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Redraw 🤖
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨This panel has the same energy as “Let’s go lesbians!” internet companies punishing you for staying in your place during a pandemic by being like “so you’ve maxed ou…
@dumplingowl I might have to check it out. We shall see!Pettin virtual pups at a party 🐶👋🏾 @dumplingowl I don’t have a Pillowfort but I might consider it. I just don’t want to rewire myself for yet another… @dumplingowl It would be a nice little thing to keep up with and decorate!It would be multiple paragraphs saying “so this is the moment when I cried”Watch quarantine get me into blogging about my fave indie games and comics. That would actually be pretty cool. @peowstudio I don’t but I should honestly start. I downloaded like 10 of them just this weekend to my collection. B… play my little Itch games and eat granola bars now. @AgentPaloma Swing is soooooo good. @peowstudio Cool people 🤝 cool people Supporting each otherStarting my week by rereading GLEEM: one of the most alluring pieces of work I’ve consumed in awhile by @breadfred @Medoria Wow, another perfect frog! @Medoria Tbh, that’s how I found about them last night. My search was like “have you seen these frogs?” And I went 👀👀👀 @dezinpub YAY! GO KIARA! @Akitron Look at their cute little face 😭I hope Build a Bear restocks this perfect creature because WOW, I need them. They are P E R F E C T I O N 🐸 Black girl’s role isn’t to save a world that won’t protect her.
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨Shoutout to these animated Eve MVs on YouTube giving me enough serotonin to keep pushing forward.22 graphic novels with Black protagonists, from Varian Johnson's Twins to the comics adaptation of Jason Reynolds's…
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨You can’t see it, but I was posted up as Hatsune Miku. Shrek was the Tank and All Star played while he wrecked havoc 😂Nothing like modded Left 4 Dead with the pals
The amount of characters that straight up die in the Regular Show universe is wild.This is what #blackexcellence looks like. @DennisNia does it again! 🔥 📹 @Pac12Network
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨There I gooooooo this remix happens, catch me mindlessly driving to a mountain to dissociate on a Wednesday a collab with @wyntonred! He did the mech/bg and I did the girl! Plus: the original sketch I did when asking hi…
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨ @alexdecampi But I also wanna fist fight in the cinema. The yelling ain’t even the main issue lmfaoa future popstar and a black woman who deserves all of her flowers right now, bree runway
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨My next door neighbors gonna be like “What in the wrestlemania hell...” @the_d_morris Five Star Frog Splash from my counter the trailer alone I WILL want to punch a pillow or freakin elbow drop my couch like some kind of wrestler. So… guess one of the perks of having to watch Godzilla vs. Kong at home is that I’ll be able to freely punch the air… @treswritesstuff Ughhh, this is one movie I wish I could see with an audience just so I can yell this 😩😩😩!!!!!!!!! @autonoee Why can’t they just READ MY MIND?!?Remembering I have to actively promote things so people can actually know about them @cjcjcjjjjcjcjc YOU HAVE GIVEN ME PERMISSION @cjcjcjjjjcjcjc Oh word? Catch me heading to my seat dripping in gold @OhHeyDJ @hazelowsla It’s so perfect! AhhhhI am alive 🐉🟠 @Akitron @hazelowsla I gotta put it next to my dragon balls now!Shoutout to @hazelowsla for getting me one of the coolest gifts for my bday. Now my dragon ball collection is compl… @autonoee @wiggitywackgabi Love a they/them icon 😌👌🏾 @ryanlecount We’ll have to play again! It was a whole trip and a half @autonoee @wiggitywackgabi The way y’all kept saying Bloodborne 🤣 @wiggitywackgabi @autonoee “The...the...the THEY/THEM!” “Bloodhound???” 😂😂😂I love playing games with my frennnnssss 😭😭😭I am having the time of my life with @wiggitywackgabi and @autonoee while they attempt to show me the ropes
Watching Gabbie and @autonoee and @shannondrewthis try and kill folks as a team is the best thing to happen to Twit…
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨ @cjcjcjjjjcjcjc @kyle_deleted @autonoee I got my first kill by punching the hell out of that chick! 😤I can attest: this was the most informative PowerPoint of my life. Digimon forever hi friends! I’m currently in the state of manifesting how I want my work year to go...and I want to work with…
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨Gahh, I needed the laugh. Beautiful.I mean, Pop Team Epic is big brain sooooo........ category is correct. I am a super smart person looking for super smart anime 🤣🤣🤣THE FIRST FREAKIN ONE. I AM CRYING FROM LAUGHING 😂 like this Gibraltar guy. 10/10 @HulloJackie Imagine being in immense pain, just trying to get home or to the hospital and now you have to play for your life 😔Uhm chile anyways...I’m an 18 year old hairstylist based in the DMV who does not require you to blowdry your hair!…
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨You’re a musical genius and more people need to know @kawaisprite
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨A link to donate is in the replies!
