t already, I’d love if folks pre-ordered TWINS! We’re about 2 months away (which is still a ways to go… have to rewatch Eizouken to feel something.Please join @shannondrewthis, @varianjohnson, @NHasnatSenzai, @ShanonHitchcock, @nidhiart, @ThrityUmrigar, and me o…
Retweeted by ✨ Shan ✨TWINS comes out in two months. Do me and @shannondrewthis a solid and preorder a copy (or two or three) today!…
Retweeted by ✨ Shan ✨ @vilacron He’s always asking the REAL questionsI tweet for the people who had a crush on Canti 💙息もつかせぬ戦闘シーン... #rottmntspoilers #tmntspoilers #rottmnt #riseofthetmnt
Retweeted by ✨ Shan ✨ @lilliejharris We just have to embrace it @lilliejharris So like, I was looking up tats at like 2am of the Atomsk symbol and well...I’m considering it AGAIN @JD_Benefield Of course you did haha. I feel like it just went hand in hand @lilliejharris Sorry, too late! I had such a crush on this robot and looked at him with stars in my eyes @thenoirguy I looooove Hybrid Rainbow @JessiSheron It’s like one of the most “mood” pieces of media @rattusRose It really didn’t and just based on what I saw floating around, they didn’t hold up either. They weren’t needed. @thenoirguy It’s really timeless @rattusRose Tbh, it really made me rethink how I view animation and the lengths of them because in 6 episodes, they… PILLOWS 😭😭😭 CANTI 🖤🖤🖤 then I think about the ending song/video and I’m like “FLCL REALLY WAS A WHOLE MOOD AND A HALF.” rewatching FLCL clips last night, I remembered what a cultural reset this cigarette, but specifically the phr… @LBookends Yay!!! Wow, the colors came out great, I was worried it might not but I’m glad they did! @OhDionne Omg, I can’t wait either! I forgot how bright I made this cover, so it’s definitely gonna stand out 😅Hahaha wow, that’s my fave spread, too! Ayyyyyyye! @sethsmithart Glad you caught that Easter egg~Wait...that’s our book!!! 😂 @varianjohnson ......wait?! That’s the real book! @biancaxunise It’s the only thing we really have to look forward to at this point @biancaxunise LIKE FINALLY! We are PARCHED @cjcjcjjjjcjcjc Boulet Brothers: @OliveOilCorp what it is, but seeing everyone else’s animation pitches makes me believe I have a chance somewhere down the ro… way in which the JABBAWOCKEEZ will forever revive me and my spirits 😤DO IT 🔥 @chloexhalle
Retweeted by ✨ Shan ✨ @charmedcastor I’m not even sure but I saved them so quick when they first appeared on my TL @OliveOilCorp @quasimaddi Look, when my ears first heard Slob on My Knob off a burned CD @OliveOilCorp @RGB_0_0_0 Right?! Like folks BEEN nasty since the dawn of time @OliveOilCorp Everytime i see people complaining about the “vulgarity” of music now I’m just like “I guess we all f… new Cardi & Megan song is pleasing me & my homegirls 🤸🏾‍♀️😝>>
Retweeted by ✨ Shan ✨
@kevinjaystanton Let me message you!Might have to get a refurbished PS4 or something in the meantime because I really wanna play certain online games with friends and I CAN’TMy entire TL today
Retweeted by ✨ Shan ✨The way @CoryxKenshin has gotten me through my 20s...Don’t let the bright colors fool you, it’s all drab over here mostly.Me publicly vs Me privately @kyle_deleted It’s like looking in a mirrorOne of the best artists I know is looking for work! Lauren Franklin is a name you'll be hearing a lot in the next f…
Retweeted by ✨ Shan ✨ @nearsh0t @OliveOilCorp Meg and Cardi and all these other rappers got me feeling inspired today @quasimaddi Thank you madam. @wiggitywackgabi I just remember seeing her and being like: 1. She’s Black 2. I wish I was a buff cat girlThe anime character I wanted to be as a kids vs. the one I turned into. I had this Winnie the Pooh cardigan again. Look at these buttons! 🐝 @samanthamashart It really is! Some weeks I’ll be doing really good and then BAM. And like, genetics are wild too b… @A24 producing animation? Y’all need to call me cuz... it’s time for some more horror animation to hit...
Retweeted by ✨ Shan ✨Cute then, cute now 🌝 (okay, I’m done) @heyshanmurphy .......look, I already HAVE IMAGINED. 😤 @PlinaGanucheau Oh Paulina~ that shit now. We been ready *cracks knuckles* @samanthamashart I have no idea. I legit think it’s just because I’ve been so stressed and my anxiety has been out… might not seem “too visible” and I’m pretty sure it’s the lighting in my family room making it that way, but I… @samanthamashart I feel like this week alone I had 4 more breakouts and already caught myself picking my face so lo… @sarahcosico They ARE @ldragoon Sometimes I try to pass them off as freckles but they’re definitely scars that have come and gone over th… @kolbybrianne When them joints would snap back against your skull? K.O.Here’s to my acne scarred face and my gums I’ve been working to love over the years. That portrait mode really ain…’m no ass, but all mass and will run through you like Tomb RaiderMy goal is to look super cute but in reality I can and will choke slam you through a table. @ChurchofFear Thanks boo! @kyle_deleted YOU ALREADY KNOOOOOOOOW @Jauxiles My tiny devilsLet’s get colorful 🎨✨ @magical_grill @MelissatheDuffy It’s like one of my favorite pieces right now because we look so happy! I made sure we looked cuuuuuuteNgl, a huge part of me wanting to make books and comics is so I can include my friends/loved ones in them. I wouldn…’m attaching the sketches & the version with my lettering (it got changed for consistency purposes) but I still wa… of skating, my physical copy of “Share Your Rainbow” came in the mail yesterday! It was a collaborative pr… @Akitron @JoametteGil If I did, I’d be poppin these bad boys out right and left! 😅 @JoametteGil Because I have no real direction in my life 😂😂😂, been trying my hand at writing romance and it’s very fun because deep down I’m a hopeless romantic and the stuff makes me all weak.That’s love babyyyyyy. Loooooooove.My friends sending me Black girl skateboarding and roller skating content because they know I’m tryin to cook up somethin >>>>>>>>I really love this so much, there were no egos involved just Cardi and Meg pouring into each other! #Cardi
Retweeted by ✨ Shan ✨ @coleman_engle I did the same with my iPad haha. That bar was not moving @coleman_engle Coleman, we are the same. I watched it like a month or so ago because it’s been on my list for awhil… need the bass and surround sound. The adrenaline.Gonna just hop in my car tomorrow, no real destination because well *looks around* and just bump WAP. I become a di… @nearsh0t Wow, your MIND @OliveOilCorp Gajdhsjshaja omfg, gonna have to hop on that @OliveOilCorp 😭😭😭 forreal, having this chick as a friend and colleague, while we’re being our Black ass selves with our Black as… @nearsh0t We gonna get it before the weekend ends, just watchThe fact I get to make graphic novels with black girls as the protagonists alongside Olive is a dream come true. We…