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨ @bergsbergsbergs I’m not sure but she felt like that! She had to bend down to get through this already tall ass doo… @shoomlah YES! Each one is an absolute joy and I love listening to them deliver these amazing lines. Gahhh, it makes me so happy! @darkskintdaria Genius but also, my heart 😭The voice acting for this show is like one of my absolute favesYes, I’m rewatching The Amazing World of Gumball for the 100th timeI hope all of the Black voice actors for Darwin Watterson were given awards for their amazing work because the RANG… @darkskintdaria Made me want to experience a space concert soooo bad. This and Interstella 5555
This is happening on Sunday! Registration is still open, so sign up now if you want to play Paper Charades along wi…
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨She 🧡’s like I’m looking into a mirror🪞E X C E L L E N T needs to be drafted to the WNBA. Play center. She’s built for it.She is very tall and that pleases me.Glad to find out this giant Resident Evil woman is like 9 ft tall and not 5’11. I know how some of y’all be talkin… @Evilsforreals @cjcjcjjjjcjcjc LET CHAOS REIGN @autonoee @cjcjcjjjjcjcjc I’ll try to play later and also this weekend so I can get the hang of things @cjcjcjjjjcjcjc I was JUST about to hit you up and ask if you wanna play~After 50 thousand years, Apex has finally finished downloading and updating for me. @varianjohnson @shannondrewthis Love this photo on @Scholastic’s microsite for ALA Midwinter.…
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨ @MrSchuReads @varianjohnson @Scholastic Once again, you keep me informed of every cool thing. This is so cute! @kendrawcandraw Meant to wish you a Happy Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELLOW AQUARIUS~Usher told his girl not to call him, then assembled his homboys so he could make a grand entrance in the club on he…
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨The way Chloe is forever reminding us that SHE is not the one signed to Disn*y and can do whatever she wants. I kno… about my queens on this Thursday night @autonoee You’ve done it again!2021 v 2019 I feel like I’m finally tapping into a more controlled chaos, feels good.
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨ @autonoee JUPITER! 😍😍😍
@itskindred *taps sign* @Ramenheim That would be cool! I did think the ending for season 2 was a nicely wrapped bow @Kate_Farina Katy it’s VERY cuteFinished watching this very short (and very cute) anime about these cat dudes in college working various part time…🚨Print Sale!🚨 Marked the entire shop down, last chance to grab some of these photos 🥲 8x10- $15 11x14-$20 👉🏾…
Retweeted by ✨Shanuary 20th✨ @mrwolfcomics Yeahhhh. On top of a lot of other solutions to curve this, Medicare for All is one of them. I also th…! That’s enough about comics for one day. Phew.I NOW have some insurance, but again it’s all on me. You don’t have a company to fall back on that provides you wit… that sucks but I gotta be realistic. I really hate allotting how ever many months/years to comics and I don’t e…